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big guy pretty big guy in terms of you know how to play well for the players by these technical very good. he's physically very. i didn't see him as tired today but i think it's what the managers do they have planned this up so he's just one it's a golf and i think in many ways his years of will regret taking off because he would have been a goat in that except for the half an hour but he's another one who has shown himself to the world and it's going to be very interesting to see what's going to happen with the players over the next couple of the last few days the playing the song we all the champions will pull teams left. france against belgium england against croatia and out of those full well will be the champions and you are thinking well if we go home we've seen some supply and that by no means. the second count for anything now. then the belgian courageous final would be the
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one that is. the most realistic one can say i think. that from atlanta sports they've been consistent so you know. lots of pressure turning a minute. they've been. very very good at what they've been given but i don't think that we've seen anyone on the pressure yet so obviously crazy at the pentagon of how much energy that they have left in four days to i think the plane can we use the phrase punctual moment when you've been three two sets of facts and she does it and build a new strength and i think so yes after that honestly. i don't think it's going to count for anything once she gets. four days of christ and then everyone was written soon and unless they got it and i don't think i mean the only thing superstition maybe maybe that's a question not about him but i want to. the icing all be ready for the show you
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having the inspiration and then you have the germans against. let's bring the amount of the i didn't take offense and this looks like going. on to full moon was the beach the much much more is that he would just wonder what the new face there and three and i can tell that you put on the same emotional journey that we were going on to and everybody who's watching this game is in the way she because what was it like to be in the front of the road kosovo i'd like. to say that the stuff i said to rush on a mountain to climb and they were on top right minutes when they go by incredible i mean go and i was at least thinking they're getting the full on the atmosphere in that he put it on fire like what's going on our shots and think it was even better for some reason the acoustics in that place made it so intense and the thing i loved about it summed up for me when i was running back i hear the russian fans saying where are you what
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a beautiful game it was that's exactly what it was they went out in style right from the right from the start the crowd behind them and even when prices were on top with the large chunks i got myself and the crowd whistling their doing their part and then right at the end they were still winning the team and even when i found this go ahead and they were still trying to. watch it it was a pretty useless feeling and it gives you feel what it was like to be in. been an incredible evening. action and trauma it's over for russia but the will cup is much bigger than that and it continues for team three my let's hondo it out to a studio in st pete is. the russian. thank you. yeah we are actually the last column of the forces who are here but we have a crowd of about three hundred behind us too. we're feeling the emotions everybody
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else was in this three hundred forty million plus people all of the emotional roller coaster the gold why mario fernandez just pure joy and then just the heartbreak of couples you know yeah suits of it and just a few moments alone perhaps not of it i mean you know fernandez you know he's obviously it was a really good most impressive players are yeah. the russians are in the tournament and she's brazilian he is a citizen of russia but he's in these repressed during the course of the tournament so it's extra heartbreaking that he missed a penalty yeah it is yeah and also for a small of you that was as peter and neal was saying you know he's been looked at as one of the leaders of the team is the leader across the dollar he plays. believe he's the caps and. he's failed is this sort of that's now with you that. the ball should feel this. strain is like he stayed on. my very sagely concedes i go if they're running the
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crowd. i just to go back to the one i can feel manage to get his hand to pushed it on to the post. over. the. last seen on. some confidence that we want a penalty shoot out we can go in and win this one but i just think he was tired legs you know you saw that penalty by mario fernandez and how much energy expended going up and down the. right side and then scoring the goal the emotional energy that would have to tell you it's really hard like my saying we've seen every team must come out of the tournament you know the teams that whenever the favorites there was the underdogs we're talking you know the morocco's etc they've come out the defeats and they've said in their post much comments from all the supporters they've said we're out of form or we're going on what we're so proud of our team of so proud of the. energy they've shown the commitment the bravery we call food and for that in
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us you look for russia as a team that gets a lot of stick here you know if you do follow the national team football people all over the positive about the russian team there's always a bit of an air of an air of. negativity you know there over pay this. not good enough who they think they are that's all changed within just a couple of weeks a few much as they've gone all out and. they held out in the us against spain will they want a penalty shoot out they came out on the field the bond of saying we play for you we've been for you the fans the fans love the appreciates you know that's been shown in the energy in the committee but they've shown to the team last season if the train code was in the sochi fonzo draws during the game lights in the hearts of the thousands of the teams supports this news then to get the reaction of the science to the traumatic loss. if it wasn't for his that missed by mario fernandez that possibly if russia were
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a bit more lucky this place would have been full of crazy people who would be celebrating but the d.j. is playing his tracks but the place will be deserted very soon no party for russia tonight no party for saucy and i just want to show you that moment when it all happens when the people here realize that russia was saying good bye to the world cup. hey. whoa. whoa whoa whoa. what's really nine hundred eighty we're now joined by russia's fourteen tennis crowns on doubles champion yelena best know who's been out of that screening match in such a hell are you to thank you very much indeed for waiting for us and joining us can you tell us what it was like in the fish stadium that saturday night. right. larry
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and i could name a film about them the atmosphere was amazing yes yes i can hear the atmosphere it was amazing and honestly i've never been on such incredible. i think all the people feel so thankful knowledge to our team for their commitment for their team spirit because they gave us so much positive emotions you know so much should believe and it's really incredible even though last i mean we're a little bit sad but still we're just so thankful and we're just so exciting and so happy to see all of this was going on right now in the in russia i mean you're a professional athlete yourself as we know you've known some very tense sporting situations but can you tell us what it was like watching not penalty shoot out for real then and then although i never had so much emotions and so much easier on us to to play ben to watch but you know the plan all to serious for me it's like winning from the match points down with a match points and for a show they won both games being down from the major points and it was just
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a little bit unlucky for our team because they really deserved to win today they played really good but creation was good as well so it's just i mean it's scored you know it's hard sometimes you saying that maybe your to you was better but this is what it is you know and we're still in really really happy that we have a world cup and so many people come to russia and this notch i don't know how many people were watching this match but i think the whole country so if felt like if you're in the studio here with all the revolori russian fans here it is really quite something and that was it was i mean have you seen any of russia's other much has. been in leeds. i was watching a lot of matches then but this one so far was the most stressful not because i watched it live but i saw a lot of games during their world cup and each game was special and now i'm the future of bad. if you're if you're
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a huge football fan so you might be getting to some russian premier league games but in the meantime when you get into any of the world cup guides and. world cup games yes. yes yes i will watch the semifinal game in moscow so it's going to be crazy. and again i'm going to watch you not the match for sure brilliant well let's not use exactly as you said the host nation they just they defied all expectations of this world cup could you just sum up how it feels to be a russian watching this tournament that your the host nation for. i felt so proud for the guy sent off a silver out for this team because. i know how much pressure they had when they were going to the boy each game and at the beginning not a lot of people were believing in them and for me i felt so sad and i felt so angry
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sometimes as well because i was always believe that interesting because this is sport and this kind of tournaments yes the ranking is important because as important a matter for him but when you play for your country the team spirit is important this is number one what you can kind of show on the when you're going on this stage when you go in the stadium and everybody cheering for you guys and even when they showed it to spirit and that's why we're so thankful for them and we're very proud of them yeah it's up there is a new trial as well it's been some journey housing to united as a not for time tennis grandson double champion thank you very much indeed thank you . well meanwhile ati's a ghost town of is in the come sky a straight flush just a fred square which has become the kind of unofficial fans are here in moscow so i can hear the noise are ready to go what's the reaction there like after that guy. well kate it has been a nail biter of a game and a lot of dreams of being shattered tonight and i have to apologize to every week.
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my voice. and they are. they're still very very high here. of the game doing actually screaming and we've been one with the ones because they feel like they have won the game again what's a nail biter of a game two johns one one in the main and then. you can just tell you. who will win in the fissionable time when you first. gracious. gold and then you should marry for night during in the cool eyes and the second half of additional time and the same mario fernandez that missed the penalty in the final shoot outs but i guess what ever you win whatever you lose you have to
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pay for every loss for every good for everything you've gained you have to pay only with the lowest risk yeah yeah who would you want to say you have watched the game i mean i'm going to try and bring in the game this is this is working yes it's a big mystery it's a big it's of wonderful want to prove. it's a wonderful who was are saying it was the people are happy the russian fans they're so happy with the performance of the team up through this given them everything that they could ever hope for playing the quarterfinals of the world cup this is something the russian hasn't. in what you so years and this is has been a huge dream this has been a dream performance for team russia playing croatia and look at how the game was i mean one one in the main town and then two against two two versus two in the dish no time in the additional one hundred and twenty minutes the russia has clued
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itself into and then a final penalty shoot out that only was disappointing but that i mean i was watching that in a bar with everybody else here and trust me every single russian every single russian found they did not lose their faith until the last strike until the last kick by the creation play and the last of the last kick that that that i can face the russian goalkeeper did not manage to save but again not a single russian found they have not noticed single person here they have anything they have anything to say against the russian goalkeeper because after all after the game with after after the game with spade he is a star is a hero of the russian nation of the russian sports and so well after all now we have england with gracious we have belgium and we are fronts these one of these four teams two of these four teams they will meet in the finals of this world cup
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which is already promising a lot of which has already proved to be such and such a toy game and so full of surprises indeed and actually at the end of the day the russian didn't lose either did i start off thank you very much in the side that saved the quarter finals of the team dramatic matches on saturday in the not at sweden thanks to girls in high regard in delhi alley and some super goalkeeping by jordan pickford well russia fans all moaning doesn't sound like they're moving to much that country spot by croatia they were off to an incredible run that defied expectations. join me every thursday on the alex song i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us from
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the world of politics sport i'm sure i'll see you then. the field money system is dying and so people are going to take way out yet currency and put into craft and they're going to have to broaden past such is they can put their a cash into obedience going which would be this china social networking score and hope to get more frequent flyer miles and a freeway ending down of the or they can go to the big climb path which is individual something. in the last days of the soviet union people were full of hope and anticipation of the upcoming changes underground music by young musicians of the time captured the mood perfectly what was it like to live and make music in that atmosphere.
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welcome back north korea has described the outcome of high level talks with the u.s. secretary of state want paul payer as regrettable that's in stark contrast upon pios own feeling that some meetings. we talked about what the north koreans are continuing to do and how it's the case we can get our arms around that cheating what chairman kim and president proposed agreed to which was the complete denuclearization of north korea we made progress on almost all of the central issues we were expecting the u.s. to come up with constructive measures to help build confidence in the spirit of reunion in talks however the attitude of the u.s. was indeed regrettable when at the june the trial summerson singapore donald trump and north korea's kim jong un agreed on number of points they signed
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a document calling for peace in korea repatriation of u.s. soldiers remains by the north and the financials title to new clear eyes ation however trump didn't offer much in return. we're not readers are going to thing we're not reduce very little bit early for that we have to get things moving the sanctions will remain in effect we will be stopping the war games unless and until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should. and who are activists prime back i believe to make progress washington needs to change its approach to the negotiations if my pompei always bringing the negotiating position john bolton and mike pence to the negotiating table in pyongyang whereby the united states says that d.p. r. k. north korea unilaterally surrender and then it may be perhaps the u.s. will change its policy of hostility and
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a policy whereby it uses economic sanctions to deprive north koreans of food and medicine if a band was my pompei was negotiating position that won't work for the d.p. r. k. and b p r k said it was regrettable that the us adopted this position this negotiating position but what that the p.r. k. also said is that they still want friendly relations with the united states and the path to denuclearization in the korean peninsula was a step by step confidence drill deem and reciprocal synchronized approach by both sides i would actually say that it were my colleague will be here with the headlines at the top of the arab for me i think. look.
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welcome to redacted tonight i'm natalie mcgill leaking out will be back next week but don't worry i grew up with facial hair just like his so you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. what's that. you can tell the difference well it doesn't matter because we've got a very special highlights and updates episode for you let's get started with how
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the pentagon spent twenty one trillion dollars that they can't seem to account for like it's a bunch of socks they lost in the dryer here's william sound trying to wrap his head around the lunacy eight twenty one trillion sounds but it sounds like something alex jones found tattooed across one of his cheeks. by extra terrestrials fun. they probably chose it because they needed a lot of real estate to put a number that large. but the twenty one trillion number comes from the department of defense's office of inspector general the oh gee although as forbes magazine pointed out after mark skidmore began inquiring about the report the zero ideas web page was mysteriously taken down but luckily people had already grabbed copies of that report before it was taken down my favorite part is they have all fraud and
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waste talk. that you can. you imagine could type of fraud and waste that they must hear on that hotline how high i worked here in the pentagon my name's patti lu i'm mainly in charge a refill in nk in the copy years because generals do not know how to use the copiers it's you know they can handle war but they don't know a copy. and i wanted to report that someone here in my department gave taken the plans hold which are clearly partment plans and then. we must go through seven or eight pens away it's ridiculous ok thank you patty yeah i'll write down the seven pens right below the section i have to tell your dad. yeah. anyway here's more
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from the forbes article this past december the inspector general report indicates that unsupported adjustments are the result of the defense department's failure to correct system deficiencies you're blaming sproule years of dollars on failure to correct system deficiencies that's like saying i had sex with a widow with a hundred thousand waggled hairless aardvarks. because i wasn't looking where i was walking. slowly and said ok let's do this and we do a lightning round here where we go through all of these catastrophic problems with the twenty sixteen election and we see which ones we've fixed for the upcoming election are the voting machines any better nope are the exit polls any better no do we have a right choice of voting no do we have paper ballots not in most areas do we have one chain voting no that would be to verify a boat. we ended or altered the electoral system nope are we allowing third
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parties into the debates generally know as we wait in line at the polling places for three hours do people come around entertain us give us food massage. geno's no no they do not. put an end of money in politics which is what's really at the heart of why our society is so screwed up every day now you have we put an end to provisional ballots really pussy bow ballots never you know one we put an end to interstate cross-check not happening have we put an end to gerrymandering and have we put an end to voter suppression laws no can do has the d.n.c. faced any consequences for rigging the primary. no sorry bob. we put an end to top secret voting software machines we can't check
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nineteen bucks but a russian click bait farm is on the lam for posting this image of bernie in a way. that you really really want of the images. from the mall or die but what we're devoting all our resources and all our mainstream media and all of our politicians time and money to figuring out a way to deal with that image. you want to tell you on a budget and since you're not powerful that it is. i'm not homophobic just turned me on the subject just now i am is that list of all the ways our democracy is screwed makes you want to slit your wrists with an i voted sticker you are not alone but i've got some good news there are several court cases going for it to demand publicly viewable ballot images this would make it way harder to undermine the integrity of our elections instead our government would be able to focus on
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ruining other things like say countries that want to drop the us dollar which we shows us is a practice that's uniquely american like wearing georgeson losing your factory job making george to a robot check it out such a funny little habit of invading and destroying countries that stop using the dollar it has been so lugs that you start to realize it's a bit of a trend it is good you know and i like if you have a friend who is like dating a stark raving mad girl with no sense of humor and you're like jesus christ what is wrong with nerve and then he brags over there you know and now we're going to hang out again and then he starts dating another one exactly. yeah i guess that's his type you know he likes women who probably. punch through dry wall and that's his thing well invading and destroying countries that drop the petro
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dollar is starting to look like our thing. as the guardian reported in october two thousand rock insisted on dumping the us dollar the currency of the enemy for the more multilateral euro so not long after that the bush administration desperately wanted to force the w m d intelligence agency had to make it fit for innovation we now know the w m d's story was all. sewn large it had other smaller horse orbiting. so clearly there were other reasons the u.s. needed to invade and one of the biggest ones was saddam switch away from the dollar but that's not all soon after libya began moving towards an african gold based currency and lining up all of their african neighbors to join them we invaded them as well with the help of nato author alan brown pointed out this fact at the time
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of the invasion he says gadhafi initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro and called on arab and african nations to use a new currency instead the gold dinar john perkins the author of confessions of an economic hitman great book he has also said that the true reason for the attack on libya was good da fees move away from the dollar and the euro clearly made all about the banking all right if you've been watching independent outside the mainstream news then you know that a week ago there was an absolute massacre in gaza israeli snipers simply opened fire on thousands of unarmed palestinians killing at least eighteen and wounding well over a thousand videos have been released of snipers shooting protesters while they were simply you know walking around or praying but if you turned on the mainstream corporate media and in the rare moment they covered it we had to really look for these videos try and find their reporting on it and in the rare moment they did you
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get a more vague mysterious view of events the european union is calling for a transparent investigation this after the deaths of seventeen palestinians in clashes with israeli troops on friday deaths of seventeen palestinians but out of who knows it is open to interpretation like a like a rumor or shaq massacre you know it's a rorschach occurred it was crazy nobody knows nobody knows how they died maybe maybe maybe they were playing pickle ball and things got out of hand you know it maybe maybe they ate some bad wrong or. at the gaza seven eleven night they should have known never eat the oysters that are sold next to a homicide cannon all right everyone knows that everyone knows that by the way i perhaps you know. actually awful don't try to tear hundreds of palestinians wounded in the rats that took place on the gaza border.


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