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it's. been two and five and today it was nuts great world cup for them the only good game they played was nigeria in the last. little run through run a messy got on the school street in the shooting. today they are doing time's a cry and i think if you see maradona somewhere. he will be crying he's been crying all the way through throughout these championships and yeah i don't think it's been very good for his health at least you know that emotional rollercoaster which the whole lows than the highs can see and for. ten goes to india and have you noticed that the polish changed so why didn't you cover. the ball that we played that they played with in the group face was had
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a black patent and today we've seen the. play of paul which by the way is completely identical to the other one just has it's got different colors and so it's red patterns on it now so and maybe and we don't know this maybe the ball is different because we've got ten goes out of two games that is something well it's a good change that isn't like this change we've spoken about you know we're speculating but like you said they're in the thirty's now we may have seen the the end of the greats the two great players of of the last decades and even elder messi but this is the circle of footballing life because we know the new prince of the game is a recent play and if you think he's potentially got another three world cups after this one he could be reigning supremest this isn't a flash in the pan this isn't speculation he has everything needed doesn't need to be at the very top of the game unbelievable player he's nineteen years of age we've known about. for
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a good eighteen months maybe even more to two years. is owned by monaco but he's on loan to p.s.t. a passenger man. as we talked about before it's a public secret that this deal is going to go through the summer and it's going to be the most expensive player in the world now what we saw today was was fantastic it was something that we've been longing for for a very very long time someone to come up with a performance someone who's promised something to was and hasn't quite delivered yet. and he did it killed in the pop it's a day to live in an unbelievable performance and we saw the first goal that we picked the ball out you know ten yards outside his own box and just made this incredible run where he showed everything that he has got in his log and showed great taking the incredible skills. extraordinary balance and then that pace the pace is just you know what i'm trying to think back to someone that i can sort of like me into intensive pace with the ball it was just accelerating so watch and you
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know that ended up. in a penalty situation that front garden response war from that but then he went on to score two goals on his own out of the four so he was directly involved with three of the goals in the last sixteen games the big players usually step into the character and we've seen that today with the papa we've seen that with kabbani and it's beautiful to see and we can hope that it's doing the same well the french players will have they gave a lot today they'll have six states to recover in time for that much on the six in july nice girl but it's not just the players sit who gave a lot the fans will be emotionally draining it's quite a ride several goals twists and turns and it will take its toll on the fans to. very happy to as a test match i'd say they are crap. and finally i found not mad.
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i was. i thought i really want to be following the next next round of applause why don't we try to do it like it was not possible to use or. misuse the best health of a state and the plan if it was amazing that we went on to one and i was scott's wise i truly was free time so it was amazing like i mean most docs of all was. there. a little reading. we've got two more games coming up so much so this game between europe and france will be played in misty knock out on and that's why i'm going
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tomorrow i'm going with good reason you know just off gallivanting around the country you're going to be an ambassador on you're going to i'm going to be an ambassador for the denmark or a sick game for me of course that is the biggest game tomorrow i think for everybody else it's probably the one game that's being played here in moscow in the loos me and it is of course between the host nation russia and the preacher one of my favorites and the play quite like spain there's a lot of trouble in the spain swap before the two days before the world cup saw that they sacked the manager but that's all forgotten about now we have this incredible game tomorrow and that's another one to look for which was. russia's contribution to the condition is so big because when russia do well the atmosphere transcends to another level not even electric doesn't do it just a vacation so on the whole city make it out. to a shit about you or you make spacing and about. being
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a very serious artist yeah that would be an incredible thing to do to win over spain and actually not one of the big big favorites out from you know what we're talking about football we've seen so many different things happening in the tournament so far and the one thing that really speaks to russia's advantage is that kind of playing at home they're playing in that is neat the stadium without the pleasure of actually watching denmark france play in that stadium that wasn't a great game but the stadium is great we can get us really out there and the support that the russian supporters can give to the team it might might just be enough for them to sort of carry the team into a performance that could beat spain but it is a tough ask no doubt about that spain has been playing really well the only time we call it that without speaking to fans but was when they when they drew three three with portugal but that was because more than anything that christiana ronaldo really in that game was on top form and scored all three goals in that three three
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draw so this should be a quite i really can't overstate this should be an incredible atmosphere i think eighty thousand will be packed into the list mckay for that match. because without speaking of outs to a ship are you happy to be here or you expecting and demanding as well and it's back to. argentina and all the other teams out you know it's. i'm very excited about them being here i think we and our place in the last sixteen i think we've shown a lot of quality. we haven't been able to score we have scored freely in eighteen months it's just not happened in the last two games before we came here and also we haven't scored really sort of on the chances that we created in the tournament here we need christian eriksen of course to to step up to to find the form that he's had for so long he's a very important. and of course we need
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a striker to stop putting the ball in the net if that happens tomorrow i think then might have a really good chance but the same goes for crazy i mean they they they think they've played well but they get goals from their midfield players so if you can stop the midfield players from having shots and get in the box you can use a long way to go to stop croatia put it's going to be some contest and that's a lot of history between denmark and croatia and in terms of football good and bad both and so i'm excited i'm going i'm very very happy to be going oh. i'm going to be reporting on the russian spain they are you going to be speaking to the fans for that like ok and then but you are going to be speaking on the line to us yes for russia i'm a there and it's it's it's going to be a very big day for for then modern for a few somalis we have small countries like your guy three and a half million people there a small country in the quarterfinals. crazy denmark similar. it is
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a very big deal for our kind of countries if we can get to the quarterfinals so really big they when earlier we spoke to former coach peter people legend steve a plenty cosa he shared his thoughts on the creation of denmark game and recall playing against denmark and peace michael in his first ever game face can you guys you've got a real history in terms of on the cage had a g. personally. it was my first suggestion my dear beautiful creation was one thousand years ago and it was against denmark and i guess one of my idols from view. a little one a funny story peter asked me to swap the sure and i was you know a little bit. felt like. sad because for months side i have like one of the biggest titles of one of the best goalkeepers of a history asked me to change and it was my first show with iraq. from my next
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conditional country and then and then with hard feelings we change it and it's all right so you want to go back to where you think you know. one of my first memories i was that was the it because we played we played the qualification that is as much as well but this was a friend really it wasn't sold so the pick because. when we qualify for the world cup twenty years ago in france and we were in the same groups we played croatia in the qualification yeah and wind it up in a situation where it was between creation and greece and we played greece in the last game and we needed a draw but only a draw and they would be all right actually we could lose and go into the playoffs but if we won creation would go in the playoffs if they if they won that match and i made a save in the last minute from from from a great player to do that with my foot. so when we play this game and you get back to your lineup and then you have the national anthems and and then it goes quiet in this because we like to thank our new national hero peter schmeichel for says it is
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right something hey could be a nice kindness you know. they presented me with a hand he thought. there's a have yeah it was nice but a car would have been nice. would have been would have been even better now i called you both legends because you're both representing faith your faith a legend part of this program you're going to be going out on to the pitch prior to kickoff for this playoff match tomorrow national guard denmark croatia how do you feel representing your nation again this time it's without being involved in the actual events a bit different for all of course but i'm really proud that i have prato part of this program and i read it thankful for the fifa for taking care of x player songs on such a good level and you speak to the crowd beforehand do you know what i'm going to say yeah i said that we will be in the game for sure.
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our. liberal tree brags that it was all about the british my to bring back five hundred factories are going to export our way back into the g.d.p. rocket ship and take on the world cool britannia goldberg well turns out they're
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all going to be picking fruit al caren jenning very shy. welcome back in other news human rights activists have voiced concern over the creation of migrant processing camps a move decided by e.u. leaders on friday activists fear such facilities could effectively become detention centers and need to human rights violations while europe's leaders are touching the new deal as a breakthrough in dealing with the migrant crisis point to say reports that still remain if this is a long term solution. having emerged after the nearly ten hour marathon summit e.u.
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leaders have been patting themselves on the back quite a lot for me this is a satisfying outcome it sends out a good message that we have eventually prepared the joint tax i'm optimistic that we can cooperate for them i believe that the preparatory work of president and the federal chancellor merkel has now brought a real breakthrough. a more responsible and more support if you are is emerging from this european council italy is not left alone anymore. but in reality the deal getting all this praise is a carefully but vaguely worded one just like so many other agreements struck by the bloc in the past but this one manages to satisfy a diverse range of views so just exactly how was it reached one challenge was to satisfy it to be on thursday blocked all joint decisions prior to the summit in an effort to appease tensions the member states decided to stay and rescued migrants on
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a new territory to so-called control centers across the bloc bash and this was only to appease central european countries like the czech republic and hungary those locations are still to be decided and can only happen in countries who volunteer to have them not surprising they're not many volunteers many leaders again pushed for responsibility to fall on first arrival countries who already have enough migrants same tis all sides under the dublin regulation refugees have to buy in the first european country where they are right we are sticking to this rule and the fall is that those countries responsible for migration centers france is not the country's first arrival so most opensource senses notice in trade goes north we are not the first arrival country unless people jump with birth was in an apparent lifeline for the german chancellor angela merkel this non-binding agreement says that all governments must take measure. to stop migrants and refugees from crossing europe
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internal borders now this is something that merkel desperately needs as she's facing a two week ultimatum from her coalition partner who is threatening to impose a new border regime against her world and listen local finds an all europe solutions. if european solution cannot be achieved we need to act on our own we agree on the objectives whatever approaches are different in the next fourteen days we will see whether we can find common ground here's another key point of the so-called breakthrough deal european leaders have also better plans to tighten the blocs borders and provide more money to countries like turkey and morocco to provide migrants from coming from europe processing centers are also being set up in countries like egypt libya niger algeria and others but these are the kind of things that have been happening since two thousand and fifteen and they haven't managed to solve the migrant crisis so perhaps these new or not so new measures are less about helping the migrants and more about saving the hits of some european
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leaders policy r.t. . for more news and sports stories go to r.t. dot com otherwise sure tell us where we will be at the top of the hour with the headlines but for me it's bye now.
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after the c.e.o. played golf. generally speaking mr trump's you know lateralus i believe a unilateralist which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these he lateral decisions i challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations.
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and how they're really done you're going to. welcome the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called for an agent. it's happening here too well no the corporatocracy is steadily tightening its grasp the insanely wealthy get richer every dagen the poor get exploited more and more sixty three percent of americans can't afford a five hundred dollars emergency yet on the other end of the spectrum the rear end of the spectrum if you will and you're sure it was done ahead jeff is now worth a record hundred and forty one billion dollars meanwhile worldwide one in ten people only make two dollars a day two hours a day do you know how long it would take one of those people or two dollars a day to make the same amount as jeff bezos has one hundred ninety three million
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years and that's if they only buy single ply toilet paper. and yet there aren't riots in the streets for the most part right at least not in the us well why we're ok with it why we sitting here why look might look outside to look like everyone's going to work at gunpoint no we're all choosing to do it so what is what is happening well i'll tell you it's the myths we are all sold myths that are ingrained in our social programming from birth when i had still soft these myths are and stamp kids and basically never questioned so i feel it's my job as year resident fly in the oil your you or your turd in the punchbowl your your your wet spot in the bed. it is my job to let them all out there for you so here are the eight great myths. of yours the sun. this
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number and we have a democracy if you think we still have a democracy then i have a subtle nuanced performance by kevin hart for you to check out all right. if you. that we still have a democratic republic ask yourself this when was the last time congress did something that the people of america wanted that was not in the benefit of corporations. you probably can't do it right is what it's like because i'm trying to think it's on the rise of the oranges i know it's got to be there now it's not there congress congress doesn't do a damned thing without the approval of their sugar daddies even the carter center and former president jimmy carter believe that america has been transformed to an oligarchy a small corrupt elite group control the country without much input from the people here's a rare photo of that group of elite men yeah they're. not the
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most attractive group of felons and the whigs aren't really doing any justice right the rulers need the myth that we were a democracy to give us the illusion of control speaking of illusion of control myth number seven we have an accountable and legitimate voting system. here in mandarin border purging data mining broken active polling push polling superdelegates door about black box machine voter id suppression provisional ballots super bags dark money third parties banners from the debate and true corporate parties that stand for the same goddamn pint that it got on a party. who worked hard. like to look good and i'm actually just dumb. you know we have one last harvard study called the worst election system in the western world you ever see you seen what a parent has
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a baby car seat in the baby has a tiny steering wheel so they can feel like they're driving you know that's when our election system is all right it's a toy staring we're not connected to anything and we're all go of london. and believe it or not that's why we have to vote we have to vote in such numbers that we beat what stolen a right number six we have an independent media that keeps the rulers accountable. if you believe that then i have a segment c.n.n. segment critical of the american empire to show you. and get it done exist that exist. our media outlets are funded by weapons contractors big pharma big banks big oil and big fat are gone pills are sorry to go hard on hard on pillows but we can't get anything resembling hard news because it's funded by.
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the corporate media is jobs are to rally for war cheer for wall street and froth at the mouth for consumerism it's their mission to actually fortified belief in the myths i'm telling you about right now and the body who stepped outside that paradigm is treated like that standing on a playground where nothing but a trench coat all right we have the furthest thing from a free and open press myth number five we have an independent judiciary. if you believe that then i have a very important historically significant intellectually satisfying episode of survivor to show you. in fact the criminal justice system has simply become a weapon wielded by the corporate state this is how bankers can foreclose on millions of hold it legally and see no detail time but activists will serve jail
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time for you don't give an ugly looked up bank chris hedges notice the most basic constitutional rights have been a raced for many our judicial system as ralph nader has pointed out as legalized secret laws secret. secret evidence to quit budgets and secret prisons in the name of national security. if you are not part of the moneyed class you're pressured into releasing what few rights you have left ninety seven interests of federal cases and ninety four percent of state cases and in plea bargains with defended pleading guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence which brings me to myth number four the police are here to protect your. take here if you don't breastfeed your baby if you need they're your friends that's funny i don't recall my friend pressuring me into sex
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to get out of a speeding ticket i mean he tried but it's. he's not a good salesman all right he has a bit of a starter's so i just thought he was laughing when he kept saying half. like what's so funny i don't. know police and i would think are the police in our in our country are primarily designed to do two things protect the property of the rich and perpetrate the completely immoral war on drugs by definition it is a war on our own people. more people that any other country on earth meaning the land of the free is the largest prison state in the world. so all these droopy faith politicians and rabid talking heads on you are awful china is on human rights or iran or north korea none of them match the numbers of people locked up right here under lady liberty's current. but look on
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the bright side if you're a human rights abuse tourist want to see some real good human rights violations real. you don't have to travel far that one right is save some money on flights another by. gun nuts. number three will make you happy this image is put forward mainly by the floods of advertising we take in daily but also by our social engineering most of us feel you know that emptiness that only a nation deep down for a while thought it was gas but. it's deep down and it's actually because we're flushing away our lives jobs we hate before going old to seclusion boxes called houses or apartments living on the t.v. to watch people who seem to have it worse than we do which is actually quite hilarious and i guess it sucks having. before that will mean after that we pass out
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and then we do it all again the next day if we're lucky we'll make enough money during the week to afford enough beer on the weekend to make it all make sense. i find it takes about four beers. everything starts to add up after four but that doesn't truly bring us fulfillment so what now well the ads say buying will do it try to smother that depression in desperation under a blanket of flat screen t.v.'s purses and jet skis now there's your live meeting now well maybe you need to go a little faster on that jet ski crank it up to eleven now or just when your bathing suit flies off you'll feel a law. we have to believe the myth that consuming is the answer or else we won't keep running around the wheel and if we are running around the wheel then we suddenly have time to do this thing our thinking and we start asking questions.
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and those questions are not good for the banks at the top myth number two if you were a card things will get better if you believe that then i have a lance armstrong charity you sure don't know. not all is it generally not true. if you work hard things will get better but unless you look at what really means really matters in life no amount of money will make you content ask yourself what we're working for to make money for what almost none of us are doing jobs for survival anymore i mean once upon a time jobs were. the food and then i ate the food and if i die. but now and if you want to get a cafe will someone die if they don't get their super cafe mocha frappe on and past a latte. i kind of doubt they're going to kill over from a blueberry scone deficiency i don't think it's happened when you die if you if you
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don't serve them one if you work at macy's with a customer perish and if they don't get their boxer briefs with the sweat absorbent fabric. down it and if they do die from that they have problems far greater. than you could have known so that means we're on working to make other people rich because we have a society where you have to work technological advancements can do most everything that truly needs to get done nowadays and according to delights just instead of survey eighty percent of people are dissatisfied with their jobs and the average person spends ninety thousand hours at work over their lifetime about one seventh of your life so if we wanted to we could get rid of like most work and have tens of thousands of more hours to enjoy our lives but we're not doing that at all and no one's allowed even to question i think kelly top.


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