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lots of costumes lots of singing i spoke to some of them and asked them what their score predictions and the outcome predictions were for this game. three two three two colombia will wind down ok i think we'll ring to nail in the second half when colombia has excellent players we have amazing technical ability and it's in my opinion we will win i'm going to thought was we came twelve thousand kilometers to win we won nothing oust going in without that. i mean it actually took me some time to find english fans to speak about the tonight's game but the ones i found this is something actually spectacular is the same gentleman that i had filmed in kiev in euro twenty twelve when they were going absolutely crazy in the streets of the ukrainian capital back then so i recognized them and asked them what their score prediction was for the guy. you know where that is. right that's steve ukraine yeah it's not
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a school for which stretches for each and for each other when england told you know ok it was going to school if we hire a guy called three zero right. don't embrace the insult of a church i think was going to score. up and there again and again and again all right so he said coming home. is not god. i hope so a little bit is it coming home and translate you know yes john no no no no. not. that way scott made up is carrying on a job or nah. so you see a lot of positivity from both sides of this match up tonight the big question of course is whether the twelfth man and that man is definitely on the colombian side today will play any difference for the men on the pitch we'll definitely find out soon enough when he thinks the lecture siskiyou will be heading into place had over
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to the fun facts part. of the luzhniki stadion plate punches therefore is what's the scene there is it is it another victory for colombia in terms of the funds. finding the touch up whether or not you've been able to hear me because i think not be the loudest place in the home the brush of life on skype if you have coffee so the fact that we have found going on behind us you seem to be out to find our records her mug shot set it up to the cardinal says you're looking for out yet i can't find it on your part if you come up with a copy to do all i did find one guy that was right in the english mind i went up to him and i also who are you english and he just shrugged and did not. i think perhaps although she has a book to get is probably demoralized even sybase events a result tonight on the burns are what we first got here the one that many people own but nasa gets to watch that much more or something again and that promo that
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robots of the wild but we're getting plenty of that yellow coloring up the labia but that is to find a good sign is this the time nail i'm going to get a sound bite from here i did see one guy wearing a hat he can't share and i'd like to pick non-science carry cash but he's not a spot next a.t.m. last season of my pizza he talks about not hearing about the site this time i find something else among the rocks is a rest of the evening at sites around the match. many thanks looks like you have a good phone case partridge thanks so much i'm just thinking it's such a shame though that say england win which leads to seeing so many fans celebrating with me many english support. to celebrate here also to do it we will. we experience this thing with denmark the other day a nation that was about fifteen hundred people that out of forty two thousand in the stand and it was a little bit sad to see that you know the teams don't have that kind of support of course of so many russian fans in that stadium that they don't have it with to
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watch them might play croatia and the only thing you could hear was russia russia russia so what it is it's a it's a bit it's a bit i would have expected more of these people to come but i want to should issue it is ending when this game today we will see an influx of of having these fans coming but sixty five thousand colombian fans well we've had such a great time with these guys in the here and moscow and so we will have some some old and incredible that was for in that stadium today i had a very good atmosphere for the first match of the day it was in st petersburg sweden edging out switzerland by a goal to the team that. take it away guys. neil thanks peter welcomes everyone watching to. russia's north and capsule right on palace square here in a fantastic view. while colombia and then the woman got
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full big game we of course already know who they will face in the next round straight in the three or so the quarterfinals with one though when all of us what's that here in st peter's bag and the swiss finishing the game with ten men off to a sending off now the build up to that goal which decided the game came in the sixty six minute toivonen fed evill force but on the edge of the area he found space with a good first touch and his effort was not so powerful it was headed straight to the cape of kanji slide. posties island keeper into the back of the net yeah switzerland probably feeling a bit hard done by there wasn't a very much a year end to end game a high energy that a lot of commitment from from the swiss as well because they were pushovers can you and well see right six in the wild wouldn't be so very much time is
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a game as we predicted of course back in sweden that goal sent fans into a frenzy as that country edge towards the quarterfinals of the last times in twenty four years this was the mood back home. was i. was. there we have all to gregorio with us now a consultant to the full fee for communications director who was actually at the game and play with us in some petersburg times for joining us what was the atmosphere like there today what was first of all no outstanding stadium fantastic
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fans there was the most picture perfect. the result was not good for sorts of course. there was really a fantastic event i don't think it was a top top game. but you know a lot of pressure from both. switzerland hope finally to go to the extent shown that they have to wear them over for years to come what do you think of the tournament so far it was as you said perhaps a very tight game not the most exciting in the tournament but overall it's been quite interesting on the pitch. i have to admit a middle of the people here also journalist former. colleagues there were very skeptical critical but after three four days the mood changed people got another view another perception of this country that this part of the country because it's quite big you know and. so also after the game the swedish.
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fans you know just talking and pointing out the good positive things of this came to there was at least there were everybody in the darkest corner of kentucky and ohio no the world is switzerland and the world to sweden and the swedish or the yellow ones who are qualified and they're the ones who are just worse they go home the thing is as you say i mean for somebody wasn't a football fan before the world cup they are now a football fan even if for a day or a few days my grandma was actually in touch with me saying have you seen the game did you see the girls amazing eighty one and you found football fan but something you mentioned there about the sheer size of russia almost eleven hundred cities twelve stadiums. a lot of concern beforehand as you say about the about the organization the size the travel football violence etc. how is this world cup compared to the others that you've been to and do you think any of those concerns maybe have been justified in the first world cup i've been was in ninety four in
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the u.s. as a journalist and then on the last one was two thousand and fourteen i was involved to people and you know it's always kind of easy to say it's the best you cannot really compare you know but so far what i have seen is really amazing no accident no here whatsoever kind of problems security wise i hope it goes on like that it's not finished yet the stadium so already. as i said the only really kind of criticism if i can say is that you know it's quite hard for the. and so in order to. interact and to communicate with even with the taxi drivers or the they hardly speak english but you cannot blame the taxi driver probably the french or the learn a few words in russian and this is also with me i don't know and so we're.
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kind of for the stars but for the rest in serving the fantastic so for a cast the world cup especially because the big teams are not here i mean of course germany spain and portugal and so on italy not even is here so it's kind of that that world cup of the so-called little teams the only big one is brazil let's say and maybe maybe england but i mean this is peter scald in our don't know if english is really a favorite colombia's a good now you mentioned of course the interaction between the locals and the people who are visiting russia this tournaments as dan said spread over eleven cities how important do you think that is they get to the distance that it's covering that might be a challenge for some but also to bring the world cup to so many communities that may never have seen so many people coming into that time i think it's very important honestly. at least that the people the france i have worked here they really use this opportunity to go to see
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a part of the country because you cannot see from russia of course but it was the same in brazil a lot of people criticize it before because you're four hours from let's say rio de janeiro at the time of my mouse or the i was on so they said it's a march but at the end of the day everybody wanted to be here all over and i think it's it's for the country was hosting the world cup it's always good just to showcase what they have for of course it's a part of reality but it's it's it's it's good for everybody it was like so much for joining us here on r.t. great to get your take on the world cup on the game as well wolf of the google consultants. feature communications director. well that's it from us here in st petersburg back to moscow now with a focused science that lost sixty crucial clash between colombian england spacek stadium we can retire now back from a deadlock in minute goalkeeper peter schmeichel and neil harvey that we once again
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bring you all the expert analysis back to you guys many thanks gentlemen that pizza has the colombia team is going through from the coach was a heck of a man he's making changes he's made he's made two changes one of them of course is forced on him. how does what he gets didn't get ready so he's not even on the plane so he doesn't even feature in the school squad and materials with who played in the last game he's not playing instead of vilma and jefferson is playing and so it's a spinning goal right back niña and son just remember son just he got sent off after three minutes in the first game he's back in the team. and as well left back so that's a back four and then mexico colombia plays a three midfield learn a diet either side its unique voice and then carlos sanchez in the middle. and i
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could go out and just find a cow who has actually had a decent world cup you'll be up against players that he's played against before when he played for manchester united in england but just to go through the english team again jordan pick would start such a walk a stone's mcquire as a back three guy was ok there was a lot of speculation is it going to go to the back four for this game and be more cautious but he stayed with the system and then henderson in front of that and then the four midfield with trivia. and ask the young. and. and he was sterling somewhere in between that and how he came up. front do you think we will see goals came in sterling it's three at the box quite an attacking way that england line up and. back three i would think the thing is with we've seen with england so far as their producing chances and we cast our minds back to the first game but it beats an easier to one that was this general or
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a very nervy famous where harry kane literally on the last touches off that game scored two one but in the game linda and sterling had a golden opportunity if it could have been three four five goals even and no water could have complained so in an opportunity in a lot of chances now what we haven't really seen so far is how are they defending so we don't know about this three months the fans forget i don't forget that in angle and in the academy's most classic being told to play for the back and means to send a half and to train fullback that in this world cup and in a playing three center backs with two very aggressive wing is and has a young free when he was well which must be slight were yeah so it's a little bit of a warrior but we were in this different part of the two want to mend and i've said this a few times that you have to play in
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a different way even mentally you have to approach this in a different way and you just don't know if they sued saying better to play in this more in this part of the tournament than in the first but this is we have to wait and see with colombia we know and we've seen this over the many many last years we know we can expect anything from them four years ago when they went all the way to the quarterfinals got beat by brazil that was the best result ever they are trying to to equal that record today and you know without thomas what they kiss you would say glints slight favorites how do you feel about that i think that we won't know. stalls whether they deserve to be favorites i don't think it's right that they should be favorites to be on the spot than what we've seen so far the fact that conceding to teams like panama and to musea and the belgian reserve team for me is a big this isn't so i've been with him with the england since one thousand nine hundred one and this is so typical of
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a england supporters the one that seems to win but they always have and. always are the belief to co-exist with not only the current good we have just been to many times maybe this is going to be the time but i'm not going to be holding my breath thirty three minutes to kick off colombia will be in the classic yellow england are in the red kits will join you just have to kick.
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what politicians do such as you can. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express injury. more somehow i want to. watch it like to be for us it's like the full story in the hall and people. interested always in the was. there should.
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again from the r.t. news center in moscow and our other headline stories this hour donald trump's enjoying a little popularity boost a recent poll suggests his approval rating rose two points last month to forty seven percent and perhaps surprisingly support for the us president seems to have been growing most among hispanic voters have often reports. the month of june wasn't too good for the white house and the court of public opinion lots of media rates trump over the coals for the treatment of migrant families along the u.s. border now in the denunciation of the donald latino americans took center stage we saw the president just a few moments ago on twitter tweeting again that this was the democrats' fault and not acknowledging at all that he has the ability to stop it with perhaps just a phone call it's not right it's immoral it's inhumane and we need to stop that and we've known since donald trump came down those stairs calling mexicans rapists and
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criminals we've known that we as american citizens would be on watch but according to a harvard harris poll thirty five percent of americans who identify as hispanic either approve or somewhat approve of the trumpet ministrations policies now that survey was conducted after trump signed an executive order ending the separation of illegal migrant families back in may those numbers are only twenty five percent in a single executive order to really explain a spike in approval this time now fifty seven percent of hispanic americans according to another poll approve of donald trump's economic policies we decided to speak to some folks in the local latino community to see if they can explain these poll numbers have no explanation and definitely not my kind of people i think because the people. at least listen to tone trump and i believe what he says it makes no sense at all because it's mostly hispanic that the border that are being denied entry with their children so i can't speak for them do you think maybe
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there's other issues that are important to them i think that they're probably unaware of exactly what's going on as most of us are what would be some reason that that people in hispanic communities would support trump i mean what possible reason could there be tom i guess i mean he's smart financially with much trouble his reaction perhaps specific to this is what's to say you know that they do want to know kind of the town ways again and they want to make a civilized process of. yes there's a lot of pros and cons but still overall he wants to make america great again now the media is very good at telling us how we should be feeling however a more nuanced look at the data can sometimes throw up some surprising results it will happen our t. new york we'll take you back to our special studio in central moscow as the big kick off between colombia and england at some of the.
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others financial survival guide i don't buy any i'm on a teacher's. almost friday as of last summer plans for the future so crocker was kaiser. right we're all set to start is five guys the studio has a signal. he's not going to talk about no fly just maybe brighter for the mars explorers one who would have their own unique. record. to say what we know.
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how to tell us room full welcome to sophie and tell i'm so sweet shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck little. there are one other anti-gun other part of the block though that not a lot of the money out of the money there is when i get a feeling. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm job of now mom you. know none of that out loud you know how little money not why not they're going to our son or x. channing and they're all people we believe just a little bit here. bottom of my kids i don't want them up aside johnny boy are all
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the moment i've got a mother how do it all the kids are there a lot of them are i'm a little work you might be old enough to go out to the pimp i don't want to put out the other one which party or that all the mother brother the. possibly like i did when on the stand calling all three you'd strike in the deep end of the day as the day of the dead you into a high state right to die this is what we do we talk to the mix funds it's bush i explained loads of passion loads of color lots of reaction you read it yes that's got stick by comedy could help. you.
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right weaver is right next to nicole scott we find a group of seventeen spanish fans and you'll get married. ok mario you say you'll just as it makes you consider your cousin chosen the full force on the ball in reading. i get with that i definitely think about a year yeah let's go i got away thought i think will be to watch how. to do the shot simply a from i forgot how old i was cameron didn't make it to the best outcome here just for the question do i believe our team bush are going to win the world cup they're going to be on on. the
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. right. i. owe. my cue.
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the a thank you i mean quite a bold i a moscato remember the guy july the first two thousand and i think the rank outsiders for the tournament the house the russian national fame have bateson ramos costa they've knocked them out the faithful woke up and they're in for the quota finals quite incredible. q.s. delighted to be joined by a man that is very well known swing lish for the fans for later cool set by chelsea
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and most of the clubs in the french national team really appreciate you joining us today flora let's talk with the french national say one of the favorites to win the wilco but how price has happy with the way you with the performance yesterday i think is this i think that's what we were all expecting for this group of this young group of yes and thanks for the group stage where you did in the streets of the. because we both believe that does the live look for from the capable of and. to what this kind of game where they deliver the right time against their rights and i think it would be a must to suffer less for the squad but also for the whole country because the feeling and this is like the french were proud and and now we know that. it's one more step towards the final goal but i think for those players insists that's what they need in terms of confidence results quality
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. and passion. that. close. i guess we've young teams with the same way with my country you never quite sure what you're going to get sometimes you get funtastic performances sometimes it's going to be a little bit less what is the expectation now because france will play euro quite luis suarez and sinker vonnie perhaps more experienced say. well you expectations moving forward for the french national so. i think. for us talking about young people but it is those players did to their football club their leaders and they used to be on the shows and play to win trophies so. now in
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this book of this different profile of teams i think france is more confident and the same country at that because the profile oafish the honestly is. that of the old little mice in crystal renault of gone home so the focus is on the next generation of stars one of those is killin him. the first place school to goals in an ok guy as a teenager seems petty like in knowing saying fifty are it's huge pressure on me tell me what these qualities are. first of all. he's really cold blooded like you mentioned is first and i think the mission is to become the first every everything so. he has like natural qualities technicolor says because he's. very fast lightning fast has. and this same time.
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i think. when he plays a was a bit of fun. is not. only about scoring goals about. trying to eliminate always every kind of action and he's making the right choices. i'm impressed and everybody compared him to put cherry. one by twenty i hope it will be different with the work of really. a lot of the people now with france. with their goal and. that won't be too much and at the end like this to be everybody will be proud of.


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