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a lot. of walking. chemical weapons work still v.o.p. c w announces a fact finding mission to syria expose on the ground who probe the latest chemical attack plans. violent standoff continues between police and environmentalists for a second day in france barricades have been buns while officers followed tear gas. and you describe is this challenge from hospital following last month's nerve agent attack exceeding doctors' initial assessments that she may never recover.
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giving money and this is all to international. organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has announced a fact finding mission to syria to investigate the latest chemical attack claims the scale i'm open has details well the o.p.c. w says it is sending a fact finding mission to syria they are asking syria to make the necessary arrangements for them to arrive now this comes after both syria and russia asked for this investigation to take place into the facts and russia is actually agreeing to provide protection for the o.p.c. w chemical experts once they enter the country they'll be squirting them and making sure they're safe and this is especially important due to the fact that in the previous o p c w investigation of the events and khan's shake the experts were never able to actually visit the site of the alleged attack because they didn't have proper protection now russia at this point is saying that they have questions
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about whether this alleged chemical attack in duma ever happened there chemical experts and medical x. . search went to the site and they could not find traces of the chemicals that were allegedly used for them or they could not find any victims or dead bodies they could not find any people being treated in hospitals they could not even find any locals who could verify that the attack took place now it's quite important that you know recently we have heard frets of military action we had donald trump saying that nothing was off the table and basically at this point there is talk of possible military action against the syrian government but we still don't have facts about what exactly happened there's a lot of questions about about the allegations of a chemical attack in the duma now furthermore at this point we are all waiting for another u.n. security council meeting here in new york city at the countries that lead the united nations in the security council will be convening for a meeting and they'll be taking a vote on an investigation into chemical weapons now yesterday when the members of
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the of the u.n. security council gathered it was quite a heated exchange that went on so people are not exactly holding their breath for there to be agreement between countries around the world let's review quickly what happened at the u.n. yesterday when the most powerful people in the world say things like you face the most serious consequences or there will be a big price to pay what or who was meant to calm things down people in this room was nelson one of the liberation of do you move from rebel fighters russian specialist with some specialist in radiological chemical and biological protection to collect evidence and information in the. president confirm the chemical attack have been say complaints bodies of people killed by chemical agents have not been found and chemical posts no and residents have no information about the potential is there for the use of so including has not been confirmed i could hold up
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pictures of babies lying dead next to their mothers brothers and sisters toddlers and infant still in diapers all lying together dead who does this. only a monster this aside from that the envoys to are speaking the language of threats so when men men who are from venus and mars but rather it's the teams from the opposite sides of the security council table looks like we shouldn't really expect any decisions being made together. if the critic of it in there couldn't with its own mandate do and gain in the notion that piece of security and not polled international low. for godsake ensure i'm a commitment from doing basically gave the league asian and attribute
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responsibility stuff and de mistura is if you haven't forgotten the ones man to sort out syria even the most obvious suggestion from him to probe to send qualified people to inspect the alleged chemical attack site didn't help history will record the moment when the security council either discharged. or demonstrating under incomplete to protect the people. there were i'm going to respond. moscow says send an old p.c. w. mission to the area right now the armies of russia and syria are promising to protect the un staff there in the meantime the official line coming out of the un altogether is don't expect much from it where are your position at this point to independently verify v h. well even if you and investigators end
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up in duma let's hope it's not too late. virginia state senator richard black joins me on the live now richard we know the o.p.c. w. are going to investigate which begs the question why would the u.s. already threaten to use military force instead of waiting to find out the results of any such probe. well there is nothing apparently was prepared in advance. about three weeks ago the british began to scream that this syrians were going to years pours in gas what happened is that the tiger forces attacked from a new direction they overwhelmed the the terrorist forces and they captured the borders and gas chemical laboratory that was intended to
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be used to create a pretext or for. attacks on syria and at the time that it was done i said well i said there's been a setback for the british but you can guarantee that they are planning the next the next stage of it and sure enough here we are the syrian army has collapsed the terrorists defenses down to a very small area in duma and and do my is polling there already bustling ground terrorists to the other areas and so the war was where the battle the battle for good was won and then suddenly we have this these claims of poison gas. it is not at all clear that there ever was the use of porn by either side either by the terrorists or by
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syria there was one doctor who very credible fellow he he is a doctor in doing he said he said we haven't had any and the people come in with the thems of poison gas so it is very possible that the entire thing was a complete fabric. once. one of the syrian army had overrun the poison gas laboratory by the by the terrorists as a day agenda to use as a pretext for or worse your own syria nikki haley talked about the baby suffering the certainly the video that's been shown on the t.v. channels is very emotive but as you mentioned we don't know whether it actually happened which side may have carried out the attack those videos unverified but
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donald trump said himself his own deadline is give himself really we're expecting to hear from him today really should he hold back on that deadline now do you think until the some kind of proof or results from the investigation. he absolutely sure i mean it's like if there were a murder committed around the block and somebody said there was a murder so let's pick our senator black and we're going to hang him while you would at least like to know who committed the murder. and we're not even bothering to we're not even bothering to say was there a murder committed and there's a wall history of the false flag attacks and another thing that i noticed is that the reports that came out of the white house much which are a subsidiary bob tie into the same group that brought down the twin towers in new
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york until three thousand americans on nine eleven. then came out and they gave descriptions of the symptoms now their symptoms they said well people were bombing at the mouth and there were dilated which would be consistent with sharing gas and then they said oh yeah and it smelled like warning gas and people were choking which is why chlorine gas so they don't is before and it can shoot coons they can use the different types. of toxic weapons and so that seems very contrived that they can even you know that the rebels they don't they don't know the chemistry of poison gas and so they're mixing up symptoms. sharing gas is odorless and it's colorless
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and so if you're smelling chlorine that is not sharing gas. which in terms of what donald trump could do would he need approval from congress for example for a military assault on syria. then there's a big constitutional question. i think when president obama was about to attack syria. he said well i'm going to throw this to congress because he's getting so much backlash from the american people remember the united states has been at war constantly for seventeen years that is a longer period than the first world war the second world war and the vietnam war all combined and americans are getting a little bit sick of sending people over to fight wars against people who never did
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us any harm whatsoever so. it is just now what bothers me is that president trungpa so war so surrounded himself by a war cabinet. you listen to a course to nikki haley she is anything but a diplomat all she talks about is more attacking people. hating people she is the worst diplomat on the face of the planet now we have john bolton who is the national security adviser who works right out of the white house directly under the president john bolton is one of the people who walked this into the iraq war. iraq had never done anything to us was never a threat to us and since then we've killed a million innocent people in iraq and this is the same john bolton
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normally people who fail disappear into history but not in foreign affairs if you fail then you typically advance yourself but i worry about the war cabinet that surrounds donald trump and constantly pushing. interwar the one exception is general mattis maddest made a very interesting statement and this was just last month and he said he said the anonymous states cannot confirm that syria has ever used chemical weapons and says we have reports from the battlefield from people who claim it's been used but we have no evidence of it this is exactly the situation in duma and the united states has no excuse for going in there and and frankly the people the
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terrorists to do more are despicable change islam is famous for putting women in steel pages and moving them around so that when when geisha was one fires there mortars at schools to damascus to kill the parents the mothers the children then they they put a steel cage of these of these captive women these hostages so that the syrians can respond in kind and these are the people who are on the side of the next group that we're supposed to to that the syrians are going after right after they get rid of jaish al islam is the pocket of i just this that is nearby and so the united states now is on the side of jaish al islam
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which puts women did steel cages and uses them as as as human shields and all the side of isis which is notorious for burning for racing for the heading for amputating for crucifying people. i don't want a terribly bright grand jury we're on the side of evil against the side of good and i don't like it richard greatly appreciate your forthright views richard black is my guest virginia state senator thank you so much thank you brooding. meanwhile britain's controversial former prime minister tony blair has been to push his country into yet another military conflict this time in syria in an interview blair claimed that the u.k. should back a u.s. intervention against the mascot's in the wake of the alleged chemical attack the man who teamed up with washington to invade iraq in two thousand and three had this
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to say this would be action in support of of military intervention by that the us if you don't respond to this too to the use of chemical weapons against civilians then obviously you know we're ignoring what the international community has said which is that this is unacceptable than those that use such measures methods should be held to account even if we take the action which i think we all have to do. it doesn't solve the longer term question of what happens in syria. i gave the order for british forces to take part in military action in iraq my judgment as prime minister is that this threat is real growing and of an entirely different nature to any conventional threat to our security that britain has faced before. the program in the form that we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought so i could apologize for that i can also apologized by the way for some of the mistakes
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in planning and certainly our mistake in that in our understanding of what would happen once you remove the regime. for all of this i express more. sorrow regret and apology that you may have no. all complete. all the iraqi inquiry also known as the chilcot report was published in twenty sixteen and it uncovered quote mistakes in the six year long u.k. campaign in iraq the report revealed that there was no imminent threat to the u.k. or need to military action against saddam hussein's government and also highlighted that blair's certainty that iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in clearing chemical and biological agents was unjustified the u.k. lost one hundred seventy nine servicemen and women during the campaign it also claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians twenty six thousand
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the petition was uploaded on the u.k. parliamentary website for the arrest of blair for his role in the destruction of iraq over twenty thousand signed the petition before it was removed. military analyst told us that tiny blair is just following the western line on syria. the only intervention blair needs is that of a psychologist to help him out because he's time and again been deluded as to what his particular role is in the world of course he sounds more and more far away from reality than before he's got extreme conceit and are against jews who think he's always right he's someone who continues to to talk the way he said never meant in washington wanting to talk the ones that want intervention so leave it as a tried and tested formula of the last seven years the west make their mind up even before a minute has passed for any action on the ground and in this case the americans the europeans and the british have always wanted to be the judge jury and executioner
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and you can't do that any crime that's committed you you need to look at the evidence but if no one wants to look at the evidence then they want to look the other way. protesters have been burning barricades are police have fired tear gas near the french city of not that's a standoff with environmentalists continues for a second day officers have been trying to evict protesters from their camp. was caught up in the action. you can see that we just had two gas fires into this campus trying to move this out demonstrators away and that's because just in the foreground but difficult to see behind some of the smoke or some of the structures that some people have been living in some protesters have been living on this site since two thousand and eight they say is their land and they won't stay and we've been speaking to one young mother who's got a fifteen month old son who's been living here for seven years and this is what she told us about her thoughts on losing her house which looks like it's next in line
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to be demolished i think i'm pushing away any kind of real emotional attachment to the buildings right now maybe a cry later besame where all in this together and create crushing a building on those on the side is crushing a building on the sides i think i apprenticed on the lawn i think i. fit me it just means that we have less buildings for all of us together and that's the shame i don't think i want to particularly touch a sentimental attachment to these buildings i happen to live in have a fifteen month old child to live here as well and he's not here right now because . because there's some horrible people there and take as a us well the tear gas is continue to rain down here on day two and just behind me you can see that they're actually just soaring down a tree anything that they can do they're bringing dollars in or anything they can do to barricade themselves in from the police to defend this land this land that they say is that learn to defend.
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my. if i am to. the to me. if it. was a police car just about a hundred meters down in the distance in red i'm waiting for whether they're going to charge for the. if it. was me the police are now trying to push everybody away
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a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day where the utilized by getting rid of all of the sadness all the activists i was. well the protesters are so desperate to hold on to this ground there's one person behind me who's actually just grabbing at a small pebbles and mud to be able to fling that at the officers we actually saw some people flinging mud directly at officers usa which is going to try and get a little bit closer than you might be able to see some day they're one of the saddest activists threw in projectiles this is bottles glass bottles plastic bottles as well as bricks towards the c.r.s. and there you can see where we're getting some things thrown at them that would be some tear gas going off down you can hear it's quite loud it's prey larry and that to a gas can reach really for probably about a hundred fifty metres when it is fired the police c.r.'s have a lot of work to do if their aims to raise are this entire site is to take place
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it's unlikely it's going to be finished today because the ziad resistance is very strong but we know that the force of the police is also that around two and a half thousand gendarmerie are here and the government is determined this will be once and for all the end of sant. focus in salt spray have now confirmed the ula script pollers been discharged from hospital following last month's nerve agent attack she has asked for the media to respect her privacy and father surrogates also on the ban but at a slower rate. we have no discharge from sol st district hospital yulia has asked for proof from the media and i want to reiterate a request her father has also made good progress. on friday i announced he was no longer in a critical condition. although he's recovering more slowly at the new year we hope
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that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course well the souls reed hospital has issued that short statement confirming that us script file has indeed been discharged and they said that this isn't the end of her treatment but it marks a significant and miles stowed report suggests that she left last night that she's been taken to an undisclosed location where she can be safe from the media the foreign secretary boris johnson has tweeted saying congratulations that is wonderful that you describe as out of hospital and his to have full and speedy recovery and there's already been reaction from the russian embassy here in the u.k. saying that we congratulate you on her recovery but we need urgent proof that what's being done to her is being done according to her own free will now the medical recovery that you scripts are and to a lesser extent her father have made is being presented as nothing short of
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extraordinary given the severity of the nerve agent that they were said to have been exposed to five weeks ago. were found slumped on not park bench in seoul's glory and very soon afterwards the british government announced that they had been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent one that the government lab orangery have gotten down to identified as north beach and around the media scandal and the in searing diplomatic fallout the medical gnosis for this trip was catastrophic grave many cameras. weapons that were saying that they wouldn't survive and media reports in the first few days some of them even jumped the gun saying that this script had been murdered and when she pointed the finger of blame at moscow the prime minister to reason may was also pessimistic when talking about the script
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files condition sadly late last week doctors indicated that their condition is unlikely to change in the near future and they may never recover fully but despite the hospital releasing this statement saying that you. has been discharged the story here is already being spun in a particular way it's being spun in a particular direction again some of the media reports here now and keen to make one thing clear to paraphrase a b.b.c. report from this morning the idea that yulia and her father a going to make a full recovery is wrong they're going to be permanently damaged by what's been done to them. it's really militaries launched an investigation after soldiers apparently filmed themselves cheering a sniper who was shot a palestinian approaching the gaza border security fence after an initial review the army insists that the shooters behavior was appropriate events that the cameraman wasn't serving with the border unit and will face
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a disciplinary hearing. joyner wrote. the warning that the words of one of the biggest of them did. or will. or of the white. noise of the war really well there you can hear. what you're essentially hear and see in this video is that his radio defense forces snipers shooting near the israel gaza border there is a single shot and you see this palestinian fall to the ground after being shot in the leg and you see the crowds converge on him now the israeli army has released a statement in response to our request for comment they say that the issue is under
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review they say that this happened several months ago and that it was a small part of what was a much bigger protest that happened that day the israel gaza border fence in which it says its soldiers had stones thrown at them and a number of palestinians try to breach the border fence another point that the army makes is that the cheering and the swearing that you hear in the video is not part and parcel of the code of conduct of the i.d.f. not naturally the story has caused a bit of a few it here in israel there were a number of israeli politicians who have commented and who have stated that the soldier should not be judged this is a person they argue who is on the battlefield under strace and as such particularly because he's defending israel's borders you cannot pass judgment but if you hear in a very contrary point of view coming from the head of the arab joint list who says that the sniper must be brought to trial now this video surfaces more than a week after protests have been happening along the israel gaza border and
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according to the palestinian health ministry those protests have meant something. people killed on the. street to see news on t.v. that the protests are nonviolent and at the same time the civilian lives but the israeli side is arguing that the protests are a cover for what is essentially the soldiers being fired at with molotov cocktails explosive devices and people trying to reach the border fence between israel and gaza hamas has admitted to mass of course being the leading party in gaza has admitted that among those who have been killed in the past more than a week of violence all some of its members. in the latest protest mentioned the poor young boy who was killed by israeli soldiers he said to be the youngest among the thirty palestinians who died in the demonstrations the boy's family held a memorial on monday when he would have celebrated his fourteenth birthday. ok been
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found with very latest news updates for you at the top of the. same downstream you know the name chin where all the feel of the upstream you had better off because all the garbage and everything flows downstream and in the financial world if you live in proximity to where the money is being printed the could chilling effect is meaning that you get first use of that money and then compounds at a rate me you get a compound rate of return based on the first few times on your side your downstream time is working against you because you end up with a savings account paying zero percent or you have no wages or you're behind the inflation curve.


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