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and get them working as soon as possible it's about having respect for basic swedish values you have those rights. and also having the right opportunities to establish yourself in suite or society we want to help us be people as we can. they just was to fill you up with new people i don't know it's like they hate their own people and just guilt you know like the germans they hate themselves. for what they did in the second world war i mean. i think. i can we believe up the steps. you were somehow lost along the way off beam sit on that. you will stop the day. of the week the premium movie stuff. had to be the.
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meaningless of b.m. . which is about one hundred kilometers from i've been doing this for about one of them out here now i think i don't because i have kids and i when i was younger i think be safe but you can't do that anymore especially in the office you know. helps. a lot slower violence like the wait was going sky high gang rapes robbery. everything is kind of i don't think they had resources enough to clean up the mess some of them made. in my city we have like three or four for you know the least. of them that i don't believe in a bit of so. i work a lot. but i do i work more than full time me see this fellow yeah we were talking
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about that earlier today me and my co-leader that i have probably spends somewhere between twenty and thirty if i was a swedish crowns on the map here and this looks close i want my kids to be safe and others kids as well and when i get older i hope someone else the same so i can go outside because my older relatives they don't they they don't even go shopping when i park because they have in the wrong places. camera. roughly once the show is so moved by you for the. uncool videos during the boom come on someone with the broccoli strung out. on down
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more on string i don't really don't t.v. join me everything on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like colored foreign stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one
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business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. the. current american administration is raising tariffs and revising old trade agreements when america sneezes can the rest of the world of only a contracting protectionist fever. that are going to that how can other than not are not good at that not out of the mouth of the money the daily planet actually. this was a good time to. try to move their i'm.
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not up out loud to get my little money not why not act and then again why exxon and the whole people we believe just of the obedient. little of my kids i don't want them up a son johnny borrell the moment i've got a mother how do a lot of kids are that a little i'm a little like a model most wanted a pimp i don't want to put out they are the most cutting wood i loathe i'm of the blood that it. just.
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yes. i think. my. mom. will see me also it will go well good policing of the recession will be so. hopefully when. it was pulled up off the bill for. an airing of all political. you know a. little to most of us. thought it gets boring. for him also more. you'll still need to go to office one of the from. the right. or i don't normally
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come up with may. do the most with walk of course yes there but i also have a good connection with the police and we tell them over time. well. where we're going to go and start to finish time so. they wouldn't admit that they were built because they got my very very traditional who would have said it's. not. implemented you won't see. i don't see where walking at some point where most it's something on the door it was. just too like integrate. we receive many players.
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from. different. let's say you know joe. is a. looper was a guy says. the last we'll get you know we're promoting each other. a lot of russ just gracious you know it's our conflicts between immigrants and swedish receipts this is a one example like what kind of racism you find. a few weeks out. and i know i go stargazing you know just take the bus for me. and you know it's just tell you see me calling you off on this while you have you sit by here but you've got me a cross of some serious injury and we need help we are not going to their jobs. anything from them we just come here because of some problem and see who need help
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with a super tight store it's not safe i'm here with us here on safety and will also work for me to walk up some people still believe in some idea. so to sleep. and help them out. or divest my georgia ninety nine percent of the people in this city just want to live normal quiet lives. and there's just a little a little few of them that are doing the rapes that are doing the shootings and we are tired of it it seems that you work so hard. if it's if you look at for example your targets. targets in my field so it might seem so and yes. this. is just wrong. but what we do petros even if we. if we are.
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doing. breaking. take action doesn't matter what his brother doesn't matter if he's. the one up with. the stuff i don't know for me. yet but the cops are coming. we're must and so we're not against. serbia's against. what are you going to. do this. basically. as you noticed. next to us through this it was
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we were discussing. this out because. as i was explaining before. we've become. a citizen of our own countries. i. think racism will increase in the country. right defections could help swedish nationalist. dozens arrested. in sweden. using hate crime laws to neo nazis. it's. just ridiculous so i mean i won't even call but some would say well times are changing and there's war in the middle east some countries need to accept these
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refugees as it may be the fact that you are afraid of change we ask. krishi. do. you know. i think that's we have. a country that has tried everything for the last decades now most face the truth it doesn't work you have to have repatriation policy some would say. people back to the person or their different arguments will say it's inhumane or that. are essentially racist how do you answer that. if i got a penny out of every time i was called a racist i would be a millionaire it doesn't mean that i'm a racist it's just a sign of a politically correct society that as soon as anyone criticizes the immigration
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policy they are called racist but i don't care anymore because no one cares about the racist. word anymore in sweden it's been used all over and now even the established admit that they have overused this term and i mean if you look at the migrants of come to sweden them come to sweden because it's a county that has given them a lot of benefits they wanted to come here because of our welfare and because of the fact that they don't have to adopt a society here. since the peak of the refugee crisis sweden has introduced stricter border controls and adopted more restrictive policies when it comes to. silence seekers the government has admitted that the country has taken on too many given its size and an immigration overhaul is needed the number of those coming into the country is decreasing but some feel that the damage has already been done and the country has been left a recognizable. ngata border we have now from the sweden three hundred jihadists
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the winter to syria and iraq to islam mistake and now they're coming back to sweden of course there's going to be a problem because there are hundreds of people and many of them from this city and these are people who have been trained to kill and to have funded it i believe this government. and its weakest system which it's like is this wishbone is this truth unless i don't understand that those people who should be our leaders look at our floors and those people should protect us they're not taking our borders are basically wide open for contraband for smuggling i thought it guns and also criminals organized criminals we should not fool ourselves we cannot be naive about this and not attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down the city if we could see consequences for those who commit crimes for
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instance send them back rape someone out if you if you lie about the age out if you can with what we have i don't think protesting. i think. right we're all set to start in five yes to the studio house no signal. he's not going to talk about the no fly list just renewed right after the morris
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explorers were moved would have their new. record. to say last week. down to yellow stone told them to sophie until i'm seriously shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is who've good luck little. visually to top this drastic doings of our citizens taken care of our cars just please take you to the punch and most of them from a complete disregard to i was just. a static.
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problems that we kind of stayed within the state they call a nice take it this non part of sweden. and i'm like the computer kind of man. no no but it's not slow stop stop stop stop the bullshit local go global my culture is christian culture and we don't do things like and we will tell you if you do then we hate you and somebody hopefully you can do something. tristan. we cannot be naive about this cannot attract more gangsters great fish and these birds actually do that they are tearing down this city and we want sleeping to be a swedish country and we want to know both the people who live here and not all to go back.
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to the town and farms the banks the the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it handsomely that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another one mike will still be on the board doesn't come from one present god the pentagon just adama's down the guns and. woods as the three that is up on him to see them must also apply been proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating good public good to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that something's off message and put us in more and that's what we call softness and this is an easy sell missiles the only one of the
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more vocal to lead to almost the all these in the world was all of those with zero balance things this is the arsenals of the home study done with the old vision stopping there was a sting of phone calls and from his up and his cards on the fine. feel.
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happens at the last national coverage from central most and was somehow incredibly and quite unbelievable leave russia had gone from kolkata know how is this to within it to weigh in on the final and you might be able to tell by the atmosphere people are quite happy about this yet russia winning almost penalties they want for free on the spot fix up the road won't want to build five against the two thousand and ten will win this by the supposed rights it's always clinched it on penalties because it's a fantastic safe from the capacity to reckon faith and this is what it means to
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a nation because it means a lot i want to show you some of the scenes that we're witnessing now in central moscow. the capital the streets and see ghost towns throughout the day everybody was at home watching t.v. now they are forming out into the city center and that's nothing but studds double triple what we saw an hour ago but if you spread wider into the streets surrounding reds it is long johns you could call it chaos you could call it may i call it really and this is. what it means to russia to go into uncharted territory they've never been to the last sixteen in post soviet history they certainly know the native to the quarter finals and they find themselves in a place now where there's nothing left to do but celebrate and took a celebration snaky i think we may say that for a look inside the russia changing race this is what it's in the play is after that for penalty but a hoop there are was
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was was. was was was was was i was. thinking. who. was the only. science i mean was there were thousands in the pockets of the found zones in cities all around russia and this is the same so just mosco we've seen coverage from all around the country have been past the celebrations deafening where we are the traffic has come to a standstill everybody is sounding the car whole and i'm getting s.m.s. is from pizza company say congratulations well no victory on the russian roulette fourteen stories it up in the sky now and this is how noisy to our correspondent
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he's down on the coast gaius three i don't know if you can hear as well as try to cross live to see him now he goes down how can you hear him say mickey i'm me i wasn't like bad. making me a little you can take a guess your guess is good my god i. was i was these guys can do you much better than i can you not stand anything you haven't was good. years ago. thank you very much like you are if you want me here have the country. having people i challenge you and russia russia chances in them. who made sure to lower your say. russia face. and absent you nail biting game that went down to the penalty shootout was
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absolutely routine russia. have the russian cities here in seoul the most schools have only close to st and in central moscow they are celebrating and i mean tomorrow is monday and people have to go to work these people around me they don't care they're here to celebrate they have some right there are. going to. be here we are here. this is russia this is russia they say nobody could but people could barely believe in this is especially off to an absolutely disastrous stretch of friendlies right before the world cup but in a game with egypt and again with saudi arabia. and ill. will these people from believing. and home have been fulfilled in
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a i don't know thank you for now being atmospherics i like trade right there on the screen and also right here but i mean i think a symbol is a really i will just say for anybody who speaks or the fans are saying that was a little bit of exotic language from one of the founders the so qualities for that if you don't with the russian that was the thing to say. exuberance i have to say that the the the much that it's just taught in the female dog whistle peter schmeichel that because following his beloved does. on the witness of a much movie playing a slushy and with four to five in sochi on saturday so this isn't cool much for russia to see the licencee very very quick go lucky students and put them all got in the first minute question just because i was playing well but this was the job should be celebrating this is useful to russia from three police to the ship and then the saying we're going to keep it because the seals will be free to play is
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absolutely devoted to chess a woman smiles will be small if they lift the trophy i think just the sunny smile is a very big risk that that game between spain and measure is going to dominate everything but this much is happening right now between denmark and norway she and her ok so it's only actually six minutes and it's already one zero zero anyway let's get back to it's yeah one zero anyway let's get back to and the spain. and russia game we have one of our correspondents here in the finals i do believe we can cross live to hand shortly and do all that he's been so let's so let's let's bring you a list of the action when will the folks on the next drama penalty until. of what it was.
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to the if you if you to to the if you. was. obsolete seeing. good i can tell you the final zone is just over to my left about a few kilometers away we can hear the cheers going up from as i'm study alongside
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pay to ship michael i have to say this man told us exactly as the penalty shootout started he said that bush is going to win to say smacking five don't yet he had this kind of game he play i thought he was fantastic today. as it is that spain created dealt with that really well i said at half time i said that the savy it did go that full time the safety mate was probably the first safety made in the whole of the will cup and i think i'm right i haven't got a confirmed one hundred percent but after that my god you played well and it was just this kind of thing we know what you can try if he has his reputation of being a really good penalty saver you know so the whole thing was set up for him. and you know. i just don't know i mean i didn't think that was a fan park it by the way i thought we could be. i mean it's just it's just so unbelievable and and in many many ways to say there isn't there is no way of playing a football match but if you decide on something this is what i want to do to assess
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if that that i'm going to be defensive i'm going to take what we have and if i can take it through to penalties and to night spain then you sing in the one who didn't twenty minutes then we have a chance if i go out and trying to score well they would you eat old space they will score goes and i mean he's playing today if that's what's his tactics what they did today i mean the players it did a fantastic job and now russia up playing in such a in the quarter finals against whoever wins in this make no. stadium behind us. and you know what. i told. i'm crossing my fingers that i can call that as well i might be slightly reaching for the danes in this game coming up bad mostly from being sat next to you watching this game today but if we go back to the. things it wasn't pretty at times.
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of a team playing together all of the play is that of well technically it wasn't but it was gritty and sometimes football matches a one. game. we saw with five minutes to go in a normal time players like this could couldn't be walk you know they were. on the floor with cramp and you thinking how's this going to go. but i have to say the russian players. and they fought and they never gave up they never gave up any second. opportunities in that thirty minute period. it really is what really is important to talk about is how the dealt with the penalty shoot out which it is so much pressure so they think the goal is pick russia lost the. second.


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