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tv   News  RT  April 7, 2018 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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i. as the poison the double agent. and his daughter begin to recover after last month's poisoning business from russia is refused a visa to britain and. also this hour r.t. speaks with the former director general of the international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons about the scribbled case and also how he was pushed from his seat because he was against the u.s. invasion of iraq. i got a phone call from john bolton from washington said that i just told me that i should resign he said your management style washington. the u.s. brock's a u.n. security council move to investigate the deaths of protesters on the gaza border
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after at least nine palestinians were killed in a fresh round of violence. and won't get a military base in the country's president made the announcement following massive protests in the country it comes as the u.s. and others seek ways to become more entrenched in africa. live from moscow and our team from national review are this morning welcome to the program. now as poisoned former double agent recovers from last month's attack on him and his daughter in the city of salzburg his niece victoria a russian citizen has been declined a visa to visit her sick relatives. says she was not surprised by the decision and knew she would not be granted a visa she's questioned whether the british authorities have something to hide
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preventing a relative from visiting. looks into victoria's story. imagine your cousin and uncle are hospitalized and in critical condition you'd likely freak out and rush to their sides this is victoria script all surrogate scribbles nice to do just that she has a russian citizen needs a u.k. visa but she was denied we have refused the visits visa application from victoria script on the grounds that her up occasion did not comply with the immigration rules victoria says she saw it coming just before the no from the u.k. there was this phone conversation allegedly between the script all cousins. to us we just fell out of mine and. not in my list of potential users are. you know yet here we. live in the can you just really want to get those. already. knew the book that you said that looked
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to me and others to look this. we know you're doing it but you're going to a yes moment yes we don't know if this leak recording is real but it's been shown played and quoted by everyone what could victoria mean by i know perhaps something london doesn't want anyone else to know anyway forget feelings sympathy human things victoria was obviously on a kremlin mission to reach the u.k. that's what you read in the papers in britain croman pawn get it reports are now coming in setting and then sources in british organizations the foreign office there are various theories some even say she was denied an answer because london allegedly things that week three scruples because it is organized by the kremlin that's absurd as long as the british authorities are in top of the whole screwball case and they have the facts what the media says might be irrelevant but basically
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officials haven't shared any facts that will make you scream russia did this russia did that to now that visa thing the pawn so when did speculation like this become a new british tradition like talking about the weather and a circus crew fell on his daughter were found unconscious on a park bench in the city of saul's bree a month ago british officials later revealed the pair had been poisoned by a military grade nerve agents of a type used to be produced in the soviet union other time that prompted some harsh words from the prime minister to resign may she said those subjected to such a powerful nerve agent may never recover as we see now though both are out of a coma and in a stable condition now the recovery of the scriptures has raised questions about just how they managed to survive after being reportedly poisoned by a nerve agent of such strength we discussed this issue with former director general
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of the international organization of the prohibition for chemical weapons shows a stunning. from my point of view. after a distance of sixteen years of course i believe the decision by the u.k. was premature you can decide in twenty four hours what type of poison was used and where it comes from why didn't they call immediately do a b. c w and why didn't the opposite w volunteered to take action because this is the role of doing decision immediately to go and identify and allies the victims take the blood samples and allies and try to identify because the have the capability to do that there are experts from all countries it's committee of people that are very expert very capable of doing this work so i was surprised and to see that it was so premature decision to identify the poison idea to find the source of the poison without giving a chance to the spectre's the international going to do which is after all the the
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national organ with the mandate to do this type of job in many questions related to the use of this poison for example how do you control and limit the use of the spores into only two people if it's know of a truck as the announced it was it's not something that will not affect much mini more people. even those who use the guys the poison gas reserves they were starting as a brazilian diplomat and was the first elected director general of the international add to chemical weapons body and although there's been much speculation into the reasons as to why he left his role after he left his post it was revealed that by encouraging iraq to become a member of the o.p.c. w. and thus destroy all of its chemical weapons he appeared to become an obstacle to the u.s. intention to engage in military action in iraq. when i became director general
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there were eighty seven members and when i left there was a hundred in fifty something countries so and in my last term to enlarge the membership of all of the organisation was convincing iraq in libya for example to join in and when i am no system member states it was a shock to the americans i believe. because they had plans already to take some action military action against iraq and i was informed because of course it's an open secret that as a director general of such an organisation you have information from the intelligence of many member countries and i did have i counted on that information and accorded the information that i had it was obvious that. during the first iraq war everything had been destroyed and there was nothing left for iraq to be accused of still possessing chemical weapons the accusation was that my management style
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was not agreeable to the americans the managed to put together a conference that was illegal or did the convention and that conference was the one that ousted me for the lack of support and this lack of support came not only. mostly from abstentions from the developing world because that very moment a particular government in brazil did not support me the way it should have done it was in agreement with the united states that i should leave the organization so i was completely. left out were abandoned by my government at that moment. now there was one man who was particularly against shows a being the head that was john bolton who at the time of course was the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security affairs you know serves as the u.s. and national security advisor doesn't that just it was danny says his intention to make iraq a member of the o.p.c. w. stood in the way of u.s.
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and missions. i got a phone call from john bolton from washington the first time i had contact with him it said that i had his structures to to to tell me that i should resign from doing decision and i asked him why he said your management style was not agreeable to washington to dick cheney the vice president cetera said no way i don't accept that so he came to the hague and you keep to my office and he said you have to resign and i give you twenty four hours this is what we want and i said no way i don't have any reason to doubt it over to you i was elected by acclimation by all the member states of a good musician it's only you you out there sees the challenge my management style and they said but then again i tell you we have already discussed with your government that you should resign and said i don't nor the in the agreement with my government and then they said ok so there will be retaliations and appeared to to to to accept the consequences we know where your kids are and two of my face kids
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were in new york the studied united states one of them is american for that matter was born in new york is a brazilian american and i had another daughter in london. and i said i'm not at the pier my family's is my family is is a whale what's going on to spear to feast of course it was so go ahead and he was a little bit shocked with that and he left his not a man you can have a dialogue with. at least nine palestinians have been killed by israeli gunfire on the gaza border this came after thousands of protesters staged the massive and potion protest a wave of rallies broke out at the end of march and as opposed to last for weeks the local journalist and could daria was right in the thick of the protests. we're now maybe one hundred meters only far away from the fence you can see the
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crowd you can see the protesters flooded and a hundred of thousands phallus immunes have been here since the morning. tensions are running high right now and the israeli army started to shoot randomly . the. more palestinians are getting injured why that ambulances are already here too pretty to take on the injuries that we're now injured from days really i mean that by live. and i mean nation and it tear gas canisters. this is one of the injuries that was injured just right now from the al for booklets and at the tear gas and there it's cross ambulances and on the medics are trying to save father and juries.
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and palestinians are very close to the fence and no i getting out way back because the but israeli army arabs are shooting everyone who's getting near to the funds. this guy is squarely of the tires the palestinian youths have been saying since the mining and at the same time the israeli army have been throwing tear gas canisters and targeting the palestinians where the funds. are. as you see the palestinian protesters are running away from the tear gas canisters that were thrown just right now and the protesters. and. so the. these are unexploded dear gas canisters that are being targeted and suited on the palestinian protesters. thousands of hundreds of
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palestinians have been here since the morning and we saw palestinian protesters burning flags and israeli flags and also saying slogans against the israelis and the american sense that morning tension is running high right now and palestinians are still in the field in still near the fence or the number of those injured continuing to grow palestinian medics are struggling to cope that's according to marie elizabeth from doctors without borders they don't have enough human resources drugs and disposable so we try our best to give a super autos in minnesota where so few are walk linux so where we give some specialized nursing frozen injured people and we try to find surgeon because we have a need of surgeon and we try to open more facilities in order to give because it's a lot of people or is not on your question
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a one day last several months for some of them because they will have so extended fixator they will need several surgeries so it's not only a question of wonder as to not tell you our best to increase the number of human resources and her capacity of beds we are more worried during the next in most recent years or fifteen of may we have more injured because a minister her son's or her citizen guess i will not be able to continue to manage media to agree jobs's the last days that you should continue exerted to not be pursued in a more. several journalists were also injured during a protest one of them later died from his wounds just go work for a local t.v. production company health officials said he was shot while filming close to the border he was wearing at the time a jacket marked press and also holding a camera israeli military hasn't provided any specific comment on the matter saying it fired only at those called instigators of violence a spokesman for the idea of posted on twitter saying rioters attempted to cross the
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security fence and set off explosive devices in an attempted terrorist attack at the u.n. says the u.s. the use of live i mean by the forces was unnecessary it could amount to a breach of the geneva convention an attempt to approach will cross the green line fence by itself certainly does not amount to a threat to life or serious injury that would justify the use of live ammunition the killings and the injuries do actually point to an excessive use of force and in particular lethal force and that's in a situation where there was no threat of death or or serious injury the unjustified and unlawful recourse to firearms by law enforcement resulting in death may amount to a willful killing and grave breach of the fourth geneva convention of fourteen of the fifteen members of the un security council did back a call for that independent investigation into the deaths during the protests in gaza it was brought by only one country the united states the palestinian
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ambassador to the u.n. call the u.s. action very irresponsible. i believe all those who are defenders of human rights particularly in the west this is a blatant case of committing a massacre against you know. hundreds of civilians killing some of them and enduring large number of them and those the sponsor will need to face justice because this is a crime against humanity. united states will not be given a military base in ghana that's according to the president of the west african country in an announcement he made on thursday. ghana has not offered a military base and will not offer a military base to the united states of america. that statement comes after mass protests you can see there in dollars capital against the military deal with the country the demonstrators are worried such an agreement would give washington too
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much influence over the country's sovereignty was done off looks at just how the u.s. as well as other nations have been trying to gain a stronger foothold on the continent. uncle sam is willing africa boasting about their strong historical bond a family tree washington's key argument is seven thousand strong. scattered all across the continent the impression this mouse makes is an ambiguous africa is no one's playpen but america's this impression is wrong though in fact many african nations prefer relations not secured by the u.s. dollar and ghana is the latest country on the u.s. troublemaker list and for washington it couldn't have come at a worse time the pentagon understands hearts and minds are there for the taking external actors may diminish u.s. influence by undermining our development and diplomatic efforts in africa nonetheless as the strategic environment becomes more crowded and competitive
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gauging with external actors like china and russia will continue with an open and clear discussion of intersecting interests and differences beijing's clearly stepping on americans tollways in africa chinese firms have invested billions of dollars into the continent's infrastructure their contribution has been the catalyst for a continental free trade area somewhat equivalent to the european union but much bigger soft power has got washington in a twist with sales pitches attempting to undermine china's expansion in africa partner with. good governance to meet long term security and development goals. this stands in stark contrast to china's approach which encourages dependency using opaque contracts predatory loan practices and corrupt deals rex tillerson then washington's chief a mystery went on a charm offensive to africa back in much his trip coincided with russia's foreign
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minister sergei lavrov his visit and a clear sign more school is dead for us to do business with africa to their diplomatic marathon across the continent set off from the same hotel in the o.p.'s but there's no indication whether rex tillerson managed to tip the balance of power during the visit after rule why would anyone listen to a man who was shown the door the day he returned to american shores if i were a betting man i would bet the united states would lose the competition not only with china but with russia and turkey perhaps even with friends say that because in part united states has a very arrogant attitude that it takes towards people from africa and that's to set aside which is in and states does not have the economic right answer wherewithal to compete with china in any case and then finally there is. nation on the
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african continent with regard to u.s. interference in the internal affairs of african continents all in all i would say that united states prospects in africa going forward are rather poor former intelligence officer throw their support behind the we can exchange student songs find out why just in a few moments. we try to deconstruct all these manipulative dichotomies showing the world that it's a religion and it's a peaceful religion and it's possible to be a practicing muslims who believe that the koran is the word of god and at the same time be a member of secular societies it is possible. to . put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. want. to be right to be close this is what before three of the more people. interested in the waters in the . first. two or three former intelligence officers have launched a petition in support of the wiki leaks chief student songs they want to see where he's been staying since two hundred twelve to restore his internet connection the petition was handed over by a former cia officer turned whistle blower. to former officers from the cia the
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f.b.i. the military. and we wanted to think the government would or could you give this to the. songes online access was cut after you wrote a series of tweets about the separatist movement in catalonia ecuador accused them of putting diplomatic relations at risk shown to the former officer who had been in that letter told the circle told me to stand up for the person they're protecting when i deliver the letter i thought that maybe we had a chance and perhaps we still do have a chance the ecuadorian government gave julian a son not just ecuadorian citizenship but and ecuadorian diplomatic passport and you know is that how you treat your own citizens in your own diplomats now if they had a problem with something that julian tweeted apparently they do have such a problem then they should punish them i suppose in a way commensurate with what it was that you did he issued one tweet i think this
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is going a little overboard in response. in other headlines modern day slavery is on the rise in europe that's according to a report by the council are up in some countries labor exploitation has overtaken sex trafficking we spoke to a pretty mess that over who was involved in making that report there is an increase in the number of people who fall victim to this human autonomic now there are a number of countries where labor trafficking emerges as the main farm in the u.k. or to girls cyprus a few other countries there are more victims of labor trafficking now being in ninety five and section so this is a new trend and the report is actually talking about this. as many as forty seven countries were mentioned in the report migrant workers are mostly at risk with male victims found in sectors such as agriculture and hospitality women in domestic or care work robel people and homeless children are also reportedly susceptible to
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being exploited the report calls for countries to improve their laws as well as work with n.g.o.s and businesses is. again. so really the these are people who they come from countries in europe countries where the canonic problems currently make a lot of people unemployed but the problem is often they have debts they have example accumulated debts in order to travel to another country. or they paid some fees to the agency which employed them their passport is taken the way they're not made the salary never promised or they're not anything they're made to work very long working hours so there's a lot of people who are from within the european union countries who move to other countries same bulgarians going to or spain will remain a street elite but there are also people come from countries in africa and asia and latin america so to truly transnational phenomenon. finally this hour
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a bit of positive news a heartwarming story in fact from kazakhstan about the rescue of a baby squirrel. last
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outlines for the saudi join us again name at just under thirty five minutes for more global headlines. the second sector that's leading this rally we've seen for the past five or six years requires a logistics on a global basis to work in perfect sync so there's going to be a fallout if some countries are going to go to war with each other but they can be trade wars which can be cyber wars that means that platforms that require precipitation and sinking will not fall out and drop out and crashing in different areas so their revenues have got to suffer as a result. when the lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling
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classes project themselves. with the final. merry go round the sun with the one person. who ignore middle of the room signal. the real news is. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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