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brazil are just about to kick off against belgium in cars and in the quarter finals of the world cup and the winner will face problems. but only this friday the french are going to merely nizhny novgorod to go through to the last four. while in other news the u.k.'s media and politicians go into speculation on the dr on the latest nerve agent incident on british soil with many comments russia is involved. this is our national coming to you live from thank you for joining us. so it's into the semifinals of the world
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cup but who will they face more on the match between brazil and belgium has crossed live not down in the special coverage. welcome back. to myself. the second quarter final of the day literally just got on the way with big hits of brazil taking on belgium in the will face something final i don't approve of the two teams second ranked team in the world team in the world i mean points were drawn off. against germany. belzer know as we spoke about earlier the golden generation really
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a lot of pressure on them as well as we've seen previously with england now we've kind of seen it pass on to bells in a way i think it's going to be an interesting part of the vibe did in the battle of different styles of football in the tournament result of proving themselves to be functional going through the group stages mexico that looks down the lonely of the teams away but they've done well to get this far without any you know any problems or any real hiccups along the way so it will be interesting belgium as we've discussed quite a few times between ourselves this is their time coming into their prime this is their so-called golden generation that game against belgium between belgium and japan a real classic of the tournament of the. first team i think belgium in nearly fifty years to actually come back from being two nil down in that in those stages so they've got the confidence they've shown they can push to the end they have got the energy to play for ninety minutes hundred twenty minutes whatever
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it takes to get to the end of i think also this is going to be a bit of battle of the key players of personalities and a lot of attention on neymar. perform can prove themselves can justify his his price tag so far though he's been more of a sensational social media went. on the field you know trickle dives. you know rolling around on the floor has become viral in fact us think you spend about statistically a quarter of an hour in total on the floor for a long time is that it is and it's just something that maybe people don't want to really see on the pitch this kind of over reactions and you know we spoke about the as well maybe they need to go back and look at some of these players and how they react to the most minimal of touches now we can get a taste of the atmosphere. and hear from our chefs who is who has been there during the day. it doesn't feel like. because santa anymore
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it feels like rio you see all the yellow green and blue behind me this is pretty much the brazilian pre-game party just a few blocks away from the stadium the game itself is promising to be a classic classic world cup encounter between five time champions brazil and belgium one of the strongest teams in the tournament right now with basically every line in that team containing world class talent now if the game itself will be as good as the atmosphere and cosign has been over the past couple of days we're in for an absolutely phenomenal guy now it's really hard to find belgian fans in the city because it's been overtaken by the brazil fans i spoke to some of them about their masters actions good luck for belgium because because you always win i don't like. to be pessimists and i actually was to tree for because i don't like just one goal beat to be one one zero so if you like that will be a really hard game i'm the debate team is really good. but as you know she won so
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who scores with brazil. neymar in the villages those as with pretty much defines all latin american fans they usually gather in you know the big masses and tens hundreds and thousands people sometimes as the belgians they roam around the city in small groups but yesterday we also witnessed the arrival of the belgium team to the hotel a lot of people gathered there were chanting the. leaders names. they were very very loud then. but again i roamed the city trying to find the belgian fans could not really found any but i found one very famous brazilian fan he's the captain of the of the brazilian fan movement here in the zone and he's been very famous in russia let's take a look at what i managed to do with him in the streets of his on it's almost an impossible task to find belgian fans and can sign over. taken by the man and women
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and yellow and blue well you know i found one brazilian fan who is very famous in russia now. believe. me. for the moment. i was the resident don't feel that i see how to get i'm. now as you just saw in that report and let's see perhaps not so many belgians in
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the crowd which is out by the brazilians but back home tens of thousands watching this day live on the big screens in the city senselessness and i would see some of that but see now one of them gathering together and hoping for what will be a belgian victory yeah absolutely certainly. to be a very close game just at the for. the first dive of the game from a more actually just five five minutes a night is one of the free kicks found my fellow humans that remains of course and because i am the cause a family called from now it'll be something changed with the fire free kicks the first goal. is yet to come as the last minutes just hours ago of course we found out that i'm with semifinalists for all it's ended in a two. goals from of iran agrees with the signing those french funds and texts.
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it was. with the was. with the. it with the. it was. was. at the. you know i think it's not unusual to see emotions all range of emotions from fans from players in this game but to see trying you know on the page when there is two minutes of potentially five minutes ahead of time to go just in tears is kind of
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symbolic of that going for the frustration the feeling of helplessness was not i think it was particularly off the second call you could see on the floor the heads went down in the light of what they try they were knocking on the door but they were overpowered in midfield they resorted to trying to. missing the physicality of presence and i just think. luis suarez struck a really frustrates figure in the game as well so i think those tears by him is pretty indicative of the kind of frustration that you know with like you said minutes to go already it seemed he had given up side agreed that there was no way back in the you want someone who thought plays out this tournament they succeeded in completely shutting down suarez than he was completely isolated and played into the game as we saw with games with. with messi with some others as well it just goes to show you that one man doesn't make a whole team doesn't you need to teach the destruction here. see there that's
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exactly what france and spain which are required didn't have and i think was very sad as this may be the last world cup we've spoken about the last holdout for messi for now though who are these players who are very much on speed and explosive power for some hours and for quality maybe for good team as well legendary required if and it's a shame that things. that way especially with that sloppy goal from was not something that's going to haunt him from one is nothing or something which is almost a finding this tournament in other tournaments teams can play really well but if you're defenders or your keepers make just one mistake we saw a couple there are against croatia world and it will just be devastating to the team's chances and people will blame the big players for most of luck there's almost nothing you can do when something like that happens now where do we stand after that game today france all the first team through to the semifinals of this world cup the fantastic world cup then so far still only that one goalless draw between france and denmark in what essentially was
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a dead rubber of the tide and already in this game between brazil and argentina brazil look at the posts over flicking the ball not really getting the cleanest contact but it came off the post and they've started brightly yeah absolutely i don't think this will certainly be a cagey game a tense game for a month's end to end very much high energy their moment now for brazil cleared not exactly off the lawn by a belgian court or coming in one of the brazil players they're getting a week right foot just from a few yards out brazil in the attack again trying to get the ball in the box on the left by gonzalvo the ball back and clearing as we go now more on those game models for you just as they come in and let's go to peter all of it was following the game initially not broad he managed to catch up with some fans there from both sides get a feeling of the mood there in that city. heartbreak for the year require funs a lay shin for the french but what's be really interesting about the crowd that packed in to the nation you know is good old stadium is that they came. from all
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over the world in fact i'm joined by a group of guys know where we come from eve yeah and who are you supporting. what do you make of that our little blue eyed. ah yes ah yes. i. could this be france's year twenty years since they won it last clinton but they wasn't even born in one thousand nine hundred eighty which could this be the year for france definitely it's going to be this year of a front definitely going to try and you will hear from the first game france receives linus hopefully yeah yeah so elaine i say a lation for the french fans have seen some fairly the jacketed looking very well and some fairly dejected looking year ago i found one of the really interesting things i've seen about this game though is the people supporting do you require and particularly well they won't and you have them from you require a lot of them were that i saw argentina fans who got on board with them columbia funds you got on board with them some guys from some guys from peru reaching here
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is well we supporting amoco you are quite you of course anderson one this is general nice this friendship in south america about football is very good and right now is very as they all right now we're going through the harwood brazil and we hope they're going to win because they are already there thanks very much enjoy it . b.s.o. the whole thing oh we've got some of the guys to speak to here who have been supporting. and we won't. i'm just here to or enjoy the game actually all the people from you know different countries you get to know like each other with the current culture is no politics and all anything just here enjoying you know enjoying your time the euro quite found you looked devastated at the end their tourism and what does it mean what does it mean for this team and for the found themselves that you've gone out to the states you know we're not they will stay there that we are happy that we are here and. we sex
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a state here we are always there always was next time if the next time you get me it was a very very tough going for the. i think we play well although we could do with the goal. but. that we always supported. it was a great workout for us all the best but this is the whole thing of the world cup in order for you to have win is there has to be losers and they heartbreak that comes with seeing your team crush out of the cholent. well we've just seen a goal in that belgium brazil game and it's going to belgium one nil to belgium called up from the left and it was headed into his own goal by put on denio always likely to be done at the other end that would mean a fantastic don't want these two to find it's fun to do you know. not live picture actually let's go to the browns and i can see this you go you see. the belgian fans
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faces. will count as a goal for belgium but no bells and plans going on the scoresheet because that was a number how much we saw most narrow require fronts in the last game i want to own gold wife and i do know that you can see the brazil captain running his plans to go forward what's essential to happen there is the court has come in double hey susan for the both going up to the same board and i suppose good in each other's way the kind of ducked his head down and it's come off the i think it's kind of cover his shoes first then hit the nail on the keeper stood no chance really was it actually the start of the bright saw the two teams they've actually start to bat so they have a couple of chances they hit the post but belgium going one they're not here that we're going to sharpen the game right up brazil was as we can see it's all left now straight on the counter-attack that often tossed excite from the belgian pushing the wood out across belgium really besieged in the books but i wonder was it is that not less. dolts like the wind out their sails push to get that it was good all
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the time in the world got to get some five minutes not to go. in the. commons like the old dame for you. will leave out the prose that's it for us from our special coverage for what it. is this is promising to be fantastic here. packing our bags to live to fight another day here. on the way one. coming up. very shortly. what is going.
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to welcome back in the rest of the day's news stories britain's home secretary is calling on russia to come clean after the nerve agent not a child was again detected in the south of england javid says russia is using the u.k. as a dumping ground for poison russia has denied any involvement and expressed concern that the nerve agent has surfaced once again the accusations emerged after a couple was reportedly poisoned by know of a child in the town of amesbury they're now in critical condition in hospital and they say they showed signs of nerve agent exposure. or police can say of the nerve agent came from the same bunch that the script pals were exposed to but precautionary measures were still introduced public health england officials have urged people nearby soulsby the scene of the first poisoning not to pick up any on the only times they also gave detailed instructions on using baby wipes or
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washing clothes at specific temperatures here's how people in souls we have reacted . you should do that anyway wash your clothes. baby why you're right it's like doing things i mean baby wipes i wouldn't use the moment sticky fingers so ridiculous not really a baby but if. anything they say they're always remains that fly about and he says she says and people know somebody that works either at the hospital or portadown but the room is one of the remains is that it was something that was disregarded it was picked up a new thinking it was a recreational drug. or following the be poisoning song british media outlets have indulged in scare mongering they claim an assassination attempt or cyber attack on critical national infrastructure by russia are imminent he's an associate check in our reports. well the british press is one too rarely shy away from anti russian sentiment but when it comes to this latest novel saga we've seen that speculation
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scaremongering and really wishful thinking seem to be battling it out with those less frenzied voices that are still calling for evidence and one example a latest piece in the times talks about alleged spies being on alert over serious threat of a russian attack this peace talks about how spy agencies in the u.k. are apparently on standby expecting some kind of attack from russia any minute now and what's the source they just say its sources and of course if that wasn't enough the piece goes on to talk about how major sporting events seem to coincide and not by accident with developments such as the south the city and war back in two thousand and eight and the crimean referendum saying it's not by accident and russia is behind this now in contrast we've seen pieces along the likes of one in the guardian that says it would be nice to see some evidence first and that
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russia's involvement really hasn't been proven yet and facts really would not be a bad idea not very many people seem to know what exactly is going on in this whole saga yet of course we are also seeing british of british officials continuing to sing the same tune as they have been this whole time saying now that following the second poisoning that russia needs to come clean it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what is going on it is completely unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or accidental topix or four streets parks towns to be dumping grounds for poison you know the offer is still there to the russian state to try the sisters to tell us what happened because that would definitely help keep the people of very safe and of course again the british papers have been echoing those moods expressed by the you can. home secretary have headlines such as moscow is using britain as dumping ground for poisoned russia
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must come clean we have one here that says legacy of the u.s.s.r. and last but not least something like most likely explanation is a russian state hooked on a poison as a weapon of terror and of course all this while this whole entire time for the last four months really russia has been saying has nothing to do with this it doesn't have a motive it's called for joint investigation with the u.k. multiple times and is really waiting for some actual tangible facts in all of this to be presented the international affairs commentator monteux gas it told my colleague aaron that mainstream media are quoting unproven statements as fact. what are your thoughts on the media reaction to the incident. i think that too much of the media seems to believe that it is national duty patriotic duty to parrot the government line on this when the government line has been contradictory but not contradicted by the media itself has been so many holes in the story i think we could. we could throw quite a lot of war down them and throw
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a lot of cold water on these claims because there's nothing to them as much as they change so much in very so considerably from day to day practically with the original stories and now we've been given a rehash of course in the middle of a sporting event in russia what a coincidence and though and as i say too much of the media is too willing to accept too much which is unproven and in flat contradictions everything that looks like common sense these events are actually designed to draw attention away from that world cup and distract from the success of events like the social lympics similar events were occurring then there's a claim that russia would want to use that these events as smokescreens but for what for attacking two random people in some small town in in england as if. the russian government or mr putin has got better things to do than to go around making mischief in some obscure regional town in some unfortunately relatively obscure
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country it's absurd in all its tenets and we should remember that the examples given i noticed in the media for example was in georgia and so on and so will our examples which were initiated by the western backed governments in those regions so it wasn't the russians starting something in line with these events it was actually the other way around those events were happening when the western backed government began their own campaigns for example towards south a seizure all those years ago. when donald trump is said to me bloody near person in house on july the sixteenth and the us president says he's sure the meeting will go smoothly and warned against scaremongering. and i might even end up having a good relationship but they go in where are. they prepared you know person in this case you know this you know what. we're all signed with people well i think the thing i totally prepared i think the parents of
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this stuff my whole life they don't say. before and this woman joins me here today caleb i mean she said most people share the u.s. president's expectations from his meeting with his russian counterpart indeed in addition to trump's statements ahead of the meeting we've also seen some republican senators who have visited moscow and there has been a response to their visiting of moscow by various people on social media the comedian jim carrey highlighted the fact that they were visiting moscow made a point of urging people to register to vote we also heard many different forces figures in the democratic party and others speaking up seeming to denounce this trip to moscow by republican senators insinuating that this seems to prove that trump is somehow working for russia this is some of what we've seen. the
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russians would have shopworn song repugnant as nails on the blackboard the enemies and then the bursaries attacking us but with trump praising putin to consume wriggly meeting him with g.o.p. lawmakers visit to moscow on july fourth with republican surrendering to russia soon britannic the no longer seems to be a question that the kremlin controls the g.o.p. but eight g.o.p. senators suspending july the fourth twenty eight hundred in moscow troops preparing for his visit my working theory is the senate is making sure everyone knows exactly how putin likes to be serviced. now you would think that people would be optimistic about the hope that perhaps the united states and russia could start getting along and there certainly are a number of forces in the usa that are optimistic about the upcoming meeting but based on the reaction of these republican senators visit to moscow it seems pretty
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clear that there are certain forces that simply are not hoping the two countries can repair relations. one way to go. thank you very much the key. american lawyer in genesis glenn greenwald is best known for publishing the documents disguised by the whistleblower edward snowden greenwald is currently in moscow for cyber security conference he says much of america's political class believes russia is genuinely the number one enemy. there's an obsession in the united states with viewing russia not just as an adversary but as an actual anime it's permeated both political parties there's actually talk a lot now about how what they regard as the interference in the twenty six thousand election is similar to pearl harbor when the japanese attack the united states during world war two or al-qaeda and nine eleven and so there's this sense that russia is now an enemy on par with al-qaeda or the japanese during world war two
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russia is often talked about this way in the sense that any kind of connection with or interaction with russia is viewed as inherently suspicious or even worse and it's extremely dangerous and extremely toxic and it's one of the reasons why i decided to come here this morning posted a picture of myself and snowden because i think it's very important to combat the attitude. signatures of the iran nuclear deal have agreed to stay committed to the agreement as well as protect e.u. companies doing business with iran from u.s. sanctions the announcement was made as a meeting in vienna cold to discuss donald trump's withdrawal from the deal. the participants recognized that in return for the implementation by iran of its nuclear related commitments the lifting of sanctions including the economic dividends arising from it constitutes an essential part of the. the participants will work on the above issues through direct bilateral efforts and through
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engagement with international partners in order to encourage them to follow the same policies and to establish similar mechanisms in their economic relations with iran the protection of companies from the extraterritorial effects of u.s. sanctions all the countries also agreed to purchase or oil and gas from tehran international all economists octomom duesler warns the move could spark u.s. retaliation against the e.u. the european union with or realism cannot give protection to every single company that is affected by american sanctions on iran but to a great extent the threat of retaliation by the european union could deter a president from for taking stiff measures against european companies continuing to deal with iran i think it is in the interest of iran the european union and the
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world that the. iranian nuclear deal continuing to function. well we'll be back at the top of the hour with the news headlines i'm low on that crunch last eight world cup match between brazil and. the democratic party is in big trouble the party has not come to terms with the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen election they have a leadership out of touch with its base millennia are fleeing so is their slogan now no party like. the camera. roughly once they showed some move for them. uncool videos during the world cup and some of them with the broccoli staring at.
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me down more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. . greetings and salutations. welcome home all hawk watchers while many of us here in the us pounded burgers and beer while waving plastic us plagues made in mexico as chinese fireworks lit up the sky the federal bureau of investigation was busy protecting americans from evil terrorist plots evil terrorist plots created right here in these united states of america built by.


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