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tv   News  RT  July 6, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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belgium beats favorites brazil two to one and goes on to book a place in the world cup semifinals. while france knocked out to it nil victory. and france is on cloud nine following their quarterfinal victory us fans waved flags and climbed on cars and celebration. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow we start with our special coverage of the world com a crunch china football on friday saw france and belgium go through to the last
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four of the championship our teams across all the excitement. welcome back to full place if you review what's in the us today you wouldn't they be for all the cools the finals has now come to close we know exactly who the first it was still in the race for the trophy. falls all through to the last full brazil in the world wife it's time to pack their bags in the game of the day belgium sold off five time world cup winners brazil two goals to one.
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i. with the. and what a game it was belgium opening the scoring in the thirteenth minute chadli curling the ball in straight from the corner table for no demeo straight past allison into the net embarrassment for the experienced a friend is there really that set the mood for the whole game belgium doubling their lead a little while later star striker. powerhouse picking the ball up in the belgium's off forwards. through the midfield the defense tossing out what to give and took a shot which is very powerful allowed time and space on the ball into the bottom left hand corner no chance for the keeper there douglas costa came on forward to
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silva that did change the pace of the game a bit strengthened brazil's midfield pulling it out wide trying to spread the belgians didn't work the defensive masterclass there aside from one moment for brazil lab results were not. reviving hopes just three minutes after coming on to the pitch bearing this had a right into the bottom right corner off to force from t.v. you can just see it there splitting the difference was enough though for the brazilians the attack largely looking unimpressive throughout the whole match for really shot down by the belgians at all their star striker star tech and we feel is looking pretty helpless in the face of the belgian machine without further ado let's cross live to source who's joining us there are tees and the fall and of course the world cup host peter schmeichel guys i would say you know yes well we're based in sochi now we've upped sticks from moscow because the last quarter final would be russia the house i think. that one to look forward see but plenty to.
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about before then because we watch that gang by belgium really stuffed it in a brazil he said it was to be faster paced he was saying all along he felt belgium would cause problems not for brazil i think. right from the beginning i thought they would cause problems for anyone it's for the squad they happened players got available it's no surprise no one can be surprised about this now brazil played better today than i've seen them in the holds on to me and ironically they go out in that form as i thought. defensively you know they're very unlucky in the first goal it's just got a little flick of comp company which then hit see i'm a fan indian goes in and it's what happens in football they didn't really because of a man and then they find themselves to know they are at half time. but i have to say you know what it's saying goodbye to to one of the better teams now where i think some of the other teams of still in the tournament maybe you know we get swept them all but that's the nature of the world cup i thought the second half they did well
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i wanted them to in the last ten minutes to push it a little bit more and they did it with the goal the goal was fantastic they went you know it was supposed into the box from the from could see new to a ghost who would just come on it's been on the pitch for three minutes scored and then again two minutes later he had another chance and everyone thought that that ball was in and it just meet outside the post so t.v. changed it a bit he took. his new stuff put doctors custer on to polly new york and put on and william came on and it came off at half time for mean you came on look at us and we had a really impacted me because of that in many cities causing all sorts of problems all three substitutions worked so so most of what happened good that happened in the second half was that they were involved. look to. to say you know this is your
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opportunity to show how good you are you had a little sniff you had a situation where you get support and insight he passes inside the box to mean you to mean you has a shot because just over i'm a mouse who had a shot in one thousand minutes plus three which book which was a fantastic summer writes that the last quarter final stop about one russia. many people as we've been saying all along written off russia at the very start of this tone not even the quarter finals. i've been very impressed by russia i've been very impressed by. having had no support absolutely no support when i travel around in. russia to do stories all the eleven cities all the whole cities i had very. optimistic about the russian team and i think the thing with with the team is that they didn't have to qualify so there's no competitive matches for
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nearly two years. and because of your fee for ranking. you drop and i think top of my head sixty fifth russia came in a sixty fifth in the future and that's a long way down we only got thirty two teams that we don't know it's nineteen in this book but you know you you know it's it's kind of take that for anything but then you know that the way the whole tournament has progressed for the mind and i think the chance of the way he's attacked he. changed things he had so many experiments in all these preparations he won three of them back then he went for the then he went five at the back and everything seemed not to work once he got to the tournament and he had all the issues with the injured players as well. so it's nice to be so thirty thirty thirty eight years of age he was not so we've been retired for comeback and he's been absolutely admissions it doesn't he looks something i mean this is it and this is what i really like about. you know
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a well. it always throws out a team like that where you don't you don't think i'll do mine and then it's there of course with the support in the first game the way the whole thing evolved and develop you know it slowly being built up now that beat spain i mean russia can beat anyone after beating spain france just a quick recap they. thought reason becomes to play in the end. and again that's something you sort of predicted might happen even though he was out if you want to but that's a big problem for your boy so this was on his own he's he's a good striker cavani on his own he's a good strike up a pavano suarez together is the top and that wasn't after your wife and i'm not but i've been very consistent with the i actually think that he's been the best plan b. you're going see and i also think he was what he's been one of the best performing players in the whole of the world probably started off fantastically well didn't
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scope but we you know contributed with the series and then he scored the two goals . that this was a system so. you know that that was a really really tough. stuff for them today not to have him. and the thing is i said this before that france was a one team for me that really stepped it up they they went from being everything seeing people stem i was a white obviously i look even closer to them and on them so they were very i was the sort of slowly got through the group stages. but in the. last sixteen here. against argentina really stepped it up in every single play on that page so he would you call them between france and belgium to meet i think very similar things and they said that if you know it's going to talk you can see him the half the belgian she speaks french you know it this is how close are you know it's two different sides of football and there's two different kinds of football teams. and
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it's very very very different to this moment in time to separate them in terms of strength. i would say i would say that big play is and i think what will happen in this and the fun is going to be because she's a fan i'm pretty sure that because she was this close away from the final you don't want to go. high and then you lose on to it and france have seen belgium counter-attacking two games no you don't want to go out there so it's going to be cautious and it's going to for me i think it's going to be down to an individual skill and individual brilliance and they will play against each other in the top leagues and i don't like pretty much the nature of this gang was open to the point but here you get them all together and in a team you have a different manager who looks at every one strength and you try to sort of make the plan dried and come up with a product that will be different and international football in the first place is different from from that from from football it's a tough issue and i can't wait for this also about the possibility of winning in
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russia semifinal how about that would be a crock of a game wouldn't let's go. now he's been following that crucial clash brazil belgium perhaps many will be sad to see the five time world champions going home i'm guessing brazil fans disappointed where you are as well well absolutely you know i was here for the argentina france game i'm now here for the brazil belgium game and judging by how much fun both the argentinians and the brazilians add in the streets of design you would never be able to tell that this would effectively become the final stop for the both latin american teams they're both going home from cars on it with all these they will see a lot of brazilian fans very sad in the streets of cars on tonight you would look at the stadium you would see it's a sea of yellow and occasional small islands of red so let me use this report as a rallying call to all the belgians it's not too late to buy tickets to st petersburg and be there on tuesday when. their team plays a. arguably the biggest game for belgium i had
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a little chat with the fee for president gianni in france you know about this world cup and about russia's chances tomorrow. i will tell you after the end of the world cup but so far it's. quite top class i have to say with the president it's more russia against russia let's be honest it's the biggest problem is this result. and always with your. question the russian team has has been great as good as made. already a great achievement but as we know once you start. you know getting the you always want more and i think russia and the russian people have to be proud for what their team is doing in this world cup this was not only the last game for
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brazil this was the last game focus on all the matches a world cup matches now over and john in france you know said that i was an amazing atmosphere amazing experience to be in the city which is now saying goodbye to the world cup obviously were not and i will see you all in st petersburg on tuesday was the guys we're discussing earlier today just hours ago of course we found out the name of the first seven finalist. in a two mil win for blues goals from. the french fans into ecstasy all over france that have a look at the gods of that game. and
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what if it had who was the but the ok i think i was the be such a positive mood for those fans globally even those that have left the torment of crossed out so it hasn't dampened their spirits or stop the party rolling on and on and on and while of football players battle out on the pitch fans of course of backing up all the way while across the streets of rush hour across social media as well the latest from marty's digital to. god who was the with i
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was i was i was i was was. ok. it was you know i was the as. will bring you all the latest goals disappointments to see the whole range of emotions here on r.t. international for join us for more updates and world cup but certainly not failing to deliver we'll see you back superintend the end.
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what holds a sense to. put themselves on the law. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be fuzzy and. want to. consider what could be for us this is what will befall us for you can't be good that. i'm interested in the waters of. the film money system is done and so people are going to take money out of the editor and see it clarence accept it and they're going to shoot broad powers to choose they can put their cash into obedience going which would be this china social that would take school work and hope to get more frequent flyer miles and
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the freeway being down a bit or they can go down the path claim that which is individual something. welcome back britain's home secretary is calling on russia to come clean after the nerve agent never took was again detected in the south of england so she says russia is using the u.k. as a dumping ground for poison russia has denied any involvement and expressed concern that the nerve agent has surfaced once again the accusations emerged after a couple was reportedly poisoned by the no we check in the town of and very they are now hospitalized in critical condition police say they show signs of nerve agent exposure scotland yard now says the investigation is expected to take weeks
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if not months to complete due to challenges emerging during the operation police also state there's still no evidence the nerve agent came from the same batch that's saturday and yulia screwball works post two in the salisbury poisoning in march but across nary measures have still been introduced public health officials in england have urged people in nearby salisbury not to pick up any unknown items they also gave detailed instructions on using baby wipes or washing clothes at specific temperatures here's how people in salisbury have reacted. but you should do that anyway look closely. at the baby was the right thing to do anything i mean maybe why so i wouldn't use them sticky fingers so ridiculous you're cute baby bunnies. anything they say we're always remains that fly about and he says she says and people know somebody that say they're at the hospital or down
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and but i thought every minute one of the great misses that yeah it was something that was disregarded that was picked up and you thinking it was a recreational drug. following the amesbury poisoning some british media outlets have indulged in scaremongering they claim an assassination attempt or cyber attack on critical national infrastructure by russia is in minute artie's anastasio checking the reports. well the british press is one too rarely shy away from anti russian sentiment but when it comes to this latest novel saga we've seen that speculation scaremongering and really wishful thinking seem to be battling it out with those less frenzied voices that are still calling for evidence and one example a latest piece in the times talks about alleged spies being on alert over serious threat of a russian attack this peace talks about how spy agencies in the u.k. are apparently on standby expecting some kind of attack from russia any minute now
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and what's the source they just say its sources and of course if that wasn't enough the piece goes on to talk about how major sporting events seem to coincide and not by accident with developments such as the south the city and war back in two thousand and eight and the crimean referendum saying it's not by accident and russia is behind this now in contrast we've seen pieces along the likes of one in the guardian that says it would be nice to see some evidence first and that russia's involvement really hasn't been proven yet and facts really would not be a bad idea not very many people seem to know what exactly is going on in this whole saga yet of course we are also seeing british of british officials continuing to sing the same tune as they have been this whole time saying now that following the second poisoning that russia needs to come clean it is now time for the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what is going on it is completely
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unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or accidental topics or for streets parks towns to be dumping grounds for poison you know the all for is still there to the russian state to try the sisters to tell us what happened because that would definitely help keep the people of souls very safe and of course again the british papers have been echoing those moods expressed by the you can. home secretary have headlines such as moscow is using britain as dumping ground for poisoned russia must come clean we have one here that says legacy of the u.s.s.r. and last but not least something like most likely explanation is a russian state hooked on a poison as a weapon of terror and of course all this while this whole entire time for the last four months really russia has been saying has nothing to do with this it doesn't have a motive it's called for a joint investigation with the u.k. multiple times and is really waiting for some actual tangible facts in all of this
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to be presented international affairs commentator marco gothic told my colleague niki aron that mean stream media are quoting unproven statements as fact. i think too much of the media seems to believe that it's his national duty duty to parrot the government line on this one the government line has been contradictory but not contradicted by the media itself has been so many holes in the story i think we could. we could throw quite a lot of water down them and throw a lot of cold water on these claims because there's nothing to them as much as they change so much and very so considerably from day to day practically with the original stories and i was being given a rehash of course in the middle of a sporting event in russia what a coincidence and though and as i say too much of the media is too willing to accept too much which is unproven and in flat contradictions everything that looks like common sense these events are actually designed to draw attention away from that world cup and distract from the success of events like the social lympics
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similar events were occurring then there's a claim that russia would want to use the these events as smoke screens but for what for attacking two random people in some small town in in england as if. the russian government or mr putin has got better things to do than to go around making mischief in some obscure regional town in some unfortunately relatively obscure country it's absurd in all its tenets and we should remember that the examples given i noticed in the media for example wars in georgia and so on several are examples which were initiated by the western backed governments in those regions so it wasn't the russians starting something in line with these events it was actually the other way around those events were happening when western backed government began their own campaigns for example towards south of seizure all those years ago . signatories of the iran nuclear deal have agreed to stay committed to the
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agreement as well as protect new companies doing business with iran from u.s. sanctions the announcement was made at a meeting in vienna a call to discuss donald trump's withdrawal from the deal. the participants recognized that in return for the implementation of its nuclear related commitments the lifting of sanctions including the economic dividends arising from it constitutes an essential part of the way the participants will work on the above issues through dieted bilateral efforts and through engagement with international partners in order to encourage them to follow the same policies and to establish similar mechanisms in their economic relations with the protection of companies from the extraterritorial effects of u.s. sanctions the countries also agreed to purchase oil and gas from tehran the international oil economic dr mom do a salmi warns the move could spark u.s.
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retaliation against the. do you know pan you're on your own with already and ism cannot give protection to every single company that is affected by american sanctions on iran but get it extend the threat of retaliation by view told me and you. could get ten a president from for taking stiff measures eg is european companies continue to deal with it on i think it is in the interest of iran do you open your own and. that the. iranian nuclear deal continuing to function. they were going to zation for the prohibition of chemical weapons has issued an interim report on the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma april it says various chlorinated chemicals were found in samples from two local sites yet it also states no nerve agents or their degradation products
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were detected the o.p.c. w. has not made a final conclusion about the allegations and its work is still ongoing the alleged chemical attack in duma was carried out on april the seventh a week later the u.s. france and the u.k. carried out air strikes against syria blaming president assad for using chemical weapons against his people that's despite question military experts on the ground failing to find any trace of chemical weapons used in duma chemistry professor james tour says the organic compounds the upper c.w. found have nothing to do with chemical agents. it means with ground or just typical or getting compounds that would be present from an industrial cylinder it has nothing to do with nerve agents or getting compounds with ground were dark or seeded gases in truck were seated through those are the types of compounds that any any organic chemistry lab or industrial site would have. those are used as skin
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treatment agents used for work removal that has nothing to do with a chemical agent. western media was quick to react to the report with the b.b.c. even claiming proof of chemical weapons use had been found though the open itself is far from conclusive back in april after the alleged attack u.s. officials were also eager to jump to conclusions the united states has excellent intelligence gathering as we saw what happened with information that led us to believe that sarin and chlorine gas were used in this most recent attack we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that either chlorine or sharon were used james tore also told us he was initially skeptical of the chemical attack allegations even back in april. just looking at the attack looking at her cylinders i knew that this was not a chemical weapons attack if anything there may have been some cylinders that may
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have been exploded but those were typical industrial cylinders of common compounds they had nothing to do with a chemical weapons attack and that's why the report has said that there are known no chemical weapons agents were found at all whether they be the nerve agents or chemical agents or mustard agents none of the agents or the by products of the degradation products were found. that's our wrap up of the day's top headlines and your world cup highlights for this hour but i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more thanks for tuning in. before i could be a mariachi in the cyber crime war i. think could be one of the
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best but i never saw what i prefer to die. or something bad was my brain. played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i dived. the ball isn't only about what happens on the beach for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending suvaja twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so will more chance with. the case it's going to.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the democratic party is in big trouble the party has not come to terms with the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen election they have a leadership out of touch with its base millennia old are fleeing so is their slogan now no party for white men. across talking the trials and tribulations of the left i'm joined by my guest so i color in seattle he's a writer activist and progressive you tube or in west hartford we have julio rivera he is editorial director for reactionary times and the newsmax columnist and here in moscow we have don de bar he's an anti-war out.


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