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thank you. so do you still. work well with. lemon. and if we know how many are being in what we walked in i meant in not. really. you. really should see. yourself on how to become of the dash the new direction of us all a part. of what we've been in a small town in a long. just. little bit in.
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thanks. to the medina but hudson looking at there was a deal and i asked him that and whom. had the he might not. say thought when the food position what the need be what. letty. mission is and what he had had the sack. enough to have been healed enough to cana when the bottom of the. heart is out.
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them as it often. does the comedian it's sort of what we know. i mean the weapon that the men and the house at the house and they're like. as you would. not call back any bean with them up of a belt had you dude but that no eleven little awaiting among them and you should go up and maybe. bucket full of nuts water walk away you shoot and even you're out there we knew for sure you. knew. you shot you look so you said you
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were in the cheek chad question if you go and look in the middle for the little sauce i. can let you know. i'm looking for the other yard because. it's a little so i know or you walk in the retreat. i mean when i saw you. and you saw it go what tocqueville if you're in the. room i was i would. you. know. but before.
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i go yes. jewish girl come i had no idea. what about the lobby. that mike you know when the. police up and i said when he got you but but hey fellas i. button had telephone galaxy one of them in the house contains doria well i'm going to have to write to his and whether you literally have to die i know it was i did but it will be in the torah you know these are your thoughts on that in then in the time i'm with you know medina moncada which is a myth you know that i did but argument you know monk who was going to end in a show you know he really be a man didn't see any sion and that you know and that got that on the most any man. in the end yeah you know this idea that i would be in them i. you have been a time of being in what a lot of id did to cut up. the
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phone you could read. the post of hundred days before the last about. a million city munis get it will not go watch the results of a few feet but the odds of. two up over one hundred any. i mean why then the up front group in american. been to implement. this in them when i can see it again. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralist can notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement
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regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations. the counting firms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and someway that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop.
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it's good. to. see. the. six stood up rather than a. lot of the to believe the so. called you don't know what's going on with look awful it looks like the servers are. you. going for
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the good we're going to be so good you know if you accept. that place. no no no neck that. is let me work on that for me that you bought a lot of the needy had the but nobody and nothing would not be and cannot help the injured then what can the and what help the it and i don't mean you can have the adored her. this is this mustn't you know. i'm sitting here.
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i have a man with. the bank and yet i'm conditioning to. look at the room the. other because of. the. dash. dash. and you can. run. in the. first thing. you want so he has a gas. dish a lean death
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a month so i can assume that. you must know i'm going to infuse him with the. desk. making time to. develop and i think. in. the end he had to. have a little here's the thing. i didn't. before he. got it. he didn't. and there have none he moved can you. hear me. him in ash then yet most him. among others of the what we need to look like in the future well i would have to look in. while the. thought . some other thought was there was certainly with it as much of it that
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it's ok. for you but you got to watch that there was one of the no look. look in the shadow of an adult but i don't that's going to you're not weeks. to.
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come on the mission the commission. is still going to have. one clue who pushed. the horse in the heading into place because it's never. written before. and into. me it was a little oh yeah and a good. one i was it was the last time and. any. she can. think of.
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three. for me as a fifty five you know how far they must somehow. i feel me and i'm one of the of the again. now mcphee how. beautiful but you don't you know in the left mean. to. good. to pull. him from from the.
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man would work on the thought of going. for him i will give you. the field up. from a come up of the love and if he can i'll come and see how with that means have you come in within the field how. many of us in the war will do what. we do have up at the. farm but. need. comes outside all feet. sob and i think what i would love i mean is i can i that can be any any out of us and i was. alan is one of those i know kind of money in which i was going to mean how to part of that i mean and then i love how being kind or couple saying no and then when man is a no no or kind of your calls for freeing up a couple hours well you can link up with the need for post not the more you had. but one.
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because the kids. are. going. to. look. at me funny. looks ok. cupid grew up on a. love for. me
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sure he'd. this were made up of the be. confident that i was three and as i walked out. of my home so he put some thought. and the finance that. i want to them for came up on. me i'm convinced i will as well the way i looked even convinced more about him what. you can. see in the community. center more more noosa left a mark in my lap while i'm in them while also i want.
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ever see. all the. current american administration is raising tariffs and revising old trade agreements when america sneezes the rest of the world of only a contracting protectionist fever.
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thank. you russia show one of the tournament favorite spain winning full three on penalties to progress to the quarterfinals of the world cup making a day to save the russian sport was well. worth. the. while fans go wall across the country as the host nation goes into other charted territory after world cup was. was.
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and the second last sixteen game this sunday it has gone into extra time with the winners a correlation against denmark set to play russia in the quarterfinals. thanks . for being there in the last sixteen of the world cup with both games going to extra time and for more of the latest on denmark against croatia as well as of course today's historic much of the nation and the stadium has crossed a neil harvey and mickey aaron in the studio overlooking red square. from ny has to wait and see who wins all of the final russia has pulled off the biggest song of the twenty eighteen world cup soccer welcome to cost essentials if i may carry them i'm still hobby i said to bow to freeload off hours ago that this
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would mean his victory over spy the baltic and old paul t. said i wasn't wrong if you take a look around the sights and sounds that we're going to show you that is just a fraction of the scene here and the russian capital all holds there are a whistles the streams the rich shouts sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for millions of people are out celebrating in russia it's at night this is going to be one of the biggest events in the country's history and boy a people enjoying what they see in this is the power of football is the power of the world cup it's one of the reasons why russia wants to host this competition and this is ensure that we are going to have at least another week of tremendous atmosphere and subpool from football fans within russia it's going to be something to behold i think that that quarterfinal match will take place in sochi on july the seventh but the now the city that never sleeps days absolutely alive and buzzing
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is absolutely incredible you know i think it's getting louder as the hours because . there are some sounds now i don't even know if i didn't recognize these noises but now i sure it's only a lot of happy people and i am sam is that the play is this taking the kid in find the dressing room off that historic victory against a. well that was. my my my my my to be my i be good to me i always say to be russian it's a great day to be russian because they never got this far in the competition they've already made history they weren't really expected to get any further but
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they did they did it the hard way that defended for ninety minutes i think for a time it was warm warm it went to penalties anybody could win it this is how it all unfolds. thank you i had you be i am thank. god i be with you my i be with you of
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my i be with you. thank you i was with you me to thank you. yeah celebration but dylan whatever you want to call it very high spiritual money was looking up to be in the list ricky what's the much of these as if all that. was a lie get back is well. i don't think we're going to get home in a hurry it's not out at all it's absolutely a say what was it like i mean first of all i thought you were unusual but i suppose you know you still tell us he was yeah you can tell from my voice i was shouting i wish i sing for russia really but i was shouting for the underdog and i have to say
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for hundred twenty minutes i really didn't believe that russia could be on on i think a lot of people share that painting the stadium even though even when russia got an equaliser just before half time i was still thinking we still got another half the price for the next six hours and it but that they often doubt i'd say that i mean it wasn't i'm not saying that they weren't supposing that they were cheering but i didn't really sense a real rule when russia went forward that they could actually do something if at all the rules went for sides mikey fayetteville the nashville shooting a last minute drop goal for the defense generally and it wasn't until the penalty that he sent the mc a change and people really thought they had a chance that had been the ments i can see it applied really well up until that point. rushed over to school depends and say how much a sense that every time spying won't upset county or do so many wishes around that stadium and i think it might have gotten and i can see as a result for you guys having to write you touch the ball and my friends are safe in
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that gang was the hey i haven't you been largely acts of the gang so bad you could argue he wasn't as wound up or a shot but when i saw one it when the first funny thing is me saying they began to believe and then you know usually know and see that said russia has this is what people talk about home support by and it it gives the team a little bit extra days even if it's not during the ninety minutes they'll be some point where the crowd get behind the same and that will intimidate the opposition it can work but always so rule i've seen a lot of football you have to and i knew you see. choices are about one in ten when you decide to defend and you have to be brought before right in the penalty area and you bought the other team to do it not just for ninety minutes one hundred twenty guineas you know that's how they played and they managed to pull it off and you could tell that this was a gang plan because the play is getting the crowd going they were the defenders they were the ones putting in the last minute tackles not even a hoe but yeah and they were them one side almost running sliding tackles or
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whatever taking mary fernandez he was looking back at the crowning a come on come on suppose it was no mean that matches up the other end where the attack is doing that sort of thing so you can see which way it was going there was a game plan i had it was the only one probably that could have worked and it didn't work and they all start to it brilliantly unfair place and i'm not taking anything away from me whatsoever but i was surprised the spying didn't take it to them or they had lost possession but how many times they pass the ball sideways and but maybe storm passes in the world cup than any of the team i mean it's not on the next wave is going one well certainly when you've got a possible forward at some point and for me i just didn't attack. today i'm going to ask you about this i don't see six we were watching here on the edge of us think one of those moments where you know it was very tense you didn't even want to look so well with the people i went to i don't know marching that i can watch i just in the corner of my eye see the net reforms and then i was a go i just can't bring myself to say it is the only way i could watch it but it was it was amazing and foolishly because spine of missed nearly one the pressure
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was then all on spain and off the russian place to brilliantly just to keep their cool i mean wearing them fans we know how many times place in football and why drive the ball or whatever and they didn't and they all hit the target so i mean they. they can't then do it when it mattered in spain didn't and that's i feel like those that i was either going to be i replayed over and over and it has or has he wanted to save it i'll take chillingly because he's gone the wrong way but he saved it with a big speech didn't go up to the southeast and say this is the case and he saved it and that's what they are going to be here as they go. six they still the next day so the real thing joy you know for a few moments and i'm sure the fans are going to be doing exactly the same but let's look for without see july seventh this is going to be the game in sochi the court of fire we know that the opponents are going to be through a showdown most of airings extra time is warm warm and we could see new penalties what do you think about these is potential opponents you would you think would be
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better suited from a russian perspective denmark i think. that said you know my chinese my mind right because they're more of an attacking team and russia seem to work that high to deal with an attacking saying so i think they might be happy getting croatia either i would say but this guy is not particularly great going out in watch of anything thinks that he's not i mean it's not and so when disease quite style is a few shots on target and that's the draw and this to tennis is peter schmeichel look ahead stephen auntie said this many times this is the key to football we call predict because just go with the form book nobody would have picked russians come out of the top of the group that and you can see now look looking through it's very hard to pick the winner of the competition at this stage in quite a few surprises the other like goals let's just bring it today with action from the grace of denmark my face is on the set with the most thrilling although it's still a bit funtastic really because there's a hole in the opening sixty seconds this is demo going.


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