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tv   Documentary  RT  July 4, 2018 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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so what it is it's coming home treasure are the restaurant and oh ya da da r. no it's not. an astronomer oh oh. oh so is it coming home will definitely find out in some are when england faces sweden in the quarter finals. following england's win over colombia they will meet sweden on july seventh and be quarterfinal sweden defeated switzerland to wonder zero in st petersburg earlier on tuesday and their fans into a frenzy. the. getting better all over the good of the old.
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was. alright artie's didn't hawkins and isa ali were on top of that match in russia's northern capital. but you see the world wherever you're watching from today welcome to the studio in the heart of russia's northern capital for daniel hawkins the sadly we now have the result of today's fast loss sixteen clash is official sweden have been switzerland one milks advance to the quarterfinals for the first time in twenty four years and what a game it was suddenly getting blue fans home well let's take a look at some of the reactions that it was
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. was. sweden going through to the quarter finals with one nil win over switzerland here in st peter's and as the swiss ended up eventually ending the game with just ten men now with regards to the goal it came on the sixty sixth minute. on the edge of the area where he was in space and his shot blocked power it was slightly weak. of the flexion before going past the keeper that deflection coming off manuel kanji and the keeper really standing no chance with that now we have all to the group gloria with us now consultant in the form of fee for communications director who's actually out big game here in the sense of petersburg times for joining us what was the atmosphere like it was first of all now standing
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stadium fantastic friends everything was. sure. the result was not good for sorts of course. there was really a fantastic event i don't think it was a top top game. but you know a lot of pressure from both of them switzerland hope finally to go to the next they join the they have to wear the no four years so what do you think of the tournament so far it was as you said perhaps a very tight game not the most exciting in the tournament but overall it's been quite interesting on the pitch i have to admit my middle of the people here also journalist former colleagues there were very skeptical critical but after three four days the mood changed people got another view another perception of this country that this part of the country because it's quite big and all of. the so
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also after the game the swedish the swiss fans you know just talking and pointing out that the good positive thing of this came to there was at least everyone everybody in the darkest corner of kentucky and ohio they know the world is switzerland and the world to sweden the swedish or the yellow ones who are qualified and they're the ones hardest worse they go home the thing is as you say i believe somebody wasn't a football fan before the world cup they are now a football fan even if for a day or a few days my grandma was actually in touch with me saying have you seen the game did you see the girls amazing eighty one and you found football fan but something you mentioned there about the sheer size of russia almost eleven hundred cities twelve stadiums. a lot of concern beforehand as you say maybe out there about the organization the size the travel football violence etc. how is this world cup
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compared to the others that you've been to and do you think any of those concerns maybe have been justified by the first world cup. i've been was in ninety four in the u.s. as a journalist and then on the last one was two thousand and fourteen i was involved to people and you know it's always kind of easy to say it's the best you cannot really compare you know but so far what i have seen is really amazing no accident no here whatsoever no further problems security wise i hope it goes on like that it's not finished yet the stadium so already. as i said the only really kind of criticism if i can say is that you know it's quite hard for the fans in order to. interact in the communicate with the even with the taxi drivers or the they hardly speak english but you cannot blame the taxi driver probably the french or the learn a few words in russian and this is also with me i don't know and also were.
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difficult kind of for the stars but for the rest in serving a fantastic so for a contrast the world cup especially because the big teams are not here i mean of course germany spain portugal and so on italy not even is here so it's kind of good that woke up of the so-called little teams the only big one is brazil let's say and maybe maybe england but i mean this is peter scald in our don't know if english is really a favorite colombia's a good now you mentioned of course the interaction between the locals and the people who are visiting russia this tournaments as dan said spread over eleven cities how important do you think that is the key to the distance that it's covering that might be a challenge for some but also it brings the world cup to so many communities that may never seen so many people coming into that time i think it's very important honestly. at least that the people the friends i have worked to really use this
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opportunity to to to see a part of the country. because you cannot see the whole russia of course but it was the same in brazil a lot of people criticize it before because you're four hours from let's say rio de janeiro at the time the mouse or the muzzle so they said it said too much but that the others that they have a body want to be all over and i think it's it's for the country who is hosting the world cup it's always good to just still showcase what they have for of course i started feel for the reality of it so it's it's good for everybody it was like so much for joining us here on r.t. great to get your take on the world cup on the game as well was it a goal or consultant for future communications director.
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for twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of it but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to be the center of the beach but how would you. agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the best go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was also appreciate me to just say to redo the team's latest edition to make it up as we go. looking.
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for welcome back this is our team international now a hairstylist from new york has become the face of an apparently growing movement among american liberals he released a video which quickly went viral calling on people to walk away from what he sees as the phony liberalism of the democratic party we spoke to the man who started the campaign to find out what prompted it and why he thinks it is gaining momentum. well i i myself was a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of a democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberals so i found myself sort of in the tribe on the left most of
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my life but there are things for years that made me extremely uncomfortable as i started to see the identity politics and the politically correct culture just sort of over common sense i knew other people were feeling this way so i decided to create a campaign and create this video to kick off the campaign so i am walking away. and i encourage all of you to do the same. with. what i really wanted to do was get people back in touch with their voices and to push back against the narrative on the left the video has indeed generated a huge amount of feedback almost thirty thousand people have joined the movement since its release last month with the hash tag walk away trending over the weekend now it seems other liberals have been inspired to reveal their reasons for turning their backs on the democrats i mean. i was instantly hooked to his message that democrats don't care about us not one bit they
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walked away from us a long time ago it is time for us to do this i'd rather walk away and be a part. of. the right. things the scared the less this is where the party is going and this is why i'm sure you want. over some liberal outlets that have covered the story of claimed most of the momentum has been generated by right wingers rather than actual x. liberals we asked the founder of the walkaway campaign for his reaction. but my campaign is not most they can approach comprised of people who are conservative and in fact anybody who is saying that i encourage them to go into the bay this is what so brilliant about the campaign if i don't say so myself you can't lot the video testimonials don't lie those aren't russian bots if you will and these are you know these are manufactured stories these are real people telling the real stories so
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for anybody who is skeptical please go to the page and see with your own eyes and listen with your own ears to the stories of real people who have really walked away from the left because they're completely fed up with what's happening on the left. least forty secondary schools across england have banned people from wearing skirts some have deemed them unacceptable putting them on the same list as facial piercings even more are now reportedly considering switching to more gender neutral uniforms girls will now have to wear plain trousers just like the boys and it seems the reasons differ from school to school some hope to implementing more gender neutral policy there's hope to make life easier for the small but increasing number of transgender students one school though is citing fears over the sexualization of young women this illustrates the length that we want
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a lot of the students awaiting this gets to show not just why we are moving towards just child says but in september. not everyone has accepted the new policies though one parent we spoke to is furious that the school didn't ask the parents' opinions before making changes to the uniform i was very shell. there is no. way that a parent so. full of the file for no reasons get the ball so. i can speak well on the bow and. have lost my and i'm no the children is so to know what to you why charles all the time they should be given the choice to take away the choice is wrong. their petition has been launched against the uniform changes at that particular school arguing that there is nothing offensive about girls that needs diana bird katie again thinks that children should be free to
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choose whatever uniform they want to wear a boy's what's a dress. and goes up to dress like i was five so what is wrong with go just like. eight days since that school has been go way bills but will. quite a lot going on at the moment about changing different rules for times can chill and adults let's bear in mind that they are a minority and the majority say we can't piece every thought it all the time i. the story with a happy ending now a chance encounter has reunited identical twin sisters after thirty five years they were separated at birth and the russian city of perm where when they hospital mix up saw their father take home the wrong baby here's how vents unfolded.
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the young lady and his friend was driving along the street and saw a woman looking exactly like. she honked but the woman didn't recognize her so she called ileana asking why didn't she recognize her when i was really surprised because she wasn't. the people aboard the baby was in a blanket the nurse showed me her face and asked you should you hurry i said yes of course they knew the baby they gave her so i thought she was mine.
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i remember being cool to all kinds of things it keeps a quiz on it who's been involved. business lockable all my life was not a better berms is meant to be separated from the family without parents you don't even hear. the national court of justice of ecuador has issued a warrant for the preventative detention of the country's former president rafael correa the country's chief prosecutor's office requested that interpol extradite the ex leader who now resides in belgium is facing accusations he was involved in the kidnapping of former opposition lawmaker fernando balder in two thousand and twelve meanwhile ball to himself has been charged with orchestrating
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a foil cool attempt in two thousand and ten could say i was president of ecuador for ten years starting in two thousand and seven he denies all charges. and while the democratic party faces the walkaway movement donald trump is enjoying a little popularity boost a recent poll suggests his approval rating rose two points last month to forty seven percent and perhaps surprisingly support for the us president seems to have been growing most among hispanic voters are too scared martin explains. the month of june wasn't too good for the white house and the court of public opinion lots of media rates trump over the coals for the treatment of migrant families along the u.s. border now in the denunciation of the donald latino americans took center stage we saw the president just a few moments ago on twitter tweeting again that this was the democrats' fault not acknowledging at all that he has the ability to stop it with perhaps just a phone call it's not right it's immoral it's inhumane and we need to stop that and
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we've known since donald trump came down those stairs calling mexicans rapists and criminals we've known that we as american citizens would be on watch but according to a harvard harris poll thirty five percent of americans who identify as hispanic either approve or somewhat approve of the trumpet ministrations policies now that survey was conducted after trump signed an executive order ending the separation of illegal migrant families back in may those numbers are only twenty five percent in a single executive order to really explain a spike in approval this time now fifty seven percent of hispanic americans according to another poll approve of donald trump's economic policies we decided to speak to some folks in the local latino community to see if they can explain these poll numbers have no explanation definitely not my kind of people. because the people. we listen to and trump and i believe what he says it makes no sense at
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all because it's mostly hispanic that the border that are being denied entry with their children so i can't speak for them do you think maybe there's other issues that are important to them i think that they're probably unaware of exactly what's going on as most of us are but would be some reason that that people in hispanic communities would support trump i mean what possible reason could there be i guess i mean he's smart financially but much trouble his reaction perhaps specific to this city in his words to say you know that they do want to connect the town ways again and they want to make a civilized process that. yes there is is a lot of pros and cons but still overall he wants to make america great again now the media is very good at telling us how we should be feeling however a more nuanced look at the data can sometimes throw up some surprising results it would pop and r. t. new york. that does it for me i'll be back to you in thirty minutes with a full of two news you are watching our two international.
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you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for washington closely watching the hawks. will make this manufacturer come sentenced to the public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round to listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news is. donald trump will soon visit europe has a very busy agenda and it's unclear what kind of reception people get topping his i can arrest he will be trade relations nato and russia never before has an american president been expected with so much apprehension.
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here in kiev in recent days it might dawn independence square has turned into a full scale war zone. more clashes in ukraine's capital kiev. there is absolutely no you shall start to tell what you are caricature everybody. at the probably a month. now on the brink of a civil war at least seventy dead so far and the death toll rising it you can allude you. a new music stockholm and. what we saw here today was a revolution. to. have invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals with. us from when you go to your show will go to the. nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the
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borders of russia thirteen countries. focus has to be on not allowing ice into hot fall between ukraine and russia. but. that the team of boys in the city would just look when and if the new buildings to be truthful. mum allan eleven. the
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mummy mummy mummy . ukraine. it's an ancient and proud land. with a rich history filled with much beauty heroism and sacrifice. ukraine is a border land. a place where east meets west. this is the flag of ukraine the blue represents the sky the gold its seemingly endless fields of
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wheat. ukraine is a prize many have sought. and much blood spilled in the quest to possess it. ukraine has been the pathway for western powers as they attempted to conquer the east. in world war one. and world war two. and every time the ukrainian people ended up paying the highest price for these grand games of powers . history doesn't repeat but it surely rhymes said mark twain. if one looks closely at the history of ukraine one will notice many rhymes. being surrounded by stronger powers ukraine has needed a lot of cunning to survive and the art they truly mastered with time is the art of
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changing sides. in the middle of the seventeenth century ukrainian leader dunn who. broke a truce agreement made with poland siding more powerful russia. just over fifty years later as the russian swedish war was raging another ukrainian leader ivan mazeppa bro. the union with russia when he switched sides joining forces with the swedish invaders many times ukrainian history was written by third parties seeking to keep the gains of a revolution at any cost russia agreed to the humiliating conditions of the breast with screechy of one thousand nine hundred eighteen which turned ukraine into a german protectorate another historical document to change the fate of ukraine was the molotov ribbentrop pact of one thousand nine hundred thirty nine one of many
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such agreements being signed between european countries and rising germany. attempting to protect his nation from the approaching nazi threat. joseph stalin negotiated a treaty of nonaggression with adolf hitler while promising each other piece of the soviet in german foreign ministers molotov and ribbentrop realigned the map of eastern europe splitting it into german and soviet spheres of influence. no sooner had the mala tav ribbentrop pact been signed then poland was split and in september of one nine hundred thirty nine eastern poland awoke to be western ukraine and a part of the family of soviet republics and the u.s.s.r. . but even this bold dividing of lands and nations only delayed the inevitable germany broke its promise to the u.s.s.r. . on june twenty second one thousand nine hundred forty one
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germany invaded the u.s.s.r. launching barbara rossa the largest military operation in world history. barbara was aiming for st petersburg moscow and kiev ukraine three destinations of major significance. ukraine with its rich lands and resources was an important industrial and economic source for the u.s.s.r. to cut it off from the soviet union would strike a big blow indeed. for most of the soviet union the second world war was about fighting the invaders of the land. but it wasn't quite so simple for ukraine the truth is ukraine has never been a united country. when world war two broke out a large part of western ukraine's population welcomed the german soldiers as
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liberators from the recently forced upon them soviet rule and openly collaborated with the germans. the real scale of collaboration was not announced for many years after the war but we now know that whole divisions and battalions were formed by ukrainian collaborators such as s.s. galaxy and not to go and roll into battalions. just in the beginning of the war more than eighty thousand people from college cina region voluntarily enrolled into division s.s. galaxian in a month and a half notorious for their extreme cruelty towards the polish jewish and russian people on the territory of ukraine. members of these military groups came mostly from the organization of ukrainian nationalists the o. un founded in one nine hundred twenty nine this organization had an ultimate goal of creating an ethnically pure independent ukraine and considered terror an
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acceptable tool for achieving their ends their official flag was black and red land and blood it will remain in ukraine's history long after the o. un will cease to exist in early one nine hundred forty the most radical nationalistic part of the organization of ukrainian nationalists got its own leader step on bond era severely anti semitic an anti communist. just he proclaimed an independent ukraine in one thousand nine hundred one. his german allies frowned upon such an act of self will and it landed him in prison for nearly all the second world war not participating in the events physically still managed to successfully spread his ideology many independent historians estimate that the zero un militia exterminated from one hundred fifty to two hundred thousand jews on ukrainian territory occupied by the germans.


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