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this was the. guy. in the world cup. reaching the last sixteen along with. it means iceland and it's goodbye to. much love. i had wednesday sees a new round of crucial encounters with brazil among the teams fighting to reach the knockout stage. and in other news the u.s. national security adviser is meeting with russia's foreign minister. behind closed
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doors here in moscow. welcome to the program here on the international stories. it is day fourteen of the fifo world cup in russia with old eyes on wednesday's match between brazil and serbia is his prediction for the. sara in brazil. i love my place and the money i have fantastic relation with. but no money and the need for holly they probably one of my family is that needs all these years he has to go on he has to lose his match but. speaking seriously asking cedric can give
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a difficult match of the seven strong he sees it go has technical as experience they have a little bit depth depth crazy and emotional side of the game that sometimes bring players and teams to the best level of their performances brazil is obviously brazil will be always brazil with so many beautiful players i think amazing match and emotion the part. i sing said we can create some problems. so what used a soul from denmark from group c. as well as croatia an argentine a from group d. moving through to the knockout stage so here's a quick roundup of the highlights from tuesday's games. thank you.
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theo thank you. thank ye. ye to sleep likud. i clean thank you i think you're going to sleep and leave and it was a tough group students will come from we go through and when to get it we didn't expect to be so difficult when they to level it change the dynamics of the game i notice it seemed to push the we came out the top in the. cleaning
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thank you who emotions were high on tuesday and at times tense argentinian side finally secured a win against nigeria sent a brave and always positive iceland packing. almost ten percent of iceland's entire population came to russia for the fee for world cup the icelandic team thanked the supporters out of russia for the warm welcome being their experience right our team was following tuesday's action. as iceland's first ever world cup has come to an end here stuff but they didn't put up a good fight you've gone through all the details for me. when croatia got the opening goal i have to say when i was sat in that arena i thought that was curtains really because crazy always looked in control for me for most of this match up
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until that point but when you came out to nigeria had a equalized against argentina to make it one one a huge rule went around the rest of arena then it was a big biking clap as we now call it and the players responded i have to say i slowly pushed on and they got their just reward with that penalty after seventy five minutes of. duty obliged to convert to make it one one and then there was a frantic seventy five minutes that followed until at the end and even got their winner to make it to one for my money croatia are always the better team three wins from three i think they probably will go far in this tournament given the fact that they've arrested so many places but as a football fan i am sad today because it means that iceland are going home they're a country what with a population of three hundred thousand and yet they still managed to hold argentina to a one one draw in the game and put the cat among the pigeons which i loved as a football fan then you've gone through a list of plays you have second the jobs to you to the goalkeeper is a film director apparently he directed to video for iceland's eurovision song
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contest entry they have a man there that packs salt in reykjavik and also their manager used to be a dentist before he got his teeth into football to excuse the pun these are only stories you ever hear in the f.a. cup back in england you never hear them at the world cup until now it's as a football fan i am sad that i see the going home. where they were the winners tonight and i think you have to keep an eye on them for later to. do. oh well. i'm sitting here if i was really coming out with relief more than anything actually the boy says. there's a big band playing music just to my right as well so that's on the top of the atmosphere for the fans are going i'm very happy to see the game of course in the past off getting off the explosive stuff a little messy getting his first goal of the tournament with a great strike across the keeper and that got things on the way and the noise in
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the speech suspects they be overwhelmingly argentinian supporters and not ground this evening and they didn't really feel the lid off the stadium and at that point they were very comfortable in the game come to halftime and just off the off time nigeria what a penalty that was slaughter the whole comfortably by victim ohthis and really for the rest of the second off nigeria looks very comfortable they actually could have made it she was on a couple of occasions there was a. very controversial v.a.r. decision which wasn't given for by syria and then with just four minutes till the end loftus road popping up with a bloody finish that any strike off would really be proud of of course he has a sense often so that sparks huge seeds of celebration amongst argentina fans not just here in the stadium but across the world.
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argentina can look forward to playing france in the next round and that's a show to be one of the real big ties not just of the next round but also for the soul of and so far enough he's been saying this tournament where deep into the thirty nice guy and. gold. peter schmeichel popped along to catch not just denmark in action but his own son who's the keeper keeping up the family tradition in one nine hundred ninety eight in two thousand and two denmark found themselves in the same situation a match in the final group game and michael jr did his dad proud repeating the
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clean sheet he kept sixteen years ago and i. caught up with after the match. so this was the first game that you have played in this store and without any kind of far interference did that make you feel better. well i think it probably should have been to go into variances. that it looked like we should have at super but. it wasn't given where do you stand on the body do you think it's a good time there's a. lot of fun. right final one so you're probably playing creation the next round. very potent forward line what do you think is that is that that's some scary or calm collected. huge well let's see if it is it's like you very likely to be but today we just enjoy this result we enjoy the work that we're into the next round and then some more we start focusing on next game wednesday you start to see
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a new round of crucial encounters with teams fighting for their place in the last sixteen and mexico will face sweden south korea will take on germany and switzerland to play costa rica and so faces off with brazil now brazil and switzerland top the group with four points each so with three costa rica neal there's everything to play for though with each team still very capable of qualifying and earlier peter schmeichel caught up with the switzerland team captain . why are switzerland always too well in the competitions. because a lot of mv changed a little bit i was styled to play before we scored many goals from corner kicks free kicks and now we have still displaying is playing also forward. to more only
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behind and then you play in court also as we know. you play chess would fall you have me still. different mentalities we have the latest she can do the one against one they have a very well trolled swingle to cross the so evoked a lot of these also to not be afraid to play against a big team and stay only be back then because stop what they don't like that's why i'm sure that also in this world cup you can do very well i don't know much. for the current standings all group mexico is in the lead with six points and it's germany and sweden with three each while south korea has zero now german fans have faith that team will pull through.
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the stennis through the nineteenth to leave until it was said to my mom would sometimes be a few my devote myself to one just was actually to do the real fun side doesn't feel to most was the little bit different from view with me because it was long. overdue. coming fast and this was just because of the tie club and this is. the most of it which is the people jesus and the odd since it's modern. palosi not really. this itself from chelsea football club a little bit well just modest proposal and he's not shy you just want some of them
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. to see if this one is going to one of those. months was going to sue the police but the worst of the flat surfaces. very much in the. meantime some fifteen thousand people from different countries are right now participating in russia's volunteer program during the world cup and we heard the story of one of the fifteen thousand. daniel has waited to long for the state to come born in spain into a truly football match family he moved to russia four years ago that his childhood dream was to witness the world cup daniel took part in last year's confederations cup in the city of crescent r.
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and worked there as a volunteer as well how being two point visitors and the right direction. about language support when football fans come here and they have people speaking their native language it will make them feel. just one of an army of taking part and this feast of football this year is the world cup and russia has broken the previous record set by brazil for the number of those of volunteer in to help more than one hundred seventy six thousand applications have been received and after hours and hours of interviews the hopefuls were whittled down to seventeen thousand volunteers from not so far away and neighboring valerie's all the way to fiji and new zealand. twenty year old all got is one of them she's a student from rostov on don one of the host cities along with her friends she has been training at the local games to be ready to face the championship i applied for
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a position as a steward because i love football it's so one of the lifetime opportunity and i want to feel they're amazing atmosphere and be part of such a. many hours thing to make this world cup to remember the question. with the thousands of fans taking pictures and videos during this world cup in russia started to compile the very best of them to share with you you can check out all your project on our website. i. i i. i. i. just an amazing time to be here in moscow and across russia for this world cup twenty eight and we will be bringing you all special coverage throughout the day
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here on out see if you can. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to be for us this is what the full story in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the. city.
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greece is still in freefall greece is still a basket case racism is the last last country italy's about to crash because the money is being printed in the e.c.b. printed trillions of euros it doesn't go to help these economies it goes to monaco it goes to the people in monaco and it goes there to twenty one twenty two trillion dollars estimated offshore money that's matters for these people they get all the free money from the central bank so you see the manifestation of it in monaco. thanks for joining us here for the program or not see a u.s. president don't hold trumps national security advisor john bolton has arrived here in moscow where he'll be holding high level talks with russia's foreign minister sergei left off a bilateral ties and security topics high on the agenda as
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a potential summit between trump and president vladimir putin let's get details on this now. any expectations for this meeting. well bolton's official reason for coming to moscow is to talk about the many outstanding issues between russia and the united states we're talking here about ukraine about syria about this new arms race that's begun to develop between russia and the united states to talk about alleged what the united states says is russian meddling in the election but whatever you wouldn't really interested in is that he's understood to bring up the subject of the potential meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin now no one knows when or where if this meeting will actually happen but the fact that it's john bolton that's coming here
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is also a very interesting ease ease quite the character he's belligerent aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he's a real sort of america first and everyone else second kind of guy so you know it could be difficult to imagine him even if trump is in favor of warmer relations with russia it's difficult to imagine john bolton supporting the idea. the russians have walked all over the obama administration for eight years it's really been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the
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possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do. now superficially you might think you know simply that russia in the united states which is and that salute lou in relations which almost came to military blue to nuclear powers was came to a direct military confrontation in syria as we learned a few weeks ago you could think that this is about mending relations or this could be about europe which is really at stake here the united states and europe of their relations have chilled recently what with trump slapping tariffs and various european goods that really irritated the europeans also trump talking down nato talking down you know about how things have been done for decades that's really really annoyed the europeans as as well and this could be this visit could be
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a message to the europeans saying that unless you start dancing to our strings again we're going to be friends with with russia which would you know which would explain trump's highly an expected announcement about returning russia to the g. eight. i would rather see russia in the g. eight as opposed to i would say that the g eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven whatever it is the trump and it is his administration of playing at it's working european press especially the british press which is really led the russian faction in europe well they're in they're ringing the alarm bell saying that this will dismay that this meeting itself is a highly dangerous thing and that you know we've europe has to be warry and replied
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to donald trump. with that with regards to this meeting with the russians but john bolton bolton should be available to the press later today we've got a whole bunch of questions lined up for him and you know once we hear his answers it might give us a clearer picture of whether the united states genuinely wants better relations with russia. and i'll tell you some what i guess dear thank you. father was an unexpected outcome of choose various primary elections in the u.s. state of new york twenty eight year old socialist alexandria a car so quite a terse challenge the incumbent democratic party candidate and won a seat in congress is a correspondent. the country is reacting to the results of the primary congressional elections that took place tuesday in five u.s. states now the media has focused on the fight between donald trump and his critics but a lot of the surface another fight is boiling the fight for control of the democratic
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party in new york city's borough of the bronx a ten term democratic congressman faced off against a twenty eight year old for the nomination of the democratic party because you know cortez accused her opponent representative crowley of being quote bankrolled by corporations she made clear she wasn't just taking aim at crowley but at the leadership of her own party commands a very questionable political. he has presided over a lot of. around corporate now the political newcomer in the bronx is not alone the theme of arresting the control of the democratic party away from a corporate elite is becoming a pretty common theme in the lead up to the november midterm election the hillary clinton wing of the democratic party is facing an uprising of sorts of minutes own ranks now at this point average democrats among the rank and file may not really approve of the party elite however they have a pretty solid base of funding billionaires like howard schultz the former c.e.o.
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of starbucks michael bloomberg and george soros are pouring in money meanwhile the former starbucks top boss is saying he's deeply worried about the bernie sanders wing of the liberal politics as so many voices within the democratic party are going so far to the left and i ask myself how are we going to pay for all these things in terms of things like single payer or people spells in the fact that the government is going to give everyone a job i don't think that's realistic we decided to ask new yorkers what they think should be next for the democrats i think the democrats have to come up with their own ideas of their own agenda and they can't just be a party of persistence and i think all the politicians should start actually wondering what's good for the country as opposed to what's good for themselves. and perhaps we can move the country in the right direction democrat or republican doesn't make a difference to me i don't know that the democrats really need a new direction i think the democrats just have to be clear in getting their message out there now the democrats have made pretty clear that voting for them is voting against donald trump but with the midterm congressional elections
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approaching a lot of voters are asking not what the democrats are against but what they're for caleb mop and r t new york. the global chemical weapons watchdog will be voting on wednesday on a controversial proposal from the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson says the o.p.c. w. should have the power to assign blame when chemical attacks take place at present. you p c w to experts who say where and when an attack happened but know who was responsible. if we are serious about uploading the ban on chemical weapons that god must be through in his speech johnson made reference to the script poisoning case and to syria all twenty eight members and thirteen e.u. partners have expressed support for the new proposal as has america russia though
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is against the initiative to change the o p c w rules saying it would simply politicize the body the proposal though must gone two thirds of the votes not counting abstentions to be part of course we'll keep you posted on the issue i mean although we spoke to investigative journalist rick stirling who believes western powers should not turn the organization into that if a political tool. as much as the o.p.c. w. needs to be respected and supported i think we have to we have to be very careful and there's got to be really it guarantees of objectivity an independent so it's not a political tool by by one one state or one group of states it's mandate is really to implement the chemical weapons convention but in the last several years we've seen a situation in syria where the efforts of countries to overthrow to topple the damascus government have used attack claims accusations of chemical weapons usage
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and the o.p.c. w has been part of that if you look at their reports they rely very heavily on witnesses who are provided to them by the opposition they don't pursue evidence which contradicts the western claims so it's very valid to question the objectivity and independence of the o.p.c. w. i've been a pleasure having you with us for the program here on our international today we are back at the top of the hour with more of your wealth cup action and your top well stories. you couldn't decency not in all things and done. something. you know you want to. do you can't be funny be did he can see.
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this wants to be. the fruit of the poisonous tree this is what critics are calling the ongoing investigation of alleged trump world collusion with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election in the meantime the upper echelons of the f.b.i. have been decimated proving misconduct as russia gave morphed into f.b.i. game. time after time they were going underground is today homelessness said to stick some published in britain we're just seeing the largest rise in rough sleeping in the whole of europe coming up in the show will strike action again old british
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justice we speak to one of the world's greatest human rights lawyers geoffrey robertson about speaking out against legal aid cuts as well as censorship general pinochet and defending the likes of wiki leaks brazil's lula and the ira hundred new figures showing that one homeless person dies every two weeks on the austerity hit streets of london just to live yes one sings i care about one of the thousands of lives or risk being homeless impose crashed all this and more coming up in today's going underground but first after tomorrow's match against belgium english own eyes will be even more eagerly trained on russia as the three lions reach the last sixteen but what is england's relationship with russia many of us looked at a post soviet russia with help we wanted a better relationship and it is tragic that president putin has chosen to act in this way. but we will not tolerate the threat to life of british people and others
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on british soil from the russian government nor will we tolerate such a flagrant breach of russia's international obligations unlike other world cup countries britain is not sending dignitaries and minority leader theresa may has all the declared war on russia but things change just look at this clip of the now us national security advisor john bolton today wrapping up talks in moscow blatter mere putin looked directly in the eye and wide to a bolton there saying that putin lied about his role in putting his boss trump in the white house but bolton have. now alarm nato ahead of its july meeting because in moscow he may have been arranging a trump putin summit if bolton can change his mind about putin he can surely change his mind about our next guest reviewing the book crimes against humanity trumps adviser said that he suffers from the common failing of the international left wing being either unable or unwilling to address the arguments of opponents and skeptics of his position well arguably no one could agree with that statement comes to his later.


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