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tv   News  RT  July 9, 2018 1:00pm-1:24pm EDT

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breaking news this hour brags that means i did it for boris johnson the u.k.'s foreign secretary quits treif amazing embattled government he's the third minister to resign in twenty four hours the latest plans for a soft. police say they are still unable to link the nerve agent used in the amesbury incident to the one used to poison a former russian double agents back in march. plus a journalist who helped whistleblower edward snowden exposed as i said and i say secrets is branded a problem puppet all because he has attended a cyber security conference in russia. and there's the world cup under its last week our correspondent goes to test the quality of women's football in russia
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so what i call. it should go right out of moscow for trend growth first is already i'm going to go on r t this is r t international coming to you live from the russian capital with me jacques muga welcome to the program breaking news this hour british foreign secretary boris johnson has resigned he's the third minister to quit in just twenty four hours with all three refusing to back to resign may's plans for a soft whereby u.k. ties to the stay as close as possible johnson's departure falso resignation of bricks at secretary david days davis and undersecretary steve baker. has more. the u.k. prime minister to resign may faced a tense meeting with tory m.p.'s and peers in parliament today as she was hoping to try and get control of her cabinet admits to all the infighting and her leadership is under a huge risk out the moment the infighting surrounds may's idea for i think the
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silly tainted customs arrangement that's her plan about securing a trade deal once the u.k. leaves the e.u. next march two thousand and nineteen now the reason praxiteles are angry is because the current plan has been quoted as being a soft breakfast and closely aligned with the rules and mates having trouble balancing her cabinet at the moment and this is what has led to resignations these past twenty four hours but the foreign secretary boris johnson who is an influential figure the face in fact of the vote to leave campaign in two thousand and sixteen well he was meant to give a press conference at the western balkans summit in london but downing street put out a statement saying to reason they have accepted his resignation to resume a speaking in parliament today thanks boris johnson for his work but this is how they reacted but i want to recognize the work of the former secretary of state for accepting the european union to recognise the passion the former foreign secretary demonstrated it. to him for marching.
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in from i know your share of the arms she really atmosphere that. i want to hear about these important marches she was thinking i'm sure the prime minister thank you for the call the foreign sector demonstrated in promoting the global richard to the world as we lead the european union but despite the eruptions of laughter to reason a spokesperson said the government is not in a meltdown he said that there's no question of revisiting the position agreed on in checkers on friday but meanwhile jeremy cool been the leader of the labor party has mocks may's claim that she's restored cabinet responsibility two years on general referendum sixteen months on from articles. if being triggered it's only this weekend the cabinet managed to agree on negotiating position itself and that illusion lasted forty eight hours corbin says that he understands why ministers did not resign on friday because their phones were made they would have
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lost their cars because of government cuts and there would be no bus service if there were also reports that m.p. said that they were on standby just in case ready to spec m.p.'s up if they did resign on friday but in the past twenty four hours we've also seen the resignation of david davis the secretary which also led to his number two resigning following his example well he said that treason may have given away too much too easily when he resigned on sunday evening but the resignations of two of the cabinets most senior ministers leaves to resign made cabinet now in a tenuous position. we can now cross live to political commentator adel darwish now of course the question on everyone's mind is is teresa mayes government in peril in your opinion. what looks like a bit of a sham i think johnson who has been really giving the push to the leave campaign in two hundred sixteen he is not the kind of
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a politician who's going to sit at the back benches and through paper airplanes. be a challenge are you hearing from horses the. book confidence of what's actually going to need twenty two committee but actually as we speak now the prime minister's speaking to the one hundred twenty two committees i just get from that there was a lot of banging and i applaud but obviously people standing outside going to hear much so that probably would last another half an hour of saw but if forty is letters. arrived for a challenge then there would be a challenge to hardly though she had a vote of no confidence. as you mentioned boris really has been one of the driving forces behind the bronx process what do you think will happen with that process at this point after his resignation. i actually again hear the whispers of
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westminister the be more resignations to come it will be a domino effect but again will she be able to pull the rabbit out of a habit in the next few minutes talking to the two committees that doesn't mean actually march because still as it happened with margaret thatcher in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine hundred ninety. two then the then she went to paris. there was no vote of no confidence which she lost the vote of no confidence so let's actually watch the next less than twenty four hours actually say this was the twelve hours or at least until tomorrow morning if that vote of no confidence does come around would somebody really be able to bring the two warring sides together someone else in her place. depends how quickly that will happen i mean if you lose the vote of no confidence then you will have the people who put their names and that would be depends again how. many rounds and they are obviously the
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borders has been waiting to jump on number ten these no other moment in history but this moment just many people have been tweeting seeing the you. don't measure with actually the worst prime minister but. she actually claims this cruel and now i think the what might also swing many people who would have been either neutral or support the no that she just kept david there was in the dog or that she consulted and glamour killed big consulting her cabinet that actually heard the act of communication this morning have been actually calling opposition m.p.'s labor and liberal dems into number ten downing street and trying to make a deal with them that would actually been seen by brute cities as trying to push a vote in parliament and actually sideline them and i think that's too much to think of that will take a number of least two dozen m.p.'s to join that
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a billion and send letters of no confidence and i think to the two committee. now may has already come out the government's come out saying that even if there is about of no comments they will fight that what kind of chance especially have there . just to explain to british viewers it's not going to be a no vote of confidence on the floor of the house no it's not like that actually i was appalled to. not government business in on the floor of the house so that within the ranks of the tory party it has to be vote within inside that will be part of this question of numbers and if enough numbers of tory members voted no confidence in that said she would have to resign as leader when she was on as leader and you have to resign as a prime minister and that's actually what happened with show before and before and nine hundred ninety. course the next twenty four hours really will decide
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a lot their political commentator adele darwish thank you so much for your time this evening. thank you. and boris johnson's been a colorful figure in the office not just for leading brags that campaigns but for some of his rather bold comments. you argue that their source of a snuff. is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly i look at the the evidence from the people from from porton down they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt we have not verified the precise source so typically your not able to call down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that i was being very clear i thought i was being very clear to. the german program which is that porton diode told us
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in absolutely no uncertain terms that this was a military grade. they knew what age law it is not the business of important on the id and i don't know whether it's even possible for them to identify the origin. they go all the roads lead to the. putins community the way it was the one hundred thirty six. years i think the comparison with nine hundred thirty six is is certainly right. some said it was a symbol of the poet kenyan president's ancestral dislike of the british empire and which churchill had been such a fervent defender. while parliament's been debating the future of teresa mayes cabinet and the bugs at negotiations the government's cobra emergency committee has been holding a meeting over the poisoning incident in amesbury that's where
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a woman along with her partner works supposed to know which up she died overnight officials say they still cannot link the nerve agent found with the one used in march this poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter in the nearby city of solsbury. we know that the tests conducted at porton down have shown that both individuals were exposed to the same type of novacek used to poison. in march offices are still trying to work out how the pair were exposed to the same live agent although tests have confirmed that they touched a contaminated item with the hands. are teens anastasio checking and joins us live with more on this now tell us what more do we know at this point. well of jackie the story certainly taken a very serious new turn with the news of the passing away of dawn sturgis one of the two people that was affected in this so-called second poisoning incident she was forty four years old and she had passed away on sunday evening and now that
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this has happened it's clear to understand that the investigation is going to be expected to be much more vigorous and certainly stronger language is going to be needed than the one we've seen so far along the lines of most likely we will we can clearly expect to have really specific answers from british officials investigating this however while the investigation is still continuing with lots of questions still around about where and how this couple could have potentially contaminated themselves we've heard that the working theory so far is that they came in contact with some kind of contaminated object and of course lots of questions there about how that could have happened given the millions and millions of pounds spent on dea come into contact the nation work in seoul's bre however it has been said that that couple had not visited any of the original contaminated sites associated with scripts paul and his daughter that said this is not stopping some officials in the
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u.k. including the u.k. defense minister to still continue to drag russia into the story. is his commish is an attack on british soil which you see. is something designed single will will unite with is actually condemn it. well if you remember quite quickly following the poisoning of sergei ascript holland his daughter we see we saw high ranking officials such as theresa may herself describe it as highly likely that russia was behind the incident this time around it seems that herself particularly the prime minister is taking it a bit slower to find out exactly what happened however as we saw there from gavin williamson who is in the past also said russia in this whole saga should just shut up and go away to quote him those statements are not ism and it reminds people of
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a period in the united states in which guilt by association was very common and people were being accused of being disloyal and treasonous simply for meeting with somebody or giving an interview or shaking hands with someone glenn greenwald is quick to jump on this is an example of kind of the hysterical atmosphere created around russia in the united states the subject of the interview he gave to r.t. after a short break we'll bring you the latest on the world cup in russia which is now down to just four teams.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. book it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base this minute. welcome back to the program where we now turn to the world cup it's
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a day without game so it's been fairly quiet here in moscow but it's the calm before the storm with just four countries left in the race for the club cup glory tomorrow france clash with belgium and the semifinals both teams are favorites of the tournament and then england play croatia monday in moscow i'm sorry on wednesday meanwhile a charity footy match involving stars of the game has been held in red square participating as the captain of west germany is one thousand nine hundred world cup winning side and next russia midfielder alexander must still be in the game was organized by the make it part foundation which helps children with disabilities we spoke to those taking part. time seeing children participate their emotions how it helps them become a part of this policy this is the best stone or a reward. that was. presented but i like that i can be here and help and also play here. that's the thing to remember
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i'm really glad to put this to play in such an event be poets of the free food world cup which is it seems to me is absolutely fantastic. i'm so proud of seeing russia i'm so proud that i had seemed they played. for the goal i think they conquered the hearts of the biggest skeptics about russian football and know what this actually how something the day's really important because now thousands of boys and girls will want will be motivated to take on this course and of course when it comes to young kids with special needs then not only exception they also want to play football the world cup is going to have impact on them for the. can use this moment to walk up the same. behind the last fifty years start from the beginning be in just four days and think this is a very nice in a very good relationship and. can sustain. a bottle each side
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from each other missing the world cup was very nice to know there's a little surprise to the syrians they do include atmosphere on the street the same washington post in the tournament of the quarterfinals maybe not so many russians except that even. the opening game of this world cup was also a first by having both girls our correspondent go checked out the state of women's football in russia. which team has the best pass accuracy in the opening game of the world cup it must be russia after all they won five nil no saudi arabia wrong again so here's who did. they found another player with every single pass the first ever ball girls the world cup's opening match their from a junior women's football club cold today from
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a neighborhood that's remote even by russian standards to get their free moment at the world cup opener the teenagers won a contest against boys and girls from all over the world's biggest country. so this is obviously. guilty here but since they could see they could he said it was the. millions would have loved to find themselves in the same boots. girls from this amateur football club from moscow not so many of those in russia for now but count them in you won't see them helping out at the russian world cup arenas but these ladies of f.c. girl power don't need special occasions to shine on and off the pitch their team can for one throw a party that would lower crowds of moscow's most hip party goers. for
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a bit of fun and all in the name of football women's amateur football football for everyone. it's just. for. fun no he said look away. for a thirteen year old ten year old to get the better you. know about it over. to show them show they don't like. him you're bored with three guys. give a good what sonny. barger are. you a video was funny and if it. was you did. you. would feel this minute there is that it's important because i divorced when i see even
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worse the be with you but you get. that i cannot believe i agreed to this. you can't go to i'm not that it's a good example both of the city had a book to injury out of one camp plus that i was sure. that should educate me will this money even. though i'm yeah a little boy i'm still alive the house that good at getting it all back that ass night is a good. question stephen i'll bet it up when i get proposed to. call me and since i am the bull the coyly look at that as a goose can you wish i was reason here when you left off one of us for football watching me you when you come back that is going to. keep the fishy deal key these can unite and you wouldn't need to. show me a little bit alone you have some of those were just the off button you don't need
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some day you do all of the chop course the way he's created so you know and then i put on my bold move what you knew about what i'm called those an all star you know my you my man can tell me ask all what are your kids on the football and yeah yeah we would all up for the gold but the most that they're gonna get is saying let's see a new model of a city building. now that's what i call. such. heart of moscow to try and grow versus to be an artsy.
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one of the greatest goalkeepers of it was coached. guys i know you are nervous is a huge tournaments and the huge you and you'll solo but you are the rock at the back nobody getting left go. alone and just a warning and i'm really happy to join that to meet this special want me to just
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say the radio look. you know world of big partisan through a lot to dig deeper to hit the stories to more than ever we need and shouting past each other it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now.
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