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the own growing crisis that began in twenty eight because some would say we've been told that this is a vital part of the british economy we have to at all cost sacrifice everything from libraries of public libraries to social services to save it because without that britain's prosperity is threatened what have you would you characterise the media reporting of what the banks did to the country i only know what i see and that is that millions of people in this country have suffered. and it isn't because of subprime markets in the states it isn't because of lehmann brothers is because of this great coal opel thing it's actually because a few bankers in the u.k. got very greedy they introduced strategy to try and boost their balance sheets by stripping the assets out of small to medium sized businesses where you have to remember is this goes back to the mid one nine hundred ninety s.
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when the banks suddenly became large with mergers with building societies try and they actually became large an unprofitable and they had to boost the balance sheet so where did they go you can't go to the consumer because there is so tightly regulated so they went to the small to medium sized businesses and contrary to the way it has been reported these weren't failing businesses as we know from the geology the r.b.s. division over ninety percent of those businesses were destroyed they weren't all ailing businesses it was an avatar it was in the hospital georgi the same with lloyds b.s.u. these businesses had assets and the bankers needed the assets and so this was a wholesale culling of british businesses that were the backbone of our economy and you use the term prosperity i don't think this country is prosperous and one of the reasons why we have deep economic problems is because we are so. dependent upon the
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multinationals the great big businesses that don't pay the taxes here anyway and we told the backbone of the british economy which was the small to medium sized businesses but i've been thinking. of the break national security we speak to the star of the writer with no hands the film documenting alleged u.s. government collusion with hollywood gold is a plot to have going underground. seemed
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wrong wrong just don't call. me. yet to stamp out these things become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. well you know they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long . there in the small baltic sea don't harp on him and he. did. already ninety percent of the dart gun and connor.
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comes to the school seventy five tonnes they do it several times a day with a big fleet now you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be with them this will be the only for you because. i'm doing this because i want them for the future of the world to future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean how we.
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welcome back in a time when some journalists parrot security service spokespeople google plans to sense a so-called fake news and the leader of the free world fires people on social media you could think that you could sit in front of the t.v. and switch on a film to get away from government controlled output but you'd be wrong according to research done by next guest the us government is that close involvement in the early two thousand to movies t.v. shows dr matthew wolfe and co-author of national security cinema the shocking new evidence of god. and control in hollywood and the star of the film the writer with no hands joins me now from bath in the south west of england welcome to going underground we appear to be in the middle of some kind of conspiracy film here in britain with the few facts are would you how would you see the coverage of the tragedy in wilcher through the lens of for the prism of say no and jumps his idea about media manipulation in the manufacture of consent where russia seems to
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be and has been for a hundred years a. kind of official enemy that's the way that trumps he would put it in the propaganda model an official enemies are generally presented in more salacious ways than that are lies despite regardless of what actions they they are undertaking it seems that this is just an extension of that it always struck me really. and i know this is a silly thing in a way to say on a on a russian state t.v. show because it's so it's kind of sort of obvious but in the last sort of twenty five years because over should have this should all have been put to bed a long time ago russia's got an economy the size of italy. there is no threat from this country except for the way that. much more minor action and it's kind of crazy that this is being blown up into the biggest next thing where when we
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have no evidence to to point to russian state involvement at this point anyway what i want to know is your investigations and research suggests that emphasizes that we shouldn't be looking just the way news may have preconceived notions about say russia you've done a little research on how hollywood changes our perceptions. yeah hollywood really important in terms of shaping the way that we see the outside world. from the west so that's what most of my work's been about for the past. three years. looking at how. hollywood film industry on t.v. as well videogames. the way that we see the outside world shaped the way that we see the institutions that govern us. well some people would be shocked at the
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connection in recent days the pentagon has actually tweeted how proud it is to work with ellen conan the price is right and c.i.s. why five zero. oprah two i know you've you've also investigated this is pretty much out in the open though. well they ought to give the impression of openness. the pentagon and cia and white house have all worked with hollywood produces for over a hundred years. they want to show that they have a good relationship so that they seem sort of normal and nice and all this kind of thing but they also want to ensure that they're playing down the amount of cooperation that goes on between these entities hollywood and the government and they also want to downplay how politicized that corporation is and of course the relationship is very politicized and it is very much more involved than than anyone actually admits i'll give you the keys to to stick on this which is that until
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myself and tom seconded this research the assumption and the current knowledge of amongst academics and journalists was that prosecute hundred films and t.v. shows have been affected in some way by the pentagon or cia over the past century who will show that it is several times more than that it's actually several thousand products that have been affected and some of these are affected and in very political ways including things that you probably wouldn't expect like meet the parents in iron man and the whole. but of course the pentagon and the cia i would be quick to say all they are doing is correcting hollywood productions they're script writers the directors that actors are. so they get their perceptions of the u.s. military industrial complex correct and make any mistakes yes well obviously there is some of that it's a nice sort of cover story and that is part of what's going on but it's i'd say
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it's a very marginal part i mean in the end yes of course the pentagon's thinking you know sort of telling themselves i'm sure oh yes we want to make sure that these medals are on this actor in the correct way and we want to make sure their hats are on the wrong way around. in practice of course they know that the agenda has to be much more political than that they want to make sure there is nothing there is confrontational information or dangerous information that is put out there that will make them look bad of course that's what happens of course any institution would do that well i mean i mean they they all just asked mcdonald's to give you to work on a film about cows and expect that mcdonald's we're not. we're not try and manipulate the content of that production but none of us to be on counters but they cause they'd say also they wouldn one day any of these war films particularly perhaps more than say ellen and jack chose not to endanger the lives of u.s.
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servicemen and servicewomen well. actually quite spot as far as that with their argument because that would be really crazy i mean this film is are not national security. products that they are not something that is going to affect on the ground what's happening on the ground the news might be if you report the location of a particular. person military personnel then of course that made in danger people who made you know two years after the event actually happened in the real world or even decades of. even the pentagon does not defend themselves along those kind of lines are we know we're trying to protect national security they protect their own p.r. lines and on this on the fact that you know they want to they say well this is for the sake of accuracy but that's obviously bogus given all your research that any viewers of this show what should they be aware of when they see a product as you're calling them an entertainment product released from the united
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states of america from or from a country which as i say the pentagon admits clearly they they do want to alter the perceptions of the u.s. military using entertainment. well i mean just be aware that it happens that happens very frequently that perhaps if you were watching a film with the military that actually depicted in it there's probably a good fifty percent chance that it's going to be in the script was being gone through with a fine tooth comb by the pentagon and the cia. if you think that that sounds ok then you know you know in listening to life anyway if you think that sounds like a dangerous thing for a government to have that kind of power that kind of. involvement particularly behind closed doors without a great deal of accountability it's been very very hard for us to acquire a lot of this information through freedom makes not take a long time if you think that that kind of closed. way of approaching governance is a problem and you come in with name so we should stick a british film because that's fair and square not allied to our military industrial
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complex hopefully well britain doesn't have a great day or the military complex and the united states has a much more developed p.r. wing of its national security apparatus but of course any nationals in america the same whether that's russia or britain or south africa or whatever everyone has their national cinemas and and they all are operating for the good of those institutions when there is advice coming to the americans so much more though it does happen a little bit with m i five and a little bit with israel and things like that but there are so many histories up seanie compared to hollywood so you know no brutal you know prove about the l.a. shakes building blowing up in central london that was in the famous james bond film l.a. shakes were nothing to do with the james bond films. there's a bit of involvement from. my file in terms of supporting the bond there was
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every detail some of that in the book. new book it's not as extensive in the making about what the pentagon does that it does it so kind of formally in officially you know that we're about to go to an archive of material in washington d.c. where there are thousands of papers of scripts where there are the pentagon to. change this we want this amended crossness out that's what. structurally and done in such a kind of. careful way by the american government that doesn't seem to happen very much with these other countries where there is obviously influence you know the monarchy will be all over anything that's to do with the monarchy. but they won't have the. kind of level of interference it's just not possible on our own or across the board as it is with dr matthew offered thank you well in a second we'll hear from the former vice chair of the british momentum moving
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jackie walker perform a scene from her play the lynching described as a fight for free speech arguably more relevant today than ever that's even a show about a wednesday or twelve the anniversary of the launch of twitter de facto the new battleground for free speech he'll then keep in touch via social media we'll see you on wednesday my name is dorothy rebecca ferguson walker i was born in spanish town jamaica in nineteen fifteen i did well in school in very well in school in fact i want to scholars ship to become a doctor at the world famous unit key for colored people howard in washington d.c. . i had a great time at howard. i have never seen so many well educated people like me colored people all in one place we looked good to
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some of them fellows it. first time i realize about politics in america i was walking down the hall at college and i hear it first like a whisper when israel was in egypt. and let my people go. and i looked through the door and i listen and i listen and the voices are all our own me you see this was just after the war and politics was a dangerous game they were tell an ass that the enemy was a saw viet union and communism there was a witch hunt led by senator mccarthy here am yes people who
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stepped out of line people who wanted to change things they were accused of being commies of being on american they were smeared they lost their reputations their jobs some even lost their lives so i became what you call it now political up to vist but if it was a dangerous time to be an activist can you imagine how it was to be a colored political activist there was legalized segregation you see america was in fact at least in the south what i would call an apartheid state. and the people then no different to the people now those people never one change you resist you are a threat so the government responded same way it always does with
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terra state terra a sort of legalized murder. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action i don't like hit. those organizations which are usually split into which we feel different names how do you view that.
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complex web. of. the most expensive fish in the will. but tens of thousands of euros continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only a much larger mission was one that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes that. winning is for most probably last term is russia's president vladimir putin has six more years to fashion his legacy and changed russia where we continue.
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bloody i'm approaching storm sort of reelection securing his fourth term in the kremlin in a landslide victory. the international reaction to putin's win ranges from congratulations from world leaders including china's sheet in pain to criticism and insult. to the vote so make the song and dance of the election quite literally from traditional costume to voters dressed as a jewels leave a night's many to enjoy themselves.
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but big talk of the kremlin just striking at seven pm this monday the nineteenth seven zero in it here and with you a special coverage for all but russia's presidential election continues to tell a lie that we'll be bringing you all the latest reaction so much the same studio right here in my days i'm counting right where i make yeah right well i'm careful though it hopefully i'm not with essentially all the ballots now counted the current president vladimir putin has one by a huge margin gaining over seventy six percent of the vote is the headline that means he'll stay in the country's top job for another six years more than fifty six million people costs that ballots for him leaving his rivals fall behind this will be his fourth presidential term. to secure a larger share of the vote than in any previous election and stood in so it's been a big moment for him if we can see how we fit in previous presidential races over
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fifty percent every time but this was the landslide this election wasn't just about the numbers that they were all so many light hearted moment.
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but and earlier today at a meeting with the other presidential candidates two he wanted to discuss their proposals their campaign promises and also share with them is plans for the next six years but instead he tried to ensure dialogue with his foreign partners noting though that it as he put it takes two to tango. you're put you in the we're going to pay special attention to russia's defense complex but let me add nobody here is trying to start an arms race we want to engage in dialogue with our partners of course that doesn't depend just on us it's like love both sides have to be interested in each other otherwise it isn't going to work out. well we can now
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close live to franco frattini who is that former italian foreign minister and a former european commission is discussed there's fact that mr purcey thank you for joining us on the program so we've just heard from vladimir putin. saying that he does not want to start an alms race but would rather engage in dialogue do you think mass a message that's going to be headed in europe. well i think i think still i think the rest of them don't it's an extraordinary week so he correctly shows me in his gait that people don't trust your sense of this guy the same time as this small new ones to show the rest of the board that he's. too old for him and who can open the dial reads these billboards and i hope the rest of the questioner to you concerning you are up the sword in the west i think we should be written
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ruling gates with threats as a strategic partner. mr pretty to look at on from europe it's a rocky start already already germany and france have rejected the votes counted in crimea which will of course counted to the that the full russian votes so straight away from the offset that counted diligence of eyes as far as they see it will result for them so it's going to make it tricky to talk. well it will be a really serious mistake not to respect the decision taken by more than a few merely ends of russia or towards the door to rethink all the profits of the small rusts that are used to it saw a certain. number will. be restored to
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the rest of the world still at least we should only paul if you've been to slightly do you leave it to brides fully to garden who are parents of that boat. well talking about reaction politically from europe in ukraine russian nationals are prevented by police from voting its several consulates in the country but i think we are going to say about should they react to it. while i think here rush out and now president don't trust is strong enough to go on her where national and international only see it and it's not a whole new look to make people and i think we could make it come for hence he put bold forward to lady gates with the rest of the western europe group by this that europe and the west read to excess their russia gauge and his thirty
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two foreigner so i think what we will be. put back to you in school teaching your roots new to all this plus and brits are you say sure we says exactly what we don't. know kind of impact do you think jim is known he's going to have on the west sasa cheats and policies towards russia. well i think they are ready probably reads in europe but you know you might read it so he where russia result in birdsall would be a lot of respect to embroil to appreciate that it's only it's gotten a little there will be other member states of europe that it might you will be
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ready to gate well russia the results will be reflecting you different states between european member states you just don't the secret we have. points of view what is the important is to consider that we don't know russia or bored we can help the brats fight the various stabilize and see react oh yeah and of course giving stability and i would say raise you corporation against. these is not possible we doubt russia or. thank you for teeny asked for my chinese foreign minister i know for me you are thinking missionary thank you can't time now on sunday. for the kind of its headquarters in moscow were gassed to have covered the election from vladimir
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putin's h.q. i think it only came to our studio to share his experience with our colleagues here today and call him bray. was cheery there wasn't a lot of apprehension there you know they knew that they were the favorites in all of this we waited for blood to me uproot and eventually he showed up he talked to everyone there will of his supporters again all the people at me this campaign happened his campaign chief supporters ever and out many came to me talk to us the journalist and some tough questions right off the bat about working tempted this as a nation of the rule russian agent in britain and he was his response to your wish to put the first thing that comes to mind is that if it was military grade poison the people would of course have died on the spot russia has no such substances destroyed all a chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors i think anyone with
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common sense understands but it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential election and the football world cup we see there were cheers you know people couldn't believe. first they expected the numbers to go down as the votes were counted but as they went up and up very happy the champagne came out and you know there's a lot of clapping shoulders and high fives as you smile at him and he said the champagne was coming out of course he kept a professional distance from the people you know tried as you did obviously as you said i was asked many many questions and this is it going to be his fourth term when he asked about plans i had i had to be on the hunt but there was a whole lot of questions about you know sorts of aspects of what he was going to do in the future but one of them was whether he would attempt to change the constitution to pay.


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