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isn't it time you told a journalist for tellin him friends not to go to russia and to think that clown boris johnson wanted to pull england out of the world cup can you imagine how many more england fans could have been there to enjoy it if boris johnson and the u.k. media had not been so recent world boris johnson and to reassure me advise grits to boycott russia's world cup so they have no one to blame except polish and to reason you know we've seen of course that most fear in moscow here in st petersburg of the
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city as well salt you have just returned from. atmosphere is very much different to what the media was saying was and indeed we spoke so you. know you're in touch with him as a big fan of course you know people saying i have come to russia i won't be coming to russia because i'll be mad it's going to cause risk of you may have really you know i think fearing for their lives in some cases and experience it couldn't be farther from the truth thousand of us i mean a lot of people yes i mean during my time here in russia i managed to meet up with robbie lyle from also a fan t.v. and as you correctly said you know yourself and i went to that game between c.s.k. moscow and also in april and the same thing you know romney was saying he's got a fantastic time but interestingly a lot of the people he's very influential blog growing you tube a huge following so many people have contacted them and said we're so upset because some of our friends and family are in russia having a wonderful time and we feel like the scaremongering put a soft and so they feel like it's. you know it's
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a bit late now as in the progress i think more of them will come out but they're saying you know flights are expensive much tickets are hard to come by and so there's a general sense of anger not just at the government back in the u.k. but also perhaps some of the media as well in the way that they tackled the issue and really putting people off coming in and you know football is high profile danny rose as well saying believe it was i knew i was saying he was going to take this family to russia for fears of racism now and his mind saying you know hang on a minute things aren't at all what things look a train like when the family here and i will come and see for now and now that historic court farm of course they move back to football the game in hand they also saw sweden qualify for the next stage here in st petersburg switzerland of packing their bags to go home is the highlights from that account.
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now one word to describe this extravaganza of football so far would be unpredictable the two major players have dominated the world of football for the last decade christiane allowed the rival. message you can only accepts one song saying we're going to be too old for the next world cup a shame perhaps they couldn't perform as people expected. them to fail to make it through the following rounds retired argentinian footballer. that he's been enjoying the world cup as perhaps everybody's noticed and seemingly catching the attention of those particularly online.
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it was a championship heats up on tees top managers marina's taking a break from looking into is crystal ball making those awful predictions he's put out about meeting some football stars all the future giving them some of his was it was. yes i would think it was a fluke cyclical feel it must in the last question if you don't need it do not get me i do not snip the knots two years most of all right but not before. but actually i know the police can do what disabled the target is still on. my limit come on
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that much is true and i to be meeting or let others i'm already within your trigger to continue doing it all chill so much history night someone who will need to do on this is a more lenient. push or pull them away it's so so so you come on the what you just used to be here on the table and you will cheat so. be to sleep you can play you have a job is not conscious more than you believe has a similar will. oh ok so i was told that you are the good talent. that you are the kids with with good potential so i come to give you a look your coach is ian i just stay outside i'm looking at you so with all my attention but don't feel any pressure just feel happy and and free ok it will. go.
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one thing is. and another think it's. possible to be the right speed and control buses available if i control the ball here is one thing and then i need the world and i need one more second for another single as it passes me the ball and with my control. my control i can give the media the speed of the game so little seems little good makes the game much much better than the you fit look for example to. use his name your version of if they look to him the first the first control the speed of the all is always going to.
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positively surprised with what i see what i see in his little session and i hope the code should be as he read me i also seem like my players being professional players. they enjoy more of the period where they're playing in the period where they have to practice but this is as important exercises that they can do outside the little little game what's the secret in achieving that much trophies the secret is what i was asking you. to enjoy by.
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at the same time if you say if you want t.v. to reach a certain level. has to be a serious serious thing every minute of the day we're. working with my players i take it very very serious all those of us model always happy to do something that i really like to do but i always read to you the great cause and the grit and be sure to have fun every minute throughout on the pitch take it seriously what's your favorite muchas tonight for if i answer to you or the other one is to go away is like when you got a father and you have more of them than ones then one son which one is the favorite son i have a son the daughter i cannot say which one is my favorite. my favorite what's the difference in training russian players english players i think in the end when the one of the secrets is the competitiveness of the league every club has probably
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eighteen twenty twenty peaches like this one. only for the academies i hope. with kids like you coaches like him with facilities like like that with the passion of the russian. people as for football with what the world cup can change in terms of that. of that mentality in. all of the united states mexico canada that can be a target for. the russian national team to to improve let's make a challenge and sometimes challenges all dreams they become reality one day so let's see in the next twelve years. i coach the russian national team and some of them they play for me they'll. feel my gosh.
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well now down to the last eight teams and sounds across the wall have been on the road across the right for a roller coaster ride from the start of the tournament for some though it seems to be a need for a bit of emotional support from that four legged friends. lots
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of a must for the solid do you stay tonight in times minutes and back with more live coverage from the full to you right here in los angeles but you can follow all the thrills and spills all the twenty eight seen while top other continues this summer also on altie dot com. which the messenger no i haven't but stuff that even my friend told me to look at a poll just ten second please. here
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in moscow things guys but she later colored news stories this wednesday lunchtime it's us independence day and apparently a new low in american patriotism to a poll by public opinion consultants gallup suggests a considerable shift these days in people who used to say they were extremely proud to be americans. has the more and more on this. the fourth of july american independence day a time for barbecue fireworks and celebrating the old stars and stripes. but is the patriotic impulse dying among americans a new poll shows that not all americans are swelling with national pride the poll
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indicates that less than half of americans actually say that they're extremely proud of their country and that's with donald trump playing up u.s. exceptionalism we're going to make america you'd make america great again great again are you planning to celebrate the fourth of july this year actually i'll be working as i am sure there's every day comp by an easygoing whole came out this year and when asked if they were proud of their country extremely proud of their country only forty seven percent of americans said yes that's less than half what do you make of that poll. i saw that i don't understand i'm in that the other category am extremely proud and now we look so bad in court towards other countries who are looking towards us and think that we look so separated now instead of being united i suppose it's about mainly really it's just just simply the president. what else i think you get at center is not
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a political. level happening just faith and leadership to really come down to what i think deep down the numbers probably higher but people may feel a grudge about certain political you know swings these days used to be that once a year americans put aside their political differences and marched behind the american flag is one on independence day however this year it seems that partisan political differences are impacting how americans feel about the festivities. r t new york now some of the headlines ecuador has issued an arrest warrant for the country's former president rafael it's requested that interpol extra thought the former leader from belgium where he's now living craze accused of involvement in the kidnapping of opposition will make a financial bolder meanwhile both himself has been charged with his trading a foil coup attempt in twenty ten career i was president of ecuador for a decade from two thousand and seven must be said he didn't use the his ations
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against him. i'm given i would here in moscow alive again as just. for all the great moments of last night's football with a team of color will be here to bring you more the day's headlines too for now thanks for watching i have a great wednesday. night for many people. so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. and spending to the twenty million.
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it's an experience like nothing else because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game a great chance for. right we're all set to start in five guys two new studies at the studio house a signal. he's not going to talk about no fly list just reviewed right after the mars explorers one who would have their own unique. record. to say what he.
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told the alice room welcome to sophie and co i'm so sweet shevardnadze said today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck little. people. that are going other anti-gun other part of the club know that that not out of the mouth of the money they're going to get examined. this was a good time to. try to move there i. know none of that out loud you know how little money not how far north they're going to our south or expending and they're all people we believe just a little beer. bottle of my kids i live out the bubble so johnny what are the other
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moment of mother having a lot of kids are there a lot of them and i'm a little way to maybe older looking at the pins i don't want to put out they are the most hardy without all the more the world that it. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that about there could have to go to a bully is typical of a quote but the most of the most go for the below could him. as long ago as eighteen zero four sevastopol as a naval base became the main military port of the russian empire on the black sea. during the second world war the heroic defense of sevastopol lasted almost
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a year and took hundreds of thousands of lives. therefore the naval base in crimea has a legacy of historical pride for the russian black sea fleet as well as being of huge strategic importance. those of us alive back then remember when there were soviet missiles put into cuba how frightened americans were and how angry and how we almost went to a nuclear confrontation over having weapons of that kind of destruction placed that close to the united states. just fifty united states considers cuba to be in its backyard. then crimea plays at russia's doorstep. the consequences of a u.s. seizure of the face or a nato base which in general. but almost some of us in be as muslim insuring is an
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actual plot which you have taught me to do and again us put you in with a. force today and you know unless. you know it's not just a quick practical putting it into shape. yes no opinion it's. so slow just enough to use ocean to elicit but if there was no willingness that ended up with the old me can only get on that i've got to shut it down look to play you will or. it was a piece of just filled with. steam about what i get there but only you know a buzz but they're both saying no doubt on the phone sex amongst the windows me with susie it takes to make. a state but the national system. unless you mean it's not. supposed to think that if we act we would soak in the response. to me because you knew seemed up and you know look if when it's just about you know in the us those. years that you play in the in your in the lead you
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disappear you know the same socialism. as up until the end of plentiful i get little news and when you see what i pay for by saying you can get on the net and your shit. diane concerned about the expansion of nato nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries at the time what we're showing up at the gym away in the shit way not. in the midst of them what she. did in early spring of two thousand and fourteen eastern ukraine was also buzzing with protests against the new authorities in kiev this region with the population close to russia geographically and culturally feared that the ultra right leanings of the newly formed government would bring meal nationalism to their lands. and
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they have their reasons. the status of the russian language in ukraine has been a stumbling block for many years implementing russian as a second state language was one of the new campaign promises of president putin unfolding in two thousand and twelve the government passed a law making it the second official language in the southern and eastern parts of ukraine the areas where the russian speaking pop. elation makes up a majority ukrainian nationalist groups initiated massive protests opposing the law and observing viewer might see some familiar faces there on. one of our lot. on february twenty third two thousand and fourteen the very next day after the regime change the new government voted for an a no meant of the official status of the russian language and even though later this decision was vetoed by the acting president alexander turchynov it still sent a message and
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a powerful one this alarmed the russian speaking cities of eastern ukraine and people took to the streets to show their disagreement. in response. is conducted their own demonstrations when the two parties would meet it was always tense and eventually it led to tragedy. one person died and over fifty people were wounded in clashes during a pro russian march protesting the new government in kiev. on april sixth the crimean area no b.c.m. repeating eastern ukraine where protesters seized government buildings. and the next day the full seven day proclaimed don't yet see people's republic kiev replied by announcing the beginning of an anti-terrorist operation in eastern ukraine.
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by that time the international media was screaming about a russian invasion in ukraine russia could now be on the verge of invading ukraine but strong words state only in the media the ukrainian authorities never announced a war like situation why i.m.f. cannot give money to countries and gaged an ongoing war that's reporter shan't go over as they can only think you when you go to your show will go to geneva too much money was already invested in ukraine. to stop halfway i've invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic train. as he took a quick democratic start in a city you know well it will slowly new democracy just go it is among the other most of the work across cultures in couplers is just north of that some of them but obviously the funds had to keep coming and the conflict had to keep going. and more bloody and deadly. earnest. as parties from
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both sides were using more sophisticated and lethal weapons. as well then. got bored if a kiss was given that's why you know when this. particular source though not all of . them bust. through a new deal yeah you know that's really kind of a prelude to. the world seemed too busy welcoming this new democracy in kiev. to notice what was being done as it spread its wings over the country. many in southern ukraine had been viewing the revolution with concern. and an anti mind on movement formed in the city of odessa in early january two
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thousand and fourteen the protesters set up their camp in front of the trade union house a building which would soon become a monument to a massacre of its own it's difficult to overestimate the importance of odessa it is strategically located on the black sea and it's ukraine's largest seaport it's not surprising that ukraine's new authorities were watching the situation unfolding there with growing alarm. more and more of odessa as people were joining the anti my don movement at the same time as events in eastern ukraine were heating up. the new ukrainian government didn't have the power to wage war on too many fronts if odessa were to join the growing uprising in the eastern regions it would seriously complicate the situation. this rebellion had to be extinguished immediately and at any cost and that cost was high. on may second two thousand and fourteen soccer fans flocked to the center of odessa city for the ukrainian championship match
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surprisingly a great number of these fans who descended into odessa just the night before also turned out to be fighters from the my don self-defense units along with members of radical organizations from all parts of ukraine that these. books. these families asked armed and shouting nationalist mottos began disturbances in the center of the city as they marched to the end time i don tent encampment where they attacked the end time mind on protesters sought shelter in the trading house but it was a track down supporters started throwing molotov cocktails into the building until it was engulfed in flames. people burned to death inside for trying to escape jumped for us. how low a fire station was less than a mile away it took almost half an hour for firefighters to arrive when they
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finally did the damage had been done. but here's an intriguing fact just a few days before those dreadful events a messenger from my don pair o.b. made a visit to odessa it's an interesting coincidence that some of the people he met with in odessa were seen at the scene that fateful day. but not everyone was mourning on the popular political talk show schuster live the news about the people burned alive in odessa was welcomed with a long round of applause for saudi what their sit up lots to see just suggest putting your story you know what you see. on its facebook page the right sector announced the events of may second a proud moment in national history an official investigation into this sad event
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has been going on now for nearly two years and it's yet to reach a conclusion but it seems the experts and all the information they needed from the very beginning. you just get really cute you keep watching it. it looks like a desa really is a very important piece of real estate as it was on earth with a very special new governor appointed on may thirtieth of two thousand and fifteen . mikhail saakashvili an old friend of the united states and born and raised in ukraine's neighboring country georgia hello there in georgia a quick look at his biography gives one an understanding that he's been groomed for a special mission she debuted as i did when i was i don't know maybe got to mr saakashvili received a u.s. state department scholarship and he worked for
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a new york law firm which represented the organization come on or a group that appeared earlier when we learned about the color revolutions we're dealing with democratic blood blister aleutian this is the revolution of roses and this is me kyle saakashvili with camara busy overthrowing the legitimately elected president eduard shevardnadze. but i. was feeling. soon after the rose revolution blossom fully george announced its intentions to join nato and plant fresh nato military bases in the fertile soil right on russia's border never. never never will give any piece of territory saakashvili mission was accomplished at least with his friends and nato the georgian populace wasn't quite as happy though in two thousand and seven they took to the streets to voice discontent and mr saakashvili risk.


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