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relation to congress prompted the crowned queen herself is hillary clinton to tweet out i say this as a former secretary of state and as an american the russians are still coming. uhm this all comes of course without well any actual evidence that russia is in any way gunning for the us mid-term elections or the politicians running it haven't seen anything that they know is produced any evidence and basically we're all just supposed to accept all of this the word of our loss truest intelligence community and civil servant politicians. you know and one of the great ironies that only history can provide all of this rush of fear mongering comes the eighty fifth anniversary of the rice dog fire yes february twenty seventh nineteen thirty three is when the infamous communist terrorist attack took place on the headquarters of the german parliament which emboldened the newly appointed chancellor of germany
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adolf hitler and his nazi party to abolish the freedom of speech assembly privacy in the press and legalized phone tapping and the interception of correspondences and. that sounds really vaguely familiar to me i don't know where i would ever hear of something like that before. you know what i think it's time to start watching along. with the. look. at the bottom. like you that i got. this. week. rather than the watch of the hawks i roll over and i'm topical and it always somehow goes nuts if this it does doesn't it doesn't
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it it's not a joke it really is every conversation but it does and i think that's that's what's interesting about connecting those two things and having these moments is that so much today so much and mainstream media are people like hillary clinton are saying something found something with the russians are still coming it's just. can't it's hard to it's cartoonish at this point for her to say that but. it does make the point that this is always been the case it's always and it tends to go back to the communists and the case of russians i think still that when you say this like former soviet nation it's that dog whistle about communism like we're still terrified of my god communist socialist what do we do share things with people i know it's. the last time i checked russia was well communist country and it's interesting because look the reichstag fire has has taken that point where you know a lot of historians say it's what they said it was you know one lone guy and let
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the place on fire because he was a communist sympathizer whatever the excuse was and things burned down of the nazi party capitalized on that fear but out that same time in that era of history they also did there of him and dependent investigation and so geno it looks a lot more like the nazis secretly set this fire blamed it on the for you know on the graft on the political foreign threat and then that gave them enough fear of the you know fear power. fear credit in the populace to basically take ever over take away everyone's rights and really assume power and take over germany and not sure of their constitution which really what it did was prove not the idea that you can. have a fake attack or something that weren't. doing you know an attack and make it look like someone else is doing it that is something that absolutely politically goes on top of course i mean that well that's that's
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a part of military procedure that's not something that we kind of you know push that idea of thinking into like the corners of conspiracy theory or conspiracy people and put it but it actually is a right military maneuver search done and has been done throughout history i mean when you look at vietnam as the gulf of tonkin you know some would argue the you know using the whole the nine eleven in the war on terror and like all of that now russian hacking where you. but have you taken a vow and you twist it were you perpetrator and you twisted to meet your own hands and when you've heard of nine eleven it's an interesting case because since we've learned you know those missing pages especially it's a very different angle puts a very different sort of patina on it you know that to a lot of people and in that same thing it's a you know if there's all these saudis on a plane why weren't we courthouse or so to read it was their significant other were gone after communism then the nazis came in and they wait a minute and that happens all the time and i think to do i think the question that
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we need to really ask ourselves is why do we keep allowing you know people in power people in positions of power to kind of manipulate the populace of repeat history over and over to give way and the thing is part of that i think is because we are ignoring laws that were put in place a long time ago for this for this very reason and to protect as opposed to just using you know like for an actor or other world where to call their own laws there's actually certain ones that make sense and one of those was the smith month that was in one nine hundred forty eight and that we did is prohibited the u.s. government from propagandizing its own citizens through so when what's interesting though though is that there's a difference now is that using the n.d.a. as cover again the government modified the smith month act. to allow for what they call permit materials produced by the state department and the broadcasting board
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of governors to be available within the united states which we talked about this years ago how dangerous that is what they're saying is the stuff that they nor the propaganda that they normally put out outside the united states that they're not allowed to do here which is really i mean you're talking about voice of america which is a government funded news outlet and so now there's this idea that there should be more propaganda we should do it more in the united states colorado to get out. there are probably again it's really ridiculous at the end of the bat i think that you know u.s. citizens and citizens around the world you have to remember that governments are going to lie to you and they're going to live unit she even and people in government are going to lie you can't get around that that's just the normal nature of human beings but you have to be vigilant you have to do your due diligence to not just accept what your government tells respect and not accept what some stranger on the euro tells with fact you have to do your own due diligence and try to find the truth yourself that is the most important thing. for the first time
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ever according to the chain sharma kind of consulting said when he seventeen u.s. model market update there were more cars added to cellular networks than phones and with an estimated ninety eight percent of new cars expected to be equipped with internal modems in the next few years it seems that people are totally on board with big brother on the dashboard or are they a recent survey from salis a technology company found that even if costs were not an issue fifty seven percent of respondents still wouldn't buy a self driving car more disturbingly nearly half of those polled didn't know that connected cars can store their personal information like home address social security numbers and birthdays. of course everything a scammer needs to steal your identity or everything the car company needs to make some extra coin off of your personal identifying information the estimated market value to car manufacturers is in the billions of dollars per year and the big bucks
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will be made in bundling your data to oil and gas companies they want to not only know how much gas you buy but also things like tire pressure odometer readings and has been c.e.o. of tom no explained the fuel companies want to offer you more than fuel many times the fuel stations are also interested in anonymized data why do some people always stop to take whatever's available or specific brand places to build new stations and so on no data loss here in the united states are much more lax than they are in europe where the regulations are much much stricter so when it comes to connectivity the american car manufacturers are in the driver's seat especially if you're looking for a deal many car manufacturers are now looking into selling bundles of applications for things like navigation or remote ignition in the event those upgrades are out of the customer's price point car manufacturers will give them the tac in exchange for permission to serve drivers with pop up ads totally seems safer now than
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sitting in traffic and should go along with it too bought for five dollars off pizza at a shop near your exit pops up over under into work and you get a mad for free pastry with your starbucks it is standard for most applications now free to use and full of perks if you're willing to give up your privacy now with those ads and access to your car's applications the company can mine and massive amount of personal and anonymous information on you richard roger a consultant for strategy analytics told money magazine that carmakers recognize they're fighting a war over your customer data your driving behavior location has monetary value not unlike your search activity that war live for companies. and toyotas among others to spend years researching a way to embed heart monitor sensors in its cars to track stress levels and heart rate of course neither of the systems they were developing were designed to warn
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the driver of potential. like a heart attack in addition to this technology it will eventually track location external environmental data in cavite information user recognition for face cams or fingerprints and much much more which may be why the national automotive dealers association put out a brochure about personal data in your car in twenty seventeen in which they laid out the three automotive privacy principles manufacturers have voluntary agreed to agree to abide by first there's transparency the company promises to provide you with clear and concise privacy policies second is that your consent is required before certain sensitive information is used for marketing or shared with an affiliated third parties and finally car dealers and manufacturers will limit their sharing of your information with government and law enforcement into the future is bright and while we don't quite have a flying car yet they are becoming more like computers with wheels and as those
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computers grow to provide us with every connective need and want will there be a tradeoff between privacy. and convenience and that jab at the wall is the million dollar question that i think we've already traded off when it comes to our own personal computers and our cell phones i think very easily we said oh give me a pop up ads give me this i don't care i want all the convenience or i want to. just dump it all over and you know we don't get nearly as outraged as we should be when you have telecommunication companies sharing our information with governments and things of that they have right. so i think i hope it doesn't happen with cars but i have a feeling given the fact that as of right now i've seen the modern culture is kind of prefers convenience over their own personal identity and security and things like that that i don't know i think people just kind of sign it away well i think there's two sides to this and there's money to be made from both sides of the
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privacy file which is fairly so but you know from a capitalist sam point you have money that could be made not only in selling that information but in not selling that information so when you're deciding i mean one of the privacy things people at home to think about if you do want a more connected car you will need a data plan for that so stick with a cell phone company that protects your data that has good policies about privacy because of the the at the end of the day that not the card company is going to be the thing that keeps from government intrusion or something like that so you know your provider know who you're buying a car from and know their policies as well and we have to you know approach it that the you know the cars are no longer going to be cars in the very near future i have driven. it's not a car it's a computer with wheels and i'm not saying that to be fun and it really is a component of it is to have wheels and that's the future of cars and whether
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you're driving it or just simply riding in it which i think is where it's going to really go yeah you know we've got to be prepared for that. all right as we go to break called watchers don't forget to let us know what topics. what you think of the topics we cover facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are coming up strong stone joins us to preview with his look at the historical present day connections between the two in washington d.c. and the movie business with this new special hollywood sea state to watch.
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from north korea to syria's president donald trump's foreign policy is literally all over the map north korea says it is open to direct talks with washington only to be met with preconditions in syria peace is within view but this is not what the trumpet ministration wants. ukraine is in a pre-collapse the situation or crisis of their moment will do renew all. ukraine agreement was the all region all just blowing its coalitional decries exactly because of some countries for the stol reka reasons something to appear in countries say the bulgar old old russian for the reaction i can understand very good all googly.
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hollywood's award season is upon us and all i as will be on the academy awards kodak theatre this weekend without so much as a second thought americans of all ages eagerly digest the latest blockbusters whether at home or on the big screen in families and college students alike engage in the regular netflix binge of the latest seasons of homeland and other t.v. drama fodder the addicting pursuit of riveting fantasy worlds more dramatic and engaging than our own has long been the draw of television and film but who is funding and directing this escapism is a question we have largely allowed to go unanswered that is until now there are very own sean stone tackling the issue.
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so there is an intensification of arse to roll down the walk of fame later this week we were joined earlier by sean stone himself to go as a preview of this much watch must watch exposé. so shawn it appears that the backroom power brokers on capitol hill with their hollywood allies cronies were we'd like to call may have cause for a little concern this year as the academy awards are just a few days away i've got to ask you sean stone what do you have in store what do you have in the works to come out right in time for the academy awards as we get. it's a new special documentary special called hollywood d.c. because it's not washington d.c. it's hollywood d.c. and that means that we're looking into the history not all of it but you know a good deal of history relating to the relationship between hollywood and the
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washington powerbrokers and what goes back really to the beginning of the birth of the war bonds you know using hollywood celebrities to sell war bonds for the first world war it's like the world war all the way through the blacklist as we know the tories blacklisting of hollywood screenwriters and then up to the present day two movies like american sniper lone survivor zero dark thirty and just trying to coalesce and understand what is this relationship basically between media film and and politics what's really interesting and we talk about it here on other levels is that all too often our mainstream media our you know all of this likes to smear anyone who dares connect publicly proven daughter to as being conspiracy theorists we've seen this with the me too movement before that in sexual harassment in child sex abuse and hollywood if you dare say anything it's own dare you like pushback
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against this perfect industry that never does anything wrong obviously as we all know. one of the worse it's like if you are trolling or you're a medal or whatever do you think these sort of long tested smear smear tactics help suppress some of the pretty stunning revelations that you bring up in your documentary. i'm not sure i'm in terms of the types of actors themselves i think there's a long history let's say of just how propaganda has worked in general and we get into it to a degree in the documentary it's you get it's a much bigger issue but we mentioned people like edward bernays the beginning the father of spin and you know basically the forefather of propaganda and public relations bases that public relations is a better way of saying propaganda right so how can we use media as a way you know as a way of using fourteen technology to sell people on things you know using sexuality using garrity and other you know things that are sort of part of our part
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of our base desires to self people and goods so we know it's psychological warfare because a lot of the guys that came out of the world war two o.s.'s the secret service and up becoming the heads of like the c.b.s. news and the time life and all these different media enterprises so many of those guys came out of the intelligence services and so they basically had been trained in psychological warfare and so now they're taking that training and that knowledge and they're applying it to what to journalism to media and to fill in one of the things i think is really interesting that we've seen over the last you know with the mitsu movement thing is we've watched how quickly even the infrastructure of hollywood media how quickly it will move to protect itself or change the narrative if they don't like it and i think it's really i'm looking forward to your documentary for that is seeing how it connects to showing people how much it's still happening today and they're still like you said i mean i worked in hollywood marketing for ten years so believe me it's
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a dark dark place. one of the things that really struck me most about your work. in hollywood d.c. which will air over the next two days. coming up right in time for the kind of reward. is those connections to hollywood the connections to washington d.c. go a lot deeper you know most mainstream media local. talk about oh you know this person is a big donor to hillary clinton or like that kind of thing you know you know the stars are all limousine liberals but those connections you know when you start getting into the. contemporary when you start getting into the cia's and the military's control of what we see on the screen i thought that was some of the most really interesting parts of the documentary that you explored sean. yeah yeah in fact i mean look at this new movie red sparrow coming out which is going to be the big jennifer lawrence you know she's basically playing a russian agent who realizes the russians are bad it's yet to go against her you know against the new k.g.b. essentially but that's written that screenplay was written by
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a former cia agent but they don't tell you that when they're making these movies it's just it's put out there as though this is just this is just hollywood but no there's a cia angle and we know homeland had the cia advisers but what's interesting that's not the author's work and you know we've interviewed offered before on watching the hawks and it's you know he's basically saying look we're talking about thousands of films that have had pentagon and cia and f.b.i. and other advisers coming in and we really and we see in the one store in particular gary de vore the fascinating case that we get into in this documentary because gary was it was called a writer with no hands because he was a guy who basically had those cia contacts who was a mainstream established writer who was kind of started delve into the panama connections and the dirty dirty side of the overthrow of noriega and what happened then he disappears and his wife tells about how the cia basically was showing up combing through and looking at all those things and he you know he appears a year later is bodies found with it's a skeleton basically with no hands and it's
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a very mysterious disappearance to this man who obviously was in on the inside track of certain awareness of what he's trying to basically teach us and that will be obviously never got made because he he died you know with hollywood's much publicized kind of resistance to battle trumper least you know outwardly. in the movie stars although the back and forth scandals tab a mention of like me to. and the hyped up dramatics now surrounding the academy awards what are what are the some of the underappreciated takeaways you think you'd like hawk watch or should keep in mind as they watch hollywood d.c.m. you know head in the kind of hollywood's big weekend like we're one of the little things that we always gotta remember when we're getting fed all this. it's always about the money. yeah i mean i think at the end the day this documentary is not a be all end all but it's just meant to be a primer i think a prime educational tool that i hope people can share and watch understand that it's not always what's on the surface it's really what is the subliminal messaging
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that's going into it are there studies that have been done we know by the tavistock institute in england or various agencies in the u.s. to study how shock and trauma affects the human psyche and how we're basically more susceptible the buy by shock trauma and glamour and glitz and the sparkly lights the bright lights right that puts us into a state that they can more easily readily influence ours are unconscious mind and i think that's the point is we have to be more away aware and conscious were watching these things to realize that it really is a spin that really is glitz and glamour that's really meant to take the money out of your pocket and mesmerize you as the old you know terminology you basically have the ties you into being seduced by these these events you know whether it's award shows or the you know the theatrical the films themselves and the propaganda that is really within the very nature of the language layered within the dialogue itself layered within the relationships the social interactions the things that are you know none are just evident if you look at it but sometimes we're just so engrossed
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with the actors and the performances and the story that we're not even realizing the subliminal messaging of what they're trying to tell us and it's interesting that you bring up that up because i think that that's one of the big issues that we're kind of having to look at now when you look at all of the shootings the you know where the school shootings and things like that there was people talk about well should we ban these guns were things. you know never really i'm sure they'll get to always violent movies or violent video games and i don't think that you need to ban anything or anything like that but i think we do need to have that honest look and say you know how how does watching acts of violence paraded as glory desensitized to the fact that there are acts of terrible violence committed on people but just because you know this person is a villain or a group of people are considered a villain well then it's ok you know that kind of mentality that like rambo mentality and i think that i think that one of the great things about your documentary is you know you do kind of cover that you cover all these different places and i think it's about time it's good to put hollywood and d.c.
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into the spotlight and look at those ties sean thank you so much today for for coming out and talking to us about this and looking forward to the hollywood b.c. . i think. seed banks are not new since eight hundred ninety eight the royal botanical garden has been studying seed saving and scientists once start rather than eat the seeds out a russian seed bank during a scene just by the axis powers during the second world war the bags have the ability to regenerate entire species and they are crucial to our survival in the future when seventeen hundred seed banks around the world protect collections of of seeds for food crops but sadly many of them become vulnerable to budget cuts and weather but norway's small barred global seed vault sometimes called the doomsday vault in the arctic circle now holds one million fifty nine thousand six hundred forty six unique crop varieties from around the world and with the planet facing agricultural challenges like none we've ever seen before the norwegian government
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plans to spend a whopping thirteen million dollars to upgrade the ball however the doomsday vault isn't done yet it turns out they're only using one of the three chambers meaning they're still groomed for four and a half million more c o two in norway and to see. banks around the war around the world were rooting for you rooting rooting are all to do. yeah. that's a fascinating story and i'm really you know these are those things the it's it's tragic that we have to do it but i'm really happy that we do it now you know now we know that everyone's going to be running to go away the moment the zombie apocalypse problems or or the next ice age whatever may be able to be going over there and out of the cats of the bag that sort of but you know i think it's good night and i'm happy to see those side just do it and those are the types of things not just with seeds but with everything that we can kind of store and say we need to start thinking about doing that for anything yourself but home is keeping things
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like that around money because the apocalypse is going to come but you know with weather and energy issues you know it's a good idea to. show for you today everybody remember everyone in this world we're not to tell you all i love you i am a robot or a and i'm top of all people watching those awesome great day unless. you do believe he can mimic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education alone higher education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could get most of the regime you could these songs through the funnel they could in the. northeast the place of students in this business model
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before college i was born now i'm running stream or higher education the new global economic war. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury of course i'm a want to be. considered like to be for us this is what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. first sip. the police. people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that.
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you can see something happening and this is. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going. to. get her out as we know that other girls to. get a bit out of. the
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cease fire in the syrian enclave of eastern fails first second day as reports of terrorist shelling hundreds of civilians leaving the war torn area. facebook admits it still found no sign that russia interfered in the. just by showing us efforts to prove. part of it is a measure that could see the entire white population stripped of their land without called. insatiate. this is r.t. international coming to you live from moscow partridge's thank you for joining us.


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