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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  June 9, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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i don't mean by me i don't. be a bit aggressive for a comedy show i feel like no. i mean by the u.s. military which is god because we're technically at war with a zero countries i think so so that should mean zero bombings right you know. you can use our world with some sort of rational cogent world and in which our military industrial complex is under control and the music industry is based on merit and talent. and we're preparing and dealing with climate change like the doll rather than burying our heads in the sand while trying to convince ourselves that the sand around our head isn't getting really really hot and and that goes to have gently rounded edges on the side so that when you step on them barefoot it doesn't feel like an armor piercing bullet strike two years.
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good to go a rational world we don't live there. instead we live in a world where the pentagon is completely out of role of a few weeks ago i talked on this show about the twenty one trillion dollars trillion with a t. that has gone unaccounted for at the pentagon but i didn't get into the number of bombs that ridiculous amount of money buys you according to consortium news president bush's military dropped seventy thousand bombs on five countries but of that outrageous number it was really just fifty seven of those bombs that really upset the international community because there were fifty seven strikes in pakistan somalia and yemen countries the u.s. was not at war with and didn't even have ongoing conflicts within and the world was kind of horrified that. there was a lot of talk that went something like this wait
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a second we're bombing in country outside of war zone today is it possible that's a slippery slope ending in us just bombing all the time nancy whichever president follows bush will be a normal adult person with a functional brain stem of some sort and will therefore stop this madness. we were so tired and where we were we were like a little get waking up in. under president obama there were five hundred sixty three strikes largely by drones that targeted pakistan somalia and yemen despite the fact that bombing outside of a war zone is a for a think a violation of international law and global norms a and we're targeting people for
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pretty crimes all right and this guy in the hill dr jonathan looks kind of like he might do something we don't like one day let's take out his whole family in his home and his chickens don't forget his chickens because you never you never be to say one of his chickens decide to avenge is that you know. despite all of that there was basically a media blackout while obama was president you could count on one hand the number of mainstream media reports on obama's extracurricular bombing campaigns and even when they did mention it the underlying sentiment was yeah. that's what i mean look drawings ok and let's just drop jenny he's like fuckin steve mcqueen over here with trillions of dollars of debt under his coat. not cool steve mcqueen. and don't believe the hype that our advanced weaponry only hits
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bad guys according to the cia's own documents the people on the kill list who were targeted for death by drone accounted for only two percent of the deaths caused by drone strikes to put into two different covert that took over really pentagon really you got a two on the test too. soon to get five points for spelling your name right pentagon. i mean. it really is if we graded our military the same way we read a fifth grader he'd be the kid that the teacher like takes pity on and has empty the trash can for extra credit. and and he still accidentally lights the bulletin board on fire somehow just by emptying the trash but that seventy thousand bombs dropped by bush and hoists child's play obama dropped a hundred thousand bombs in seven countries he out bombed bush by thirty thousand
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bombs and two countries but despite all of that donald trump's administration is tappan everyone blown him out of the water he has basically taken the gloves off the military so they're now just dropping bombs every time they think about maybe dropping bombs. journalist david de graw which is where i've got a lot of this information he's also found that the pentagon's numbers show that during the pentagon's own numbers show during george w. bush's eight years he averaged twenty four bombs drop per day which is eight thousand seven hundred and fifty per year over the course of obama's time in office his military dropped thirty four bombs per day twelve thousand five hundred per year and in trump's first year in office he averaged a hundred twenty one draw drew bombs dropped that day for an average annual total of forty four thousand ninety six five bombs are dropped per hour every
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hour of every day that averages out to a bomb every twelve minutes. and which it will which is more outrageous the crazy amount of death and destruction we are creating around the world or the fact your mainstream media your corporate media basically never investigated they talked about trump's laws all of the you know like they say you are a racist bill this boulder's headed idiot which is totally accurate but. how dare they be so accurate you know but. but they don't criticize the amityville massacre our military is perpetrating by dropping a bomb every twelve minutes most of them killing ninety eight percent non targets all right he didn't change. but it's ok fine you tell i'm talking about that those were disinvited from the white house hot dogs. outside
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by a guy that an ag those vehicles didn't get to stand on the why does law and inhale the noxious fumes of trump's aggressive go all around. when you have. his chemical warfare just emanating off. when you have a department of war with a completely unaccountable budget as we saw with the twenty one trillion and you have a president with no interest in overseeing how much data the department of war is responsible for then you end up dropping so many bombs that we are running out of bombs. and may struggle to make more oh dear god if we run out of bombs how will we stop all those innocent civilians from farming. like that journalist whitney weber wrote in february shockingly more than eighty percent of those killed have
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never even been identified and the cia's own documents have shown that they are not . aware of who they are killing avoiding the issue over porting civilian deaths simply by naming all those in the strike zone as enemy combatants. we only kill enemy combatants how do we know their enemy combatants because there are strikes. we know that was our strike down because they were enemy combatants. how do we find out their enemy combatant because they were in our dr jones i gave doing that for hours on a good deal i'm. talking about consensus and i believe. look this is not about trump even though he's a maniac it's not about obama even though he's a war criminal it's not about bush even though he did has the intelligence of boiled cabbage. well i've been out of bush joking like eight years.
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so i've got a good luck put on a don't shoot you know. i'll get back to that this is about all right away military industrial complex that our ruling elite are more than happy to let loose you see almost no one in congress or the presidency trying to restrain our one hundred and twenty one bombs a day you see almost no one on a mainstream outlets trying to get people to care about this recently the hash tag twenty one trillion for the unaccounted for pentagon money has gained some traction let's get another one started all right one twenty one bombs a day a hundred and twenty one bombs per day one every twelve minutes do you know where they're hitting do you know who they're killing do you know why we're killing them a hundred twenty one bombs a day or being dropped in your name and my name and her name and his name went to where faisal. and. i don't turn that into like al awful oprah oprah so those of
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us a bomb and you have a. and you have a. point is the. point is the government and military you and i support by being a part of this society are murdering people every twelve minutes and in response there's nothing but ghostly silence like someone farted in the elevator and no one wants to talk about it all right lads start talking about it how do you watch b.b.c. . oh . i'm going to take the news from behind so do you
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remember the moment a few months ago when trump went down to puerto rico to empathize with the people after the devastation of hurricane maria you look at what happened here was really a still. photo you. want to hear what you did. sixty. sixty people versus in the. sixteenth so it's a bit more high kill six people who are right for a very just right to her just have sex to be able literally my motorcade right over twelve people on the way here so this is really not an. do you remember that well researchers at harvard recently revealed the death toll from hurricane maria may be a staggering seventy times higher the study estimates the death toll of at least four thousand six hundred and forty five right now drunken head back down there
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pretend like you give finally is ok you guys do a better. getting you would do that less added a new golf course to open then. by the way cutting cutting that ribbon that is the most manual labor he's done his life already. pulled a tricep doing that. but seriously he's just a figurehead the anonymous corporate state doesn't care how high the numbers of dead get and better results they're just looking for the profit in this disaster capitalism system and speaking of profit over people the new poor people's campaign continued this week with about. it got got about as much coverage from mainstream media as screech from saved by the bell is currently getting for. right now sixteen people were arrested monday in topeka kansas protesting for better health care and environmental regulations they did
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that as part of the poor people's campaign but again the chesapeake kansas though again about topeka kansas lest you run out of gas in topeka kansas. and even then you feel like i'm pretty sure we're in kansas city. in kentucky this week state police barred four hundred protesters from entering the capitol building the protesters were demanding wider medicaid coverage for the poor and protections for the environment and the water as part of the poor people's campaign but in kansas just kentucky kentucky matter and unless you care about whiskey or having sex with your cousin. and i care about one of those things a lot. name is jim. jim beam. and yes it is it is weird that my cousin is the same name as a bourbon. here in washington d.c.
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twenty eight people were arrested in the capitol rotunda monday while protesting the disproportionate impact of disasters such as hurricane maria on the poor they did this as part of the poor people's campaign but who cares it is washington d.c. that's just where rats go to breed with and paid in turn. part it's part of the easy to movement like. bush how many people even died hurricane maria was like six day what it is like now that side of you to be quite proud of yourself in michigan this week hundreds of people protested outside the capitol for more than an hour activists blocked all for access at the michigan department of environmental quality and refused to let anyone out they did it as part of the poor people's campaign but in kansas in
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michigan as we all know everything is fine in michigan. the last time you heard a subset of unmeasured been saying campaspe does not count it does not count all right if your water were filled with that blood flag you would think they were cool to you what you were that. that was a visual representation of a lot of the lab in the skull. did i mention that protest was part of the poor paperless campaign have you guys i mean i don't think about it. there are protests going on around the country but your corporate media won't talk about it because it's not trump pornstar all right. there is catastrophic profit poverty in our country and people are tired of this job used to have a system based on false scarcity putting profit for the rich above the lives of millions get out there. still get out there and
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protect the day all right push back away that goes you know very well we're going way down on the list or whatever again health care for children or job or whatever lower on the list you've got to have priorities. you know our friend dimitri orloff wrote a famous essay collapse gap a few years ago said that the soviet union and america would both collapse for the similar reasons just that the us would take longer. positions i said soviet union was like falling out of a one story window and america's like story falling out of a twenty story window and i think we're seeing this now play out real time
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america's falling out of a twenty story window it is a collapse gap the soviet union america collapsed roughly the same time for roughly the same reasons and now america is having its boris yeltsin moment with donald trump. reinforced rammed earth bricks was what they really are. this more than seventy houses about one hundred forty people with families living. it's really all. way of forming same as. the sun's coming in and heating the house and being stored in massive walls. seach brush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and and
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using the plant starts to process the sewage we create our own little belief system here. were. welcome welcome back to new study found that when community newspapers shut down local governments become more corrupt because there's even less oversight yes you thought local newspapers were only used by local fathers who wanted to avoid breakfast conversations with their local families. i know i can hear you know i'm i'm really a car turn about obama's
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a muslim. anyway here to discuss this new lack of oversight is our senior listicle writer damage here about your. family just the cancer of local newspapers look groom leave there are other ways to spread information i mean have you tried yelling. yeah yeah right all right no need to demonstrate i heard the first half of the show. regional president a hundred twenty one. we got it we got it regional press is disappearing and don't look for local investigations on line nontraditional outlets . have primarily been in the business of content dissemination rather than the production of new information we're not creating anything new i take that a little personally ok not everything i do is repeating what i find on the web i
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opened a p.d.f. . and stayed awake then i copied and pasted that quote into my script. so that you could watch it on you to send it to your mom who tweets it in a lonely game or screenshots it posted on reddit where this rant becomes a means that seven people will read that same my friend. who are. your regular edward r. murrow this study measured corruption through municipal. bond prices. what i almost fell sleep when i was saying that. the interest rate of new. which will cool. there is just the average jumbo wrote because no one is keeping the government accountable have the country lives in these news deserts one reason is credits list took over newspaper classifieds and
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the rent revenue that they generated and judging by the man i met on his list who requested my huge q-tips. i don't think we can trust this craig. i would have understood if you wanted my worn socks or panties you know something sensible ok you just created at least five mental images i don't want. people say i am amused. when papers like the rocky mountain news disappear government corruption gets worse as it did in denver especially when it comes to municipal spending and borrowing this leads to one higher taxes to a less efficient government three uninformed citizens for fewer voters and of course five less material for paper maché. the depressing list of all well and i agree the rocky mountain news broke out lists candles that led to federal
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investigations of city officials so now there's no one to babysit these politicians but luckily they have one investigative reporter and denver so what if he's a tenth grader. that means you can pay him an extra credit only downside is his article with the headline city hall corrupted started with really webster defines corruption as dishonest conduct. of the so i would suggest. if you live in denver you move look we all know if you go home with somebody and they don't have books don't. write. if you go into town and it doesn't have newspapers don't with it. so. you send it in no books is a deal breaker for you well and deal breaker number two if he has books but no shelves deal breaker three if he wants to be a comedian deal breaker for him if he is
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a comedian deal great. writing or remember that time remember that some of the american health care system was so bad people were going to back alley surgery centers instead but i remember a lot of it was yesterday because it was yesterday. and today and tomorrow for more on this let's go to our troop bob now let me go. it seems to say that getting any kind of surgery carries some risk even warned my stuff parables before operated on them. and i definitely warned this that the risk of infection was very high especially when i play the operation drinking game in college and vomited into his chest cavity. but it's where you get the surgery that
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carries an even larger risk to your life because instead of hospitals americans are increasingly turning to surgery centers the save a buck wild doctors who own these centers take on more and riskier procedures to make bigger profits and investigation by kaiser health news in the usa today network has the skiver that more than two hundred sixty patients have died since two thousand and thirteen after in and out procedures at surgery centers across the country thousands of times. each year the center is called nine one one as patients experience complications ranging from minor it's a fatal weight. the doctors are calling nine one one. one why and i don't see our broker watching the weather channel to see if he needs an umbrella for the today show if the call the surgery center sounds like a place that could be sandwiched in between a strip mall dressed barn and
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a cheesecake factory then you're not that far off because the first surgery center in the us opened in phoenix in one nine hundred seventy s. a place we between neighborhood shops and a baptist church but a decade later surgery centers got a boost when medicare began paying for sensor procedures in one thousand nine hundred two and in one nine hundred ninety three congress encouraged doctors to open surgery centers by exempting them from the second star flaw which prevents doctors from steering patients to their businesses they own the start law is a set of federal rules that prevent doctor self referral. the first arc law of course prevented wealthy businessman tony stark from steering heart failure patients to tony stark industries exclusively for iran see the number of surgery centers bloom to over fifty six hundred this members registered hospitals in the
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u.s. and as shocking as that sounds it's not considering doctors who own a share of the center can earn their own fee and a kind of the facilities feed a meaningful sum for operations that can cost one hundred thousand dollars or more with all the money doctors raked in it's surprising to hear that medicare actually good it was down on paying for spinal surgery they considered it too risky for a surgery center. that is in so this. center industry launched a letter writing campaign to change medicare is behind a campaign filled with comments from surgeons and center owners who pleaded with medicare like the one dude in an r. and b. group that's always begging a girl to come back. i'm looking at you course to med medicare approved paying for nearly a dozen different spinal procedures and twenty fifteen. and as of two thousand and seventeen there have been fourteen spinal surgery deaths who was the people who
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made bank off the surgery are going to say it's a great idea. if this was the e.p.a. mulling over climate change policy scott pruitt would be bustin making your brain post cards that said eight out of ten remaining penguin say it's a hoax and if you rely on medicare these centers may be the only option your doctor tells you about surgery is already risky enough take the profit motive out of health care and maybe you will see a system whose only motivation is keeping you alive. and one where your h.m.o. gets you something better than a child surgeon. according from washington that let me go back to tonight. that's our job budget three exclusive content by texting the word redacted to four four four nine
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nine nine it's free and quick and also again you can check out the new podcast common sense or until next time you're done. with. people to get the. truth that these folks will be exceptionally good you'll go on the field of play the door. to the fisa brochure. to show that they've been told as are both of. them are from. the from.
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does she don't. need them talking to. the on the stand on the song that are equal borders into some songs only fools are still saying that. we don't. know the answer to. the.
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i would rather see russia in. the g. eight as opposed to the g. i would say that the g eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven. the us president repeats his call for russia to be reinstated in the g. seven groups like call the swellest new u.s. import tariffs is causing major divisions at the g. seven summit in canada. these photographs capture the moment when a tear gas canister fired by the israeli army gets stuck in the mouth of the palestinian protester the gaza border. and google unveils a new range of emoji saying clue couples gender neutral and salads for begins but all they actually politically correct will be taking a look.


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