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the gold market and others you know you've got to start to see it feed on itself in a big way. ceasefire in syria's eastern ghouta ends in failure for a second and as precious reconciliation center says terrorists shelling is preventing hundreds of civilians from leaving. facebook provides british law with an update on evidence of russian meddling in the vote but they say they've still come up short. in south africa's parliament passes a motion that could see the entire white population stripped without compensation. at midnight here in moscow. this is r.t.
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international. humanitarian pause in syria's eastern ghouta has been broken by terrorists for a second day according to the syrian reconciliation center that's after safety code or stablished by russia came under heavy shelling from militants that prevented civilians from leaving the b.c.s. district the situation in the enclave was discussed at a u.n. security council meeting. the assad regime and their supporters have been pummeling eastern ghouta where four hundred thousand people live under siege and constant bombardment needs to be understood and still legitimate targets of military operations they are asking civilians to leave eastern good to on the false premise that they can then attack anyone left in the area as much as they would like. someone's civilians. because we've been through this before we know what russia will say today when you know you don't they will say that there are terrorists in eastern good so the assad regime can bomb as ferociously and discriminately as it
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wants to what do you do to implement the resolution did you notice who considered a moderate opposition did you persuade them to stop shelling and taking people hostage it was a heated meeting in the halls of the u.n. security council we heard from different countries addressing the council regarding the situation in eastern guta now we've also heard russia's president vladimir putin comment on the situation and point out that essentially this enclave in eastern guta is being used to attack civilians in damascus and that civilians in eastern go to are being used as human shields. and human look on fortunately there are lots of extremist forces in eastern guta risible is a range of terror organizations recognized by the un the shelling is continually coming from that area on some days the number of missile strikes and more to shell attacks which is fifty to eighty they even reach the territory of the russian embassy should we tolerate this indefinitely of course not. there's been
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a large number of efforts to protect civilians in the area russia carries out a five hour humanitarian pause on a daily basis in the hopes of protecting civilians and allowing them to get out through the humanitarian corridor furthermore the u.n. security council has passed a resolution calling for a thirty day cease fire now a letter was said. to the u.n. security council by some of the opposition and rebel groups saying that they would honor this u.n. resolution however at this point always three hundred civilians have been prevented from leaving due to the the attacks they've experienced as they try to escape now the russian representative pointed out that these kind of humanitarian concerns and outrage were not being raised while the liberation of the rocket was taking place. when you have crossed we're levering rocko. it's be months since. the city and through. the security council because the circuit
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the general franks produces lucinda mission this is that in news that there was quite clearly a gap in the international media in the way the different situations have been portrayed when the syrian city of raka and the iraqi city of mosul were being liberated by the u.s. led coalition and a lot of bombing was taking place that we heard u.s. leaders saying making statements to the effect that civilian casualties are just a fact of life civilian casualties or a fact of life in iraq and in syria people are much more accepting that because it is their city being liberated they understand where they were suffering civilians will get caught in the crossfire civilians will get hurt civilians will get killed if you want to liberate your towns and cities it comes at a price unavoidable part of war and commanders have to press on despite their responsibility for civilian casualties in iraq and syria lies with isis that
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is on them not on us and we are the good guys and munitions people on the battlefield know the difference. a correspondent from montana because anything has more now on the latest situation in the syrian enclave. how much any account is the second day of the truce we haven't seen any civilians walking through the corridor it's known that there are many civilians who want to flee the enclave to leave through the one and only corridor open for civilians from guta however militants prevent civilians from exiting and don't allow them to leave through the evacuation route to reach the road to damascus the militant positions are just three or four hundred meters from the corridor near the camp of all offered in the syrian government has distributed leaflets amounts to billions of the militant controlled and place with detailed information and a map on how to get into the area under government control we can see that everything is ready here to receive civilians and to deal with any difficulty
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humanitarian situation. we spoke earlier to professor of political sociology dr sides at the american university of cairo who believes it's the us this fueling tension in syria by supplying various armed groups with weaponry. always playing with fire the one who was doing that was five dollars for voting weapons who was providing similar is always financing them who is providing media coverage for them . and trying to show that that what is happening is. is a big must let go of innocent people what they care about is the home they have supplied who they have finances who they have been breeding in the last few years and now they have lost the war but they don't have the same college to admit that they lost that water was do they just keep on bargaining making all those claims. iraqi refugees in the countries anbar province feel safer in camps than they do in
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the homes that they're being forced to return to this is according to a report called the long way home that was collectively created by three major humanitarian organizations this report says eighty four percent of refugees feel much safer in the camps only one percent know for sure that they still have a house to return to or half of those questioned no homes were destroyed testimonies in the report appear to reflect such figures. we didn't make it to this place without seeing death without a thousand times. of the. we can't return to ramadi my house was damaged by isis i'm worried about the canned management telling us to leave and return home i heard rumors that he might close
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the camp but there is nothing official lots of my friends have returned back to ramadi but i can't go i can't afford to repair my house if that is not the right now. we are stuck in here like shit. less than a month ago an arty film crew was recording events in the iraqi city of mosul which was liberated from my son more than a year ago but as the pictures show a still very little sign of normality returning to the city locals there claimed the authorities have no idea what the situation is on the ground. how many bodies have you removed since you started working in this area approximately five hundred because you are there any more yes in houses and on their odds i don't i challenge any member of parliament to live in the conditions we are currently living in here i bet they are even afraid of entering this area they have no idea how horrible the smell is or how critical the medical situation is. we haven't received any kind of
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aid or support since things finished seven months ago on one occasion did they receive a small box of food. no food nothing and melinda markham who spokesperson for the norwegian refugee council one of the organizations that worked on the report told us here at r.t. why many refugees don't want to leave their camps there's a number of dangers i think one of the largest threats is that of unexploded bombs unexploded mortars and baby traps and in fact we had one report of a family who returned home only to find they have been trapped and it killed a family member some of the other things that make it unsafe for papal violent thrum the community around them people who even suspected of having links with isis particularly vulnerable but other people under the threat of violence by. members of their own tribal community so there are
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a number of reasons why it's unsafe to once a for people to return home. the russian olympic committee has confirmed that it's been reinstated as an official member of the international olympic committee and to do it today has the details. this is big news from russia as we all know the country has been at the center of a long running doping scandal accused of state sponsored cheating and the repercussions of this have been huge one of the biggest was russia being kicked out of the international olympic committee the i.o.c. so this latest decision to reinstate it to the club is a key milestone as the head of the russian olympic committee points out. the read statement was tied to the full doping check of russian athletes who participated in the winter olympics the letter we received today says the i.o.c. is able to confirm all remaining results of the olympic athletes from russia are negative the i.o.c.
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has banned men to many of russia's experience their fleets were unable to compete at the winter olympics in pyongyang this meant of course that those who were allowed to compete should only do so under a neutral olympic flag and they were mainly newcomers nevertheless they won seventeen medals overall now if we go back to the events leading up to the decision to reinstate russia to the i.o.c. there were expectations that it would have happened during the winter olympics themselves but there was a problem to russian competitors failed drug tests another consequence to those positive tests was russia being banned from waving the country's flag during the closing ceremony initially they were going to be allowed but the privilege was taken away however it's now hoped the past is behind it competitions planned to take place in russia and not in these threads. well for the concerns i'm prepared for those so immense the rights which russia already obtained so russia is once again an active member of the international olympic committee but it is not the end
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of the road yet there are still two issues which remain unfulfilled situation of compliance was renewed rosado is still noncompliant the still a way to go because the russian anti doping agency restarted is still banned by the world anti-doping agency or wada we saw the last its accreditation and that is yet to be reinstated that's an ongoing saga as russia disputes the legitimacy of that mclaren report which detailed russian's alleged systematic system of state sponsored doping accusations russia has always denied and wada has been insistent that to move forward russia must accept the findings of the mclaren report this is stalemate and it doesn't look like either side is yet willing to back down but for now with the i.o.c. his decision it means russia's olympic athletes will be able to compete under their own flag and play their national anthem when they win medals a huge deal for competitors and the country they represent an idea or tutor r.t.
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former footballer and dharti host stan collymore discussed exactly this announcement with alexis the rocky who's head of the twenty eight sci fi for world cup russia organizing committee justice prevails that's my only emotion i think it's only it's only just. that after we complied with every requirement that has been put forward no matter what we think about this requirement but. russia has complied and. just as has been done to us and very happy that our athletes will now complete complete with their proper uniform and with their proper fire. we also discussed the issue with russia baseball sure host alan moore he believes the focus of anti-doping agencies will now shift away from russia to their own respective countries to try to get back on which is good side because there are
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a lot of things that were still coming out so i think that in order to quieten things down or prepare for greater waves ahead in the sports ocean that russia needs to be brought back into the fold sort of basically they could calm the situation down a little bit right now there are dissenting voices there are people who are a little bit angry does too soon russia doesn't deserve it they would see it in any case and no punishment would be too harsh for russia in there from their point of view simply because as long as the russians are the bad ones there are houses of even order but now we've got to start to look around and see who else is a little bit dirty. facebook admits it still found no sign russia linked accounts interfered in the u.k.'s briggs's vote despite a renewed effort to dig up proof. this is in fact the second attempt by facebook to try to establish the facts as to what went what went on around the break that referendum so if we cost our minds back to december facebook launched the
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investigation into alleged russian interference in that referendum and found that as far as russian adverts had gone regarding briggs it well they only amount to two . or three of votes which totaled a cost of less than one pound and the reach of those adverts was minimal if not nonexistent reaching only two hundred people so simon milner he's the head of the policy director of facebook for the u.k. he wrote today me and collins he's an m.p. in the houses of parliament here who's been leading the charge to try to find any information about alleged russian interference and in that letter mr milner said that there was basically minimal interference if any by the russians so this call is also to investigate again he's done so and said and concluded in that letter today that there has been no russian interference as far as the brig's that referendum is concerned now earlier this month damian collins he travelled to the
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us to meet with officials from the big tech companies such as you tube and some of the answers he received from them perhaps didn't satisfy him he looked at all advertisements for any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum a very small number of suspected research agency linked accounts forty nine such accounts were active during the campaign which represents less than point five percent of the total number of accounts that these are very low level things and that's the real contrast with the kind of political environment here in the u.k. and in particular from the top down with the prime. minister to resign warning the russians that she knew what they were up to it is seeking to weaponize information deploying state run media organizations to plant fake stories and photo shopped images in an attempt to sow discord in the west and undermine our institutions so i
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have a very simple message for russia we know what you are doing and you will not succeed clearly this is my mistake and that's as far as facebook are concerned anyway so this is yet another frustration as these attempts to try to prove alleged russian interference come up with nothing. but south african parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land from white farmers on these paula the. south african parliament has backed emotion their calls for changing the constitution and allowing for land exposed without compensation essentially white south africans will lose their land they will not be compensated this despite the fact that a flies in the face of the current constitution it follows the inauguration of the south african president oppose a two weeks ago he has said that he wants to speed up the transfer of land from
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white to black south africans now despite the fact that the party ended two decades ago you still have a situation in south africa where most of the land is owned by whites this is a hugely emotive subject for south africans the motion was bought in parliament by the economic freedom fighters party that it did receive the support of the ruling african national congress that holds some two thirds of the parliament the leader of the affair had this to say. the time for reconciliation is over now is the time for justice we must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land malema is a controversial and somewhat radical figure in south africa in the past he has said that he's not calling for the psalter of white people at least not yet in recent years there has been a spike in the killing of farmers in south africa now those who support the motion
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say it will go a long way to restoring justice but those who criticize it say it will do anything but there are those who say it will lead to unforeseen consequences and also will be a scapegoat that the a.n.c. can use to explain away its own failures nonetheless it certainly seems as if we're a far way from restoring racial tensions in a country that has so much history mired in them. the afghan president has called on the taliban to join talks to bring peace and stability to the country and he promised to recognize the terrorist group as a legitimate political power. to the taliban leadership and every other taliban member accept peace accept it with honor and come together so we can make this country safe and secure all of the taliban has yet to respond to that invitation but about two weeks ago the group did issue a statement that called for peace and urged u.s. congressmen to pressure the trumpet ministration into negotiations this came in
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response to trump's earlier declaration that ruled out any possibility of peace talks between washington and the taliban there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish what nobody else has been able to finish we're going to be able to do it we discussed all of this with political analyst muslim shazad who thinks that the afghan president lacks the or thora to propose peace talks with the taliban. why the taliban after seventeen years should come to the table with a government where the taliban say it didn't have anything to to do with their self otherwise the united states is going to decide peace and conflict of afghanistan and the other issue i don't think that the afghan government especially prison gani and in u.g. the national unity government can be tackle the ongoing issues because when you can't do and compromise with your cabinet ministers i mean prison accept any how
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you can convince a group like taliban which defy the seventy years they control the territory for five years and now they have support of several countries to come to the table so the big question is do you have this opportunity to do forward he starts writing not because you know this is inside the country and they decide they should talk with a taliban or should fight with the taliban. and live merkel's acknowledge the problem of so-called no go zones in germany this is the first time the chancellor has made such an admission with more his peter oliver. we've seen an unexpected change of time. when it comes to talk of no go areas germany. there should not be any no go zones there can be no places where nobody dares to go these are ones exist and they should be named and something must be done about it.
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burkle had previously used the same injury phrase no go area to describe parts of the country with a high crime rate but that rate has been going up the government's own figures released earlier this year point to a ten percent rise in violent crime between twenty fifteen and twenty sixty ninety percent of which is attributed to young male refugees there was criticism of last year of the way the german media covered the refugee crisis in a highly respected group of researches said these editors acted as public educators and that the whole refugee crisis and the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people was covered in too favorable light. i doubt. it. was.
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the only people who had been talking about a no go areas were alternative for germany and they were rounding mocked for doing so are common enough that's all guns are lying can you as a woman walk alone on vaal show streets on a weekend evening would you dare will pause for show or nearby streets and then they say and make it look like the aggressive ones and say bad things about the city no what we do is look at things in perspective what we do is simply address facts and facts only ladies and gentlemen. but here's the thing in order to secure a ruling coalition angela merkel has been trying to win over the right wing of the conservative alliance and should try to secure that fourth term chancellor she may well be thinking. taking
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a step towards the sunshine policy of alternative to germany could help get bush hardliners back onside with peter all of a party. the german media claims it's the biggest cities that are worth affected with criminals they're taking over entire neighborhoods police have come under physical assault in such areas which are reportedly run by ethnic gangs political scientist says some neighborhoods are no longer recognizable it's not the longer the case is that every person can move freely around just as he or in particular she wants because we hear of neighborhoods insidious which look not like being in germany but like in a different country if you look at some cities like the northern parts of or of door to mourn like parts of deuce books like parts of the lean in for some neighborhoods it's really a problem in this truth is locked right they'll come but to be frank on this find
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we have the same problem arising out of drug criminality but immigration is a part of the whole problematic phenomenon. the u.s. government may be granted the opportunity to access data stored in other countries case between the government and microsoft is currently being heard by the u.s. supreme court now this all started five years ago when microsoft refused to hand over to authorize these e-mails relating to a drug trafficking investigation it claims the data was stored on service in ireland and u.s. law doesn't stretch outside its own borders washington argues that the tech giant is an american company it should provide the data microsoft says if it loses foreign states would then have the right to access data that's based in the u.s. the tech giant claims the credibility of all i.t. companies is at stake. the reality is that people will not use technology they do
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not trust we need to sustain their trust and part of sustaining their trust is giving people confidence that their legal rights under their legal systems will in fact be respected including by the united states earlier we put the issue up for debate with political activist george bada. c.e.o. of the violence group international. government needs to take a stronger role in monitoring certain activity on the internet and in social media if we are going to try try to stay in line and somewhat ahead if we can with groups such as isis al shabaab boko hogan that are using the internet and are using social media as a high way of transporting information to plan and execute terrorist attacks so it's a matter of creating a balance there are many sort of covert means of communicating effectively online if you want to that wouldn't be touched by this judgment in the particular case the issue the irish government has been very clear that had it had been
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a request from the justice department for the information that is stored on these servers in ireland they would absolutely have responded by releasing that by releasing that data as we know from the revelations of edward snowden and another is there are huge questions to be asked in terms of the legitimacy and and of of u.s. snooping and the interest of beings and certainly is a political activist that has genuine cause to fear governments essentially using internet spying to undermine effective democratic dissent i think this is a really important issue that that needs to be kept at the forefront of the discussion it's important to understand that what we're looking to do with this is not to have complete unfettered as i said before access to the internet but enough access so that there are key words phrases documents pictures etc that will be used for algorithmically to detect issues in incidences preemptively that law
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enforcement and military that government can intervene on it's not a carte blanche decision to say ok now you have complete access to to the internet to social media. it's raising generally significant points about when it's appropriate for law enforcement to be able to access information but i. i think that there are there are very large questions going forward to and that the internet offers possibilities for snooping on virtually every single aspect of anybody's interaction with any other individual on the planet and any decision that essentially opens the floodgates into a sort of free for all why governments on the basis of the idea that they're doing something worthwhile can look at anything they want i think raises huge problems ok thanks thing with all to you this evening i'll be about the latest news all see you at the top of the hour.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some people want to. have to go right to be press which is what was before three of them or can't be good. interesting all reasonable ones about how. question. from north korea to syria's president donald trump's foreign policy is literally all over the map north korea says it is open to direct talks with washington only to be met with preconditions in syria peace is within view but this is not what the
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trumpet ministration wants. the. spread of the. us beliefs is near the. edge of insanity a little. of what i would like there that if it was ethical then to the. best person. you really don't want to press on a little more. for. a more. sensitive. and perfect and for my son. and here at home part of a whole. lot of not. going to be safe. this is a middle aged man bargain a full sack for the teenage rush chief of staff.


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