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tv   News  RT  July 9, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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understand that this guy actually understands more than people i'm giving him credit for. brags that means exit of course johnson the u.k.'s foreign secretary quits to recent days embattled government he's the third minister to resign in twenty four hours over the latest plans for a soft. you while police say they are still unable to link the nerve agent used in the very incident to the one used to poison a former russian double agent back in march but that's not stop some politicians still blaming russia. a journalist who helped whistleblower edward snowden expose the n.s.a. secrets is branded a kremlin up at all because he has attended a cyber security conference here in russia. and as the world cup enters its last week our correspondent goes to test the
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quality of women's football in russia. so i call. let's go right out of moscow for trying to go first. on our. very warm welcome to from all of us here at r t h q my name stuck on the good thanks for tuning in this hour british foreign secretary boris johnson has resigned he's the third minister to quit in just twenty four hours with all three refusing to back to recent days plans for a so-called soft abroad said. to the you stay as close as possible and it's just been announced the health secretary jeremy hunt will replace him. johnson has now published his resignation letter online he said that should have been about opportunity. but quote that dream is dulling suffocated by needless self-doubt he
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also claimed the country is now heading towards a somewhat bricks that the status of a colony. has the details on the shock resignation. the u.k. prime minister to resign may faced a tense meeting with tory m.p.'s and peers in parliament today as she was hoping to try and get control of her cabinet admits to all the infighting in her leadership isn't a huge risk out the moment the infighting surrounds may's idea for i think still a tainted customs arrangement that's about securing a trade deal with the u.k. leaves the next march two thousand and nineteen now the reason praxiteles are angry is because the current plan has been quoted as being a soft breakfast and closely aligned with the rules and may's having trouble balancing her cabinet at the moment and this is what has led to resignations these past twenty four hours but the foreign secretary boris johnson who is an influential figure the face in fact of the vote to leave campaign in two thousand
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and sixteen well he was meant to give a press conference at the western balkans summit in london but downing street put out a statement saying to reason they have accepted his resignation to resume a speaking in parliament today thanks boris johnson for his work but this is how they reacted but i want to recognize the work of the former secretary of state for accepting the european union to recognise the passion the former foreign secretary demonstrated. to him promoting. him from zero zero zero zero zero of the arms she really atmosphere of. oh i want to hear about these important marches she was being. the prime minister thank you for the soul the foreign sector demonstrated in promoting the global bridge to the world as we leave the european union but despite the eruptions of loftus reason a spokesperson said the government is not in a meltdown he said that there's no question of revisiting the. position agreed on
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in check as on friday but meanwhile jeremy cole been the leader of the labor party has mocks may's claim that she's restored cabinet responsibility so years on from a referendum sixteen months on from articles if to bring to a good it's only this weekend the cabinet managed to agree on the go shooting position itself. last forty eight hours corbin says that he understands why ministers did not resign on friday because their phones were made they would have lost their cars because of government cuts and there would be no bus services but there were also reports that m.p. said that they were on standby just in case he's up if they did resign on friday but in the past twenty four hours we've also seen the resignation of david davis the secretary which also led to his number two resigning following his example well he said the reason they had given away too much too easily when he resigned on
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sunday evening but the resignations of two of the cabinets most senior ministers leaves to reason made cabinet now in a tenuous position. to discuss this further we cannot cross live to political commentator david benz now david let's start with what we just found out the health secretary jeremy hunt has been now appointed in boris johnson's place what does this reshuffle mean for me as government. i think what it means is that the end is nigh what we're watching is the slow motion collapse of the may ministration and this is because she's consistently proved herself to be out of touch and what you've just told me is with jeremy hunt a roomier replacing boris johnson a breakfast here that sums it all up this is a prime minister who just is removed from the political reality that the british
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people voted for bracks that they want a lot of big us and she doesn't want to deliver that and therefore the choices that she can try and force which through and feel or she can just go which would be infinitely preferable. now as you're saying there boris johnson was a park city or he was one of the main people in her government pushing for this to happen so what does his resignation mean for the bracks that negotiations the process at this point. yeah i think it causes the whole process to be thrown up into the air i mean that david davis obviously the reason is greg said secretary doesn't feel that he can implement the to reason is rex a vision so there you've got a problem. they ousted chaos or all this chaos is being driven by the fundamental fire the true reason may is a reminder there for everything she does is reflected is
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a reflection on her fundamental desire to want to stay as close as possible to the e.u. david dave. wanted boris johnson wanted out seven point four million people want to do it so i think in the final analysis the people will hopefully prevail and to resume a will conquer bikes hopefully get a taxi and go now three resignations and one day this is no small thing and all this is coming as the country is dealing with its second nerve agent incident in just a matter of months do you think it might be difficult for the government to know what it's supposed to focus on at this point then. what i mean you know good governments or big organizations and i would imagine that the government should be focused on many things at this point not least the second nerve agent. incident that you've mentioned but then again this this to resume a government seems to have a bit of a obsession a bird trying to blame such incidents such as the previous one for example on
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russia well i think that's the case of a distraction and i think at this point in time theresa may would rather talk about anything point anything other than her an airplane or ship so we can be surprised that this nova. incident does get hyped doctrine talked of by a british government i believe there was a meeting of the. committee this afternoon. in government to look at what can be done about it but i think all of this along with so many other things is a government out of touch removed the touched and it needs refreshing at the very least with another country a wave of developments happening today david vance political commentator thank you so much for joining us thank you for your time. thank you. well parliament's been debating the future of teresa mayes cabin and the bugs at negotiations the government's cobra emergency committee has been holding a meeting over the poisoning instant in amesbury that's where
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a woman along with her partner works supposed to the no a choke nerve agent she died overnight officials still can't say whether the agent came from the same batch as the one used in march this poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter in the nearby city of solsbury. that's used in this incident is the same as the march the fourth incident but we have not the scientists have not been able to identify or determine if it is the same passion it may well be but at this point that is not the story certainly taken a very serious new turn with the news of the passing away of don sturgis one of the two people that was affected in this so-called second poisoning incident she was forty four years old and she had passed away on sunday evening and now that this has happened it's clear to understand that the investigation is going to be expected to be much more vigorous and certainly stronger language is going to be
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needed than the one we've seen so far along the lines of most likely while the investigation is still continuing with lots of questions still around about where and how this couple could have potentially contaminated themselves we've heard that the working theory so far is that they came in contact with some kind of contaminated object and of course lots of questions there about how that could have happened given the millions and millions of pounds spent on dea come into contact the nation work in souls this is not stopping some officials in the u.k. including the u.k. defense minister to still continue to drag russia into the story the simple reality is russia has committed to an attack on british soil which you see. there is something designed think the world will unite with those actually. going williamson's claim that russia has something to do with that. it's just the same
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old mantra russians did it. could you perhaps come up with something appropriate careful investigation for instance well if you keep in mind gavin williamson was a british politician who really raised eyebrows not just in russia but also here in the u.k. when it came to this whole scandal when he said that russia should shut up and go away so in this particular case what could be seen as a somewhat premature reaction seems to be followed by some british politicians as well as journalists here in westminster time to send a clear message to putin about chemical weapons relegated the remaining games of the world cup to elsewhere in europe and also indifference to collateral damage is one of the hallmarks of the putin regime and its extraterritorial operation. that novacek big don't sturges has done it this was a murder of a british citizen and as a result of use of a chemical nerve agent produced by the russian state now certainly just to remind our viewers this is been
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a story that has been going on for over four months now following the so-called original poisoning of sergei and his daughter who are now well and recovered following quite some time at the hospital but they have been discharged and their whereabouts and current condition seems to be kept well under wraps and now with this latest poisoning that can certainly be described as extremely unexpected not least so by the british government that has been really pushing to some extent so hard this narrative of russia having been behind the script poisoning which of course russia has denied throughout this whole time it is quite safe to assume that some very serious facts are going to be having to be produced especially given this death and of course the consequences that this whole saga has had on the ties between russia and the u.k. . they ward winning journalist who helped whistleblower edward snowden to expose the secrets of the n.s.a.
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has found himself under attack for visiting russia for a cyber security conference artist and has more. well glenn greenwald who is the famous journalist who exposed electronic surveillance in the united states using the documents of edward snowden revealed by edward snowden the whistleblower he is getting a lot of criticism at this point now he went to russia he attended a conference on cyber security at that conference he spoke on a panel related to the issue of fake news and then from there he went and did a t.v. interview with this network this is some of what he said in his interview with r.t. there's an obsession in the united states with viewing russia not just as an adversary but as an actual enemy it's permeated both political parties there's actually talk a lot now about how what they regard as the interference in the twenty six thousand election is similar to pearl harbor now from there we saw a whole lot of media voices in the usa jump on glenn greenwald simply for the fact
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that he gave this interview one commentator from m.s. n.b.c. responded to the fact that glenn greenwald stated his views in an interview with this network this way this is what was said glenn greenwald shows he's true colors as an agent of trauma and moscow now we know why here how snowden defect covers for the leaks attack on democracy and shields from fox news he's deep in the kremlin's pocket. now a tweet from a media outlet associated with voice of america accuse glenn greenwald of quote voicing support for the government of russia in his interview now wiki leaks responded pointing out that at no point did mr greenwald voiced support for the russian government that was not anything he said in his interview at no point in the interview did he make statements supporting the russian government so this tweet from a u.s. government media outlet voice of america was simply not correct now glenn greenwald
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is not the first individual to have been targeted this way and basically accused of all kinds of things simply for appearing on this network we saw that green party presidential candidate jill stein faced similar allegations simply because she did interviews on r.t. and that she went to russia and met lattimer putin and we've also seen in the recent in the aftermath of the passing away of edge scholtz we've seen similar statements and strange things made in allegations made in the obituaries in the reporting around his death so glenn greenwald has responded to those jumping on him for doing the interview saying that this is simply mccarthyism and it reminds people of the period in the united states in which guilt by association was very common and people were being accused of being disloyal and treasonous simply for meeting with somebody or giving an interview or shaking hands with someone glenn greenwald is quick to jump on this as an example of kind of the hysterical atmosphere created around russia in the united states the subject of the interview
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he gave to r.t. viewers are becoming increasingly skeptical of the news beamed into their homes at least that's according to one recent poll conducted in the u.s. are thousands more augusta breaks down the story. just imagine you work your butt off for twenty four hours a day seven days a week three hundred sixty five days a year for two years preaching a simple message russia meddling in the u.s. election russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen election the united states is still vulnerable to russian and political interference if the russians were not only meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election from afar and no one gives a monkeys in two thousand and seventeen this x. national security advisor pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. . suzanne is kelly no he steve was gorka you know.
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michael flynn only the smartest of the smart get to be on jeopardy right so what does this little exchange last night say about the nation's focus or lack thereof on the whole ball of russia meddling in collusion investigation it did this may be hard for some people to understand especially those individuals on fake news c.n.n. as president trouble call them but american is no reading about this america doesn't care about this america has never yet been told either how trump colluded with anyone how the russians colluded how they affected the election nothing in calculable effort hundreds of millions spent on a simple message and people just don't get it on the show what's worse they make fun of you laugh at you imagine you're a journal with the u.s. delegation visiting north korea and even the north koreans mock you as you board
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the bus. the pool reporter traveling with secretary pompei zero asked the north korean guide what pyongyang expects from the meetings his reply will have to see like your president says then he fired back with a question of his own asking in this van no fake news out to add insult to injury or injury to insult time is running out for the peddlers of fake nums says trump. twitter is getting rid of fake accounts as a record pace will that include the failing new york times and propaganda machine for amazon and the washington post who constantly quote anonymous sources that in my opinion don't exist they would both be out of business in seven years let's be honest here nearly every major and minor media network gets its share of criticism deserved or undeserved and we're no exception russia today which is the
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propaganda arm of the russian government the moscow controlled propaganda cable news channel russia today was right about you know propaganda arm of the police consider the us intelligence to be a propaganda arm of the russia that all r.t. was in a propaganda arm of the russian government what's changed is that people increasingly just don't trust the media anymore it's tricky you start with one side's opinion and people ask why you didn't start with the others you report on rumors people accuse you of speculation you don't mention the rumors people accuse you of censorship but when you go all out on an intentional information crusade to smear sally and stain who only to get laughed at by the north koreans a whole that's cruel. the german chancellor angela merkel has
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signaled her country is ready to negotiate on the new import tariffs with the u.s. however she did not rule out a hardline response if the talks aren't productive. but there's a city where ready to talk with the u.s. must try to reach an agreement otherwise we will have to take measures as we did in connection with the steel and aluminum tariffs and you can sense that meanwhile the u.s. ambassador to germany has met with the country's leading carmakers to discuss the tariffs so america under into the details now samir and there's been some follow up caused by this meeting though hasn't there. yes absolutely well he apparently held a top secret meeting with the who's who of the german auto industry to discuss tariffs and this was immediately met with harsh criticism from the head of the german social democratic party saying it wasn't in the ambassador's authority to do so let's check out what was said if the u.s.
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government wants to talk about tariffs with us then this issue must be discussed between the u.s. secretary of commerce and the german minister for economic affairs an energy peter altemeyer we're not some kind of banana republic. but this wasn't the first time the ambassador has stirred up controversy he managed to frustrate frustrate germans the day here arrived in germany back in may which just one tweet which he advised german businesses to stop doing business in iran for some context this was right after trump announced that the us would unilaterally withdraw from the iran deal and then just one month after that he offended germans once again when he said that he wanted to empower the right wing all across europe and german politicians claim that he had breached protocol let's take a look at what they said a lot of members of my party if i'm pretty explicit that we find these statements highly inappropriate for an investor to. be well advised to reconsider his role in
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this mission if the federal government takes the country's democratic sobering too seriously you should not invite a ground zero for a chat but rather expel him immediately and bus deserved representatives of the state of political movements u.s. ambassador grenell however does not behave like a diplomat but more like a far right colonial officer we won't tolerate such behavior. now this latest scandal has the ambassador at august with the germans once again but one can only wonder whether the world will be just as outraged over allegedly american interference artists american i'm reporting live from the u.s. capitol thank you. let's turn to the world cup now it's a day without
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a game so it's been fairly quiet here in moscow but it's the calm before the storm with just four countries left in the race for cup glory tomorrow france clash with belgium in the semifinals both teams are favorites of the tourney and then england play croatia in moscow on wednesday meanwhile a charity footy match involving stars of the game has been held in red square participating was the captain of west germany's one nine hundred ninety world cup winning side an x. russian midfielder alexander most of the game was organized by the naked heart foundation which helps children with disabilities we spoke to those taking part. and then seeing children participate their emotions how it helps them become a part of this policy this is the best stone or a reward. that we. start presenting but i like that i can be here and help and also play risk that's the thing that i'm not i'm really not supposed to supply in such an event be pulled over the before it
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will become which is it seems to me is absolutely fantastic it will be like i mean . i'm so proud of seeing russia i'm so proud that i seem to have played the sons that's it for the goal i think that they can cause the hearts of the biggest skeptics about russian football and know what this actually how something today's really important because now thousands of boys and girls will want. will be motivated to take on this fourth and of course when it comes to young kids with special needs they're not an exception they also want to play for the goals and world cup is going to have an impact on them. and can use this moment was saying. behind the last fifty years from the beginning because in just four days and i think this is a very nice and a very good relationship and sing the same. bottle each side
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from each other from the world cup was very nice to know it's a little surprise that the syrians they do include the atmosphere on the street the same washington post in the tournament of the quarterfinals maybe not so many russians except. the opening game of this world cup was also first by having all girls our correspondent in the to shrink or checked out the state of women's football in russia. which team has the best pass accuracy in the opening game of the world cup it must be russia after all they won five nil no saudi arabia wrong again so here's who did. they found another player with every single pass the first ever ball girls in the world cups opening match their from a junior women's football club cold today from a neighborhood that's remote even by russian standards to get their dream moment at
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the world cup opener the teenagers won a contest against boys and girls from all over the world's biggest country. so it is obviously. guilty here but since they never say they could he said it was to. millions would have loved to find themselves in the same boots. girls from this amateur football club from moscow not so many of those in russia for now but count them in you won't see them helping out at the russian world cup arenas but these ladies of f.c. girl power don't need special occasions to shine on and off the pitch their team can for one throw a party that would lower crowds of moscow's most hip party goers. for
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a bit of fun and all in the name of football women's amateur football football for everyone. you just. forget about it for. fun no you simply go away. for the first thing about ten years old yet the thought of you to let. them know about it over. but i'm sure they don't like. to give me a board that would be good i'd. give a good the what sonny. barger are yeah yeah yeah yeah most of em if anybody. did he. would build this one your prayers that it's important because i divorced when i see the world the be with you but you get the.
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some develop their child push the way he's created so you know and then i put all my old boys she knew about what i'm called those an all star you know my you my man come down the ass to lube what are your kids on the football and in yeah yeah who would have a lot of gold but the most that they're going to say must see a new model of the city built on. it now that's what i call. good shit. right out of moscow for trying dro vs to be an artsy. when they make us manufacture consent to step in to fill up like wealth. when the
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men cluster project themselves. with the fine and merry go round left certainly don't want the same job. doing or middle of the room sing. for you you when .


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