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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  July 6, 2018 12:30am-12:40am EDT

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always the war that made you leave your country when it comes to football do you still root for your neighbors when for example serbia lost to brazil did you fell for it of course we have your football friends you know and what they have been think or study serbia or most friends there are also some friends going to be very sure going to have just the unit that's in for both terms to be a friends we would like to have happiness between us but of course the food bowl is connecting people that's why we work in food bowl and that's you know it's the best way to be in the stadium defense. have power to be on the stadium and i think each creation from who will be lucky to be in sochi that he will never forget in their life i already you know they cleaned my room at body and i just know what they mean for the football players and of course worldwide he will be more of you the game or own the world and you know just say
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that the shirts and go to play i want to know the games you know just to be be on the on this they don't know and they have a few more questions to ask you he said the football football is connecting people but i'm sure you know that there was a moment during the serbia versus wade phillips game while serious players of cos of an albanian heritage made hand sides of the double had it eagle beach was perceived as a political gesture fifa looked into it it found it to be unsportsmanlike conduct and find each of them more than seven thousand pounds do you think that was fair but please i understand gratian. what i mean with please let these things i'm very open guy i'm very open i have my and i have my opinion just leave these things behind though the world cup v. will discuss later be able to see in their school meetings in lower for. the
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ability to see in the field of what we can improve all these things how we can bend some of these things to me but some bad things happen you know in their life necessarily bethink because i've heard many people who defend those guys say that they were not making offensive statements about the fans they were expressing who they are and everybody on the pitch does it your team would express this sounds of national pride about its country my team will surely do it you know what where do you find the balance between being able to make a statement about who you are and north you know being too provocative is not easy i understand what you want to say but these the very difficult to explain. the course of a billion euro bending course of our playing in switzerland is not the thing we need to know every all historically things what happened but i don't want to go in policing that is evoke of the need to talk about the food bowl only food book food
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bill and food go all day twenty four hours we will have time for discuss this but what i would like to say the game. is the law for all fronts fonts and joy on the game and i would like to express for the fun i the is the best expert experience for the old country we can learn what the russian make and i hope we can make in each country if you don't have the tickets why you would be meals at the stadium luzhniki to make trouble if you don't the have to think it's please go to watch in front go to drop like there's some games to vote you know with my friends or the pizza and not be on you know i would like but so far as far as i know there haven't been any major incidents even though i'm sure you know you don't like you don't like talking about politics but i'm sure you're right that number of politicians in the west made the request to. prevent russia from
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hostage while we talked about the game but i also want to ask you about the quality of our going is a show and i specifically ask you not to be polite that's another excellent world cup excellent organization. russia well done russian federation of the russian people and the so every day i so i be in the in bit but i'll stop near me some papers bored luzhniki spite of their stadium i so do grated the case and i'm glad to be here if i say that i feel same at home and talk with my mommy every day you know how is food how do you know money is over the best for us and of course i'm so glad and thank you and of course we will enjoy no decision what happened to the cut that would make him for the russian leave this for food people leave this for the food bowl community that's fifa i understand fully pics and food bowl coming
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close but don't bust on line to each other please do you know. that line actually lies i mean hard i'll write a letter it's small got in the root of this story you know the paradox of this world cup is that far more fans came to russia from far away countries than from the countries closest to us they are far more peruvians are colombians than they are poles they're far more argentinians than they are in theirs good for your community already going bad when great is the great look i just yesterday want coffee ve gone away the and she said i don't think so before then v. host the world cup to beat win because the world cup two thousand and eighteen i don't think so he will be good for russia but no way recognise is the extent of maybe my cut he will crush but who cares about the best for russia for russian
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economy for the russian people no v.b. learned joy on that and in russia through us through we will be friends. and i want one coffee on monday and we will discuss after the game while i hold the village people to treat you to simply answer the russian sort of thing well anyway i know you don't like predictions too much but i will try to phrase my question different they still get some some hunch out of you who do you think is most deserving of the player is of the both cup this year this is not that bad but based on the your intuition who do you think you know that is not here messi is not here the usual players were scoring more goals in the leaks but france is my small favorite when i say small for what it is in the opposite. so the groove a film about it is why do you like it so much for playing against argentina
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everyone show something what they watch in the team he's fighting co-sponsoring my bad bad or good reason monica is quoting any time grows. and this bloke what what what i saw is the grades and the coach is excellent to the of the shrimp is a very great drop and we will see while it's been a great pleasure talking to you let's hope we can end it there raise a shot of. wins they saturday's match i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going our social media pages of to siri again same place same time here and also part. of all. the.
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't want to promote because i'm god i'm just going to going through the. woods as that even got into the sea it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public good to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that to think off message put it more. often so this is an easy sell missiles the only one. to moussaka the suv. with. these this is. often striking down with the old vision stopped and there was
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a string of homes in front is up and describes on the front. this i was told headlines british police say a man and his girlfriend critically ill in the city of amesbury what poisoned by the nerve agent the same substance that's believed to have been used in the.
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russian double agent and nearby souls breathe in my. friend prosecutors opened an investigation into the end of the toulouse who is reportedly being inciting hatred against you. on the world cup in russia reaches the business end of the tournament as we're now into the quarter finals of the first game of the round will see europe wide taking on from.


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