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crime and migration. the people who are causing problems for us today the vast majority of them a born in sweden and that's not a notion of migration they're focusing on insta gration and social inclusion that appears to be the challenge but they're doing everything they can to teach newcomers their values and language and get them working as soon as possible it's about having respect for basic swedish values you have those rights. and also having the right opportunities to establish yourself in sweeter society we want to help us be the people if we can. they just want to fill you up with new people and i don't know it's like they hate their own people and. guilt you know like the germans they hate themselves. for what they did of the second world war i mean. i think.
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my community of up the steps. you were somehow lost along that we have to consider that. to will stop the day of. the week that they'll be a movie star from. five hundred or. minus a pm. which is about one hundred kilometers i've been doing this for about one of them have here now i think i don't because i have kids and when i was younger i think to be safe but you can't do that anymore especially in the office you know. hopes. for a while and it's like the weight was going sky high gang rapes robbery. everything is. loaded into. they had resources enough to
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keep up the mess some of them made. they mean in my city we have like three or four or no go zones where the police will be no deal or go over that i don't believe in a they would sit in the so the i would. call them i work a lot but i do i work more than full time he says from the low. we were talking about earlier today me and my co-leader that i have free will be spent somewhere between twenty and thirty miles and swedish runs one of them out here and this also goes i want my kids to be safe and others kids as well and when i get older i hope someone else the same so i'm going to go outside because my older relatives they don't know. they don't even go shopping when to park because they have in the wrong places.
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once before so much because. the bus. which to me and my. mom always was. full of them.
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in the spirit of. these images instead. of. coming from the. third. is that. can you hear me. him and i should say as most in the. current american administration is raising tariffs and revising old trade agreements when america sneezes can the rest of the world avoid contracting protectionist fever.
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and that when i look at how i've done all that and i'm not out of luck though the other not out of the money out of the money that they're letting him. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm. not that ultimately funny enough why not. why it generated the old people we believe just a little bit here. all of my kids i don't want them up a son johnny boy are you the moment i thought of mother having a lot of kids or is it a little on the way to my be old enough to want the things i don't want to put all your love to my worst party without all the mother bloodletting.
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most. of all for. me also. good policing of the mission of peace is. also the one. who is pulled up awful. awful awful. you know it. all but also most of us. thought it was. so you know most important. the office of a person. people like. myself
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only come up so. you don't know who you are of course yes they're both also have a good connection with the police. we tell them over time. where we're going to go and start and finish time so. they wouldn't admit that they were built across very. much very traditional. south. in so many given. notice from where locations at some points were where most would say something on the door it was. just too like integrate you know we had received many flyers.
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from. different. let's say groups you know job. is. blooper was a guy says. loves you. you know we're promoting each other. a lot of russ just gracious it's our conflicts between immigrants and swedish receipts this is the one example like what kind of crisis i will find. few weeks out. and i know i go stargazing you know just take the bus for me. and you know it's to tell you see me telling you off on this while you are you sitting right here they are but you've got me because of some serious injuries and we need to tell you we're not going to their jobs or anything from them we just come here because of some problem. and we need help so it's.
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it's not the same time have focused on safety and will also work to walk up some people still live in some. condo to sleep. or divest my georgia ninety nine percent of the people in this city just want to live normal quiet lives. and there's just a little a little few of them that are doing the rapes that are doing the shootings and we are tired of it it seems that you are targeting a particular school for example you are targeting refugees or the targets in my field so it might seem so old and yes. that is where it all started from but what we do petros even if we.
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if we are. and nationalists doing. breaking. ten or so. since they capture it doesn't matter where he's from doesn't matter if he's. we don't. mind if you start a family for me you're five hundred. yet but the cops are coming. against. you.
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basically. as you noticed. next to us through this it was we were discussing. this out because. as i was explaining before we become. citizens of countries. whose days of. swedes think racism will increase in the country. right defections could help swedish nationalist. dozens arrested during neo nazi really in sweden. using hate crime laws to counter neo nazis. i think. it's. just ridiculous so i won't even call it some would say well times are changing and there's war in the middle. some countries need to accept these refugees as it may
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be. afraid of we ask. creasy. freedom. i mean. i think that's we have. a country that has tried everything for the last decade it's now almost face the truth it doesn't work we have to have a repatriation policy some would say actually ations sending people back to the person or their different arguments they'll say it's inhumane or that would say you are essentially racist and have the answer to that. if i get a penny out of every time i was called a racist i would be a millionaire well it doesn't mean that i'm a racist it's just a sign of a politically correct society that as soon as anyone criticizes immigration policy
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they're called racist but i don't care anymore because no one cares about the racist. word anymore in sweden it's been used all over and now even the established admit that they have overused this term and i mean if you look at them i will come to sweden then come to sweden because it's a country that has given them a lot of benefits they wanted to come here because of our welfare and because of the fact that they don't have to adopt a society here. since the peak of the refugee crisis sweden has introduced a stricter border controls and adopted more restrictive policies when it comes to asylum seekers the government has admitted that the country has taken on too many given it saw it and an immigration overhaul is needed the number of those coming into the country is decreasing but some feel that the damage has already been done and the country has been left a recognizable. in gothenburg we have now from the sweden three hundred jihadists
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they went into syria and iraq. and now they're coming back to sweden of course there's going to be probably. hundreds of people in the main. you know i'm from this city and these are people who have been trained to kill and to have fun but if i blew a swedish government. and it is sweet system which is like if it is swedish boys this tooth unless i don't understand that those people who should be our leaders look at our floors and those people who should protect us they're not taking our borders are basically wide open for contraband for smuggling not politics guns and also criminal who are going to screw criminals we should not fool ourselves we cannot be naive about this to not attract more gangsters rapists and these birds actually that are tearing down this city if we could see the
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consequences trip those who commit crimes for instance send them back rape someone out if you if you lie about to a child if you can with what we have i don't think people protesting.
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etc see a lady although. rather
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a position when you go to one of the for something beyond what because a lot of us are. as we might want to meet our well me and. see. both of. whom i was losing. some love. move. the spirit into believing that he said the watchman's are. coming from the.
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winter is that. can you hear me. diminish care to most of the. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what microsoft on the board doesn't want the muslims out of just the homes on the guns not with the fee that you got into this it's just us who live in the proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments
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under cyber threat and not only that to think off. more on. the softness of this missile this is still the only one with the war for the mosque the. all. of the. things this is. done with the old vision starting there was a sting of all the fun is up and his cards on the floor.
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for poor superstars lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo knocked out of the world cup as france and europe power through to the quarterfinals. for treetops and sketches to prove. celebrity faces well. in the host cities we're going to show you some and also had some of the. highly anticipated summit between president . states in the wake of the political and media. leaders agreed on tougher regulations to cope with the influx but what. comes.
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this sunday the first right here in moscow not just one pm you're watching the weekly on oxy with me kevin the big stories and some days to come. this weekend the first of the fee for world cup knockout stage. set. not upset performances that cross the. you through to the quarterfinals here are some highlights for you. i.
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i i. i .
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just a fortnight ago thirty two teams enter the tournament this is where it stands this weekend whittled down to the sixteen to make it through to the knockout stage good job all incidentally for getting this far of course but the so much more to come that she won it slightly to saturday day one of this crucial part of the championship which saw france take on argentina great game but as always with this kind of thing always a shock in store to this time it's messy that didn't make much impact could be as last world cup because of his age and the day it was france for argentina three so france are making it through to the next round of the quarterfinals the other big game saturday your acquired portugal before it many people hoping to see messi maybe meet the other star player christiane or an elder in the quarterfinals again wasn't to be more shocks in store the more likely to meet at the airport going home christiane and his team enjoyed a crushing defeat to europe why switch your a go i going through to the quarterfinals the score there to one to the south americans but let's get on to today a lot more action in store sunday is going to be no less dramatic the first of the
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day will see the unexpected clash for host russia in pre-tournament favorite spain kicking off at five pm moscow time after the evening continues with the denmark croatia clash with bearing in mind the croatians have won every game so far their group stage because where these winning cars are going to go on the scoreboard later who can say i can tell you though we'll find out soon enough it's all part of the fifo world cup twenty eighteen roller coaster ride. was. it was i. was.
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was. the ear. was was . was so russian spy in a going to play later today moscow's version of the stadium which for the fans of the russian capital about their expectations for this makeup i mean. i hope we win the match but they wish luck to all point and says well you will loose that's ok i did too it is sad i hope we will support our team put on his grandmother but i hope spain a bit russia spain did not start at one hundred percent this world council but i think that now will start playing spain's games on
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a ticket dhaka the boss's goals and most of all to improve our defense let's go spain. spain was top of its group with two draws one win against iran russia was second in group a after it was beaten by you require the match will start at five pm moscow time later that day mean time with the football comes the hero worship easterly next finds out what impact the russian team's success has on its devoted fans. this world cup he spied so much in the way of cholera the camaraderie the songs between different supporters of different countries and it's also inspired some fantastic such as this one in same pages but by the local artist would go off all of the russian team coach chad cheer that we've got to catch up with the ought to study this week and ask him what inspired him to make this piece i'm not a football does but it turns out that i'm quite sentimental to this is my so how
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happy i was or how people celebrate. a victory last united russia and so i saw as well why not do some graffiti despite the fact he has a reputation for not smiling churchill saw this capture the hearts of the russian people off to guiding the team to the knockout stages of a wild caught for the first time since one thousand nine hundred six. form sorry well this time it was really unexpected so nice of the fans and this beautiful girl portrayed in the paint is right off to such great victories is a tribute to him and the fact that it's past this tosses portrayed we came here specifically to take a picture like true fans if they refuse to hear just if they could be sure but it's badly read in the news being that the receiver feed a fortune very amazing custom coach and was rushed here to take a pill and. of course with the world's biggest sporting events in full swing it
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seems russia's living breathing eating and sleeping football i'm not just talking the feet see the beautiful gaze even made it into the household of the russian academy of off more than forty ceremonial portraits have gone up featuring the world's greatest football thoughts imagine christianity rinaldo in the nineteenth century. it's sort of a vision of italian artists for brits but in valley. even labeled his creations with the ground made like the gods know that. i like the fact that you you can see players as a general sense leader. eco's a jew in the mix is doing tonight i mean it's you you feel that they are really your representative yet they're really your leader confounds i've also got in on the action and i think we've uncovered quite a few good new talents and they would spray should football of course.
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well as we showed you the last couple of weeks here on this channel the world cup spirits touch people from all walks of life realms of life russians continue to enthusiastically great foreign guests trying to add something special to the visit experience like this. you have learned from the. government yet. another they're not going to. feel if you ever get out. i remember. that.
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thank. you. back to the second lot of action the second match on sunday latest day between his going to have managed. not god caray shield won all three games in the group stage they're one of the favorites in the championship denmark took second place in the time in their group after two draws and one when the head of that much danish fans travelled a little over four hundred kilometers east of moscow where i am to cheer on their team peter all of it went to and found out they've already got some local vikings in their host city.


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