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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 7, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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under the expansion and displacement. coming summit between vladimir putin and donald trump has triggered a show of criticism but the american president doesn't seem overly bothered and i might even end up having a good relationship i think knowing where our president should be prepared you know . this you know what. well signed with people well i believe but they are totally prepared i think the parents of this test my whole life they don't say. an addition to the recent comments from trump about the upcoming meeting we've seen republican senators visit moscow ahead of the meeting now there was a response to those republican senators visiting moscow from various forces on social media among them prominent democrats. russian swoon with the shopworn song repugnant as nails on the blackboard and innocent attacking us but with
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trump praising putin talking to him regularly meeting him alone with g.o.p. lawmakers visiting moscow in july the fourth was republican surrendering to russia's cyber attack the no longer seems to be a question that the kremlin controls the g.o.p. but eight g.o.p. senators suspending july the fourth twenty eighteen in most going terms preparing for his visit my working theory is the senate is making sure everyone knows exactly how putin likes to be serviced they also saw jim carrey the prominent and well known comedian getting on social media and seeming to insinuate that because this meeting may have taken place on july fourth that somehow this was an unpatriotic move and urging people to register to vote now it's pretty clear that there are some forces in the united states that are quite optimistic about the upcoming meeting in helsinki however it seems also pretty clear that there are other forces
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that simply don't look forward to a possible thaw in tension between the two countries and american journalist green a rolled up best known for publishing documents from whistleblower edward snowden he says that much of america's political class truly believes that russia is the number one enemy. there's an obsession in the united states with viewing russia not just as an adversary but as an actual enemy it's permeated both political parties there's actually talk a lot now about how what they regard as the interference in the twenty six thousand election is similar to pearl harbor when the japanese attacked the united states turned world war two or al-qaeda and nine eleven and so there's this sense that russia is now an enemy on par with al qaeda or the japanese during world war two russia is often talked about this way in the sense that any kind of connection with or interaction with russia is viewed as inherently suspicious or even worse and
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it's extremely dangerous and extremely toxic and it's one of the reasons why i decided to come here and this morning posted a picture of myself and snowden because i think it's very important to combat that and to. thank you joining us your program or the top of the hour. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but how would you. agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to get let's go.
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alone. and i'm really happy to join the other thousand in the world cup in russia meet this special one. needs to just say to redo the team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. aggression is everywhere in our society we still have hungry dog and employment and we see it have a lot of bitterness you know especially in the hinterlands so i would say that our success story is a success story once again because we have achieved the political game the political objective but we didn't we didn't succeed in achieving the economy goes.
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after attention we're going underground thirteen years to the day of the seven seven bombings in london the deadliest attack on british soil since the one nine hundred eighty eight lockerbie bombing coming up on the show as details of the collective self-defense army f bombs dropped on syria emerged we asked the member of parliament for aleppo why the british government is once again bombing in the middle east without permission and tens of thousands marched for l.g.b. to gloss equality in london today for the annual pride parade has the u.k. really won the war against prejudice we speak to a war veteran who made headlines for intervening in a homophobic attack on a bus in central london last sixteen years since she lived in laney was working class issues center stage in a taste of honey cannes film festival when legendary working class heroine joshing him who played the baton like her in dr zhivago told us of all coming up in today's
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going underground but first arguable breaks it's chaos continues like relief though maybe provided by ukrainian president petro poroshenko being hosted by the e.u. on monday in brussels and who is well according to people who opposed those quazi nazi bannock areas in the streets of kiev he is. in power because of american diplomats they apparently glued ukraine together after overthrowing its government and enjoyed swearing at the u. so that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know. yes says former u.s. assistant secretary of state victoria nuland to the u.s. ambassador in ukraine she's now left the diplomatic service to run a think tank and it should probably be noted that the president. will probably not on monday talk to president bush and co about the us his role in putting him in power germany's foreign minister at the time frank. now germany's president already arguably spoke for europe when he said he wasn't impressed by newton's remarks i
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think what mrs nuland said on the behavior of europeans is unacceptable i think there is no space for criticisms about our conduct regarding ukraine germany's president may sometimes think the u.s. act on acceptably over ukraine but that's not the case with britain boris johnson used ukraine to compare russia twenty eighteen to hitler's the olympics in the run up to today's england and russia quarterfinals and the british foreign office is just announced more funding tens of millions of pounds u.k. taxpayer money for ukraine some in the u.k. may be wondering if they are aware that mr barr shanker makes phone calls of his own about the russian minsk settlement to volodymyr putin. is into schools to do what you do and you actually can push your nutrition and use well while russia nato is turkey as well as iran and even the usa makes defacto peace settlement deals over syria and that's not the case apparently with the u.k.
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or at least the u.k. is found reason to bomb syria in the past few weeks without explicit parliamentary authorization it's emerged that the royal air force directly targeted syrian government forces with a five hundred pound paveway for bomb near an anglo-american special forces base on . the jordanian iraqi border in syria joining me now via skype from aleppo in syria's far as she hobby he is syria's member of parliament for aleppo and chairman of the syrian federation of industry fires thanks so much for coming back on before we get on do the british bombing of your country what hopes do you have and what does the syrian government think about the trumpet in talks on the sixteenth i understand the russian foreign minister as a good lover of saying that southern syria may come up yes we hold we really hope they're wrong and it's really realize that their presence in syria is it legal and they're not really providing an event benefit to anyone. as a matter of fact they are not only escalate mr way should this this military base
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or any military base nato military base in syria is illegal it goes against international law they're not here on that any mandate from the united nations so basically they're on a form of illegal occupation this is this is the anglo-american backed and norwegian backed base in iraq by and i want to get to that in a second but i'm going to ask you the european union is condemning your government for attacking what i suppose you would call terrorists in daraa right now yeah yeah definitely we are attacking terrorists and the people of that i mean the european union is saying that you shouldn't be attacking these people these rebels we are we are we are rescuing civilians that we're we're under seventy an occupation of god and i say it's for god's sakes i says but for us in an area in in that are they just they just join the if they refuse that of course it is a ship and join isis the syrian army and the syrians they offered the constellation
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and there is a balance that people fall back on they have arms they hand over their arms and decide to do something about this like this one and that enormous citizen again no one no one questioned them what they thought. no one punished them. we are fighting terrorists and we are quite an ally that the yanks well are also in collaboration with isis as well that is really mortar and we the question should be how did israel allow isis to remain on its border for six years now this is a big question the rest of the area is our guidance most of our so basically we have a mandate we have an obligation to rescue our people they're not all like we could lose them so that they can live peacefully in the free secular life without any jihad without any islamic jihad you this is what we're doing and that's what we continue to do we don't care we do what the e.u.
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says about this well the who says it's against isis day action it may be an ally of israel but it's also against al-qaeda. having said that britain of course leaving the european union what did you make of these reports in the past few days that under to resumes leadership there's been bombing of your country near that area. you know thirty something is deeply involved in supporting terror groups in syria. you know just just mention the her latest legs to provide millions of pounds to the white helmets and we have all evidence and all documented that the wife moments it's nothing but a civilian arm or if the arm for al qaeda for the most part and the wife elements operate only in those are held areas and high and i challenge and i challenge and i bet it's anyone who can independent journalism investigative reporters maybe m.p.'s
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maybe any activists to come and investigate what i said and you want you will find that what i said is one hundred percent solid proof or wife elements basis most of their rescuers are also qualified that that or is that all jihadi when they were under the protection of al qaida in only al qaeda areas and the british government unfortunately keeps providing money to them and this money most of it goes that idea to buy weapons to buy weapons in the black market to buy weapons through the m i six or the other intelligence of a naval intelligence services how did the question is how did these anti missile anti anti airplane advance american. missiles reach a missile areas in many areas that we liberated the syrian army live in it and all these guys themselves they submitted their surrender we've seen high tech high tech israeli weapons and high tech american weapons that can be used against really
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a civilian airplanes in utah and in the united states what is the d t d w d o w missile that the whole missile how did the missile reach out by the gangs in syria they bought they went to the supermarket and bought them i mean they used hijacked weapons there were delivered from from mitt. the bases do i got to her dance in order to fight in order to dismantle all the stuff allies the syrian state everything that was on the table oh even if it's there we are fighting terror groups and we will continue to raise a man because denies funding any terrorists with their british taxpayer money the white helmets denies being a terrorist group in the pentagon denies helping al qaida but they do back this group might go we're all for our revolution come on don't you just tell me who this group is because i understand british and american special forces are helping them
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and the russians are saying they seem to be holding refugees also to. russia says but who is this group backed by the british taxpayer another of law i mean what do you think there's a militia betting on suggest that you get a government in london and another country comes and says well we will back these we will fight back these you know the commandos what separate us commandos there is a lot of part of them they work with a card i mean we have we know these people well they deny their i'll tell them i didn't say that they say they are the vanguard against isis although they also seem to be considered really concerned would say all of the iran. look how can they be how could they fight isis if they already called out what it would isis isis is there look at the map isis has been there for years at the border no one touched isis at the border that isis has borders with the golan the occupied golan heights where the israeli army on the other side we have pictures we have videos the isis
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members are not by their members chatting for a friendly chat with the with israeli soldiers i mean how did these isis get weapons they had to pass through these kind of areas they had to pass through through these dense and the taliban up areas what so-called maoi whatever commandos meaning an army and guess what all the at that of our soldiers when we were attacking when we were liberating the syrian desert from isis most of the action our soldiers from behind game from to say area meaning that they're not only taking somebody's house they just but they're all collaborating with isis i mean this is clear cut and past with the reason in denial the reason may and some some m.p. is literally in the british khalid clearly said that they want to find the white helmet guess what.


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