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and my duty is to try to implement old those eight points well mr franken we have to take a very short break now but to be back in just a few moments stay tuned. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different. no no one knows up with all the drama happening in our
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country i'm shooting the road have fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access to education loans higher education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could no mobiles at bruges could these souls dream of a little they couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more. education the new global
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economic war. welcome back to worlds apart with franco frattini a former foreign minister of italy and the always seen a representative for the transistor in the stuff and process is different just
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before the break you mentioned before taking on this stroll your work quite critical of the eastern partnership program and this was a special outreach program for former soviet states that incidentally excluded russia i heard you say that it was essentially making false promises to those countries without making any certain commitments is that still your view or have you big become more neutral since i search so when i was foreign minister in two thousand and nine during the summit were in poland there was the launching of that political utopian in the show the i was calling because we cannot create false illusions we cannot give the impression that we have created this shortcut to become very quickly members of you all members told me that this would be a mistake unfortunately i was in the minority i'm staying. that minority position
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do still in my opinion because we got no results in cooperation with russian federation in a moment toward crisis where russia is badly needed to address terrorism in the middle east in libya and so on and so forth and we got no results with those countries ukraine is in a pre-collapse a situation or crisis we have to help ukraine but if we don't provide them enough bonnie like we did promise we did not keep our problem is always possible they are in the electoral time and the same applies to door door for example the slightly different situation organiser by john because president aliyev refuse to accept the biggest mistake made by ear oh the alternative are do you stay with us or you are against in my view is not incompatible to be
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friends or russia and to cooperate. i think many in russia believe that that arrangement was a little bit exploitive because those countries for encouraged to develop political affiliation if europe while also getting a lot of economic support from russia and any form of subsidies well they did the ukraine was enjoying subsidized gas for quite some time i think moldova is also drawing certain benefits from russia do you think it was. a sad obvious way intentionally or this is just anonymous. arrangement on the part of the e.u. because you said that in the ear is not going to give ukraine money i think political decision taken in two thousand and nine was an all region and harnessed decision then there was. reverted into a bullet. all the time russian tendencies these happen in two thousand
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and ten in two thousand and eleven and of course the all regional be krises their moment or do you really knew all of the e.u. ukraine agreement was the all region. is coalitional decries exactly because some countries for historical reasons some european countries are obsessed about the role of russian federation i can understand why you cannot agree frankly speaking but i can give you the example of a country that i know very well i'm a personal friend the president of serbia mr bush he was in some cases pushed to accept exactly the same turkey are you candidate for european accession end as a consequence you cools and you stop your historical friendship rightly and wisely
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president said no and in that all the european union stopped its pressure over president bush well unfortunately the same didn't happen in ukraine and as we all remember during the my down rallies main slogan was ukraine is europe each man that russia is not europe antenatal creation unprecedentedly you saw one of the highest american state department officially rushing to the square and distributing rimini here and peanut interest there to many european and they did not happen in serbia but what i want to ask you about is why do you think this juxtaposition of russia and europe as two absolute alternatives have become so stark these days because we in russia do not feel themselves to be outside of europe we believe that we are european countries because their own good penal some european member states is the only they have to contain the all the traditional. the cold war
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policy of containment visibly iraq which is in a changing war door today completely obsolete and completely wrong as i said we should the more we gauge mad with russia on terrorism will stimulate the middle east the less so but this is the every teenager of the past i repeat i can understand but they cannot agree now what is done is done ukraine is now i think is kind of in the state of limbo because it's not going to become a member of the european union in any forseeable future that is being plainly slate's nearly even even towards with it also cut many of its economic ties with russia and. i think created the situation and when the recovering those ties is pretty much politically impossible at this point of time whose responsibility it is at this point of time to help ukraine get firmly back on its both in russia and europe should be why is the seizure to integrate
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minsk agreement by including a chapter or political cooperation first of all economic cooperation let's improve the situation all small an economy can to let's promote on the territory little code creation of jobs and groove can you get the ukrainian secret it reaches that. day in a pre-collapse situation there were left to agree anyway if russia any you apart all the political disputes will put at the center of the common policy lot like creating a local business the small and medium enterprises again a bottom up approach but i think one of the reasons for this situation is that these people for a long time they were led to believe that they have their future in. europe now all
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of a sudden they understand the future is not there but they already close their door to russia and. i think we're seeing that happening in moldova depression and trying to reach out to russia not so much politically but economically and even those measures encounter significant resistance do you believe in practical terms that russia. the e.u. and all those countries in between can somehow learn to live together without trying to dominate one in a world if we think about europe i think europe as a strong interest to help ukraine and russia to see i cannot imagine russia losing interest or running the risk to a failed state at these borders so it is a common interest because probably the biggest mistake has been made by us by the
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west but the consequence is the impact of bulls in europe this is why i would like very much such kind of. bottom up agreement on promoting local development in the ukraine russia can be easily interested now we currently have an italian in charge of the european foreign policy i'm talking about today rick i'm a greenie and i know that you've been quite critical of her you are on record saying that the e.u. doesn't have a foreign policy which i personally disagree on i think. the e.u. policy of sanctions reserve your russia is very very consistent it's perhaps the only example of consistent foreign policy that the e.u. has at this point how long do you think it will last. until you will. enough states strong enough to say first of all we need a political discussion before any kind of the seizure or renewal of sanction
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the top and every six months next time to be in june i strongly hope there will be a new government in need to leave strong enough to say in june first in a pool of eleven more foreign ministers and then in jew we should have a political discussion i'm sure italy greece hungary and spain may be would be a blocky minority is strong enough to veto any kind of a renewal sanction i am free to say so because no governmental responsibility but this is convinced about a few years ago the former italian prime minister materazzi suggested in a conversation of russian president vladimir putin that perhaps russia could make the first step in lifting some of those sanctions and when you think about it it's an interesting proposition because i guess moscow could lift sanctions against
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friendlier countries and leave them in place for some of its harshest critics but then certainly to face accusations of trying to start divisions within the e.u. do you think that's a good idea and. the ideal prime minister renzi was a good one. unfortunately as we know it followed by a practical and concrete decision from president or russia because. probably if. the atmosphere for such as decision was zero again was premature these would have been a zero game decision from the russians. present we should have responded to it by relaxing sanctions against all or simply let's say against italy which has been friendly or turns i would i would prefer. very much against old in order to mitigate such as ali b.
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from other states you are promoted to your friends and you are putting obstacles to those that your friends but as a minimal standards as a least relax airlifting or reducing sanction was in number all countries they will be. today also a good idea but provided that the new rupee inside the reeds response the real. recipient number or country ready to correspond to such as in the. strength of the accusations within the e.u. that russia is indeed trying to divide the euro will be any way we have divided this is why i don't agree we do i confer but we don't have a new pm foreign policy we voted simply because we were really not strong enough to put a veto when i was requested to put russia out of g eight from my friend condi rice
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i said you talking such as proof pools of nothing up and because we were a strong government in the small air rushes out of g eight any way now because there is not longer our government and the government there said ok let's go out was not as strong as we were now and if i may ask you very quickly i know that you were considered for the post of need to secretary-general and october two thousand and fourteen i don't know if it's your russian ties that cost you that job but how do you see russia and nature and navigating their relationship post ukraine posture as well as possibly because i think what happened in libya was a major factor in russian decision making well. i was one of the bills that where present. al d. a signature of practical matter agreement in two thousand and two where president bush and president putin shake hands and said nato will cooperate and will give
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birth to the need to rush accounts need to russia council still exists and may be you know they meet the state of play of the corporation is practically close to zero there has been a fiscal leash and there should be a deescalation and to revitalize need to russia do you also think that russia has to make the first step or do you think it should come from the other russia could make a proposal similar to the one the russian made when russia propose coordination on military reaction in syria to the president of united states in that location america said yes to the coordination and then we moved from court of the nation to corporation and dice was defeated maybe russian should put to me till april pulls
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down on counter terrorism global stoppage there should be one of the priorities when president trump says there nato is obsolete is quite right well mr french and i have lots and lots of more questions but unfortunately we have to leave it there really appreciate your being with us and terribly your speech keep the conversation going in our social media pages as funny hope to see you again same place same time here and i want the party. that's.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be preached. to going to be pressed to supply them for free in the morning can people go i'm interested always in the winds out. west so. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing
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else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so it will all transfer. and thinks it's going to. fifty years ago breaking in with into a concert as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because i like to does. the side effects were terrible but not on no. one for. you're not double wall. across europe. starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple. but
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i mean russia's new strategic ass no one including a nuclear capable missiles said to outsmart all existing defense systems in his annual state of the union address the president added that all this comes in response to the u.s. and the missile system builder. four civilians are killed by militants in the syrian district of east and that is a third humanitarian palls established by russia collapses becomes the un security council debates possible solutions to the crisis and south africa's parliament passed a motion it could see white farmers across the country stripped of their land without compensation we gave different opinions on the controversial move.
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there good evening watching r.t. international is just turned six o'clock here in moscow now our top story. putin has delivered his annual state of the nation address to the russian parliament sharing his vision of the country's future during the speech to the development of new strategic weapons which he claimed could hamper nouvelle all existing missile defenses artie's modern castillo has more details well this was flooded near putin's fourteenth address in the first out that was largely dedicated to domestic issues it was incredibly ambitious the things he called for in the things he said russia must do now he said it needs improvements across the board massive new funding expansion in infrastructure and you also address outside concerns security
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concerns namely the united states and nato which had been expanding building up. the stablish ng and setting up their own missile defense complexes surrounding russia basically vladimir putin said but no longer. is through russia or is a major nuclear power but basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us. so listen to us now things have changed since two thousand and four which is when vladimir putin was referring to in the speech led to me of putin unveiled a whole range of new strategic weapons to get more advanced with greater range and more powerful than ever before and first and foremost among them perhaps is a new nuclear powered nuclear capable cruise missile that has unlimited range and that it can reach anywhere in the world as well as being very hard to track or
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shoot down due to an unpredictable flight path and its new flight was the or or. additionally vladimir putin presented a new super heavy intercontinental ballistic missile as well as an advanced underwater drone capable of delivering nuclear weapons at speeds much greater than before new advances in laser technology as well but unites all these new weapons is that it is incredibly difficult to track or intercept them or to nullify their effect but the point of all of these new weapons is not to scare anyone it isn't coerce anyone to force russia's will in any other country and certainly not to invade anyone else it is to protect and defend russia's deterrent and its
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sovereignty and us to show why in the emotion i see russia's growing military might is not meant to threaten anybody we have no plans and have never had plans to use this potential to achieve offensive will aggressively and russia's enhanced military power is simply a guarantee for peace on our planet for preserves the strategic balance of forces in the world here in russia vladimir putin speech was greeted by. wondering applause but how this message will be received abroad in washington for example will have to wait and see. ok well let's get some reaction now because we can cross live to janice that concern she's an independent member of the european parliament from east england and joins us now janice thanks for your time this evening firstly what are your thoughts to that speech particularly the announcement of all these military developments by russia. well you know if a decades after the cold war the usa really did rule the world and that balance of
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power is now shifting with russia coming in with many other major players and you look at some of the disastrous walls the west is involved ourselves in namely libya and iraq so there's some sort of balance coming back particular in syria the west wants to get rid of assad you have stopped that there seems to be some sort semblance of of calm there now but also you've got an increasing threat here in the e.u. because they are militarizing themselves with their army which i find is a particularly pernicious and very frightening proposition is there a danger jan is that people might say people who previously were saying russia is a threat and are going to say russia is an even greater threat and the arms race will continue. i hope it doesn't i think it's a really dangerous situation to play and i see it as a phony war actually because you've now got the hawks in the white house and as i see it from what putin is saying and i hope he's absolutely right that this is
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a deterrent against the american led defense system and that's a very important. effective tool to have in this phony arms race looking to should be sitting around the table i think that charm and putin if they sat around the table they would have many more things in common that than than actually divide us and listening to other people don't want to have this phony war again with the west against the russians we should be getting on the table and really talking about the threat that we're. now in which is islamic fundamentalism and terrorism we have more in common than than actually divides us sure we were talking to some russian politicians today after this speech janice and one said look we are expecting hysterical reaction in the media to this and perhaps from western leaders but overall in the long term we do hope people will sit down with us now and talk about the issues that we have to talk about. think because you've got these new arms capability. and the detection methods against
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a nuclear threat that you've developed and it's new technology is working your favor i think that's right i did read some of the new sites around the around the world and i think you know it's quite measured the response from the b.b.c. and indeed the british press that see what the americans have got i haven't watched it but they've gotten the sense they've been listening to their own people and people like me they're saying we can't have this escalation of nuclear powers around the world because there's more far more dangerous people that we should actually be seen as our aggressors who are ok jan is that we're going to have to leave it there but nice to talk to you that was a genuine concern independent member of the european parliament for south east england thank you. now while russia's new military capabilities took center stage during the address president putin also set a high bar for domestic development he said that the country should be targeting a fifty percent rise in capita g.d.p. and increase the average life expectancy to over eighty years and that's all by the
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end of the next decade but we did speak to russia's economic development finance ministers right after the speech about all of this and they told us what they think of the goals putin has set for the. but with the signature of all these restrictions stimulated russia to increase production and we've been drug growth not just in sectors such as agriculture and every day goods we see the reorientation of our economy in science towards what we previously received via inputs we're developing our own high tech industries not bitter about it yet a key priority is taking a konami growth rate above the global average the goal set before the government of vital and will require more investment but all six key initiatives highlighted by the president obama development increased life expectancy improved business climate developing human capital as its workforce productivity and reducing poverty have
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already been making progress for half a year now we're going to take them to the next level. in other news tonight four civilians have been killed by militants in series eastern ghouta head happened while the latest humanitarian pause was in place russia's reconciliation center said the deaths came during demonstrations in the district as a result no one has left the besieged district so far the failed truce efforts also provoked heated debate in the un security council meeting on wednesday. the fighting has not stopped the opposition groups operating in eastern good to have made clear their commitment to the ceasefire on the very first day the militants use the declared pause to start an onslaught on the second day the same mortar shelling has continued including of the humanitarian corridor not a single person has left the danger zone.
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there were reports that the assad regime once again used chlorine gas as a weapon i'm tired of asking this but do you understand how pointless it would be for damascus to use chemical weapons both from a military and a political standpoint whereas for the militants it would make perfect sense i think you understand this perfectly well but you persistently look for a pretext for an armed intervention. russia does not get you know laterally rewrite the terms of the resolution if russia is able to deliver a five hour pause let it deliver a twenty four hour one you wouldn't it which are the medium you put that will join our western partners are patrolling the situation as if the resolution applies only to damascus and to russia as if it all depends almost exclusively on the will of our country may i ask you what you have done to implement the resolution if any of you lifted a finger if you use your influence on those who you consider the moderate opposition
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