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that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. national . through to the world cup semifinals off to the left. i. will find out who will be going head to head in the other semifinal with host russia among the contenders. is a must but. we should also look at the release. in other news of the chemical weapons watchdog. says no traces.
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found at the site of an alleged attack in april in syria duma. demolition of a bedouin village in the west has been suspended by and is ready quarter after scuffles between protesters and police when bulldozers moved in. well it is saturday morning here in moscow and of course we have your latest world news headlines but also the very latest on the surprising world cup let's get into . so with the world cup in russia very much at the business end of things we now know the first team to compete in the last full all the championship. belgium through heavyweights europe brazil crashing out. on friday team across all the action.
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but they has been the first day of the quarter finals has now come to a close we know exactly who the first pair was still in the race for the trophy belgium and france all through to the last for brazil in the world why it's time to pack their bags in the late game of the day belgium saw off five time world cup winners brazil two goals two one. there on the wall oh. and what a game it was belgium opening the scoring in the thirteenth minute chadli curling the ball in straight from. table for the straight toss allison into the net embarrassment for the experienced a friend is that really that mood for the whole game belgium doubling their lead
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a little while later a star striker called house picking the ball up when belgium is off powering forward. through the midfield the defense. took a shot which is very powerful allowed time and space on the ball into the bottom left corner no charts for the keeper that douglas costa came on forward to silver that did change the pace of the game a bit strengthen brazil's midfield pulling it out wide trying to spread the belgians didn't work the defensive masterclass there aside from. brazil of brazil's renault. reviving hopes just three minutes after coming on to the pitch bearing this had a right into the bottom right corner off the force from the t.v. you can just see they're splitting the difference enough for the brazilians the attack laws are looking unimpressive throughout the whole lot to really shut down by the. belgians i don't last strike is can we feel is looking pretty helpless in
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the face of the belgian machine let's go. now he's been following that crucial clash brazil belgium perhaps many would be sad to see the five time world champions going home i'm guessing brazil fans disappointed where you are as well well absolutely you know i was here for the argentina france game i'm now here for the brazil belgium game and judging by how much fun both the argentinians and the brazilians had in the streets of cazan you would never be able to tell that this would effectively become the final stop for the both latin american teams they're both going home from cars and if you look at the stadium you would see it's a sea of yellow and occasional small islands of red so let me use this report as a rallying call to all the belgians it's not too late to buy tickets to st petersburg and be there on tuesday when. their team plays against arguably the biggest game for belgium i had a little chat with the face of president johnny and fans you know about this world
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cup i will tell you have to be end of the world cup but so far it's. quite top class this was not only the last game for brazil this was the last game focus on all the matches a welcome match is now over and john edwards you know said that it was an amazing atmosphere amazing experience to be in the city which is now saying goodbye to the world cup obviously we're not and we'll see you all in st petersburg on tuesday. without further ado. and of course. peter schmeichel guys i would say you it's no surprise no one can be surprised about this brazil played better today than i've seen them in the whole tournament and ironically they go out in the form as i thought. defensively you know they're very unlucky in the first goal it's just got a little flick of come company which then hit the fan and goes in and it's what happens in football they didn't really become a from and then the. themself to know that at halftime most of what happened that
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happened in the second half was they were involved. look to name to say you know this is your opportunity to show how good you are you had let us know if you had a situation where you get support and inside deposit inside the box if you mean you to mean you have a shot because just over i'm a mouse who had a shot in one thousand minutes plus three which will quarter us a sense assoc me but i have to say you know what it's saying goodbye to to one of the better teams now where you can think of some of the other teams that are still in the tournament maybe you know would get swept the most but that's the nature of the world cup france just a quick recap they beat euro why i thought reason becomes to play in the end. and again that's something he said of critics of my i think even though he was out here but that's a big problem for your boy so this was on his own he's he's
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a good striker of on his own he's a good strike up a swastika is the thought that that but wasn't after your wife and i'm not but i've been very consistent with the i actually think that he's been the best player in the mirror and see and i also think he was what he's been one of the best performing players in the whole of the world started off fantastically well in school but we you know contributed would say and then he scored two goals. but this was a six so. you know that that was a really really tough. stuff for them today not to have him. and the thing is i said this before that france was the one team for me that really stepped it up they went from being everything seeing people stand my voice so i obviously even closer to them and on them so they were very obvious to sort of slowly go through the group stages. but in that the diagnostics the. paper i get to talk to
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them really stepped up patrols from. the french fans into ecstasy will have a frosty summer look at the gods of that game was when the way it was why with the bit with one. lab ya what was it was it was.
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the last pair of quarter finals are being played on saturday for the host nation russia taking on probation in the result. will be tonight how both teams reached the quarter final after winning dramatic penalty shoot outs a croatia one off the tournament favorites russia are also riding high and you followed wave of confidence off with their win against spain. team russia in the finals performing something just sure america giving the fight to them i ceased being in defense really knocking it right out of the tournament that night russian fans rule to her that yahweh as i am. i here who. leggo gold became
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a thing off to the two saves by the russian goalkeeper eagerly can fav in the final penalty shootout degree can fav himself already a star here at home became an even bigger internet celebrity at the time. now also drawing attention of course russia's head coach but he took the spotlight not only with these managing decisions and he's managing style but also with his emotions or rather the lack of them i should say a hint of a smile and a reservedly pulled fists in triumph this is cool that he allowed himself on the pitch. churches have some astonish have become known here in russia has them
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a stosh of hope another symbol for russian fans he's russia's traditional headwear caution so here in central moscow in the hearts of the football fever i decided to familiarize fans of other national teams with these features of the russian fan culture. to know that russia's traditional element of headway. is in the. wind to have both. with the bald guy a bald guy i have no idea i have no idea who out it. is that has that trick to stop the fuck up i have this. you know what it is. it's this really yeah no it's actually this isn't done for girls it's called a cautionary bush yes question it right on. have you ever wanted to become
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a russian fun. i hold mine. just look so am i let's do this you you can kind of hold it till all the analysts know yet it is no different. than the idea behind this goes. to help you a little bit really really right. ok ok selfie time so yeah yeah perfect like a natural you look like a natural you have something to chew something out yeah we have something else you know the russian chico i don't know his last name but i know him by his face just bald would. there must indeed and what i have for you here. i'm just going to give you this. do you think that maybe you could hold it like this and say if you was pretend you were a russian coach rich in english and you know english you feel the power of the
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stuff you hate he's here you know what part of me had you at the moment give me the speech. you got you've got to get better over going to search for we're going to cope or to we have all the fans here all or nothing come on it's your country is so torn you need to make your own history come on good brother she run russian players please i you remind me a mexico buddy spinner you have a message to russian fans thank you thank you for the hospitality thank you for making it such an amazing experience continue supporting the team it's a wonderful world cup good luck and i hope that they would do it in the world cup thank you for everything being very limited but come on we were counting on you guys that was the plan russia mexico the final we give you a chat so if you give me a down i fear police when the cap. so.
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it was made by russian goalkeeper ego in the game against spain surprised many not though his former coach. thought all proportion or. you have to space scored their penalty they showed eagles face close up on t.v. and i saw his eyes and then i knew everything would be fine and then i hid i always used to do that i turned away but i was two hundred percent certain that eagle would save the penalty with the last penalty the one he saved with his foot i had a very similar situation myself and often told that story to him when i talk to my students about penalties i always tell them don't just stand there you have to make your opponent kick the ball in the direction you want in the soviet union i had more penalty saves than any other keeper and in russian history i'm still ranked second i'm now waiting for a quarter replace me he has one more step to go through north of perth and in.
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with. me if we've been working together since igor turned fourteen the first thing that impressed me with the goal is that he can breathe again for a goalkeeper it means that he always knows what's about to happen as soon as a pass is made he's already standing in the right place if we look back at all the years we've been together he's often been criticised on height wrong weight he's not a goalkeeper type it's all we never listed and regardless of all that he continues to push forward after all these years. the myth that we stay in touch all the time even now during the world cup we talked briefly before each game you need to find the right words and i don't know how to explain this these words they just come to you you can say something about the wind or about the weather or about the pitch you don't overthink it these words they just come to you and these are the words that put the boys at ease they know their father is with them and everything's fine. if i forget to write to him he calls me
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and also coach where are you i think this is the most important thing to have this kind of trust between the coach and the player with mr new. victory moscow's soon named it stepping eagle ego to i can feel the key pose on a according to the zoo the but has perfect vision on lightning fast reactions just like the sportsman. rushing football fans are crossing my fingers for the team but they're ready to do a bit more than that when shoulder victory. that was. requested that he was basically disappeared just for the last. this is going to finish the question phillip the food off with zob we simply chose not to me don't you. think that don't you this is easy if you go through
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a list but almost if it was it won't go by so. if it is when you. get thrown out so you're saying you're sniffing the ladies but i sure do see one of the new styles. to the station that he just as part of that i see if i don't fulfill now. to be there might be show that the fish did not feel that they will not seems to. be due to do one that has one of these leads you can't tell but if you know if you would get is that idea though that all you see as. he should also should look at his release people d.v.d. is a must but leave. well i mean while croatia is also intent on winning this game now full no croatian footballer doubler stuttgart told us why he's betting on his team.
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when we played twenty years ago we beat the hell we beat germany three million we own if somebody undervalue croatian team he can have big problems we can control the board today who control more the ball more time more time to score more time to play when i visit my football players i saw in the. hungary to wean. excellent the world cup excellent organisation. russia well done russian federation of russian people and we saw every day i saw i being me and it would all stop near me some papers board luzhniki spartak stadium and talk with my mom every day you know how is food house what they're you know money's all the best for your son and of course i'm so
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glad and thank you and of course we will enjoy. if somebody ask three years ago russia he would beat spain the best players in the world in spain are winning a lot of throw first everyone say no but football is it's the best sports in the world and that's why we like not always to being the favorites and that's why he's nice to be in the world cup in russia and that's football as small fish can eat big fish once but not every that trolled the world playing for my country dead best feeling in the world and that's why kids please dream dream come through play for your national team play hard and give. all the winner of the russia croatia game or take on either england or sweden it's your teams are clashing today in that quarter final in summer and the three lions have reached the quarter finals of the
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tournament for the first time since two. thousand and six sweden no one to call them easy passage if at all before the game we decided to find out how well the team's fans knew there were spectator rivals. while games between these two tend to go down to the wire chicken look at their head to head record eight wins for england seven for sweden and nine draws on with things that is so tight sometimes what makes all the difference is in depth knowledge of the opposition to the bums know about their rival nations we decided to test. for it but some swedish problems with their color shot here in the sun morrison is pretty nice first of all isn't it it's very nice or makes for queen elizabeth became queen elizabeth in which decade when did she go into this for over forty pounds for forty one thousand forty as you say is sixty one thousand nine hundred
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fifty which decade did alba when you're in the. seventy's i mean people seventy four look at that right out of the block of the population of sweetness a little bit smaller than yourselves a ball for twenty years ten million i mean final answer on them so if you kept your nerve and you did write ten million that is well done sir what is the population of england around seventy million sixty six it's it is a small. team work i got there in the end nineteen ninety eight and youngest ever cool school were against argentina remember the wonder goal who scored it. could be . michael. oh when. we go on we got to what was sweden's highest ever finish out a world cup their best place in fifty eight group against brazil in fifty.
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but he had. supporters. here. artie. and i during the world cup the fight is not just on the football field but also in the business adidas could lose this total months jersey sponsorship battle after the unexpected elimination of germany. the only cause for concern with the sports where giant fans of customize shoes for example have accused us of double standards the company shoppers print their own words or names on shoes but only if it deems
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them acceptable the cording to its own guidelines and some of the rejections of customization requests have customers. to come on the program here on the international chemical weapons watchdog has an interim report on april's alleged attack in syria will give the details just.
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twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you're on the list he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the. great. game you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. us for. this special one. just like the radio. latest edition as we go.
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twenty five past here in moscow the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has issued an interim report on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the syrian city of duma in april it says various chlorinated substances were found in samples from two sites in. the report also states no no agents all the degradation products were detected. the o.p.c. w. has not yet reached its final conclusion about the allegations it says its work is still ongoing now the chemical attack in question was allegedly carried out on april seventh in the city of duma a week later promised the u.k. and the u.s.
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launched air strikes against syria accusing president assad of using chemical weapons against his own people a russian military experts on the ground though failed to find any trace of chemical weapons used in duma by the attack by western powers of course that went ahead regardless our chemistry professor james says the organic compounds the o.p.c. w. found at the site are not necessarily related to any nupur agents. it means what they found or just were given the current pounds that would be present from an industrial cylinder it has nothing to do with nerve agents that are gaining ground . in trying. to compounds that any any organic chemistry lab or industrial site would have those are used as skin treatment agents use work removal that has nothing to do with a chemical agent. on
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a somewhat western media outlets were quick to react to the report the b.b.c. even claiming proof of chemical weapons use had been found though they since corrected the headline to reflect the fact that the o p c w has yet to reach a conclusion a back in april after the alleged attack us officials were also eager to jump to conclusions. the united states has excellent intelligence gathering as we saw what happened with information that led us to believe that sarin and chlorine gas were used in this most recent attack we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that either chlorine or sharon were used by james turrell so told us that he's actually been skeptical all along about whether the so-called chemical attack ever even took place. just looking at the attack looking at the cylinders i knew that this was not a chemical weapons attack that anything there may have been some cylinders that may
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have been exploded but those were typical industrial cylinders of common compounds they had nothing to do with a chemical weapons attack and that's what the report has said that there are no no chemical weapons agents were found at all whether they be being nerve agents or chemical agents or mustard agents none of the agents or the by products degradation products were found. later and found of a japanese doomsday cult was executed on friday show along with six senior members of the cult were put to death for a deadly sarin attack in one thousand nine hundred ninety five and the. cult was found in one thousand nine hundred four and counted up to forty thousand members at its height around thirty thousand of the followers were in russia the cult is regarded as a terrorist organization by several countries including the us and russia it carried out a major sarin gas attack in the tokyo underground that was now twenty three years
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ago. can you see some when typically just because a cult is without a leader for some time that doesn't mean it ceases to exist the hala and his closest followers were hanged but the cult in japan is officially registered its on the terrorism watch list i don't rule out the possibility that the cult still has follow is in russia because here is a good breeding ground for the organization to find followers shako as
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a visitor to moscow in one thousand nine hundred two and met with russian political and religious leaders the cult founder went on a promotional campaign giving speeches at the country's top universities and spending millions of dollars and they succeeded in attracting many followers in russia. there were numerous victims of this there are. those old guard and all that will have and will try to try to help them and. also i think martin trial or each one failed russia i did not actually go in the barents sea you are in the baby.


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