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passions where do you rank i know you're a big football fan where do you rank you're sort of sporting passions compared to your musical enthusiasm of course music's number one for me but football has always been something which i loved since i was a kid growing up a soviet union. i was a huge fan of it if you list a little incident with my father lithuania kind of carried on. immigrate to england by sport everton england russia as much seems there is your team so how do you feel about the way that england are progressing in this competition are you nervous about the game tonight i think we're all very nervous very anxious when the favorites are colombia we think our favorites but we have a chance and we're here at these fantastic something which are i think we also have to be because a year ago i think if we were told that we were the last sixteenth with colombia in front of us and maybe an easier route to the point i would be ecstatic tell me about your russia twenty eighteen experience i know you can but if you travel around and actually see some of the games of traffic just because i came this morning on the crazy fine train which rush of done free trains for the fans from i
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had a good atmosphere on the train amazing it was france argentina had not caught a final but this is one of the greatest times to be in russia really and. i'm saddened not so many europeans are here we hear so many south americans and africans who have made a journey of a sudden loss of europeans like to see a few more england supporters i've not seen too many hopefully what they're all going to spring up at this spot that stadium for the game but not even half the thing that is the chance we're where when the world cup and this wonderful nation to come to you and probably loving nation of a soft russia one and that's fantastic having to talk to you i think the fans if you're watching if they colombia maybe we will see you know like such because this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity i believe i mean we all we all see in the hospital it's over opening up and they're playing wonderfully well it's a free scoring thing. if you're the back but i'd rather have a that then be too defensive i've been subtly him. the possibility i know it's
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a long way away of england against russia a delusion for the semifinal how would you feel about how well. you're not a miracle for russia and new for england. would be a costly wonderful experience for you. but actually i still say that the fact that the mortal world cup is the most current for me it's something which is incredible as a boy growing up in russia i would never dream that we get a world cup and this is just one i want to ask you about this is there a similarity between music your job conducting and football writes i've always thought sounds because they always thought. doxie the closest drops of conductor is a for the manager it really is and i'll explain to you why. we produce have to motivate our players in the struggle for perceive always look ahead. it's not all about next game next constants all about the season after last week when we believe in and. if i get the third so it's wealth of knowledge experience and
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motivation which is your key to the job and tempo i guess. you said it was good for that but ok we'll still get it ok we've got to end with a prediction you know you're in england supporter it's the one of the biggest matches they've had in decades what do you think. you know are not going to fade through to william counties. or so yet you are encouraging them i decided to disappoint your prediction and go through and sort of what you want in the supporters and so many times over the years really enjoyed to meet you great interview loving the musical accompaniment they've done this proud there in the background guys in st petersburg back to you. thanks for that neal great great to see your guest there being such a football fan as well perhaps that prediction will come true in russia the what a sight that will be you would have. to be on the cards. no i think when russia go
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through that initially they would have just been happy to get out of that it's always great when the host nation carries on through the twenty's i remember in two thousand and ten south africa didn't get through the group stages and it was a bit of a damp squid that was you know if it wasn't so easy for perhaps the hosts people to get into it but this would be fantastic if we could see in russia that catafalque absolutely you had just quit going up that mil mil still be sweden switzerland game great challenges both bug for the swiss. balfour switzerland side you'll blazing over a wide so far hopefully will see small shots and nitrite in the meantime it's back . before we'll give you the latest thrills and spills on the football here and just off house tops to the.
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plate for many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money will be in a round of spend spend be sure the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else going to be true so i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game great so well chance with. the thinks he's going to. seems wrong but i. just don't. get to say
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proud to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. once i find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. again from a new center moscow's call in bray with other headlines stories this hour and donald trump's enjoying a little popularity boost right now a recent poll suggests his approval rating rose two points last month to forty seven percent perhaps apprising least support for the us president seems to have been growing most among hispanic voters those kind of open that explains. the month of june wasn't too good for the white house and the court of public opinion lots of media rates trump over the coals for the treatment of migrant families along the u.s. border now in the denunciation of the donald latino americans took center stage we
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saw the president just a few moments ago on twitter tweeting again that this was the democrats' fault and not acknowledging at all that he has the ability to stop it with perhaps just a phone call it's not right it's immoral it's inhumane and we need to stop that and we've known since donald trump came down those stairs calling mexicans rapists and criminals we've known that we as american citizens would be on watch but according to a harvard harris poll thirty five percent of americans who identify as hispanic either approve or somewhat approve of the trumpet ministrations policies now that survey was conducted after trump signed an executive order ending the separation of illegal migrant families back in may those numbers are only twenty five percent in a single executive order to really explain a spike in approval this high now fifty seven percent of hispanic americans according to another poll approve of donald trump's economic policies we decided to speak to some folks in the local latino community to see if they can explain these
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poll numbers have no explanation and definitely not my kind of people i think because the people. at least listen to tone trump and i believe what he says it makes no sense at all because it's mostly hispanic that the border that are being denied entry with their children so i can't speak for them do you think maybe there's other issues that are important to them i think that they're probably unaware of exactly what's going on as most of us are what would be some reason that that people in hispanic communities would support trump i mean what possible reason could there be tom i guess i mean he's smart financially with much trouble his reaction perhaps specific thing to say in his words to say you know that to do one coming to town ways again that. you want to make a civilized process that. there's a lot of pros and cons but still overall he wants to make america great again now the media is very good at telling us how we should be feeling however
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a more nuanced look at the data can sometimes throw up some surprising results. r t new york. next up at least forty secondary schools across england have banned pupils from wearing skirts some of dene them unacceptable putting them on the same list as facial piercings even more are now reportedly considering switching to more gender neutral uniforms with girls having to wear plain trousers just like the boys and it seems that the reasons deferred depending on which school you talk to they've all got their own reasons for this here or just some of them some think they just want a more gender neutral policy to stop the stereotyping others though think it'll make life easier for the small but increasing number of transgender students in class one school though is citing fears over the sexualization of young girls. this illustrates the length we want a lot of the students are wearing skirts to show and that is why we are moving towards just for girls in september. not everyone's accepted the new policies
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though one parent we spoke to is furious that the school didn't ask the parents opinions before making changes to the uniform i was very shell. there is no colorful. way that a parrot so cute as. well narration pull the bob for no reasons get the ball so i can speak full on a foul and. have lost fights and i know the children at school do know what to wear trousers all the time they should be given the choice to take away the choice is wrong now petitions been launched against the uniform changes of that particular school arguing that there's nothing offensive about girls knees i am duckie again thinks the children should be free to choose whatever uniform they want to wear. it for you want to dress like pills and go thoughts of just life was fine but what
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is wrong with girls just like. this is that school has been go way bills that will be quite a lot going on at the moment about changing different rules for times. children and. let's bear in mind that they are a minority and not the majority say we can't p.s. every followed it all the time like. next a bit of a complicated title for you but one with a happy ending a chance encounter has reunited identical twin sisters often thirty five they were separated at birth in the russian city of perm when the hospital mix up saw my father take home the wrong maybe his home events unfolded.
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the young lady and his friend was driving along the street and saw a woman looking exactly like. she honked but the woman didn't recognize her so she called ileana asking why didn't she recognize her when i was really surprised because she wasn't. there for the baby was in a blanket the nurse showed me her face now asked you should you hurt i said yes of course the b. to give her a choice thought she was mine. i remember being cool it's all kinds of means it keeps it was on it who's been
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involved. business lockable all my life was not a bed of roses i had to be separated from my family without parents you couldn't feed and care. about your global news and world cup data for now daniel in a throwback and half an hour to thank you for the highlights now but i think of the sweden switzerland match i was just about to say it's been an inspiring first half but in the past few seconds you saw the gold on the screen there sweden have taken it one nil up against switzerland. and i won a goal there for sweden so one in some petersburg done in a simple update you again a little bit. later on they'll also look at to tonight's and going to colombia game in moscow then i'll be back with a headline news i'm calling bright thanks for choosing r.t. . home.
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ministry's police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation in the us but mike was hoping when the board doesn't run from the eyes of god i'm just going to come to. the woods as the three that he got on into the sea it's a must also bribe them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that i think office put us in more and that's what we call softness of the essence of the selling this is also the only one who will still be true most of the people these two all do. with.
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the incident this is the i still. don't miss the old vision stopping there was a sting of phone calls in front is up and describes in the fine. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of also but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach . you guys i know you are the rose is a huge star among us and a huge amount of pressure come out you'll have to go meet eighty percent of the beach patrol with you and we will show you a great big bridge to get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low. and i'm really happy to join the four thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come on south appreciate me to just say the radio.
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latest edition to make up as we go so i need to just look at. the camera. roughly once they show some loop for them. to. come up. with the group least. down the mall on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . greetings and salutation. in the imaginary worlds of science fiction most often the primary and tegan is standing in the way of the euro's journey is the giant evil all powerful corporation from wayland you tanita cyberdyne to my personal favorite
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the tyrrell corporation these iconic trans world conglomerates often stand as a stark warning to the dangers of unchecked corporate power and greed but sadly no one seems to be heeding the warnings and now too of what some people feel are the biggest of the big bad corporations on the planet amazon and goldman sachs are expanding their reach into our lives and bank accounts recently grocery stores were put on notice when jeff bezos online giant got into the food market business with their acquisition to whole foods now amazon is ready to take on big pharma yes with their recent one billion dollar acquisition of the online pharmacy start a pill pack amazon is now in the pharmaceutical industry because what better business is there to get into when you've got cia ties to the tune of six hundred million and you own the newspaper the newspaper of the nation's capitol. but not to be outdone in the department of diabolical our good friends of goldman sachs just
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announced that they are getting into the non collateralized personal loan business yes the vampire squid of wall street under the banner of marcus' by goldman sachs now wants to give you a personal loan or as wall street on parade elegantly pointed out a bank that received a cumulative total of eight hundred fourteen billion in bailout funds during a fund during the financial crash it helped to create wants to charge interest rates as high as twenty five percent to americans. so goldman sachs you used our money our tax dollars to stay afloat and now you want to loan them back to worse twenty five percent wow well and you tell me in the reilley i'm cyberdyne in their terminators they got nothin. goldman's loans and amazons pills now let's start washing honks. want to.
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get the. real thing with. the bottom. but they like you like i got. this. role in the washing the harks i am tired robot and i'm tired as well it. and. lower a shipping. goal that i'm a large one at. that how many times. do i really though the whole thing with the goldman lung thing is very unsettling because there's this idea that you know predatory behavior is supposed to be illegal it's best to be frowned upon here in the united states whether it's economic or physical predatory and you know here we are on the same day that harvey weinstein gets predatory of assault charges put
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against him by the new york da and at the same time you've got a. predatory party happening over a girl a goldman sachs i mean those are paid me loans i mean schools gusting there are states that have outlawed these kinds of law it's really crazy i mean you know the personal loans are your goldman's offering range from like thirty five hundred dollars to forty thousand and these are the kind of loan. well you don't have to give them collateral it's just basically interest based loans right the interest rates range from like six point nine nine to twenty four twenty five percent and nobody's getting six point nine yeah and it's alerts to me because again like i said earlier they were bailed out by the fed using our tax dollars so basically you're taking money that you you took from us and they're not going to loan back to us but we have to pay the interest we're going to pay you back that loan it's like you know that we're basically printing money paying back
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a loan of our own money one hundred years ago but it wondrous give us the money like if we come up and ask the same and i need like forty grand you just give it to us because you're pretty much took it from us anyway it's just all that out there. yeah eight hundred fourteen billion in that tax dollar bailout during the two thousand i can figure out a way to not see only way they can stay afloat yeah i don't know how marcus is but marcus go you must let me go marcus loan in order to afford all your pharmaceuticals but you know amazon's there. keep getting bigger right so this company called pole pac which had this convenience you put in all your prescriptions as many people do online because you can sometimes get a better rates on it by buying it online but what they did is they created these little pill packs so it told you it was great for so slightly older people lot of medications as it would say here's your name and what time of day you're supposed to take it out so here's your morning pack whatever pretty cool idea right so after
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starting in boston it was and twenty thirteen was not a long thing about twenty five years ago it had raised less than one hundred twenty million and this makes. this one billion dollar acquisition a pretty big victory because they didn't have that value didn't value the company that high but amazon so what's interesting is so here they buy this home medication delivery company and their response to it what ends up happening is right a their value plummeted eleven about eleven point one percent today walgreens fall nine point nine and c.v.s. dropped six point one all over the announcement so they knocked twenty three point five billion dollars off of the biggest drug companies and amazon's market capitalization or its value essentially its value on the market of it's sold shares are held shares five point five billion dollars yet we know the the amazon fresh
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thing not as great as it could be the whole foods thing is so great is it could be want to replace all their workers with robots because they don't get heated stroke and. stuff you know it's amazing like how we just allow these companies to eat up these smaller companies we just kind of we let it happen with you know barely knows this isn't capitalism now you know this is this is this is monopoly this is the board game you know at the end of the day i mean because you see this more and more i mean disney taken over fox by express scripts for sixty seven billion you know it's basically consolidating wealth and consolidating businesses under one umbrella you know i mean hey great amazon wants to get the pope business like they need more bad press because big farmers like you know doing great right now. you know but it's incurred of their has been two trillion dollars worth of mergers in twenty eighteen already now that's a record pace and if this place holds that could easily pass the all time record of
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four point seven trillion in deals that was set back in two thousand and fifteen absolutely ridiculous we're allowing this all that. many a kid growing. up in the snow covered states in the american midwest like myself often spent much of our time california dreaming on a winter's day but for many of those dreams of surf sun and stardom may change with the news that california the fifth largest economy in the world has a major poverty crisis on its sun kissed hands despite valiant efforts by local and state governments the sacramento bee reports that one in five californians lives in poverty the highest rate in the country according to a new data from the u.s. census bureau now one normally california's poverty rate sits around fifteen percent or about seventeenth in the nation according to the u.s. census pros official poverty measure which is based primarily on income levels but when you factor in the census bureau supplemental poverty measure which includes the cost of food housing utilities clothing as well as non-cash government
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assistance being counted as income california is actual property re climbs to about twenty point six this means that one out of every five golden state citizens are living in poverty the local governments are fighting back stockton california has announced a radical plan to combat poverty in this cash strapped city no strings guaranteed basic income of five hundred dollars a month for its residents but will this be enough for the dreams of surfboard sunglasses and palm trees be replaced by cardboard boxes food lines and desperation that's a good question and it's a hard question because men when you see california is like the bright shining state on the hill you know and you think everybody dreams to go there it's famous it's money it's movie stars it's every day you know it's redwood trees like every you know the whole of california silicon valley but then you realize a lot of one out of five in the state technically are living below the poverty line
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that's crushing you know what's your dream to be poor well going to go far and you go right yeah that's just income going to go to this is going to fit in with that i do this you know a lot of people go there seeking fame. and a lot of people go there seeking jobs for people who want to be famous concerns a lot of jobs in that city but honestly it's very expensive. and california in general is kind of people are getting working class is being priced out oh yeah it was you know everybody goes the california gold rush the expansion west it's part of the very light fabric of you know us culture and exactly and this also connects with you know senator sanders said. our u.n. representative nikki haley when she sort of scaf to the idea of studying poverty because we're the richest nation the world well what makes the california poverty rate so interesting is that perplexing is that. the state's per capita g.d.p. increased twice as much as the us average over the five years and then in two thousand and sixteen twelve point five compared to six point two sexes so their
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growth rate is twice as much and yet people at the bottom are getting poorer and poorer so who do you think is profiting in the great state of california i wonder my big sucking sound of all wealth going up and i noticed a theme on the beige show right it was another one of the things i think that people don't like to talk about is the housing bubble and that's prime display in california i mean the median home price jumped eight point four percent just in march a year earlier setting an all time high sale but sales alternatively fell by six percent so how is president up in sales is falling right that's ridiculous the median home price in california is over five hundred twenty nine thousand dollars one hole that's across another a median that i didn't like the average out of everything and granted they have a lot of like eighty million homes but now the median rent for a vacant apartment this chump five percent and is now at one hundred dollars
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a month that's across the state that's not just in l.a. median report people cannot live being paid enough even if you raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour but it's still not going to be enough to afford twenty four hundred dollars a brand now you know that is ridiculous was the california answer to that i think i'd be surprised at what states are next to california on this on this list the top five the supplemental poverty states for a living even with help are still living in the under the poverty line so california at twenty florida and then louisiana arizona and mississippi i mean arizona. mostly shouldn't be that i mean this was a just weird to make is that it's sort of that thing of being like places where you know they don't have as much money but when you see california where they know they have a ton of money. and florida big tourist it's interesting to me because those states cut across all political boundaries like you can't just say ok as
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a blue state they do that socialism stops a look at how much money they're losing out of poverty rising well the border has always kind of been a red state arizona deep red and also remember that what happens is you have do have a lot of jobs being created but the jobs being created are don't have security in their usually part time a lot of these have no health care and often below livable wages so great you have a whole bunch of jobs but nobody can live off of the things at the end of the day when great point to where are those we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up we celebrate world view with bode day yes you heard me correctly tabitha brings us some thought provoking interviews recent trip to. california and depair got of soap and new very pink the bullet train to go check this out stay tuned to watch all.
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the accounting firms the banks the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and some way that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop. and i'm not i'm going to have to know that i'm not out of the know that that i'm out of the mouth of the money that they are living and i'm going to have examined. this was a good time to. try to move.


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