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salafist reserve rented the house from which have got the approval for running the school it's a dangerous situation looking new york at google. absolutely no good they're exporting problems from the big big towns big cities. more exporting problems out to the villages so they buy or rent apartments and they put the problems there and. make constant his wife live in the melissa palettes one of the only places to hold an immigration referendum in which the majority voted against accepting refugees that was in the late eighty's and the band has since been overturned it's a culture it ought to dock scrawls and i bolted the day when we drove around town in france and we heard on the radio that two muslims attacked the church and assaulted firearms and that troth how loud slaughter a priest in an age of eighty four years i have to show from now on i said to myself
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why i come from my culture is a christian culture and we don't do things like that and we will tell you if you do them then we hate you and someday hopefully we will do something about you to stop you doing. what it. want to lift here as your neighbor that. for example painting with jesus on a platter or you know the equivalence of like you have knowledge both jesus would do with alcohol which is that. people watch what they want. we don't care that is. backbone. that's freedom as long as it does not interfere other people's freedoms and then. we are raised with that system. and also you know i mean even if there would be
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a ring provocative in the distance or whatever i would i wouldn't like it but i just let them do it. i'm sorry oh how i would i would talk some until recently i'm trying to show one. racist must see islam or for whatever it is i have all the labels on me and i'm proud of it. the government has always been very careful not to inside racial hatred whining sweet not silly crying and migration. the people who are causing problems for us today the vast majority of them were born in sweden and that's not a notion of migration they're focusing on insta gration and social inclusion that appears to be the challenge but they're doing everything they can to teach newcomers their values and language and get them working as soon as possible it's about having respect for basic swedish values you have those rights and duties here
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and also having the right opportunities to establish yourself in sweeter society we want to help us be people as we can. they just want to fill you up with new people and i don't know that people in fact there's this guilt you know like the germans they hate themselves. for what they did of the second world war i mean it was hitler didn't do it i think . they can we believe up the steps to. you with the knowledge. that. there will. be that there will be a movie. i had to redo it. my
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name is to be on i live in. which is about to get one hundred kilometers from stockholm i've been doing this for about one hundred here and now i think i don't because i have kids and i when i was younger i think allowed to be safe but supportable you can't do that anymore especially in office you know less scopes and lots more wireless i like the way posts are going sky high light special gang rapes robbery news everything is this guy but i don't think they have resources enough to keep up the mess some of the maids. may mean in my city we have a life force for no go zones where the police will build their goal all of them but i don't believe in a very weak signal the soul of the home in the void he loves or was called by work a lot to say i do i work more than full time me so this family will always will be yeah we were talking about that earlier today me and my co-leader that i have so
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credibly spends somewhere between twenty and thirty five so swedish runs for one of them out here in this box because i want my kids to be safe and others kids as well and when i get older i help someone else the same so i can go outside because my older relatives they don't. they don't even go shopping when to park because they have in the wrong places. but. i didn't think the numbers being from this matter to us is a one trillion dollars in debt. more than ten by collar crimes happen each day.
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eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember in one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only boom but. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralists can notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem oldies unilateral decisions i challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations.
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the accounting firms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and some way that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop. that when i look at how can other than not are not good at that not out of the money out of the money that is when i met him and. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm.
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not out loud i don't have a lot not why not pick ten then again why it generated the old people who believe this other obedient. little of my kids i don't want them up with johnny boy are you the moment i thought of mother how do it all the kids or is it a little i'm on a mood like a model not pull out the implied don't want to put out a look most cardioid i don't know the mother blow that it. was. also me off it will go to the police a little bit she should be sued. also be with. the local bill.
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been able. to know it. all legal it's almost impossible. that it is what's. going to mosul more. you'll still be throwing up office one percent. of the way. or i thought come up something. you don't know who you are of course yes they're both also have a good connection with the police. we turned them over to. where we're going to go and start to finish time so. they wouldn't admit that they were built across very. much very traditional. south.
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not. implemented you months. just from where walking at some points were where most would say something on the door it was. just too like integrate. we received many flyers. from. difference. let's say groups you know job. is. blue cross in the us as. the last will give you no loopholes in each other just. enough to russ just gracious it's a cool feast between immigrants and swedish receipts this is a one example like what kind of rice the semifinals you know it will sell a few weeks. and i know i go sundays you know this let's just take the bus there
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for me. and you know it's to tell you see me i was telling you off honest while you are you sitting right here the octave but it got me a close up some broke loose. and we need help we are not going to jobs. anything from them we just come here because of some problem we do need help. sites. it's not safe i'm here because their own safety and wants to work to walk up some people still live in somalia. so consciously. or divest my george ninety nine percent of the people in this city just want to live normal quiet lives. and there's just a little a little few of them that are doing the rapes that are doing the shootings and we
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are tired of it it seems you said that you are targeting a particular school for example you are targeting refugees or the targets in my field so it might seem sold and yes. that is where it all started from. but what we do petros even if we. if we are. a nation is doing heart. breaking. was to take action doesn't matter where he's from doesn't matter if he's. got one up we don't we don't do any crime. you could run a star family for me i get your five hundred. f. me yeah but the cops are coming all right i guess that what we're up against
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muslims we're not the gays. we're not against serbia's we're not against envious what are you going for. the guy we're just a month old. basically. as you noticed. next to us through this it was we were discussing. this out because. as i was explaining before we become. citizens of countries. whose days of. swedes think racism will increase in the country. right defections could help soften the swedish
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nationalist. dozens arrested during neo nazi really in sweden. using hate crime laws to counter neo nazis. i think. it's. just ridiculous so i mean i won't even call it some would say well times are changing there's war in the middle. some countries need to accept these refugees. they were afraid of change we ask. creasy. freedom. thank you for changing yourself i mean it's just. i think that's we've. tried everything for the last decade now almost face the truth it doesn't work you have to have a repatriation policy some. people back to work make the
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person. they're different arguments they'll say it's inhumane or that would say you are essentially racist how do you answer that. if i got a penny. every time i was called a racist i would be a millionaire it doesn't mean that i'm a racist it's just a sign of a politically correct society that as soon as anyone criticizes immigration policy they're called racist but i don't care anymore because no one cares about the racist. word anymore it's been used all over and now even the established admit that they have overused this term and i mean if you look at them i will come to sweden then come to sweden because it's a country that its. benefits they want to come here because of our welfare and because of the fact that they don't have to adopt our society here. since the peak
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of the refugee crisis sweden has introduced stricter border controls and adopted more restrictive policies when it comes to asylum seekers the government has admitted that the country has taken on too many given it saw it and an immigration overhaul is needed the number of those coming into the country is decreasing but some feel that the damage has already been done and the country has been left a recognizable. in gothenburg we have now from the sweden three hundred the willing to. take and now they're coming back to sweden of course there's going to be a problem because there are hundreds of people and many of them from this city and these are people who have been trained to kill to have fun but i believe a swedish government. and the sweetest system which is like a swedish boys is toothless. i don't understand that those people who should be our
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leaders our floors and. they're not taking our borders are basically wide open for contraband for smuggling not politics. and also criminal organized criminals we should not fool. so we cannot be naive about this to not attract more gangsters rapists and these birds actually that are tearing down this city if we could see the consequences for those who commit crimes for instance send them back rape someone out to get you if you lie about to a challenge if you that would we have i don't think people protesting.
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effort of fear just a little like proprietary software you don't know the source code. to most of the. world all of. these and all this in the us your problem started on with the old vision stopping there was a history of long holes in front of the obvious cards on the fly.
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hopeful superstars lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo are knocked out of the world cup. through to the quarterfinals. away from some of the big stories of the last seven days from us a highly anticipated summit between president putin and the trump confirmed for july the sixteenth setting the political and media world on its head then. the leaders agree on tougher regulations to curb the migrant influx however was hailed as a breakthrough by the clock is causing concern among human rights. morning she this sunday the first of july here in the morning now you're watching the weekly on with me kevin now in a recap of some of the big stories of the last seven days in about ten minutes time
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the first football. on the crucial stage now the first day of the fifo world cup knockout stage of the world seemed to stop by its messi and ronaldo sent home but despite not upset the stunning performances across the matches that fans around the world. i know who i. was. i. i. i. i i i. if.
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they're. the loser. is mike lee harvey full of the special studio in the haas of moscow. beautiful evening and some beautiful much the full we've seen here of why the upgrade to the quarter finals after they defeated european champions political scene goals this is how it played out like a volley started the move on seven minutes but watch as far as he is and he returns the favor nothing a back in here and this is a perfect ball in your guy then sat back a little bit had four sometimes five at the back and then three in front of them
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and kept the block very very tight and then one fifty five minutes they had a corner and everyone kept an eye on ronaldo and here you see pepe it's a really really good header when you have someone like pepper in the team he pops up and score goals like we've just seen but he also makes stupid decisions in a game and for the second goal that come on he scored he made a really stupid decision to go in trying to win when they had a way she just stayed back and i was trying to win that header he left such a massive gap it's a path into him and his finish is good i have to question the goalkeeper and those . goals he had hit the papers just running back there it wouldn't have been there had pippen not gone for that ball now we've lost for now and it's a slightly sad ending his last contribution to the match had a shot that nearly hit the corner flag and then is very last contribution was. poor temperament with the referee and getting booked for. that was it was less yeah yeah
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a little bit of a sad ending and we're now speculating that it was this the last time with so cristiano ronaldo in the world cup was the last time we saw in the illness and then in this mess he's thirty one it's thirty two coming up to thirty three we don't know it's four years is a long time in football speaking about misfit i wonder what it was like in seoul chief downhole can visit the stadium for a surprise what did you make of the game how you how you're feeling right now big moment for you guys very excited very excited are. a long way it was a tough hard for game and we got we got do it is that this is the school what you predicted is not what you thought we also we didn't do what it was you know when this gets any new we know it was going to be easy put on you we're going to win this game you could tell that you're a why we would like to defend first we like to stay at the back to make sure that our structure is good and the right to develop on the counter and develop on those opportunities and we played our football today use we played this football against
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egypt against saudi arabia against russia and the results are coming and i couldn't be happier we know that you're quite through and if you don't know the result you can check it out critically that with the flags and you can say that he's going to be here at quite a gang of friends he defeated always and seen a what was just a simply nice set matches and it ended goals it's a story that you. i. thought yeah it was.
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yeah. it's. today it was in its great world cup for them the only good game they played was nigeria in the last. three run a message got on the school street in the thing. today the audience time's a cry and i think if you see maradona somewhere. he will be crying and he's been
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crying all the way through throughout these championships and yeah i don't think it's been very good for his health at least you know that emotional rollercoaster with some old lows than the highs can see and feel. and have you noticed that the polish changed by the way is completely identical to the other one it just has got different colors and so it's red patterns on it now so and maybe and we don't know this maybe the polish different because we've got ten goes out of two games that is something now the new prince of the game is a risen and if you think he's potentially got another three world cups after this one he could be reigning supremest this isn't a flash in the pan this isn't speculation he has everything needed does need to be at the very top of the game unbelievable player he's nineteen years of age we've known about him for a good eight hundred months maybe even more to two years. is owned by monaco but
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he's on launch of p s d. passenger man. as we talked about before it's a public secret that this deal is going to go through the summer and it's going to be the most expensive player in the world well the french players will have gave a lot today to have what six days to recover in time for that match on the sixth of july nice nino girl but it's not just the players who gave a lot found this will be emotionally draining it's quite a ride seven goals first and that it will take its toll on the fans to was was there where we are happy to have so much upset i can't even find an hour and i frowned slightly and for fourteen few nights yes i i i was a who was. i really want to be following the next day next round oh well that was one we tried
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to do but it was not possible these are. not me she's the best we have the best player on the planet if. it was amazing that we were down to one then the i would score twice i tree would score three times so it was amazing comfort to your home or your duty to. god well stay sunday the second day of the knockout stage starts with the clash between russia and spain share their expectations with us what's to come. back to me i hope we win the match but they wish luck to all point and says well you will loose that's ok i did too this said i hope we winning support our team put on his grandmother but i hope spain a bit russia spain did not start at one hundred percent this world cup but i think that now we will start playing spain's games on a ticket dhaka the boss's goals and most of all to improve our defense let's go
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spain says. spain was top of its group with two drolls one win against iran you may recall russia was second in group after it was beaten by you require that much will start a five pm moscow time he's rarely found out what impact the russian team's success is. on its loyal fans. this world cup is used by so much in the way of color become a luxury so used between different supporters of different countries and it's also inspired some fantastic such as this one in st petersburg by the local oxygen of the russian team coach. that we managed to catch up with the artist earlier this week and ask him what inspired him to make this piece i'm not a us but it turns out that i'm quite sentimental to this is my so how happy it was or how people celebrate.


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