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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  March 22, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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what went wrong with prophesy policies and what steps have been taken to solve the problem he added that the company quote will learn from this experience to make the community safer for everyone going forward now to remind you this scandal involves a data gathering from cold cambridge analytical it worked with multiple u.s. presidential campaigns including donald trump's and reportedly harvested the details of fifty million facebook profiles for its political operations the company is now under investigation and has even suspended its chief executive however despite the fact that the scandal concerns on american tech giant and a data mining company with offices in new york london and washington there have still been bizarre attempts in the media to somehow tie the whole story to russia auntie's what i guess the explosions. and that being a liberal a democrat and being stuck in a trump presidency for a year is must be horrible waking up every day guessing that what russia
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has songe bought so is have cooked up today cambridge analytic i had powerful connections to candidate trump including one time top advisor steve bannon and billionaire donor robert mercer so presidential son in law jared cushion or and consultant brad parr scale brought in the company which is now accused of utilizing data from fifty million facebook users without permission facebook was how donald trump was going to win wait a sec something's wrong where's the bad guy who do we blame this on. there it is questions are also swirling about a possible link to russian metal cambridge c.e.o. reached out to julian a songs of wiki leaks seeking access to e-mails from hillary clinton's private server there's no evidence we feel it's had such information but wiki leaks was releasing e-mails from the computers of other democrats which
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authorities say were hacked by russians and another trump advisor roger stone great innings i actually communicated with this what how do you even make the connection what's your logic if someone speaks to a songe their russian agent there is zero connection here other than the word russia being in every other sentence there is only one explanation c n n's report must have been put together by a random generator literally this explanation makes more sense than cnn's report asaad just the d n c or oil trump the russians cambridge had because we've got the key words just fill this. basis with whatever he also directly message to russian hacker he says he did nothing wrong and despite another claim that cambridge had ties to
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a russian oil company the campaign insists there were never any links to russia are you comfortable that the trunk campaign through their cameras and had a connection to wiki leaks. they did have a connection wiki leaks let me demonstrate if you are of average height and your birthday is in july you are closely tied to a sound see how easy it is let's do this again if you like snow and the russians like snow you are lined with russia or if you want lots of money and all the darks have lots of money you are susceptible to russian influence it's all nonsense but who cares it's about getting the keywords out there about confusing and confounding not explaining or investigating keywords
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people keywords the russians everywhere. it's been revealed that the much praise security of the virtual currency bit korean may have indeed been compromised by the us national security agency classified documents provided by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden demonstrate the efforts by the agency to track down users of the currency it's something previously thought to be practically impossible. explains. question what's in it for bitcoin buyers besides the price boom last year when its rate kept go and up people got themselves crypto was to get rich but bitcoins have been luring enthusiastic with something else since long before the twenty seven thing boo no central bank control privacy and transaction anonymity i'm sorry this could have all been an illusion
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you haven't followed snowden or have you. the n.s.a. worked urgently to target bitcoin users around the world according to classified documents provided by snowden so let's look into the national security agency files which caught the eye of the intercepts journalists back in the days when the bitcoin was only worth less than one hundred bucks march twenty third teeing the u.s. was already working hard on tracking down crypto while it holders and the n.s.a.'s number one priority among the new currencies was bitcoin they did come up with a mysterious tool called monkey rocket and guess what analysts of found value in the monkey rocket access to help track down sanders and receivers of bitcoins how much value is the question here that no one will give you an answer to but come on the n.s.a. is almighty when it comes to getting hold of all kinds of data so no matter how
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underdeveloped monkey rock it was back then the agency could have filled in the missing puzzle pieces using a stunning array of other spying tools the whistleblower suggest with this sort of information in hand putting a name to a given bitcoin user would be easy monkey rock it is also described in the files as a non-western internet anonymization service how many bitcoin owners have so far been tricked by the n.s.a. into using this product that we can only guess there was never trust in the institutions like the n.s.a. ever since know it and originally came out with this revelations a lot of the pretense of stopping terrorism but most of the governments want to know what all of their citizens are doing all of the time so nothing really changed reading the latest reports over a block chain and what the n.s.a. is trying to do to track it i'm not surprised at all because it was never really
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doubt anonymous and one people were thinking of it as anonymous. those who were proven to be wrong time and time again the core properties of. confiscate all assets if held properly and censorship resistant to value transfer hopefully have unlimited tools will come in the near future but we're not there yet we're in march twenty minutes actually five years since these n.s.a. memos where it said we should do our best to track down bitcoin users were written but the guys at the snooping agency haven't really been wasting time still to come here on the program on the son of moammar gadhafi is poised to run for the presidency of libya the telephone number. this is. about do you suppose your. association with. a
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person's incredible approach is a very serious. mechanisms. through the chemical weapons is a concession she played in mediation then i think we have to look at the facts and the procedures for. me and she will listen most. politicians to you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and you. want. to go right to the press this is what the three of the people are. interested in the water.
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good of you to join us today saif gadhafi as a spokesperson has confirmed after months of rumors that the son of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi will run for president if indeed elections manage to go ahead this year as a father was driven from power and killed in twenty eleven while holding no official position saif was one of the most recognized persons in the country it was even described as the de facto prime minister during his father's rule as i was then held captive for six years before being released last year amid political unrest and we heard exclusively from a lawyer on the presidential bed the hour and that if. islam has lots of supporters they are ordinary people there are even those who are against moammar gadhafi back in two thousand and eleven and now we support the views of his son the
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situation we have in libya now is the result of the destruction of all the state institutions not only the toppling of the regime forty countries did against libya back then our country was bombarded and shelled all the military and civilian infrastructure was destroyed many civilians were killed and now saif al islam has put forward a comprehensive overview of the situation in libya that's a reform project which will bring calm back to libya there are many young patriots in libya now they are so enthusiastic they're not concerned about political affiliations the main thing they care about is a patriotic spirit and they see it in the reforms by saif al islam they view them as an effective tool to fight corruption. after the nato led incursion a civil war has raged in libya since more market was overthrown with a power vacuum two competing governments are still vying for control of the country the conflict has led to a massive migrant crisis widespread terrorism as well as violence among tribal
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militias and the lawyer. reveals life is still in danger next that as about saif al islam whereabouts are kept secret for security reasons as his lawyer i would do everything to protect saif al islam from all anti libyan plots masterminded by the country's interfering in libya and a friend as well as promised saif al islam will make a speech when the right time comes and then everything will be revealed libya will return back to its roadmap will become a democratic sovereign state a state where the law will triumph libya will no longer be a country of organized crime illegal migration human trafficking as it is described in the media we will defend the interests of the libyan people and will protect its resources which cannot be squandered the libyan people must decide their future themselves. thanks dozens of children in the moscow region are being treated for
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gas poisoning of people in the town of vala columns claim a landfill site and gathered outside the hospital where the children were taken the crowd booed at the regional governor when he came to visit was more than one hundred and eighty people in the area have been suffering from north and dizziness a landfill site has allegedly made the toxic a former presidential candidate because when you're subject visited the hospital and spoke to one of the children being treated. was shaky his leg that was the only issue which was placing him in the piece was
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the was the case that it's just like a. well you know it all began this way they are saying that they should do it but you know what your story is that the state that scheduling is should only well let's just stipulate just those there were many parents among the protesters and they waved banners with the messages stop poisoning our children. we are suffocating video agency talk to some of the residents if you only wendy's night emissions happen my child coughs as if he's suffocating he can't sleep he cries he has a sore throat but it isn't just an ordinary coach still but he didn't question sports when we put the kids to sleep we sealed the doors and windows with wet towels so that they were brave the sand was good and you wish it was up to you that's unbearable the smell is awful we adults suffer but our children suffer more we're always nervous sometimes we don't even know whether they will wake up in the morning because many suffer from or. following the outcry from residents of the
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russian general prosecutor's office has said it will launch a probe into the poisonings. that just about wraps up the program for this hour here on r.t. international hope you can join us again at the top of the next hour on. the far right britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent mother's action i feel like. that you know you know i see these organizations which are usually split into which we take different names how do you view the. complex web of which are.
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geysers by the hassles. when customers go by you are disappointed. when else well reducing lower. that's undercutting no what's good for market is not good for the global economy. time about email but of the entire you may need my death. but a good. pedal going to die me about him and my family where i live god those who are welcoming of the. millions of them moving to india dodging bullets in the leaders had them in jail consensual if you want. to live in a little bit of a natural again i'll soon get a license to be getting a. patient is full n.c.a.a.
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homeschools a little cool for you until it falls on the hour. long . term.
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welcome to worlds apart of a type developed by russia that's the crux of the u.k.'s allegations against the kremlin in this crippled case presupposition that if a nerve agent originated in a country it bears responsibility for its use decades later will these geopolitical formulation of a type developed long practice by the u.k. be supported by the chemical analysis while to discuss that i'm now joined by john pascal sonders they had of the trench a research initiative dedicated to the future of disarmament mr sanders it's great to have you on the show thank you very much for your time thank you now correct me if i'm wrong you fully bagged the british authorities in their version of events
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you called the russian foreign ministry is response to the allegations absolutely pathetic the response that included the call on london to initiate formal or p c w procedures and yet when the british authorities did just that you said that this was exactly what needs to be done putting aside your clear political preferences do you find it encouraging that both sides are now seeking international expertise. or point in the british allegation is the nature of the chemical weapon. in the movie a choke. type of food. that was developed and produced in the soviet union during the. course of the program went on into the early ninety's when the soviet union had broken off. the allegation that the british it's unusual in the sense. that to the best of
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our knowledge was never put into delivery systems this is what we call being raised have with or because of its. nature and the fact that only one country actually difficult to is the foundation for the type of allegation now after all these political wrangling and the mutual expulsion of diplomats the u.k. actually did what russia requested it to do and the pursued the formal channel the o.p.c. experts have already visited salisbury to collect the samples and we are now being told that they need about two weeks to run the tast what's your bast gas as to what we can expect from the analysis. well my guests in terms of the results will be either that we have confirmation of the british assertion that the agent
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used india to hutto was over check one of its variations or the results will be that it is something else the good point in the discussion so far is that the authority is in do you know to those who have invited the expertise of the o.p.c. dobby and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to verify their own conclusions these results will be tested in laboratories certified by d o p c the view in different countries and that process is the bomb that takes of a number of days perhaps up to two weeks now i know that you again fully support the british authorities did do you find it responsible to accuse another country of such major crime of using military grade to act chemical weapons on
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a foreign territory before running although staff well this is a political question the for which the british government must have its a reason some of us have its intelligence and so will i have no information as to the bedroom what type of information they have it was a very strong and rather precise a geisha and they have made with respect to the chemical agent to that was used. other decoy recruit weapons convention there are a number of processes for c. of course the british government can always go through the process of purely its own diplomatic means for the third and the o.p.c. w. however the point is right now a lot of the. has decided to involve d o p c w and now there are a number of procedures that will have to be followed should after the results from
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d o p c w laboratories have been free to london should britain decide to go through the process or third g.o.p. c w at the same time we have also heard that russian authorities have denied the particular of the gay sions they have also in response made a number of statements implicating a member of the countries as possible sources of. agent you know this is a political discussion that will have no end until we get the facts i agree with you on that point for sure you said just a moment ago ago that the soviet union was the only country to have developed this agent does it mean in your view that this historical record of having of doing this work in the past should be equated to the capability of russia to produce these
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type of agent in the present. this. go that far because there are different scenarios possible we have actually very few facts right now as to what happened in the british terms of bery to me as a member of the public that is a river what we know from the history is that because we're the revelations were first made. by members of the russian the soviet chemical weapons program in october of ninety two that was of a several weeks of to do conclusion of the negotiations of the chemical weapons convention though the consequence of that is that no wieczorek as an agent or at least as a family of agents together with the possible precursors have not been included in
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lists of chemicals that are on the. convention so there has been no declarations by russia to the effect of the possession the manufacture or the chemical structures of those agents and this is what is now creating a sphere of uncertainty sphere or for many of the other stuff you write here because i think it's a very interesting point and it is often made in the western media first of all when those revelations were made russia was not the full signature in not a full member to the chemical weapons convention and second of all correct me if i'm wrong but the convention actually allows all the participants to in gaijin develop nerve agents in small quantities for scientific medical even defense of purposes as long as the quantity is under one hundred grams you actually allowed to
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do that am i wrong the. what you're saying is correct. it is misleading the way you put it first and foremost russia as a state party to the chemical weapons convention when they joined the treaty in december of ninety ninety seven its first obligation was to declare all activities and. information concerning those activities. weapons after the first of june the hundred forty six the point i was making is that russia has never made such a declaration with respect to agents and the russian state and says that it has never actually preceded with that program because at that time it was the soviet union rather than russia as a as a member of the international community in carrying out a dot work just over a particular point you're saying russia is officially the success of state to the
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soviet union it was assumed all the responsibilities of the previous state under international law the soviet negotiated the treaty the final months of. russia from the lows those negotiations if you any of collapsed in one thousand nine hundred one if it wasn't that the soviet union that was negotiating there be accessing to that treaty it was russia but anyway even if there were some lack of transparency on the soviet union part i honestly don't know the history of that to argue about that even if that was the case is that enough to advance the very serious allegations that the british government is advancing because at the end of the day we have two nuclear powers accusing each other or at least one accusing another of using chemical weapons on its territory in so subjecting in the general population to the very very damaging in fact of this agent but the very point is that. the programs were
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conducted the russia as the successor state to do so here union was responsible to destroy all the facilities where chemical weapons were destroyed where they were struck by how they have received quite a bit of western assistance in terms of achieving the program that everything russia has declared has been destroyed in september of last year that has been certified by d o p c w. that is not of central to the accusation that's being made against russia is that it consoles an agent that was declared by a muslim in me mr sanderson with all due respect not declaring an agent is a different claim from the president of the country ordering the assassination on a foreign soil and this is the letter claimed that the foreign secretary of boris johnson is advancing against russia if russia is found in or at the soviet union was found in violation of that treaty that would be something different and the
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consequences for that would be totally different than accusing a country or a country's president of ordering assassinations of foreign citizens do you see the difference or priest what they're trying to explain in this situation is that because it was the clear and because no future can the precursors are not listed in the weapons convention there is no way that the international community has been able to verify what the agents are how much as or was produced and where it comes from now one of the things of the investigation that's now being carried out by. inspectors at the invitation of the united kingdom will review i hope that's something chemical forensics will review whether it was recently produced it will reveal what the precursor agents were that were used and it's
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a manufacture it may be able to. whether it was done in a laboratory in a small quantity or was it it's something that was produced in large quantities now well done saying is that we have to wait for these types of information to come out to make a much more informed judgment what politicians do is what politicians do they speak and they are very loud in their tree on both sides well mrs anderson we have to take a short break but we'll be back in just a few moments. praise for a single. day of a super. star training very young.
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eight months of intensive school. reps. and a safe life's. goal make its manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. the one. time we can all middle of the room sick. to be relieved.


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