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to be joined. on the show thank you very much for joining me i would like it's so our audience about your brother's love. definitely well until. it is really. a simple affair least in which. and only a movie a legacy the movie a part of. friday and oh yes actually fisi concentra sione his illness have your nice side up with us matt now that i. know it will lead to a full suppose you look muscovy approach was represents columbia represent which are colombia. and power i like him. so much to all know. and we sit
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up with the rest. is having a. good day. for the. food bowl but i saw you look at him and. tell me andrew is nickname. the gentleman in english everybody in football said he was very gentleman he was very respectful but most of my very proud when he is all i see all my important but occasionally. him i say give in to. sparta for that who go it is at a concert with faith and. kind but i think. system which has business interests.
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this is a place and seen below for decay. is only in full but a single surveillance let's go to. the tournament the ninety ninety four will cope the united states against colombia. school do not go. happened on the pitch what did you feel what were your immediate food for a new four moment of moving to. a premier is canvassed any l. now five. infin course isn't. that true the thing almost but i sense is him a meaningful for. the lord careless thousand nine hundred forty just have yellow who though you know do look it up but i. there's a moment i did undress for you after the match is hanging. low.
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you know we most that is to. say merry who. commit bus for me or came into any activists around me fadal said any amount of fame which took on cancer and this year when i was so main thoughts are never all this capacity at all and finales. did you ever feel could you ever imagine. something on a football pitch that somebody would be so cruel. as to want to take somebody else's life no i don't. and then stay put as an open man. in class and call on the other to. move up as it is and that is
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a hamas. how happy are you that. legacy is still very strong in colombia yesterday we were in walking around to drink and food. and he drew a picture of undress on the streets and i asked him why did you draw dreads and he said he's a legend is a gentleman and we will never forget him how happy does that make you feel. it's not a good you or me that i'm the love of money in the race. put a litany of infancy a tang's. and it wants us home massive with that in the. head the fatal.
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well yes there it lays which is i thank you so much for inviting me to a beautiful home and talking with insights and passion about your brother thank you very much for joining me. in the early. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution of you tube the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know or here but i mean your list with video dream in the neighborly is that i mean you just pulling it out of the
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former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took part in this did over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. the accounting firms the banks the the rating agencies the government and the central bank it's called a racket the u.k. profits from it and some way that's how the aristocracy keeps going and that's not going to stop. being. just us do you know it's about.
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theo . thank. you can you see us from the. ice. in the form of the view. of many people still. to come before we talk to.
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donald trump will soon visit europe is a very busy agenda and it's unclear what kind of reception people get topping his i ten are rare he will be trade relations nato and russia never before has an american president been expected with so much apprehension. right now we're all set to start in five guys in the studio has a signal. he's not going to talk about no fly just
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me right after the arse explorers one new put in their new. record. to say what we know. about a lesser known told them to sophie and tell him sophie shevardnadze said today i woke up lots to talk about in our program and our gas this. good luck that'll. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to do the twenty million alone player. it's an experience like nothing else want to do
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because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so will transfer. at least this morning too. good evening i can tell you it isn't seasonally chilly and central moscow today and we have had nothing to warm us up in terms of and to tell you minutes in the big football match of the dice colombia england tough times the spotlight stadium feats michael walden shot on target from either side not
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a lot to even talk about. yes i think that's a plenty to talk about it's it's a very tense affair so a lot of bad behavior on the page from individual players in the referee the american referee mark guy but he's having a tough time controlling the play as he had an opportunity will show you that a little bit later from a free kick to act three percent. i like the fact that he didn't do that i would have and you know inflated this mismatch even more but. we've seen a few shots from distance but we've not really seen a clear cut chance the only thing we've had is a header from harry kane that came in the sixteenth minute. i needs i mean it just shows you exactly what kind of game it is that if this is the best chance of the whole game the right eye i want to show this is just to see the quality of hiking only he gets to that and get so much on it it's
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a completely difficult. header that most people will just get to the england set out for just how hungry is that that he was trying to yeah he is i mean my hands flying over his spokespeople blowing in from me from the left so i'm actually shielded a little bit by you you will power from that you know it's just really it's. tens and i say really bad behavior so that's a free kick the two new guys from from colombia learned and barrus one that made the free kick gave away a stupid free kick on the edge of the box and then as they were lining up the wall and all hell broke lose and the other new guy and various you see the free kick here i mean there's no need to do that that two or three defenders in front of him could have dealt with the situation instead he went in from the back and now all this happened. and that's the other guy who started the game today and you can see that harry mcguire there is asking for
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a vav review and the rules that the referee could have gone to evolve because it says here that one of the four pillars is the direct red card so not two yellow cards but direct red cards i want to live in henderson on the ground we saw the replay that looked to be contact from the head to that that you know if henderson looks like i was i don't know who was getting to that so it says violent conduct biting biting speeding. suarez rule but biting spitting and another person so violent conduct and it was definitely violent conduct so he sort of headed into to jordan henderson chest and as he hits it he sort of took his head backwards hit the chin of him but i have to say what went on before was equally as bad so the whole situation with this was inflated by jesselyn. jordan henderson and one or two of the colombian players and one of them obviously barras and the referee you
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know he gave a yellow card just to sort of calm things down had he stuck to the rules he would have had to give more cuts and i kind of like the idea that he didn't do that because it's not that bad a game it's just a little bit of you know that tackle you don't want to see here and something i see the last thing that is not interest. i think this is actually quite sad is delhi ali when he he went for a ball. he actually the old already achieved was to give colombia a throw in but as he did that he landed really or could be outside the pitch and i said to you straight away all inside is growing and as you can see right away we could see right at the end there he was actually on the ground getting treatment full going pain and i'm very doubtful if he's going to come back on the page so he would say look it's one of the perhaps longest sequence of all seeing if he can continue he would come in and that's going to change the way that england plays but
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they have to say the first twenty minutes it was all they needed they put so much pressure on colombia everywhere on the pitch and they did it really well but didn't create him thing and the few chances that apart from the one which you saw with how he came a few chances that we've seen opportunities to shoot in good positions has fallen i love for styling off a testament god and those two with the two guys from the first game for england that had the most chances and missed all of them colombia clearly set their stall out to defend it's the way they play do you think we'll see a breakthrough because virtually no chance at the moment everything is good for colombia at the moment everything's good for england we also we had ten men to spellwork longer i was in control and it was very very clear that and then i'm not playing through the back they're playing five at the back so we're in this part of the to want to midway where the managers know if we get it wrong today we're on a plane from our get right and it doesn't have to be pretty good ride where in the
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next game as well so cautious not in position everyone goes back. and then play five at the back and i think both managers were quite happy as it stands it's nervy it's tight it's quite bad ten let's hope that things are more pleasant in the front thanks mark. the key state in take part is watching the game therefore is how the fans been reacting to that opening forty five minutes kate. i didn't know how this heater was you could hear the disco house cranked up again which is fantastic because it means that everybody here could have a job sic a wall because gun rights chile down here i have to say in central moscow for the reaction to use to some of the action and some of the as you say some of the north behavior that was going on that i think because the majority of people here are colombian i would say proud colombian as well kind of looked at some of it my kind of muttering it wasn't too passionate a response i think the most passionate response came from a quarter of what i think are actually england fans yes i spotted
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a few i think i could hear a mummy going up and i'm going to go over to the me few minutes to find out what they think they're actually draped in england flags they are the minority the rest of people were kind of looking at the action thinking oh we're not so sure about that they looked at what they thought was the head bats and then they were to jordan henderson's reaction a few murmurings there were generally we're looking at a very pro colombian fan zone here but it's halftime everybody seems to disappeared off now there are so many people here now they've pulled that they've come from absolutely everywhere as well looking across you can see people in some brands i've seen morocco shirts from like all the different teams some sort of the eliminated teams argentinians here as well that all come to sit and cheer on and have a good side because you can hear the baton crank up again and everybody else got up to get some food and drink they should be coming back to the second up very soon i think is soon to gaze up of the find a good bounces see you soon. many thanks kate bush there in the fans and at the feet i know where there are. lots of in there on the streets all day this was the
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same during the first three long supporters roaring on their side this is how it looked and they are taking out the streets you see not too much to cheer about that's the kind of something that first off for the rest of the movie or the bathroom. in that nine years it's sonny's chilling but it's still going the sides way yes yes but it's not really any one side or anyone's anyone's way at the moment and it's quite we've seen this in all the games and now it's the eighth game in the face and it's been tens and it's been very strategic massive and it's only this new no if you like signal count game not like that thriller we had built in japan attacking in twenty small slightly fearful smoothest. circumstances changes games and i think what happened in the in the in the japan belgium game was that as soon as they came out for the second half within five or six minutes japan would to know
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that just kind of the how the teams are playing for the rest of the at the moment is nil no it's exactly the same as it was last night between those two teams let's see if if the team one team is coming out and firing on all within this trying to push it and get the early goal because you do that then. obviously you get the advantage maybe a little bit more quality in the two teams today than in japan last night but you know all about the first goal because that dictates how you can play the rest of the game the one thing you don't want to do is to get behind and have to trace the game because then the clock is running out quickly and we saw that was switzerland today but it was like the number and and switzerland and clocks they should know all about time and it was like they never realized that it was running out. well a lot of expectation coming into this match i think it's showing on the pitch just
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how much it means to both sides the fans expecting big things and they were in fine voice and full all the energy prior to kick off. the air fare there. little fellow feeling i was. just about the england fans all corresponding got to speak to some of then just outside the spa tech stadium before kickoff let's hear what they had to say. lisa coming home. these look at. who should look at is it coming home sure are there still you know her and out. her there is still
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a her. mother might go if you know how funny that is by the way it is obviously the official song for all of the anger and euro ninety six it's coming home and these guys i mean they states they look to be of the age of being you know girls back then they didn't know that they'd know there was you didn't know the lyrics so the question of this is coming home twenty two years on it still hasn't come home i wonder when he look he's still thinking that suddenly turns into years on oh so sixty six yeah i'm going to be about one euro ninety six they didn't bring anything home on six they think that's what i was saying about ninety sixty six back yeah so in singing this with nick kates and then when they come home i say i want an old man singing that song the thing is and that's you know the writing them play today but again for me changed too much just too much in the style of play that's been changed from the three group range and this is why none of us can get
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it right but they can also get it wrong and confuse a pious. i think england to be serious contenders for the well cop. i think they need to do more i think they need to produce more chances and i think they need to be less cautious i don't like it when columbia has. the ball but they are already five of the back and then the forefront playing to put pressure on the ball that can go for only so long you can you can come up against a team but have to play the teams that played really well like belgium i know they've played well but not budging all fronts they were exploit that so hopefully for the second half and all the england fans and men will come out and do a little bit better. and then we see what happens and it's a cliche but it is one of those games that really needs to go certainly the club is supporters are doing their bit for the team tens of thousands of them of turned up here for this. as we've seen the england fans confidence has been growing as the
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tournament has progressed and on the eve of the match between the supporters played a friendly game with some russians what a great opportunity to play football on red square we asked them what they thought of the tournament so far. oh yes. oh. oh well you know what. i came to russia wearing. because i was told i would persist media. media. so i didn't know what to expect everything's been fantastic the board spoke in english they've been smiling people in the street will be helping me sadly under-representation i think a lot of our friends and family with laughter heads about what's going on and they think we have a good talk about the site was the message we had media in the u.k. said you were going to get killed if you came to russia basically. he's going to make. you think that maybe harry and i'm awful and now.
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we should have had i think if anyone comes it will be prince how we may have maybe harry i know harry. is a big england. maybe i'm not sure if. maybe american football. was i thinking. yeah it is and when it is the year are for harry because harry and macon we've got harry mcguire and harry cain could be the of the they have not have king harry next to prince harry helps you lose women who would be king that's how you keynes was never going. to have a yes or no a law will fundamentally say when the will come how are you funding the time. to go yet still at the halfway point and we know of course you're going to face in the next round whoever wins it's not to be swayed in that it suits them well nearly
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st petersburg that was more into tiny much and the fountains of sweden while they went to a frenzy. i am. sure the. god of the earth if her own the earth there. was a great wind for sweden then and some heroes made what we didn't mention after that game or is that the rapid olsen that street is goalkeeper in the very last minute had an incredible save from a header that he dived down and actually caught and then asked no doubt about that but dropping olsen in the swedish media for more would be pale massive hero yet and
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well deserved and it was a big match it was in st petersburg not seen daniel holkins and he said they were right across that much for us. he's back to the world wherever you're watching from today welcome to the studio and the russians. northern capital for daniel hawkins he sadly we now have the results of today's fast last sixteen clash is official sweden have been switzerland one milks advance to the quarterfinals for the first time in twenty four years and what a game it was it suddenly get blue. fans home well let's take a look at some of the reactions there was
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. was. so sweden going through to the quarter finals with that one nil win over switzerland here in st peter's and as the swiss ended up eventually ending the game with just ten men now with regards to the goal it came on the sixty six minute. toivonen the fed and will force on the edge of the area where he was in space and his shot blocked power it was slightly weak but it took a massive deflection before going past the keeper that the flexion coming off manuel can g. and the keeper really standing no chance with that now we have all to the group gloria with us now consultant to form a fee for communications director who's actually at the game here and stay with us
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in some petersburg times when for joining us what was the atmosphere like there today what was first of all outstanding stadium fantastic fans everything was picture perfect. the result was really good for sort of course. there was really from the event i don't think it was a. top top game. but you know a lot of pressure from both of them switzerland hope finally to go to the next they churn the they have to wear them over for years to come what do you think of the tournament so far it was as you said perhaps a very tight game not the most exciting in the tournament but overall it's been quite interesting on the pitch i have to admit my middle of the people here also journalist former colleagues there were very skeptical critical but after three four days the mood changed people got another view and a perception of this country that this part of the country because it's quite big
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and all of. the so also after the game so the swedish the swiss fans you know just talking and pointing out that the good positive thing of this came to there was at least everyone everybody in the darkest corner of kentucky and ohio know the world is switzerland and the world to sweden the swedish or the yellow ones who are qualified and they're the ones hardest worse they go home the thing is as you say i mean for somebody wasn't a football fan before the world cup they are an awful fun even if for a day or a few days my grandma was actually in touch with me saying have you seen the game did you see the girls amazing eighty one and you found football fan but something you mentioned there about the sheer size of russia almost eleven hundred cities twelve stadiums. a lot of concern beforehand as you say about the about the organization the size the travel football violence etc. how is this world cup
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compared to the others that you've been to and do you think any of those concerns maybe have been justified what have been the first world cup. bid was in ninety four in the u.s. as a journalist and then on the last one was two thousand and fourteen i was involved to people and you know it's always kind of easy to say it's the. you cannot really compare you know but so far what i have seen is really amazing no accident no here whatsoever kind of problems security wise i hope it goes on like that it's not finished yet the stadiums are already. as i said the only really kind of criticism if i can say is that you know it's quite hard for the fans in order to do and interact in the communicate with the even with the taxi drivers or the they hardly speak english but you cannot blame the taxi driver.


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