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tv   News  RT  July 3, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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gabe became the first killed martyr of your own my done and in a heartbeat the police officers were appointed as his killers almost two years later the official investigation would still deliver no results now it is widely believed that negro yawns murder was staged by provoke a tourist to escalate the conflict. god speaks to people with the language of signs on january twenty sixth two thousand and fourteen pope francis prayed for ukraine addressing thousands of people at st peter's square in vatican city. it's just. after the prayer two white doves were released from the papal window and were immediately attacked by a crow and siegel those who understand the language could easily read the meaning of this ailment soon great forces the siegel and the crow would be tearing apart
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two slavic nations the white doves this omen gave hope to the ukrainian people saying that by god's will the doves would be saved but it also predicted severe hardship and many victims. the events which could enter into the history of the color revolutions as the most massive human sacrifice yet arrived right on schedule one month later. for weeks this european pap it all has been the scene of a violent uprising. today but yesterday yet if you chancers are pushing up towards the government district arms here with molotov cocktails that we saw handguns and shoot them still. there are casualties on both sides but it. pushes just said that there are six dead people out there not just a good day they say they've been hit by cyclists.
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right we're all set to start in five guys the studio has a signal. he's not going to talk about the no fly list just reviewed right after the mars explorers want to do that would have their own unique . record. to say last week. i'll be in this room full welcome to sophie until i'm so busy shevardnadze said today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck that'll.
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so you. do you know. what i mean. i mean. you know the yellow superman for me we can see as you know if you buy if. it was your it was the only real. with you more in the baby when was in the mud on
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the north and even when he was up in the film i will move forward at the field. when i show the same wrong. one old boy just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape out this day become educated and in gainesville it was a trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart when just to look for common ground.
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they were much a little stir what so the. store naturalist through. the years as it was. consider what order the battles which will appear with little . of control and we'll see you might come and here again we meet our old acquaintance from that old new andriy pottery who was at the peak of his glorious self proclaimed commandant of my don. which basically means the leader of the radical opposition. but at least not that so my done most of that is good deeds i think he usually does it when the bus will look in on your. old functional but a host nor do you feel of course addition your blessing to still consider both.
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the protesters were filmed leading a long line of riot police away it's not clear where they were taking them sixty seven officers are currently reported to be missing fourteen policemen and forty three one hundred four huge shifts and what social. security and the amused. thought those are built up and. what's not old what's that bit or if you want to learn. natural so what is wrong. because from inside the protest camp the opposition leader vitali klitschko urged his supporters to stay put each of you here should stay strong in spirit he said because we're not going anywhere. we live with that video thirty minute period what is up as if he or she just the have what it is. khaki a porsche report at the. top of. and you put in the milo chester peter ward
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and i think it's yes i'm learning about a shell of a new idea in you know when a social. polis were aboard. like in two thousand and four during the orange revolution international leaders felt it necessary to intervene and bring both sides to the negotiating table. deeming it the dust and then you leave immediately so if. fabius. front valter steinmeyer. bratislava sikorsky. i mean you. must fish in. the millions the iniquity happens it's just. the wood for the union desperation and we're going to. move through. the ukrainian president and the leaders of the anti-government protests there have agreed on a truce the truth was to give talks between president and the opposition. just like
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in two thousand and four the opposition or at least its radical faction the right sector headed by dmitri yarrow she had no intention on fulfilling its part of the bargain. to double what they could but you know what year they did but if they question the public wrong then you know. what i said yes thought this boy but i suspect bush they have a couple struck me as the job double look at it but if we cannot play all of the. stock of a coach at. celtic will put up a. new. store. soon i did. a lot of. suppling you know one news because i'm. at the news. with my
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view on this. the opposition leaders left saying they may a found a way to end the bloodshed but they want to take the conclusions from that meeting to the people. it was soon apparent that the people were not happy in a solution. would have stood on they would have thought it. was a. good minister. just. because it was a. deal of total. yeah. you got a lot of. those who believe that we. know it though and you know. it is the muslim bill of. luxury below.
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us though in the eyes of the news of what the word president. rested in the. president to put you know. we cut. the nearby lock us on the saudis that's just short of. yep apologetic. at the same time kiev was saying its last goodbyes to the victims of the massacre. it was also welcoming those who came to power at their cost ukraine's parliament has voted for the new speaker of the assembly to become interim president oleksandr turchynov called on lawmakers to form an interim government by tuesday these latest developments out follow the dismissal of president viktor young of corvettes on
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saturday and they removed being a co bitch not following the constitutional procedures for impeachment. let them of those who but only because it's all a salute the whole is sort. of yellow so much for the lime into those are bullet to reach through at the depôt the parliament of ukraine consists of four hundred fifty deputies the constitution of ukraine requires at least a three fourths majority to vote in other words three hundred thirty eight votes in favor of the impeachment but only three hundred twenty eight deputies voted yes. the u.s. state department to me almost immediately said this was a legitimate government and that was part of this effort to get regime change instead of trying to find some way to revive the for going twenty first agreement where maybe you could bring back into some titular way that became not a possibility anymore then you had eastern ukraine resisting crimea wanting to
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break away and things rapidly escalating. voters will decide sunday whether they'll leave ukraine enjoying russia the campaign with the slogan together with russia has the backing of moscow the crimea situation the referendum is also happening during this period very quickly. karim. you. know. but it's done that was through it. that then you. could see that the. crimean authorities sensing the mood of the populace fully supported victory on the covert his decision to postpone the two thousand and thirteen european union association deal and side deeper ties to russia. as the events in kiev took their course crimean authorities issued a declaration putting into words the fears of its people based on the will of the
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crimean who elected us we declare that we will not give crimea to extremists and neo nazis seeking to seize power in ukraine at the cost of the blood of the country and its citizens after the regime change in kiev rumors began spreading in crimea that the new authorities would be merciless to those that oppose them so i'll grant you. this led to the pro russian demonstrations rejecting the new government in kiev. on february twenty seventh the government buildings in the capital of crimea were seized by. pro russian protesters. the current crimean government was dismissed and the new leader surrogate acciona of was assigned as the leader of the crimean autonomy republic when you lead the of the below. but i shall east. coast so still with you has this should be. on march sixteenth the crimean referendum morsi held and the people voted to leave ukraine and enter the
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russian federation. the situation in crimea is being presented as a russian invasion and again nobody who looks at this seriously and looks at the poll numbers and some of the poll numbers done by the u.s. government agencies themselves showing that the people of crimea prefer being part of russia in the u.s. news media it's all been presented as the russians invaded they then station sham election with people with guns at their backs somehow they big the ballot boxes to get ninety six percent approval for rejoining russia idea of a referendum in crimea is just quite simply unconstitutional but it does raise questions on whether these folks really is free and fair especially given the heavy military presence in crimea right now errol so that's how it's been sold to american people the reality is very different yet this year has turkey in the electric thousands of people have gathered in the capital crimean city of some
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couple one of us running away from him to be held last sunday in which the majority of people here overwhelmingly voted in support of being reunited with russia. there was but it's to talk with the markets in the market if the political slow in the in the with enough of this. you know it's a void enough. so in the media and more disposable so it's. so should you know it's about a sentence you so should you know but it's unfair though so it is a place in the west and. you. know what our heating supply going to. win is that it will. go when you will be able.
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to play it for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you know new spend spend be true to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so what more chance for. peace is going to take. you. know that i would argue that how can other than not out of the dug out of the
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not out of the mouth of somebody of the daily planet at a given time. this was a good time to. try to move where i'm. not that i want to get how little money not why not there again why extending it the old people we believe most of the obedient. little of my kids i don't want them up with johnny but i already know the moment i want to tell them about how do it all the kids are there a lot of them on the way can not be old enough to go out to the people i don't want to put out a look at my work party where they're all the mother brother they. just . kind of financial survival john that it was all about money laundering first to visit this christmas and the three different. oh good this is
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a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas or cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the rights of congress to decide to give much gold and say hey i'm ready to do some serious mood ok let's see how we did while we've got home got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy old beautiful jewelry and how about a couple of homosexual bill again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for a bunch of guys record. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation in the us but mike was hoping when the boy got thrown from the eyes of god i'm stunned this is not the guns it was not the woods as everybody got on him to see it the must also bribe them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have
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a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that she thinks office can put us in more than. the softness of the system is it selling the only one of the more folks like most of the world in this in the world and some of those with. these this is the arsenals of the host i mean don't miss the old vision stopping there was a steel mills in front is up and his cards on the fine. this country never example both were. killed my. father didn't think that could happen. and again.
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to be. located in. the last sixteen showdown between sweden and switzerland the free for world cup is just sixty minutes away with sweden fans and high spirits that have a game and simply just go. oh. oh. no i. i. it's also d.-day for england and colombia with both looking to secure a place in the quarter finals in moscow like to the save. in other news approval ratings show donald trump picking up growing support in the hispanic community
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despite his controversial border policy. fellow from moscow and choose a four day off the day on call in brian i'll have the rest of your headline news a little bit later first though it's time to catch up with all things well cup down holkins life and something just but. very well wherever you're watching us from a studio for want you to the studio here in the us has told them how they'll say. the remaining two matches in the last sixteen well cup quarter finals will be confined by midnight at the latest now i guess once you know the winner sweden against switzerland set to go for just under an hour right here in st petersburg
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a little later of course england flank lumbee as well more on that later though we've seen sweden fans flooding into the city in the build up to the game and certainly making their presence felt suddenly heard as well. sweden is next. i think would mean. we would leave it at that. our players are so familiar with the championships so we will you go for a and we would celebrate all night on hearing rochelle we love rochelle cool over the. load is great the people are great i love russia alliance guys w a w. now in
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a blaze east and he will be joining me here in the shooter live in the meantime though he's been catching up with some sweden find something you would hope all to with a miser about to say they've been painting that sound yellow and blue on the way to the st petersburg stadium but it wasn't close was the old was no close it was a pizza box we did like getting ready to take switzerland in the last six think clash could potentially set up the court of final tie with a good if they managed to be can be on the fun i mean really loud voice was confident about their team's chances today was there the close the the full the short of it began the swedish government followed the lead of the english and said that they would boycott seeing the wildcat go live over the
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last week in the progress of the so-called group of death to reach the last sixteen i couldn't take the my god the swedish foreign minister the united it was all over the country just like the do you only all united never was but that to set off the end of the old the god of all over the was done to the son of god. the god of the. was one of the jews that was the. this is the first meeting between sweden and switzerland at the world cup at least i actually met twenty nine times before this is the biggest game they will face though the swiss head into the last sixteen k.
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. unbeaten in the tournament so far over the last time they made it to the quarter finals was back in one thousand nine hundred fifty four they were the host nation back then that was their best result as a national team still though switzerland they are ranked sixth in the world of course there are fans are excited optimistic and hopeful their team can progress all the way. it will be very hard to get because sweden has a good team. they played very well in the qualifications and in the world cup but in the end unfortunately they will loose what is will be a tough game the chances are fifty fifty at the end we will be in two against one today the other big game everyone's watching out for england versus colombia at the brand new spot checks they did in moscow in fact the only world cup meeting with the two sides was only back in france ninety ninety eight when england won two nil david becker scored one of the goals that england actually never lost to the south
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americans in that other four meetings one that many will remember of course is the famous scorpion kick from colombian keep it in a friendly draw and other colombians will likely be without their hero from four years ago jamie. however one thing going in their favor is that i've only won twice against latin american opposition in the knockout rounds from seven meetings and said rodriguez of course won the golden boot although back in twenty four two in that world cup he came off after just thirty minutes against senegal playmakers very much been their star man in the team can they do it without him is the question many are asking for master goalkeeper david see one will want to forget that one all the free kick for brazil that drifted over his head from forty odd yards the sending out of the tournament in two thousand and two if anything though from this world cup so far is that anything can happen and that speaking of that they get back in the goal here is a blast from the past thirteen years ago in fact check out the. picture of
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a young howard kane of all people here the current england captain of course the star man for the country he seemed posing alongside david beckham who was caps and all of the england team back then at the time he was there at the launch of beckons football academy for talented youngsters and now he's set to marry the girl in the picture as well as she was also a footballer in that academy team news ahead of england of course delhi addie back in the squad fits again johnstone. will for selection so down south it does have a fully fit team to pick from now ahead of the world cup in russia some british media published some quite worrying articles about the potential dangers fans could face here in the host country after the poisoning especially of a former russian double agent and his daughter back in the u.k. and the british prime minister said no m.p.'s all members of the world would attend the championship will manage to catch up with something one finds in moscow as they
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played a friendly game against the rival russian fans and we asked them how they've been finding the tournament so far. oh yes. oh oh oh. oh oh you know. i came to russia wearing a shirt because i was told by all the precious media. the british media they'll be a lot of fun join us so i didn't know what to expect everything's been fantastic the border guards spoke in english they've been smiling people in the street would be polite i think we really under represented i think a lot of our friends and probably with laughter heads about what's going on they think you have a good site with the message media in the u.k. . you're going to get killed if you came to russia basically. we. don't even. really. think that maybe harry and marshall and.
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we should have had i think if anyone comes home. it will be prince harry maybe maybe harry i know howie howie is a big england so maybe i'm not sure if my grandma calls into the war yet maybe american football but. the words in your opinion football well was it born who invented english. it was ok the images of it but you think we should see football so to speak spicing things you've got to say but don't take my word for it but people kind of begs to differ with that because they're actually believe that if we're the chinese played the first game of football ok good maybe maybe sell yet also to the romans but yes that's like. i don't believe so the overall saying london is coming home to english democracy. feel that you feel. so
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confident now the fans that football will come home this summer now some sixty five thousand colombian fans a small army here in russia tear on their team so far it does seem to be working with good luck to the squad and there's one fan in particular who is always a bit of a flap when his team is on the pitch. all the mosquito repellents are coming up to see families like he's being supported theosophy money we now we see like you know part of the problem here and now we can only really show for the sun doesn't exist to come up roses. and you know you've got your own belief you have the energy because that's the you see. the whole you'll sink in. but up road ahead of me there's a pretty we'll.


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