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tv   News  RT  February 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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russia vetoes a draft u.n. security council resolution that would've condemned iran over the war in yemen. russia has humanitarian corridors to civilians out of the syrian enclave of eastern good but it's not clear whether the rebel and terrorist groups occupying that area will allow anyone to leave. and as italy heads towards this weekend's general election protesters across the country seem happy to unleash violence to stop a center right coalition coming to power and also to come. to games in south korea come to an end with russian athletes greeted back home by families and jubilant.
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thanks for joining us my name's neil harvey this is r.t. international now on monday russia vetoed a draft u.n. security council resolution that condemned iran over actions in yemen and the resolution accused iran of supplying drones and missiles to the rebels in the war ravaged country instead russia offered to support a competing resolution that extends sanctions on yemen without mentioning iraq that document was adopted unanimously let's go now stateside speak for respondants amir of syria tell us more then about the results of the vote. well the u.n. security council met today to discuss the ongoing situation in yemen and to vote on two rival draft resolutions one proposed by the u.k. and the other by russia now the u.k.
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draft resolution called for quote additional measures against iran over accusations that it violated an arms embargo this came after u.n. experts said in january that iranian military equipment was brought in to yemen after the arms embargo was imposed but they also stated they were unable to verify the supplier now in contrast russia's draft resolution called for the renewal of sanctions until february twenty ninth but did not mention iran now russia vetoed the u.k. resolution but russia's resolution passed unanimously and the russian ambassador expressed his sentiments and let's take a quick look at what he had to say. i will be frank the wording advanced in the british draft is liable to have dangerous destabilizing ramifications and this is not only applicable to the situation in yemen but also to the region overall this will inevitably escalate regional tensions and lead to conflict among key regional players instead of antagonizing relations in the middle east what we need are
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measures to seek consensus through a mutually respectful dialogue the u.s. and u.k. feel that iran should be condemned and that russia bolivia china kazakhstan shielded iran from responsibility now for some context the crisis in yemen started in twenty fifteen when saudi arabia led a military campaign against who sees and the conflict has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis as saudi arabia has imposed a blockade that has prevented any humanitarian assistance or food from coming into the country but the meeting is still underway so we'll come back to you with the latest developments. and i think our correspondents americana bring us right up there from washington d.c. ok let's bring in a guest now cover africa c.r.b. is a former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiator is also the author is written books about the middle east good to have you on the line with us do you think first of all
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russia was right to veto that resolution from the u.k. i really think so and russia as a reporter said has a strong backing from china and number of other nonpermanent members of the security council this is the way the with the result put forth by the u.k. that officially got into this blame game when the situation the die humanitarian catastrophe the situation in yemen cause for. a rational political process in light of the selection of a new special envoy by the u.n. on yemen come next month so i think that russia's move was very sensible and rational and it was trying to decide a resolution that russia drafted on extending the reach the sanction regime and and yemen so i really think that the u.n.
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. save guarded itself from another the wrong wrong step would have aggravated the situation that helped helping get the united states is clearly concerned about iran says that it's trying to establish itself as as an influential power right across the region would you agree with that assessment. i take a lot of questions about the u.s. as approach that has given a green light to the saudis three year long ongoing atrocities in yemen that has resulted in the grave of humanitarian catastrophes in the war today and i really question the relative silence of the un's euro secretary because the situation in yemen is that the wars in eastern good which is you know small in many a scale compared to what's going on in in yemen and we need forceful action by the u.n. secretary general of the u.n.
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leadership on yemen to force the saudis to come to the negotiation table given the fact that the rebels have just submitted a proposal for negotiation and elections and so forth that hopefully the incoming u.n. envoy in yemen will pick up and you know will see some breakthrough in that and then me. russia said that the u.k. resolution was divisive russia says it wants us members to come together not something that happens too often is it possible. i think that given the enormity of the crisis in yemen and the fact that all parties are pretty much exhausted and there is no prospect for a military solution of this crisis this stage is starting to get right for a political solution and iran has proposed a four point peace plan for yemen that has fallen on deaf ears particularly in the
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us unfortunately but all parties need to come together and i'm really glad that russia is playing a very constructive mediating role and it is very essential for the other parties to accommodate this kind of approach instead of this kind of very destructive role that the u.k. in support of saudis warmongering has played at the security council so we need a change of approach by you know some of the permanent members of the security council in order to see the political breakthrough in yemen the politics aside this clearly a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in yemen the security council members say they're very concerned about it can they do anything to improve the situation. yes you know there is a report impending by your humanitarian chief responsible for yemen and
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this will reiterate the you know serious situation that calls for immediate action still complains of insufficient lifting of the blockade by the saudis and there is a total absence of attention to the saudi atrocities by the mainstream western media as a result of which the saudis and their partners are able to keep growing with their destructive war in the small you know pool neighbor. without any backlash by the international community that has to stop and by any measure of humanitarian international law or standards there has to be some arms embargo and you know a legal and diplomatic backlash against the saudis were bombing the hospitals roads the whole civilian infrastructure in yemen that has resulted in some you know eighteen nineteen million people in. starvation and famine and calero it's surgery
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so we really need to have the end of this double standard and hypocritical approach by by the u.n. toward the saudis who have gotten away with murder in yemen a lot of big thank you so my guess is our cover after c.r.b. thank you covey is former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiators on a middle east expert in iran right. now russia says that it's setting up humanitarian corridors in the syrian enclave of these thing guta that's the civilians out of the war ravaged district the area in question is located just outside the capital damascus that's been occupied by multiple rebel and terrorist groups for years violence has escalated there once again recently both sides of exchange fire and of accused each other of targeting civilians and moscow says that it will help to establish a humanitarian corridor and launch daily five hour humanitarian pauses to provide
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the necessary aid to let people in those territories occupied by militants the u.n. said that it will use the opportunity to help civilians five hours is better than no hours but we would like to see any seizure forces be extended. thirty days as the security council has said but we will do whatever we can within the time that we're able to work early the u.n. security council unanimously approved a resolution that calls for a nationwide cease fire across syria this was done to enable humanitarian access and to evacuate injured civilians but despite the establishment of those corridors it's not clear whether militants occupying eastern ghouta will actually let anybody out as the of has more. resolution twenty four zero one which called for a pound syrian seized without delay so far is
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a dud everyone is interpret it in ways that suit them radical islamist terrorists ignore it josh al islam the army of islam has not stopped shelling damascus dozens of casualties over the last few days alone the syrian army says it has the right to defend itself against extremists until the shelling ends citing a clause that excludes terrorists from this resolution but even then if you talk to syrians there's not all that much enthusiasm for this ceasefire. this truce is similar to the others and we will see it being violated this is the same old story and we are the ones who end up being harmed don't you see the children old people women and students who should we feel sorry for for these rebel
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forces because we are tired of shelling them every day about thirty to forty shell spall here one in my little i am against the truce because it only benefits the rebels i hope that it will be over soon and that no gunmen remain there but it's not only rebels and terrorists in east ghouta it's also civilians russia has announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors by which people can leave east ghouta it says the syrian army will abide by a limited unilateral ceasefire to allow civilians to leave if they can rebels is limiting ghouta which include al qaida have barred civilians from leaving the enclave for years according to amnesty international and others and reportedly they are still doing. so we're talking here about the same rebels who caved woman on roofs as human shields against s.
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strikes so no surprise it isn't just damascus and east ghouta that are burning its afrin in northern syria to turkey which says it is exempt from the ceasefire because it is carrying out an operation fighting the y.p. jeep syrian kurds whom it calls terrorists it says it won't stop its operation when we look at the un security council resolution we see that fight against terror organizations is outside its scope therefore it will not affect turkey's ongoing operation thousands have died over the last month of turkey's incursion turkish president ed do on and said this ceasefire has failed at this point resolution twenty four zero one looks dead on arrival author and writer abdel bari atwan told us it's too early to judge the effect of the humanitarian pause but
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the idea is supposed to help civilians if that is they're allowed to leave. it is very very. premature to tell actually what will happen but i believe this is about people responded their six million we're allowed to leave you all to leave the fighting definitely this will reduce the human casualties among those people russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has claimed that there's a decision from asian campaign underway he says it's targeting the syrian government first of all it's want to hear exactly the words of lover of. shoes are being planted him with chlorine allegedly used in eastern good news outlets are citing an anonymous source from the u.s. let me remind you we've been warning about such great stories since yesterday and there will be more such stories from social media from the white helmets a provocative with a history freak reports especially when it comes to chemical attacks for which there is no evidence so these provocations will continue with the single girls to
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blacken the syrian government back using it evolved sorts of violations and work. so we've seen in the worldwide media claims of hundreds of civilian deaths some reports of chemical weapons being used what do you think what sergey lavrov has said is the mainstream media being balanced in its coverage definitely of it is that deliberate campaign i noticed for example as a journalist that there is no mention at all of the victims and the other side nobody mentioned talked about charles that you know of so called does of the capital damascus. tensions are rising across italy as the country prepares to vote in a general election this weekend police have been deployed in cities throughout the country to face opposing rallies either defending or slamming said to right party security forces expect further protests on election day and beyond as the vote
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isn't expected to produce a clear winner on the city's ascetics. it's like he figures on the political stage . it's nice general election a show like no other starring a convict a tramp want to be the poster boy confused well let me break it down for you the office contender is the ground's old age of eighty one and has a scandalous past of ford convictions and sex scandals oh and he's also been the former prime minister of italy multiple times it's still very scold me i'm still young so i'm ready to work. well at least he's young at heart and he has plenty of supporters but i will vote for berlusconi and the rest i don't care about he gets things done. due to his conviction he can become the prime minister himself but if his goal is only part he does well he could be the man to pick the head of the cabinet go it's a little it's a coalition which spans the range of italian sense right politics is thought they
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could gain thirty eight percent of the votes part of this coalition includes our next contender my tale salvini and his leg a party for me my. italians first. battalion first wait a second doesn't that battle cry sound familiar america first and i'm sure there's more. myron trump is the fact that he is keeping most of the promises he made during the electoral campaign now just like trump salvini tweets about anything and everything moving on swath it contending now the young face of the anti establishment party only thirty one years old the leader of the five star movement is seen by some as a bit of eye candy and he makes sweet promises to. we are the only political force that in recent years has made promises to the italians and this kept faith with those promises we're the only ones to renounce the privileges of politics while the politicians continue to obtain these privileges i give up my annuity and cut my
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salary. he's the complete opposite of the party's found and stand up comedian but they agree low he's cool calm and collected and it seems to have captivated young voters i will go with tomorrow tomorrow will be a baton and point i hope the five star movement comes to power because it understands us young people better they are more aware about technology they think about the future of us young people but they're still a huge group of those and show which way to votes on march the fourth poll suggest almost a third of eligible voters are either undecided or will abstain honestly i don't trust anyone anymore. or mean they're all the same whichever political party it is they come here they make their promises i say this i will do that but in the end it was nothing they might have their reasons italy has seen sixty governments and even more prime ministers since the second world war that's roughly new cabinets every
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fourteen months so we'll see if any of these cars can sway the voters and stay long enough to actually keep any of their promises polls also show the center left parties including the current ruling one are likely to struggle in the election but some very goes issues italy's junior minister for european affairs and a member of the ruling democratic party believes the large amount of undecided voters mean the outcome is set in stone. there are four million of it and yes for media of rebellious who say that they would go to all the woods of course. they have to make up their mind and that is why the opinion polls of far are not reliable because. we depend on the movement on the likes of you all these four media people and also there are people who are abstaining in the us in our elections who are saying they would have stayed and the u.t.a. of all the political forces in this week to perswade they are as number possible of
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voters to go to the polls because these are elections they need to be very important for italy for our positioning in the european union and i think that they are also very important for the possibility to relaunch their european union this. winter olympics in south korea have come to a close and russia's the libyans have landed back home the team position thirteenth in the medal rankings the doping scandal having prevented many top russian athletes from even taking part of these then the whole kids was at the airport where the competitors were finally allowed to display their national symbols. today's wasted pick has to do with russia but everybody knows david russia most devastating is funtastic built rival holders that would pay for five of these
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well bush is shooting sports radio festival atmosphere here today now of course before they departed for korea to go there was a lot of discussion is whether they should vote for you decide whether they perhaps should boycott the games we all see here today so you can hear by the cheering is self-evident yes they should have gone yes they should it was at that country and the people you know crowd spoke back there are families. is there any reason to get a third place in history impish during the trial competition someone found before him and you fell to assume he managed to grab the third place. that was the chance you. were mostly grazing the whole national team of course but we're waiting the hockey players the most we will very worried for them why they were seven am to see the final now we want to greet them and say thank you it was like i'm here good thing everyone i fold every match and our athletes are.
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for the start i just wanted to participate to compete for a medal because it was really hard because of the whole neutral flag issue but i'm glad that i got a good result. here except for the skating rink my room in the canteen i haven't seen anything else and young chang was very busy with training. i was at first of course frustrated we simply did not know how to behave because it was the first time in our careers that we participated under the neutral flying it's never the last we tried our best not to give it too much attention we had to prepare to focus on our tasks at hand the most important thing for me was to qualify for the games and win under what flag it doesn't matter. the large crowd greeting the athletes at the airport created the perfect moment for too bad to pop the question to their pick medalist. meanwhile with the olympics now over we talked exclusively with fifteen year old figure skating gold medalist gates of about her world record
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achievement tonight. before competition i fully distance myself from the outside world i didn't mind the attention from the journalists fans and the fact that i am participating in the olympic games for me it was the same as any other competition of course i supported the other athletes from russia but i didn't feel this big burden of responsibility maybe that helped me because of that . you were so calm after your performance and everyone said that the only source single tear what did you do to say so spoil. this i'm going to just hit it actually there were no tears at all and i'm always like that keeping my emotions to myself but when i go home i always share all my emotions with my parents. i think when i get home i will be dancing and jumping for joy i hope by the time i get home i will realize what i have achieved. so you
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haven't been jumping and dancing so far when you put it to work so you can but i get i only during my routine. what about your relationship with. your rivals and nice but is it true that you were actually friends. with that yes absolutely we have to go to have a coffee or a chat on social media between training we always share funny videos on instagram and have a good laugh together yes there was a division. that i was he said you don't notice the media attention but we have to ask you about the american skater actually wagner who criticize your routine saying the personal the very complicated elements of the end is basically cheating what would you say to her. no one goes because it just it i can say that this only encouraged me to do more and better i wanted to prove even more that what she was saying is not true but you cannot prove anything to people like her i say let her compete in the olympics with my program and i'll gladly see how she'll manage to do it of course figure skating is developing really fast nowadays there's always
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a new generation younger than me maybe someday i might think like that too because in my group there are already some girls who can do quadruple jumps but i will try as hard as i can to stay in sport as long as i can i'm already thinking about the next season is that everything for you is skating all you think about. for now i cannot think about anything else i try to be as careful as i can and not make any mistakes so i can stay in skating for as long as i can do it. so forty seven thousand asylum seekers are found themselves unable to leave greece because of close border policies and the e.u. turkey accord on refugees more than two thousand company miners are waiting to be placed into shelters and that many of them in a vulnerable situation. thomas about. the
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. budget. deal on the day in a bottle maasai china six out of ten so that a lot of these are used in. a lot of adi has been very much for. your. want. your. very very need more it's ok. ok here. we. are here where you are not enough for you and no one had vision. god had. john. you on right now to lend.
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you my beloved who would only. give in bid to one of. the noble just going and you. know bob think i'm the most you. know will have us all off and one of the truly of little brats a lot of it. said a lot less than that i'd always have how much i'll enough of it must have filled out a model one that should have special on. the one of you and take some of the. grease claims it has five times the amount of migrants it can cope with resulting in processing delays some of those left behind including many teenager fiji's who turned to crime to survive. this square is called i'm on the air and it's a fifteen minute walk from parliaments where we met the guys they told us that it's one of the top three most popular places to buy sex and drugs in athens the vibe
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here changes at nights and becomes very seedy as you walk boy you're bound to see young boys flirting with passers by a friend drugs or themselves one of our refugees wanted to tell us more about the neighborhood but asked us to conceal his identity because he's a regular here. on our fi as i had that the drug for the show. and did not know yet on also how to sin and. stop their own closure then don't i you know pay off on one another mark on the issue of the monocytes and gents. as should know the engine see or not to the mark in my. why of i knew. the house to sleep like a huge of a why didn't want us a target. and fell. off a hard. drive on the dolly. while i knew just. how out of.
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that the sin of an only mr the larger home well you know me out of what i know now i recall no huge rush possible to hustle sane when i'm alone. i think a little bit. because i'm with you in. all of this so that you can as we missed most of it know what it was. done to those. shared among those you're a. senator a common one is an aching good old cove as you move to move where we're told a bus route. mower a business focus on pigeon opens you through. it all for say care you're a part of all. the chairman landry from the un's refugee support team in greece says that the countries overwhelmed you these
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remains one of the gate to europe and they find this a we that people care me but not all put it you need to share the responsibility within the european member states so they are under the pressure of a population that is county not to this even full. of many of the other member states that simply trying to prevent that really does seeking as a rule in their own countries we also all are there we're in many cases these might bring are going to be the asian could even the trafficking action of these children for sure on this sex environment but even more so then drew situation would be traffic of organs we need to prevent these children being put under that then sion we need to identify their relatives and to speed up the process of reunifying of the children with.


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