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tv   News  RT  July 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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you never can be your own people feel that we are guided by values and that we advocate multilateralism and not you know literalism or no one will believe in our values which have made us sort of strands if mr c. hoffa in fact resigns this will see a break up of the seventy year alliance between his christian social union and angela merkel's party what it does mean is that she will either become the leader of a minority government or should have to call for new elections while at the same time no doubt she's likely to lose support from within the own party this is a particularly tense time for angle immokalee who is fighting for her political survival peter best renee's an m.p. for alternative for germany told us that no party other than his own will be keen to see another election. as she self admitted that this is a very serious situation today for actions of c.e.o.'s is of both parties will meet and they're discussing if this government will still be in charge afterwards
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and if yes with which personnel. and indeed government so they just ate a marital order or zero thought the situation is really very unclear what is clear and what is really a one hundred percent nobody and nobody wants a new elections because only the ultimate evil for those on the air the our party wouldn't profit all the other parties that would lose world we now see is a. how to how to stay on power fight. the leaders for my god that's all sorted on friday when they managed to agree on a new strategy for tackling migrant migration to the bloc they struck a deal that will see some member states do more to help the countries that are hardest hit by the influx comes after weeks of political infighting triggered by the new tally and government out like sound.
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and sister to chrysalis response to the situation with aquarius is proof of a ball moves cynicism and a lack of responsibility on behalf of the italian government when faced with this dramatic humanitarian disaster the meal my d.t. is to defend the borders this country which cannot become a refugee camps only those have the right to enter it's legal and it's there are other polls they can go to in spain france malta and the netherlands. it's going to be a very long night we should have a good dose of red. sox
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closer to the impossible to even agreement to see the fun. the only thing european states appear to have agreed on is to block people at the doorstep of europe regardless of how vulnerable they are or what horrors the aske a pain measures that a few years ago were deemed unacceptable now are being common talk so do you think that the e.u. is bowing down to the far right let's just not the problem brides list the problem is immigration.
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immigration also firing up emotions across the atlantic to mass rallies were held in seven hundred fifty cities in the u.s. over the weekend against president trump's policies a flash point in the debate was the separation of children from the parents who'd illegally crossed the united states southern border since been dropped after a huge public outcry don't cause it takes a closer look. american liberals have been attacking trump on all fronts criticizing his stance on everything from immigration to race relations ok. ok that's. ok. ok yeah.
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ok ok. for you. but the us was already seeing rising discrimination long before trump took office caging immigrant children for example it was alive and well under the obama administration news media is is not telling you that obama did something very similar back in two thousand and fourteen he separated many many children from their parents and some of them back to mexico while their parents were still here sent others to the northeastern part of the united states and there are pictures of them sleeping in the same conditions that the trump administration has of kids sleeping now but the media never puts anything in context i call that fake news by omission hillary clinton also appeared to support these policies only changing course when it became the latest anti trump trend what's happening to families at
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the border is horrific. they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are all of them who can be should be reunited with their families but we have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay between two thousand and five and two thousand and sixteen legal latino immigrants reporting discrimination increased across the u.s. assaults against muslims also saw a study rise during obama's tenure and police brutality against unarmed african-americans didn't need trump to continue its rice so although it's now. trendy to attack trump for society's problems some americans are wondering how much the system itself is to blame when it comes to immigration this is a problem that has not been it's been addressed but there's been no congressional action on immigration since since the days of the reagan administration and in that at that time we were living in a whole different world because that was
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a long time ago we have a different situation now and the last administration which was in power for eight years at one point they had the white house and they had the senate with sixty votes and they had the house and they could have solved this immigration problem anytime they wanted within the first two years of obama's first term and they did not if the system is indeed giving rise to all of these problems perhaps there needs to be more focus on addressing the causes rather than the symptoms donald quarter r.t. after the break with more updates for you from the first day of the world cup knockout stage almost ready to get underway here in russia. counting firms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and some way that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not
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going to stop. ministries police schools isn't city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that doesn't like well so when the boy does run for president. this is not the guns. into the sea it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public good to microsoft dependency puts governments under the cyber threat and not only that. this could put us in more than that that's what we call softness of this listen this is still news this is really one of the most to listen to most of the world to miss you all the. problems with the recent disguise you want to call them strike me don't miss the old vision stopping the more sustainable means
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a fund is up and describes on the fly. when lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public wealth. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the primary go around lifts only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room sick. in the real news room in the world. when all childs seem wrong wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and engage in because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. ily. i again a reminder of what's in store for the fans today then the third day of the world cup knockout stage will see action here to the south of russia with present of mexico going head to head and some are at about ten minutes from now then four hours from now rostov on don belgium face. brazil finished top of their group and have a good recent record against mexico but mexico's twelfth man could come into effect that i with thousands of mexican fans coming to russia the fact that the brazilian fans don't count them out they're just as passionate and they will stop at nothing to make sure they make the match. at least
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a week that the. league does was like you the last game in brazil was so exciting about the games you expect too much in when the brazil did the rule i didn't get to the series here just joking. when i saw the driver's name you so. lisbon and they were all there was a bit nice and friendly i mean love english i mean long. live . i love life. and i had of the brazil mexico game you know nails going to find out what else founds can expect from our city.
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please please please funds coming here for a world cup twenty of them sacrificed some have say for months even years to get to russia others have been sacked from the job because their bosses didn't give them the time or money is tight budgets always come on stories so that's why i can set the task to see as much as i can hear in community pulled some are at each column drink for twenty year old more or less that is the equivalent of this a run for fifteen hundred roubles let's see if we can do it. on our first stop today is a cultural one very busy one judging by the shoes of people waiting to go into the truly poker most knowledge building likely a forty two page where at least all the people joseph nolen want to call the event a little tiring to.
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you all. and. less than thirty years ago similar was a clothes to be towards others to each of the important particularly in the soviet space program. but not for five hundred fifty roubles you can get a stellar as you like and learn all the secrets there are to know on the space company's evolution. it's time to do it i'm afraid the first selfie of the first. always any focal fun knows who has to refuse to be in top shape from all the games on your in some or there is a surprisingly future radio to include scenes i'm going to try one that's being recommended to me to spec food. so this really is the perfect pit stop for a traveler moment bullshit i'm getting ready to eat
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a pizza and likes the whole cloth on it before it is excellent let's try this. suit me. ok we come across a magnetic looking denmark fun to look at least then we get the word what the experience of russia twenty details being i got excited amazing some more guys right here let's look hello what's your experience be friendly it's pretty good this looks. like some guys getting tired of their. side of the world but it's been really nice when bring such good finally hello sir you know the number. so we've seen just some of what the city hosts who call for a simple phone on their dime time we've seen some great sights would be some good food i've got a couple of euro lived in my pocket so let's. go find a drink. and we fall
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into the sun it's no ordinary here and there is the pride of some or. even a thank you very much. indeed that somebody has to be right speak up to. write i will come back here in a few minutes as i presume mexico match kicks off in a sweltering as some are i'll then have the rest of your headline news you're watching ulti international. the not right now but i learned how to not am not out of luck though the other not out of the mouth of the money there when i met him and. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm
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a mom. not that ultimately won enough why not there again why exxon and the old people we believe just a little bit here. bottom of my case i don't want them up aside johnny boy are you in the moment on account of mother having little accusers or the little i'm a little white community older looking at the pimp i don't want to put out a look to most party would i told them of the blow that it. gets manufactured and sentenced to the public will. when the room in closest protect themselves. with the final merry go round be the one percent.
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nor middle of the room six. million new. tax rises financial survival guide stacey let's learn us out fill out let's say i'm not so i get. andris comes back of the fight well stay strong thank you for make. sure that's right. slavery.
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ministry's police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation by michael thompson the boy doesn't run for president. just the guns not the ones as if you've got him to see it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating the power. god to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that to think off must put us in more so we close the office of the sense of this is selling this we won't know who will soon be almost all the wardens. the ones this is. the host i'm done with the old vision stopping the war sustainable who's in front is up and the scribes and the fine.
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for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go i mean eighty percent of the beach will tell we're with you and we will show the great game the grit to get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low. and i'm really happy for joined out to for the two thousand infield the world cup in russia meet the special one come all sorts of. meets just like the radio theology teams latest edition make up as we go so i need to just say look.
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this is our team it's the turn of five time world champions brazil as the knockout round throws continue of the twenty eighteen world cup that clash with mexico is just getting underway in samoa for the home city getting into latin american spirit ahead of the game. away from the fulfillment. going outside to sweep the victory on a wave of the anti establishment sentiment in mexico's presidential election is promising to end corruption and bring profound change to the country. and germany coalition government hangs in the balance as the interior minister key ally of chancellor merkel says he's ready to quit over immigration. i want to be a watching this monday the second of july welcome to r.t. international i'm calling you out the headline news a little bit later at first i live in central moscow.
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good afternoon it is another sunny beautiful day in moscow and never ceases to be a feast piece michael alongside me got an interesting game just kicked against mexico in some. news for you have. brazil forced to make one change must endure in the game and ask a man to come off very early on that was philip luis came played instead of him and he then starts today and as we speak we are nearly one minute forced into the to the game between mexico and brazil and mexico had a big chance to expression in the knees again. how excited we don't know what you
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know this is a really interesting game mexico they've made two changes obviously one of them. who got two yellow cards for he said this one out and that's one change that was forced on the coach the other one is quest plays remember he's played for world cups he's retiring after this world cup this could be his last. game ever so a bit of history if brazil manages to win but it's not a foregone conclusion i tell you that brazil have not been playing what we expected or to the stand that we expected them to play to. mexico have shown us that they can if they really really put their heads through it play some interesting stuff and story and talk to jeff and give us five minutes but no respect for my broadcast . but this is moscow and it's been like this for for two or three days before the world cup started that's the party going on all the time anyway between the red
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square and this grass down below with him front of the metropolitan it's brilliant as i suspect the baton just woke up probably with absolutely stinking hangover now very exciting start makes them putting on some fresh i'll be wearing for the brazil fans who came into this match is always thinking they're going to win they're pretty excited in summer. and. they're well body everywhere and it's not just in moscow like it were three minutes forty second thing for the to the game a name has got himself
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a free kick there wasn't a free kick and he is he looked like. he was that i'm not this is this is what we talked about in the you know because the criticism of him to the dark side of it is a dark side and this is what he had to take that out of his game and just concentrate on the talent that he has but it seems like he was it comes across very frustrated there was a statistic put out in the group stages that neymar is on the ground. the fool every nine minutes at one point he would be nice to see someone with so much talent actually standing up and playing with the ball but that's what we're seeing often in this competition you know neil is in samarra he'll be in the stadium watching the game but time ahead of the some of the. less. well this is day three of last sixteen auction house kicked off the world cup this summer a rino and it's quite an extraordinary stadium u.f.o. shaped. to the city's space exploration an aviation industry on
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lots of brazil mexican fans coming hours early really to walk or ride to have a look at the stadium of the get out lot in american flavor in full flow and it most certainly is a lot of those funds will be looking for one particular about the game name or the global phenomenon from brazil hasn't really set the stage is alive on the world cup a lot of his critics saying that he should spend more time concentrating on getting goals and holding a run when being felt i pumped up to some funds yesterday evening i asked them to give their best impression of their famous striker when he was fat in your face like him yes. but. that's it. all up. here already i will drink your beer i want.
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you all the time. i got. my. studies. if you're going to do this. i'm. that's. the. last.
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minute. i think some of those impressions are even better than the real thing pretty extraordinary well as for the mexican fans i was speaking to some of them going into the match a lot of excitement of course taking place in the knockout stages of the world cup it's great to be here but there are also opera hensick saying remember early history we've been at this stage for the past six world cups i'm being knocked died right now at the last sixteen stage so it is all to play for here at the same aura rina high temperatures inside the stadium at kickoff it was around thirty three degrees and only set to get warm up. on the door of such a major tournament when it finally proved too much for one football fan absence was spread across social media by his friends partly as one wouldn't let him come his friends though they did make the trip.
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it's not. easy this is long. but we decided just that when. we discussed it once we decide it's kind of russian i think it's korea. russia seems to be going to get on with.
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on sunday russia course the biggest upset at the tournament to spain in a thrilling penalty shootout. place in the quarter finals of the world cup for the very first time. late into the night. i've. i. i. i i. i.


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