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tv   News  RT  July 1, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the unions walked right out we walked and i meant. it's. really. easy to use. we have shoes to see. yourself on how to become of the dash the new direction of mosul up on. so far we've been the last motoring along. just a little bit in the. new stuff and.
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the medina but he wasn't looking at there was a tree fell and i asked him that. i'll be the. heavy one aftershock. so i thought when the food position was on libya would be unlocked at the el letty . mission list and what he had had his. own aca muso my bill he learned enough he had been healed enough to kana well in as a part of the. german at. heart of sharia.
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the matter off. within the movie and it's sort of what we know. i mean and what on the men and. at the house and their like. who would. not call back if you've been with them up of a bullet had you dude but that little bit of awaiting. them now and we be. doing what the book of most walk away you should believe when you are the only one . he. shouts you're going to see the stench of people going to town and to cheat chad question. and more than that all for the little sauce i think ultimately enough. of all the stuff at the capitol but the days of the south and that all you want them only cheap.
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i mean when i listen to you. know what. they. mean i was no one with any. of our own. thank. you. we keep on going around with nothing. to leave you i didn't even say. anything. oh yeah. serious i'm going to come out here no you can't tell me anything you gonna but i love it. that's my kid i would look.
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right there when he got you but they hate us i. mean he had thought of going to join us in the dead us. well i'm going to just him where you literally have to die no i did but that would have been a thought he had the little you got funded and at the moment he. was a human you know at the time with you but was he with you no monkey. no no and initially none of you v.d. be amended if you any soon and the union that got that on the most any man. in the end yeah the idea that i would be in them a. you have been a time of being in a lot of id dared to cut up. the phone you could. rip out of hundred days before the last about. a million city was going to win and well what the results would be one of the few.
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buds. who up over one hundred in. the meanwhile had. a front group in america. been to do you call them for. this and them. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralist can notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations.
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counting firms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and some way that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop. thank you.
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some say. it's going. to get sick sick sick. sick sick sick. sick sick sick. sick sick sick sick. sick sick sick. sick sick.
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sick stood up we're going to talk a. lot of the good something the so. called you don't know if you don't know what the before looks or. you going to get we're going to sleep so i think you know if you accept. that place. no no no no that. is let me work on that for me that you know a lot of the lee had the but nobody and nothing would not be and cannot help the injured then what can the and what help the it and i don't mean you could have the adored her.
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you know i'm still i'm sitting here. i have a man with the bits. and yet i'm conditioning. them to. dash. dash. and you can. run. in the. course.
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you want so he has a get your. dish a lean death a month so i can assume that. you must know i'm going to infuse him with the. desk. making time to. do a lot of without. a little here's the thing. i didn't. before he. got it. he didn't. and there have none he moved can you. hear me. jim in ash
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then get most of. them on the rise of the what we need to look like in the people that would come to look in. well the. thoughts after the some other thought it was there was certainly with it as much of it that it's ok. with you but you got to watch that there was one of the no look. in the show i haven't and i don't know what i don't that's going to you're not weeks. we're going to.
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come on mission due to michelle and. you're still going to. run and cook with. a horse and they're heading into her place because it's never. before. in into. me was available oh yeah i'll get. what i was it was the last time and. many. you.
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think of. it. for me as a fifty five. but. i feel in the end i'm one of the of the of the. now mcphee how. beautiful but you don't you know in the left mean.
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glued. to. the. camera and from all. angles on thought of. me i will give you. the field up. from a come up of the love and keep it all many feel how would that mean have you come in within a few. minutes of the war with what. you have up at the. gun shots at all feet. sob and i think what i would love i mean is i can i that can be any. of us and i was. alan is one of those i know
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kind of money in which i was going to mean how to part of that i mean and then i love how being kind or couple saying no and then when man is a no no or kind of your calls for freeing up a couple hours why are you coming through with the need for first not the more you had. but one and i. think the kids. are. going to. look. at me funny.
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looks ok. cupid who want. to love. me.
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sure he'd love this were made up of the at the. top of the last three and as a go. home so he put his son for. the local and the for men's and. i want to them for not going up on. me i'm convinced the way i look they've been coming with more bob he walked home. can . see. the stairwell move to use a little more look my little one of them while also. counting
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farms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it handsomely that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop.
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world cup heavyweights argentina and portugal are knocked out of the world cup winning the tournament over for superstars cristiana rinaldo france and europe take their place in the quarterfinals. sketches to professional galleries celebrity faces of the world cup or adorning walls and host cities. and the national colors of spain and hosts russia surround the stadium in moscow just two hours now until those countries play. winner takes all plan. also this week a highly anticipated summit between president putin and donald trump is confirmed the july the sixty turning the political. leaders agree on tougher
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regulations to curb the migrant influx however as a breakthrough by the block is causing concern among human rights groups. that wherever you are this sunday july the first welcome this is the. seven day recap of some of the big stories coming up right here first though let's get going to the football. so the first day of the fifa world cup knockout stage for two of the superstar names sent packing and although messi and ronaldo didn't quite live up to their billing on the day astounding performances from france and europe why secured their places in the quarterfinals here are some of the highlights. i i. i i i.
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i i i was. i. was. i i i. i. i. i i i i i i i i. i i i i i.
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i. i. just fell out of course we had thirty two teams entering the tournament but this is where we stand at the moment this weekend sixteen through to the knockout stage good job done then all so far but there's so much more to come back to what we saw on saturday the day one of this crucial part of the championship so france take on argentina a great game but a big shock as well messi didn't make much impact and let's face it this could well be his last world cup and of the day then it was france for argentina three so we got from south going through to the quarterfinals the other big game on saturday you're of portugal before any of this many of course we're hoping to see massive meet the other star player christiane over now there in. quarterfinals that i'm going to happen any more in fact they're more likely to meet at the airport going home as christiane and his team endure a crushing defeat to europe why. going through to the quarter final score in that game to want to the south americans on saturday then sunday is going to be no less
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dramatic a they're the first of the day we'll see the unexpected clash the host russia and the pre-tournament favorite spain that kicks off at five pm moscow time after that even continues with the denmark and croatia clash the croatians of course of so far won every game in their group stage but where these winning cars are going to go on the scoreboard will know a little bit later on it's all part of the fifa world cup twenty eight hundred rollercoaster ride i. i. was in it. was i. was.
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it was. a match between denmark and croatia will be played in nizhny novgorod kick off in about six hours from now croatia were one of only three countries to win all of their group games and now considered to be one of the favorites to lift the world cup on july the fifteenth denmark also went in their group to take second place behind france after two draws and one when. head of the match day fans travelled a little over four hundred kilometers east of moscow to cheer on matty peter all of it went to him found out they already have some local vikings in the host city.
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well i am never one to listen opportunity for a stereotype to go to waste so while we're here initially no good old for these last sixteen rounds i'm here on the cold get to meet up with some vikings. or so when i'm not playing up today stereotypes of course i've managed to find some day me shuns here in good old to have a little chat to me about worlds going on her own or we are ashamed of having a bad ass. we thought that's going to russia would be the bad time but it seems we now know that has been screwed this is what i wanted to ask you because there
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was a lot made to the english funds we were all told don't come to russia it's really dangerous. we're told the same thing exactly the same thing at home my family my colleagues told me don't get killed. as i'd like that and how if he found it since it's rubbish is so easy everyone is really friendly and it's so nice we're all having a great time all the countries and nation and russia we all want to stimulate one big group what we have seen though as well is they amongst the files says the emotion is really got to a lot of people we've seen the panamanians they took over this town when they were here all the danes going to do the same the panamanian says they were bringing convolve. to russia it was the danes spring. we are not that many danged shit to morrow i heard. like eight hundred maybe but when we are there at the stadium we're going to chance oh ninety minutes and extend it if needed we're going
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to chance because you want to danes to succeed and we want the days to feel that we're here for then we want them to prove that they should be the best what is the danish song come on let us know what's it look at but. do stand by guys it was third boat oh it's flooded earth. the world cup spirits talk to people from all walks of life are the locals enthusiastic increasing their foreign guests and trying to add something a little more special to the visitors experience with us. government from the. government. rather than i think we're going to. have you know.
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remember. that. russia is the biggest game in a decade is set to kick off in less than two hours of moscow's noisemaking stadium the hosts taking on one of the tournament favorites spain. cut. the above up. likely bunch on the easter island for the fans are for. hi there isa on the perhaps this is a case of pressure off for russia now then how things are building up outside the stadium. here in the front going to zarek to the people that is the stadium support
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the saudis the gavotte mainly russia to see those russians was enough to get off to get one of those lighting up at the golden much the good old i gave you to go. to the on the. building there are lots of people that they can. also manage to catch up with a number of the forces actually from both the teams played on russia to try to gauge their opinion as to what's going to have to do not game today. with this the mice with someone thank you up ask them myself for the most that was my banal but to find it this is going to that this was a good. little bit thank you but there's got to file away at the money and i just thought it was well was that this that was right. that. minute.


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