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tv   Documentary  RT  February 26, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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trick that really. smart. people with money well they always say buy the dip you have to buy the dip and not become a dept geoffrey barker the. head of the american enterprise institute sorry jeff we got it got to run thanks so much for joining us we'll have you back your time it's my pleasure. and before we go the winter olympics ended yesterday with hopes that the spirit of sport can help alleviate foreign policy tensions between north and south korea which fielded a joint olympic team tensions have been higher in the past year as north korea expanded its ballistic missile test and garnered a twitter war about the size of each other's nuclear arsenal between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il evoke a trump the president's daughter attended the closing ceremony and sat with the
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leader of a high level north korean delegation for those that watch the olympics and i did lots of it including the opening and then yesterday the closing ceremonies it's hard not to be hopeful we'll see if that translates into foreign policy as the beach boys sing wouldn't it be nice. that's it for this broadcast thanks for watching be sure to catch boom bust on you tube at youtube dot com slash boom bust party see you tomorrow. what's going on is only producing. delusional fears it doesn't have any million less it leads to real kiss which can be. no guarantee of only buy it also christina president.
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are you confused by washington syria policy rest assured you're not alone trump says one thing while his generals do otherwise also brinkmanship with north korea is it working in one movie in the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is still a bad idea. to. feel on a hot day at a dinner table bottle a saudi in china six oir to. an estimated eight hundred families since under-age refugees are now living in greece . you know still going to go. to your home in there you go food shopping. and many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's. always in the
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second or the one the second on again you know all the sins in that as helpless as in their lifetimes could it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. justice and yet i didn't love love love the little. then you. lose. the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce socks credit tell you that celebrity gossip and tabloid biased files of the most important news today. off of advertising telling you are not cool enough and such to hide their product. leaves all the hawks that we along with our loved ones.
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russia prepares humanitarian corridors to help civilians leave the syrian enclave of eastern ghouta but it's not clear if rebel and terrorist groups the will let anyone go. to the u.n. security council unanimously adopted a resolution to extend sanctions on yemen with russia blocking and only
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a draft that condemns a wrong. as it gets ready for the weekend's general election protesters across the country to turn violent to stop a center right coalition coming to power. on russian planes are greeted by families friends on funds back home aka when trying to fix closes in south korea. we have more of those headlines stories at home up next psycho has a former advisor to south korea's president asking if the recent winter olympics creased prospects for peace with the north. pole come to sophie and go on sophie shevardnadze said the winter. olympics and
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chong have been then i'm expected celebration of korea and unity with north and south as list competing under one flag and the leadership of the two countries ready for high level talks but will the momentum continue after the games wrap up well i asked former national security advisor to the president of south korea. under one flag green athletes merging the charm offensive. leaders and the chance of the highest level. in sports diplomacy bringing a breakthrough in the korean nuclear crisis with the current success is build a new future for the peninsula will be forgotten as the olympic flame. from korea. shining young who former national security adviser to the president of south korea welcome to the show great to have you with us on better the olympics are over with so kim sr shaking hands with president moon dry in sitting closely together at the
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olympic stadium smiling exchanging comments is a great diplomatic breakthrough the press is expecting but the beginning of something or is it all going to come back to being enemies now that games are over well it depends on whether north korea has intention to denuclearize. if all these. things are just to maintain as a means of retaining their nuclear capability is we'll go back to where we were before the olympics or we could be worse off so it all depends on those who is genuine intention well p.r. yun apparently wants to talk to the united states united states says it's open to talks with north korea but nobody wants to go first what is so role in this who blinks first game. well. a low is important to figure
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out what most careers intention is. dialo itself doesn't resolve the problem unless north korea. is willing to abandon his nuclear programs missile programs as well so tall tales between us and those korea. could be even worse if north korea has no intention to denuclearize because any talks which. you know wish doesn't lead to decry zation or in which no script confirms is intention not to did to nuke rise under any circumstances that could strengthen the hand of those in washington who advocate a military option so. if nothing comes out of the talks
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between cells in the north or it in north korea and the us. i think. you know it makes it it will. become those who. who look for diplomatic solution and the tall scan confirmed that diplomacy is useless is north korea has no intention to diena cries north korea has warned both south korea and us against a resumption of annual military drills the two countries hold near the north korean borders my understanding is that they will go have its planes now will the drills i'm knol all the progress made between the two koreas at the olympics. well i'm i'm not sure where those korea has always been opposed to joint military drills i don't know how do you from they are this year. if they are desperate. to.
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reduce any pressure for. sanctions and military option which stand in the way of their ultimate call of nuclear armament then i think. military drills can be only a temporary. us in the road to into korean. dialogue even at the summit level. president moon was invited to visit the north and he replied to the invitation by saying that the two sides should create the right circumstances to make it happen what would the right circumstances be here well i think it's important to noam. before hand what kind of outcome will be produced by the summit because a summit could be worse than no summit if it doesn't produce anything or it only
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confirms if it only confirms that north korea has no intention to abandon its nuclear and missile programs under any circumstances as a sad that will only. in the lead to it will only justify military option against north korea so there could be. more dangerous than no summit at all so i think he will he may wish to go to pill young. with a reasonable chance of producing a positive outcome that would lead to. stronger peace rather than to work here but where would he get the guarantees that the outcome with will be positive i mean when you're going to those kind of talks it's always you know a game of you never know what's going to happen you take a chance you take a risk yeah if the chance is to take
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a chance is very dangerous this time because it's not just. try. and odessey it if it doesn't produce anything because no positive outcome will i wouldn't say it didn't guarantee but it will as i said strengthen the arguments for military option and it will. press t v can those who believe in a peaceful diplomatic solution so this very dangerous so i think through preliminary talks between the south and north. present one will have to find out how how interest in north korea would be what would be the chance to produce. positive outcome from the meeting otherwise i think he should be very careful in falling into the into the trap of those who are
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looking for a military option north korea is accusing the united states of aiming to and the potential thought between the two koreas and us has been accusing seeking to drive a wedge between civil and washington are you rely on the us militarily and you seek peace with the north how does so well plan a maneuver in this blame game well i don't think anybody is interested in the illusion of a piece of false piece of a peace because that doesn't that's not the same thing as a real peace so what's going on is only producing. bubble illusional fuse it doesn't have any million less it leads to real peace which can be. no guaranteed only by those christina
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presentation so the process is one thing process of toffs. and the appearance of peace is one thing but what we need us and the republic oriya what they need is real peace a peace which is based on denuclearization so i think much will depend on how all these talks will lead to progress in denuclearization or north korea's commitment to democracy and it all costs. serious talks without. north korea's commitment to to nuke radiation will go nowhere and will be worse off in the end now during the olympics president moon was a charmer and true the north koreans while mike pants north them on purpose saying they sons of mass age that north korea has to abandon its nuclear weapons do you think that was wise on his part i mean did he miss an opportunity for an informal
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talk or a preliminary talk like you put it well my understanding is that. if i was president of pence was a willing to sit down with a north korean delegation in a meeting about north koreans refused to talk to the americans you know just before the scheduled meeting so. what the way vice president the parents behaved at the opening ceremony i think it was intended to. to neutralize defect of charm offensive that north korea was. doing in the olympics so i see nothing wrong with the present tense is.


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