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tv   The Big Picture  RT  June 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:27pm EDT

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put. out. the fact. that prices at the go. ahead of the g. seven summit u.s. and italian leaders call for the g. eight to be reinstated with russia returned to the group of leading industrial nations but there is also talk of a g six as the french president suggests kicking out the u.s. . maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be. the red cross pulls seventy one workers out of war torn yemen over security risks the military group says its activity in the country has been blocked threatened directly targeted.
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and four palestinians are reportedly shot and killed by israeli troops while hundreds are injured during the fall and protest at the gaza border. to keep up to date on world news no matter where you are you can visit our team dot com stay with us now though there is a new episode of the big picture coming up. on this week's show immigration it's an issue that always produces an argument but one thing both sides agree on it's broken this week we'll talk about fixing it but first a spotlight on suicide about forty five thousand americans will commit suicide this year but why. i and are we doing enough to fight that i'm holland cook in
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washington this is the big picture on our t. america. just as we were trying to understand this sad sudden passing of fashion icon kate spade chef explorer and gifted award winning t.v. storyteller anthony bourdain took his life suicide is on the increase in the usa and the data is disturbing the centers for disease control and prevention reports the suicide rate up twenty four percent nine hundred ninety nine through two thousand and fourteen increasingly since two thousand and six most women who take their own lives are just shouldering age ten to fourteen men forty five to sixty four men most frequently shoot themselves and women poison themselves we're going
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to keep this phone number on the screen it's the national suicide prevention hotline eight hundred two seven three eight two five five do you need to talk about a friend a family member yourself it's eight hundred two seven three t. a l. k. dr john huber is a clinical forensic psychologist and chairman for mainstream mental health a nonprofit organization that brings lasting and positive change to the lives of individuals that suffer from mental health issues john welcome thank you for having me on today on why is this happening well there's a lot of theories out there right now but i think part of it is this inundation with a disconnect we all feel like we're becoming more connected with society but. social
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media is kind of like drinking the soft drink we get all the sweetness and the benefits from it but we don't get the nutrition that a one to one eye contact handshake does for us in the real world you think we're lonely i think we are and i think we hide behind social media to hide that fact the irony is that it's called social media and we're getting less social. exactly why we should read to call it anti social media and what are the warning signs we should look for in a friend in a family member or even ourselves ok first of all what we tend to see is people withdrawing from normal activities unfortunately with social media we don't see that like we used to but what i look for are are warning signs such as giving away prized possessions their favorite code or hey you know if something happens to me will you take care of my dog those types of things and i also look for it in a clinical setting and i ask about plans do they have
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a plan or is this just actually a cry for help and unfortunately if you just stated those statistics that that men tend to use much more extreme measures women use more passive how or that is changing women are starting to use more extreme measures that actually do cause determination so having a plan is something very important that one eight hundred number is great but every community in our country has a local source to help you and you may just need to call nine one one and talk to a dispatcher and it's amazing how quickly you can get help locally is it possible to be clinically depressed and not know it. well i think what happens is you kind of evolve into it and you may not even really reveal that to yourself we have this diagnosis called this tiny and it's kind of a consistent and persistent just lowered expectation for for no pleasure at all and you fall into that and all of sudden you do become clinically depressed and
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what i look for there is an inability to function you stop connecting with your friends you start having problems at work if you're in school you start failing your family kind of seems disconnected from you and that those are some of the biggest signs also that we can look at when you start having functional problems in everyday life ok you just ticked off a list that may have touched a nerve with people watching tonight what do they do what do they do don't be afraid to talk about it my nonprofit mainstream mental health the whole idea is we want mental health issues to be mainstream talk about it talk to your friends your family if you're religious go to your religious leaders talk to your school counselor if you're in college go to the counseling center if you're afraid to talk to them kids go talk to your teacher talk to your clergy talk to your parents the more people know you've got a problem and when they ask you those things don't act shocked it's a reality don't dismiss it try and get them help if you have a serious issue go right to the emergency rooms they're trained across this country
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to deal with this stuff otherwise get on the phone call your insurance company get yourself set up with a psychologist or a therapist and start right there your general practitioner can help with that also if you're on the outside looking into someone you think is troubled don't be shy about intervening advice. advice i would much rather have that friend be alive twenty years and hate me those twenty years for getting help than have them died three months later so that's that's kind of the hard hard fact of it and as a clinical psychologist i deal with that a little more a lot more actually who most people but you know that's kind of the perspective they're fearful or you're fearful they're going to die you know if you really care about that person you care about enough to lose it so that they can live a long life hey assisted suicide dr kevorkian there's long been controversial it's been performed in other countries but not legally here how much do you think that's happening under the radar here that contributes to these numbers i have
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privileges to medical hospitals and it doesn't happen in my hospitals i can vouch for that i think it happens a lot less than people think i think we have services like like palate of care and hospice care and a lot of my patients actually think that that's what it is it's assisted suicide but that is not a we just at that point we will just make the client of the patient comfortable and let them live their life with dignity in tel expire at that point i don't think it's nearly as as predominant as we may want to make it for dramatic erosions but but i think i think it's still available actually in oregon at this point but you have to be a citizen so you have to move there and the right thing dr john huber thank you not only for your time on short notice tonight but thank you for the work you do. thank you so much. we're talking about suicide because we must
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so let's bring in nancy collier psychotherapist and author of the book the power of off the mind for way to stay same in a virtual world nancy i love the title of your book and i appreciate you joining us on such short notice thanks for having me same question i asked our other guest about these sobering suicide statistics why is this happening. if we had the answer to that we would probably be a lot happier as a society and i always make the argument that the way we're living right now with came being the centerpiece of our life and this life where what we're chasing has nothing to do with what really feeds us and brings meaning to our life you know that that's working against us we've never seen depression statistics like we're seeing now and it for me it speaks to the fact that what's important to us
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right now in this new digital world is not what we really need as human beings and there's so much shame around depression there's so much sense that there's something wrong with you if you're depressed that people don't realize that it's a treatable disease and that's that's the tragedy what you just said and did the title of your book echoes a something our other guest brought up about social media and we're sobered by the statistic about young girls committing suicide how much do you think that could be related to social media bullying. i think it has to do a lot with social media i don't know if i would say that it's the bullying i think what happens is that. young people are is so fragile in terms of their self-esteem
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and they're living in this instagram world where they imagine that the neighbor you know who's photo shopped and living this life from bali to you know as if that really exists and so they compare themselves against something that doesn't exist and their self-esteem is built around how many likes they get their popularity how many followers they have all the things they don't hold up when things get tough when their life gets tough so it's this combination of again a society that is valuing popularity over confident of a true confidence over hard work over. putting effort into things over human relationships over a service to others over connection and meaning and we're chasing followers and the social media world has the bullying for sure but there's
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comparison and there is a sense of what is important in this very strange bubble that doesn't really exist that is that is distorting a young particularly girls idea of what. an important person or what a good person means and it's all off it's all out of alignment with what actually creates true confidence so we're choosing what's fake let's do the opposite give us your advice for people getting real. yeah so what's important to people for one thing are human relationships so just had a very basic level how do we show up for each other do we need any more face to face do we are we talking to the person we're with when we're talking to them or are we checking our devices four hundred times are we actually a vailable to the people in our lives what we're finding with young people
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particularly is that their sense of do they have friends do they have real friends is deteriorating show up for your friends model what it means to be connected with someone else and in your own life we're do you actually feel nourishment is it when you give back is it when you put a lot of hard work and really learn something don't do it the easy way when you don't land on the top of the mountain by helicopter which is the digital way regular just figure out the easy way see see if you can build skills as a young person that take hard work and put in effort live your life by what actually creates meaning so i suggest that everybody get very quiet with themselves and say what actually creates a meaningful life when we're suffering from depression we don't have connection with what means something with what matters to us we've lost that connection we've
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started to chase something that doesn't feed us so for the very very two important things nurture your connections with other human beings the sense of isolation that comes with depression that eventually leads to suicide is because we don't feel connected so ask yourself am i behaving in a way that's connected am i showing up when my friends are texting and doing all this when they're with me can i ask them hey i want your full attention can you be the light in the darkness and in terms of creating a meaningful life in. for yourself you've got to get to know what really feeds you and put those elements in interior life so be the sanity in a world that's insane right now and leading too many people into despair eighty percent of depression is untreated that's mad that's absolutely mad it can be treated but we have to recognize that that belief that it's not fixable is part of
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the disease what you said tonight will mean a lot to a lot of people and i really appreciate you being available on such short notice and with the this morning said news thank you psychotherapist and author nancy collier. immigration inevitably it's a debate and you're about to be two guest with opposing views but both agree on one thing it's broken and we've got a fix and you're watching the big picture on our to you america. is our friend dimitri orloff wrote a famous essay collapse gap a few years ago said that the soviet union and america would both collapse for the
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similar reasons just that the u.s. would take longer they positioned i said soviet union was like falling out of a one story window and america's like story falling out of a twenty story window and i think we're seeing this now play out real time america's falling out of a twenty story window it is a collapse gap the soviet union america collapsed roughly the same time for roughly the same reasons and now america is having its boris yeltsin moment with donald trump. with the american economy humming along nicely the help wanted sign is everywhere it's a seller's market but not all applicants are equally welcome here's congresswoman non-net barragan democrat from california let's listen there are so many immigrants
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come to this country who have been good members of the community who have paid taxes who were to contribute to this economy and that we should take a look at those situations so that families are not broken. we keep them together and we have an opportunity to let them contribute to enrich this country and our commerce is one thing cruelty is another as immigrant children and parents are being separated and reclaim our own this is the founder of san diego based human rights organization border angels it's an all volunteer nonprofit organization that advocates for human rights humane immigration reform and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the u.s. mexican border and he is the co-author of the power of one the story of the border and jewels and reka a welcome my pleasure. attorney general jeff sessions says
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if you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you as required by law and if you don't like that then don't smuggle children over our border and recently we learned that the office of refugee resettlement has lost track of nearly fifteen hundred immigrant children clearly what's happening is not working and wreak a what is the practical solution. well the practical solution is that we need to make a change in administration what is happening in washington d.c. at sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue is pure evil there's no other way to say that separating children from their parents is something that we should never do. on this issue extenuating circumstances where the parent has been abusive something along those lines but we need to remember that the reason people are coming to this country from central america specifically in other parts of the world in many cases
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is because u.s. intervention in those countries so the u.s. has a lot to do with why these people leave but regardless of why they leave it's not the children's fault of why their parents are bringing them to separate them from their parents as i mentioned is pure evil and if there's one thing that donald trump is known for is for being a person that has promoted racism he's acted on and that of the entrance of the human beings but on the his own interest and that is now what this country is all about the united states like every country in the world deserves to have secure borders but treat people in a humane manner is not that's not something that donald trump has ever done and it's shameful because the whole world is watching and once again he's on the wrong side of justice as is jeff sessions a person i remind you that was denied a judge judgeship in alabama because of his racism to be denied a judge ship in alabama because of racism you got to be pretty racist and donald
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trump is in that same camp where you mention the children daca the deferred action for childhood arrivals program that president donald trump threatens to shut down and federal courts so far haven't led them as the dreamers persevered thousands of them are graduating from college despite being ineligible for the federal loans and grants their classmates enjoyed to these young people into the workforce disadvantaged. they do and the thing is that they're the best of what this country has to offer we have a person here in san diego douceur garcia she paid for her own education and now she's an immigration lawyer a lawyer all the to robbie's going to medical school paying for his own education there was a person in houston that after the floods gave up gave up his life trying to rescue people they represent as to offer how dare ask to a country they don't they don't know let's remember that the people that are here come from all over the world there's no legal way for the majority to enter there
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is no line for most and for those that there is a line like the asylum seekers in the recent caravan that we need humane immigration policies in this country we need to get out there and vote we have a very important election right here in california on june fifth then we have a national election in november your voices your vote but we also have to raise our voices and demonstrate peacefully and say that what's going on right now in the united states with donald trump is doing is not what this country is all about he represents the worst of the american spirit hey i've only got thirty seconds but all i need from me is a headline because you are a leading voice in this immigration debate you see all the news coverage what is the ari what is the mainstream media and trump is a huge mistake he's an embarrassment the majority of the people united state is shameful embarrassing and very dangerous to have a man like donald covenant thank you and rick and i org because it's great to be with you glad to discuss ideas and policies with you read in here in national media
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what doesn't the rest of the usa get about this issue. well the the rest of the usa gets it it's an ideological split you've got by america exists so except the bull it's been the american laws unjust and work to fix the that the way to solve the problem is just to ignore the law pew research called the twenty twelve tipping point a full presidential term before the trump years the net not had actually decreased more are now leaving the usa for mexico than vice versa obviously these are estimates but if accurate is well if only mexico were our only problem and i think you'd be right people and leaving them vulnerable to slaughter to narco terrorists but they are trying to improve things south of the border and as a result you're seeing mexican citizens some going back to mexico and the net flow
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from mexico decrease the problem is there's a whole other big world out there central americans chinese people from yemen the population known as o.t.m. other than mexicans continues to increase and now surpasses the mexican population gaining illegal entry into the united southern border and we send them a lot of money every year to help us with it but we still have an illegal immigration problem here in the united states but it's not exclusively coming from o.t.m. because we think wall but there are airports and ports etc one of the great lessons of the twenty sixteen election was that candidate trumps supporters took him seriously but not literally and those who under estimated donald trump took him literally but not seriously so as regards that wall and mexico will pay for it every day your listeners your callers give you an earful what will they accept
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physically and metaphorically as a wall. a barrier barrier systems work i i originated in southern california in a place called san diego and san diego used to have a cable that was the was the border wall as a as a metal cable and of course illegal immigration was rampant they put up a three barrier system a three fence barrier system and illegal immigration dropped by ninety five percent not me a your liberty loving lefty you know saying it actually n.p.r. and public radio reported on that statistic so i think americans want to see innocent to stand in the way of illegal activity on that border and i gotta give you a cautionary tale there is a guy who is ahead in the polls down in mexico his name is andrea manuel lopez obrador and this guy makes this guy makes fidel castro look like an alter boy and if he wins the election he will be the poster child for building that wall eligible
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for the federal loans and grants their classmates enjoyed as near as we now are to foot. to solution is it here to the rule of law you know i always want to meet the repub that the united states of america would be air in the united states to community not only among citizens about elected the solution is simple start enforcing the law stopping illegal immigration then you can start to deal with and clean up four to five decades of abuse of the american citizenry courtesy of the federal government chris l c o w b a p tallis k s evie houston thank you for coming back again tonight and come again william a pleasure as always. and that is the big picture we will end where we began the show if you are experiencing depression and you need to talk to someone please talk to a friend or a family member or call the national suicide prevention hotline eight hundred two
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seven three eight two five five eight hundred two seven three. talk if you missed any part of this week's show or if you want to share it you can where you'll find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture r t m holland cook in washington back next week and tweeting in the mean time at holland cook so let's hear what you would like to see on the big picture until next week question more.
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i think that donald trump is really confident about his capacity is ability to persuade people and the power of his personality and all this kind of things and i'm sure that can something will try to play this card will try to give donald trump something he can tweet so he can he can show to everyone look i'm the first one i'm the one who rolls the art of the deal and the first one can make a deal with this guy what every other american president before me failed i succeeded. so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on offense very dramatic development only personally i'm going to.
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