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tv   The World According to Jesse  RT  July 6, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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the grand mosque doesn't only benefit the muslim community it benefits all the people of to loose in terms of culture the mosque is proof of the respect and tolerance among all people have to lose less than a week after its opening a senior cleric at the mosque. became embroiled in a scandal in one of these so that was posted online he's seen reciting a passage from the head which although many scholars of islam argue otherwise has been criticised as anti semitic. remarks.
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you know i'm going to look. a local jewish group demanded legal action and now the prosecutor's office in toulouse is investigating whether it amounts to a hate crime the perfect of region instructed to lose prosecutors so please do this to get whether this constitutes hatred in speeches defused by now what makes this controversial is the question has actually been seen as a respected member of the toulouse community and he's the president of a nonprofit group which aims to promote dialogue between different religious groups he's also given interviews where he's talked about tolerance and when you. recall to. preach that you have something in mind contains a bible attention that. can change the
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koran but. you can have a new point of view on what these we can both the toulouse mosque and mom taught himself say his remarks were taken out of context and didn't contain an incitement to violence against. this translation is somewhat modified as it was taken out of context this message warns us that we shouldn't commit these acts if we want to avoid the last judgment the a mom will continue his preaching to lose mosque while this investigation is carried out but some members of the jewish community here in france feel he needs to be removed from his post with immediate effect. the representative council of french judge institutions condemns with most for him this course of hatred by the mom of two mohammed to time he calls for the nation of
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the jewish people and proclaims the end of israel jollity you can ski. paris. also for most for this hour but let's give you a quick update on the football before we go it's about seventy five minutes into the first game all the quarterfinals and france have taken a strong two nil lead against uruguay the full time result with expert analysis at the top of the hour see that. the. host of our america's new shaw joins me now to discuss the state of the. just here to say good to see you thank you getting this russian. are killing the messenger rather than the mainstream media personnel correct me if
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i'm wrong but i understood it that there were e-mails that clearly showed the democratic. primary was fixed there's no question about that bernie sanders was railroaded by the establishment he really from the start had no chance to win the nomination the fix was in and what's so sad and you come from minnesota i have a lot of interest in minnesota as well as a longtime resident there the two senators from minnesota both closer char and franken put their electoral vote for hillary clinton their superdelegate vote for hillary clinton when bernie sanders won that people that's the problem the fix is in there was political money that was going to all of these super delegates before anybody was given any debate speeches or any kind of stump speeches that they were committing to people that they thought were going to win they thought the party was going to the best chance to win but all of a sudden bernie sanders came along and he proved to america how crooked the system
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is it even got so bad where donna brazil was feeding debate questions to hillary clinton if that's not crooked i don't know what is so that's the point i'm getting to know mainstream media is focused in on russia through that russia expose this allegedly well shouldn't they be focusing in on the fact that the democratic primary was a fix and that we shouldn't we actually be think if the russians did it should we be thanking them for exposing the fraud of our own election and then we could fix it so something like this wouldn't happen again but instead they're killing the messenger old let's get russia let's you don't hear one word about the fix the democratic advantage all the democrats certainly didn't put any pressure on the last president barack obama to do something before the election other than to try to jawbone vladimir putin who has said all along that russia did not meddle in the election it was not state sponsored there's hackers in your backyard there is
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hackers down the street there is hackers everywhere it's been proven that none of the. you know the machines were the vote tally was changed the people of. pennsylvania and michigan wisconsin ohio they were for donald trump because he talked to them and hillary clinton didn't that's a lot of mind and what about my point that we don't elect our president anyway the electoral college does well we don't but we've really got to focus if i may just hear all of these sanctions ok when you and i were growing up it was the old soviet union that was the bogeyman that we built up our military because we were afraid that we were going to get nuked but now russia in our system has become the political bogeyman the fact that ninety eight senators have voted to put sanctions on russia before the investigations have even been completed before so they were meddling you know why because they don't want to go home to the commercial jesse that says candidate x. is soft on putin candidate x.
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is now siding with the enemy kennedy x. is is going to be soft on national security that's really what we're dealing with now and donald trump is trying to go to the g. twenty he has a good handshake with putin they have good discussions in fact the media was upset because they had an hour beating that nobody knew about maybe the guy was striking up a relationship he comes home the senate votes the way they vote he says wait a minute i'm trying to do a better deal with russia and you do this to me he's politically caught so now we've gone from the nuclear and from the military age to the political age of where russia is so in tangle in american politics our senators are fearful to ask the questions or even come on this network and ask the questions that's a sad state of affairs boy i've never seen you wound up like there said it took my show to do if you're always under control although. i like act common sense has lost the left the building totally and now it's all this fear mongering going on holy smokes i'm going to run for the senate i can't go home to this commercial
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where my opponent is saying that i didn't want sanctions on russia because they're going to think i'm a. anti-american they're going to think that i'm soft on national security this is crazy in the meantime we spend six hundred sixty five billion dollars on defense you add up the next seven countries it won't even surpass the organizer if. you're going to add up the cost of twenty three we spend more than the top twenty three nations combined on defense in fact let let me cause some controversy and took some people off for a minute can i it's good at that we just made the u.s.s. general for dish new aircraft carrier of that cost billions of dollars we've built i find it interesting gerald ford comes from michigan as a congressman he was never elected v.p. he was never elected president he assumed the position and was appointed to them when he did run he got beat he changed the bullet wound and the warren commission
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sort of fit the single bullet theory of you have made it bad he now gets an aircraft carrier costing billions of dollars named after him while the people of his own state of flint michigan are still drinking polluted poisoned water so it's more important for us to build an aircraft carrier than to give the people of flint michigan clean water that is a travesty and of course this network has been accused of propaganda we were the first ones in in flint michigan telling the story about the water being tainted and people getting sick from drinking it so is it propaganda if we do a story showing that the american people shouldn't be consuming their water the fact of the matter is corporate america is in the back pockets of county commissioners mayors governors state representatives to the point where they would speak up and speak the truth and do the work of the people that's the problem with america that is a perfect story that you're talking about jesse and bringing up in the connection that all politics is local and with the kind of money that's filtering into the
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american political system it goes all the way down to cash whip and the county commissioners all. the way down to cash whip in the state representatives that's one of the reasons why the hard right in this country has been able to take over some of the state houses they're spending the money the democrats aren't in many respects when and i asked this hundreds of times when is our country going to wake up and stop electing democrats and republicans well here's the key in this let's go back to the last democratic president is it for me well there are the two party system is starting to fail the american worker number one the two party system right now is failing the middle class in this country we basically have two americas the haves and the have nots the stock market's going nuts that means the haves are going on a heck of a lot better there have been wages are being depressed wages are not getting better laura people are working harder and longer just to pay the bills discretionary spending my family's in this country is off and if that's the kind of america you
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want you want to concentrate the wealth then go right ahead and do it but it's just going to be a pushback by the people some day and part of that pushback was bernie sanders campaign that was railroaded by the established and should we be spending money on what you're talking about rather than creating a new war with russia a new cold war with russia absolutely bring all our resources of the way back into their scrap we've done for my entire adult life because i can honestly sit here and tell you i'm from the year of duck to cover you know i had to do that you had you had to get under that you had a good idea as it is. like vats could have saved me from nucular bomb but yet and i'm sick of it had i want to say let's be friends for a while see what we can accomplish we can always go back and that's one of the reasons i took this job i want to try to build a bridge between russia and the united states of friendship one final comment just
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may about the mainstream media today we're now living in an age were unnamed. sources is now the story and c.n.n. is the biggest whore in all of this they go on the air with stories that they can't back up and they have ginned up the emotion of the american people to the point where all of a sudden if you don't hate russia holy smokes you're anti american the fact of the matter is is that they have had executives jeff zucker running c.n.n. who is allowed his people to go on the air with unsubstantiated reporting that has sway public opinion that has been iraq pat mentality that other networks have followed to the point where we've got this hysteria in this country to the point where the united states senate wants to sanction countries that shouldn't be sanctioned where it's absolutely outrageous and no one is asking the questions by the way can you give me a name in that report you know if you go into a court of law you have to have a document or you have to have testimony in the media in this country all you've got to have is a talking head so why not talk to two guys up on capitol hill on who they are but
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they were telling me this is what's going to happen with health care when they don't know their ass from third base and mainstream media wonders why nobody trusts them and they wonder why they have no credibility and they try to blame people like our to. their lack of credibility and somehow we're unpatriotic because we work for the opposition check the polls i'm not going to reel off the top of my head because there's a lot of them most of the country does not believe that russia is the issue most of the country believes that it's health care and jobs and it is a quote a rasmussen poll that came out recently that did say that the american people feel like their elected officials serve the media far more than they serve their best interests ad that says it all thank you and what a way to leverage our common they're great ready to be here a great debater ed schultz the voice of our t.v.
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how did you get any better than to hear. world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star in months and the huge amount of pressure camera you have to go i mean eighty percent of the football we're with you and do all the great the great the good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join that for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. meets just at the reno p.r.t. team's latest edition of make up as we go.
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet the sales with simple song alone even find company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us that. allowed. to go. this is. because. of more you remember the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more and more it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. words and their date downwards be won or lost.
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welcome to the alex salmond show from the white house in washington d.c. and trump's america the radical forces are on the a stylish front of one thing in common they're both are now of by the trump presidency so as of going to be changing there cannot be a counter revolution from the left or the whole the washington establishment get back in the driver's seat today i speak to a pulitzer prize winning journalist i want to washington's key commentators their very different views over the state of politics and this republic but first thank you for the tweets messages and e-mails let's look at a few nelson says creature as usual enjoyed the whole kit revival idea after last week's show i was inspired to nap up to dunfermline when the videos carnegie
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buildings anyone going should miss the rebirth place newseum free entry always a bonus i quite agree and i fully recommend people going to collude surely says your us sites when i need to meet excellent viewing he certainly left a legacy as regards the world he paid my granny's fees in one thousand nine hundred for to korea edinburgh university the sort of gift that keeps on giving it might be said absolutely we're a lovely little story there surely gordon says always an excellent show with great interviews well done to myself and alex still says hi tacit alex love the shoe one thing that stands out from other shoes is alex's easy manner and lack of aggressive interview technique so broadly used in most of the other issues great to hear answers don't change a thing we certainly want joe thanks for that and finally dying by the alman says i'll examine creature to an os and then charge to complete with b.b.c. question time no holds barred just truth i'm not sure about the us and there might be we try to avoid confrontation but it's an interesting idea that would certainly
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sick i'm bored. my back to alex is in washington d.c. with commentator ad i'm kirk ed schultz. welcome to the alex simon show was my pleasure thank you know it's new you've been commenting on the american political scene from a variety of platforms for a substantial number of years i want you to tell us how people are becoming adjusted to the the trump presidency and let's start with the establishment republicans are they reconciled to donald trump as the president and do think he'll be their candidate in two years time. to start with i think the uniqueness of donald trump is nobody owns him there's no political organization that he's loyal to there's no lobbying firm that he has to answer to he came to washington as an outsider as a businessman to upset the apple cart and he does that almost daily basis the man
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wants to do business and he wants to do it in a way that washington is not used to see being done and i think that his pace of trying to get things done totally works against the culture of washington you know the rules of the senate the senate is about all cogitate take your time trump is not at that pace at all and so the republican establishment has had to figure him out and move at his pace if they want to get anything done and i think that it's just been two cultures clashing in washington too after that collision of the adjusted to the. instantaneous son volatile president i don't think you're ever going to be able to adjust to donald trump because he's so unpredictable and that in itself is the attraction is that the people in middle america feel like there is somebody that will go to washington and is in washington now with power that will
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go after anybody to get things done and. he has lived up to his campaign promises in generic sense most of them ok he can't live up to all of them but he did get the tax cuts he did get a conservative on the supreme court he has deregulated a lot of businesses he has taken a different approach to the environment which business likes it so first year and now we're into his second year he's got a little bit more head wind but the fact is he has accomplished what he said he wanted to do on the campaign trail and the republican establishment wants to do one thing and that stay in power and if they can use donald trump to stay in power then they'll jump on the bandwagon as quickly as they can if they can't pull up the machete so less time to the other side of the fastest time to the democrats they still harboring notions that they might nail donald trump through impeachment of
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the basically saying we better get down to. for two years i just don't think it's the democrats i think it's the mainstream media in general the majority and now they don't like george bush but they hate this guy and they'll do anything to see him fail i honestly believe that their anchors wake up every morning thinking how they can get this president to work for somebody you got to work for him well i can tell you stories about how they muzzled me quite a bit and the fact is that their whole mission is to defeat trump they don't want to see him successful they don't they don't like him on a number of different issues and he's corporate america that they don't like he's wall street that they don't like and he's also a nationalist that they're not willing to accept and so he's taken all of these people on on a daily basis he uses twitter to go directly to his followers and that's what they
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are they're believers and as much flak as he's taken in the mainstream media i think his ratings are relatively strong based on what he's had to put up with the demo. kratz and the answer about the democrats they will do anything to defeat. they they will of struck they will connive they and all of this is a residual of the election that they're still terribly furious that hillary clinton lost they're looking for somebody to blame it on and putin is standing right there and he's a good target no by the way trump said some nice things about putin so that just throws fuel on the fire and so i think that trump is going to weather this storm as much as i have issues with some of his policies i think that he's going to weather the storm i really do i think he's a tough new york fighter and what's the possibility and substance in the the democrat side. type thing just as we had in the subject so it was even a public a nomination of the democrats have an identity crisis right now in the identity
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crisis was created by donald trump because donald trump went out and told the working people of america i'm going to do something for you i'm going to take on china i'm going to do trade deals that have been getting really your jobs and outsourcing them overseas the democrats have been telling you they were going to protect you for years but they've never delivered for you so he saw an opening how to donald trump win pennsylvania ohio michigan and wisconsin he did it because he went in there and he told these american workers that he was going to be true to his word and fight like hell to keep their jobs and the democrats were outflanked and hillary hillary clinton never even went to wisconsin. she never went there she was only in michigan late in the campaign and by that time it was over so by one stage of your career you would know him as the the liberal commentator who can speak to the masses is that a politician going to match who can pull off that trick well i think the best chance right now is bernie sanders and i think that he may run again now we're
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light years from twenty twenty and who's going to run but he's proven he. shown the democrats in the progressive movement in america what's the model twenty seven dollars a month means something your voice can count he made people believe that their voice could count now there's an identity crisis for the democrats are you a bernie crack the fall of bernie sanders and be a real progressive and go hard on universal health care go hard on medicare for all go hard on education and go hard on these minimum wage issues and fairness and equality go down that road or you to be the clinton democrat be the terry mcauliffe next clinton democrat is that where it's going to go and i think the democrats have got some serious questions to answer about who they're going to follow and what they really stand for in the twenty twenty will. be still up pennsylvania avenue will be back to his golf course and. trump. is
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a winner he figures out a way to win and he will leave no stone unturned this will not be an easy presidential election for the democrats if trump runs and i think that's the question i think he does want to run i think he i don't believe that the midterms are going to have a big. weigh heavy on his decision about whether he's going to run he wants to accomplish things and if he thinks he's on the right track to do it i think he's going to run again a really to the don't trump has been famous for has been patient some of his employed to devices and he's got a read of a whole crew of people and brought ten new team thinking about that new team that's been brought is not going to affect his attitude to foreign policy. to live able to get off a huge as well and he'll bring in another. well it's pretty obvious donald trump falls in and out of love about four or five times a day he's
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a hard guy to work for apparently there's been a high number of turnover with quality people i don't think there's anybody better than rex tillerson he came highly recommended from the republican establishment were former executives in the government said this is the guy you gotta get and i thought that he was undercut quite a bit and i think it was very hard on rex tillerson when he left because he does not come from a culture of failure he's one of the most successful businessmen on the globe and i think he was terribly frustrated at the manner in the way he was handled and the way he was managed pompei zero is a hawk that sends a real message to north korea now north korea knows that there is somebody in the ear of the president that wants to take military action and i think that that plays into the hand of china and russia coming together and making a military alliance in a new founding between the two superpowers that was never there before i think there i think trumps got the globe nervous not only with the way he talks but the
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the people. he surrounded him with movie that's just to make him the nice guy in kampala some of the people he's appointed he has a way of wiggling out of just about everything there's no question about that but he clearly has a hawkish fraternity around him right now and whether that is going to be good for the globe i'm not sure he thinking about individual foreign relations. the potential trade war with china just positioning the rapprochement with putin which clearly doesn't go down well with many many forces in the thank you states and in particular was donald trump going against iran well first of all there's this big wall it's called ego he didn't do this deal somebody else did and he wants to go in do a deal and put his signature on it as fundamental of the simplistic is that he has i believe that's really at the heart of it all he loves to go up in berate obama and berate bush and any other president who made a deal because he's the deal maker and he's the guy that's going to go in and
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negotiate something better i think it's as much ego as it is anything else. i don't think he understands the complexities of the middle east i don't think he understands. the culture and history of the middle east and i think his attention span is dangerous when it comes to international relations and he doesn't have the media helping him out at all so. his is new people around him are going to have i think a tremendous amount of influence when it comes to foreign policy and when he gets rid of the new team if chills gets a call and says i do love to have you on board bad times so be no i'm very happy in our team america this is the most freedom of ever had with a microphone in front of me and i'm well suited where i am and thank you so now it's my pleasure thank you so much.
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in a world with a big part of. and conspiracy it's time. to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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ukase media and politicians go into speculation overdrive on the latest snow of agent incident on oil with all convinced rushes and. the race to find the best team on the planet intensifies as the world cup the last eight become seven classes from and packing with a two nil defeat. on friday evening twenty one favorites brazil take on belgium in cuz with the winner facing france in the semifinal.


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