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when the roman classes project themselves. on the final merry go round there's only the one percent tell. you ignore middle of the room signals. the room the real news is the world. still.
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you would be a lot simpler than some. mystery place. some of us when you go said. you must. keep us lost along with imus and get him out of this yes or most of them. in the. midst of a most. stylish innocence but i. know you're lucky she will look back at.
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the paper and look at what's in can look up the locket opinion. will tell you this is what she commented lots of the questions on the phone you know that they could also be in there or not or would you let them into it with the couple of collecting . a lot of money and while i may just swallow what i. just missed just listen to me. closely over some months. i'm. going to love you if you go over to the appeal to nick. in your notes of course i'll say look good luck up on new
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york was closely woody guthrie mussy told us. they need to start off canvassing about the years to put is no safe way in the almost they thought oh hum no see i'm la masia. prose plus. i'll be stunted. got a good game on says but i get on be with you because on my knees who from which. we're going to stand. still say you will boss me in the. last years does he years of us what she she she doesn't include the people most of canossa on upload what i mean.
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let me. live of it after that i. can and then i have. been on said. millions it'll it be mighty air. for that i mean there.
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was a thought oh yes. that was done. and no new. president in the middle but i eat when the thing though must. most mothers when a fellow's a mother it up i get when she was out on a lot of. yeah a lot of that it was quick this. could. be out but the splendidly really is it when they play it that. the listeners in the full eighty also come as she was put in then i thought oh. you know.
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it also has been all participants and it was in the bill but. it's also. to me much you know the been the most extreme. the asshole is tenuous it was for support for the only answer for me. to do was use your choice you know for some. people speak. jiggled up that i could actually play well but obviously we're going to. compete. at the i use a little i meant was he said then a little bit he knows they built a lot of this could you and i mean amigos i mean just i mean the ideas. on which
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all will still call mature sex it goes on so you're calm cool souls and i mean we want to move out. in the world but we're not some of the joe the face told us. in the pissy when they close on specific goodness bush airplanes total we chose them so we showed them the front porch for the second move for him unless. i tell them. my face i think. your stuff would go loco my data your love us in god he saw and. is what i mean you know bob baer for you would you call on the little you're talking about the odyssey lopping told us i created you up sort of meant to be set. up by the city up of ideas and off and up front of us. he had sold
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a lot it was missing many of those and this is ok on the us i lock him out it's sink or see it me look those so couple that i'll pull off and that's because you're in this interview i. said oh it's not simple from post something book a loss of. look . at least i can hear me say it. once when you go to school most installed but i wanted to use i will see boss i will knows this. a little cynical stylist you see.
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this bus with us among the possible moves and how much. so this is to say before there was a whatever it was it was done at least. the second most of all they got it. up only what's on the little boy. wonder just because so as he ducked. then because a lot when you just call muscle bottle. thank. you
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feel pretty cool from up and i. love that r.c.s. for people would like your feeling really out of. something like a month most of them put up another team to settle. this because he's making the b.b. about us if you did you. so .
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yes. thank you. about the nice long course of. me i went to see holes. if i mean. i had to throw something from cialis. for most of us into science. when the real gaveled the total cost. of own bus tour it is no longer part of course like you knew who. the stroke i were of like you say i want to pull slower monolithically muscle mass in.
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the sand but other than me come on bring to. the south in those heat of the muslims this a minister for the arts a while oh. yes and before i do a full us if we are heard ok you are well known for example see how. political on much of the market neutral file it will look. like some and some of the below us is first for a lot of things on the line but i get along with those who went to lowell i didn't see but i saw on the cement a little bit and then more don't think you just got here yesterday as. you have reversed look and my luteal.
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we are all a poke at the oracle world and being taught all in the school talking that there was a key moment in. look up last night and you look up and on most valuable material models and all what i put up they need. to accept a lot of political. and they can get a considerable docklands almost as a political outlook you know must promptly to flush just. give me. both the young up on the second line you feel playing in the most well it's clearly . was obvious like it but i one hundred. one and one lurch of interest from the fish because of the colossal. for me though thought i would stay in this home in the. they were less but both us.
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and a lot of alaska think of us seahorse number one the most. but ok. but in the midst of it is that of a whole. other force than for a moment. of that me up ok unless i know most of all really that when you're going to myself. you seem to get killed but i'll. feel really got to be left. in the can with
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just going over the real. work is he with some of you. join me every first week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. the corruption is everywhere in our kind of analysis i thought was to have hire a double employment and we still have a lot of bitterness you know especially in the hinterland so i would say that our success story is a half success story wants to be in because we have achieved the political gave the money to go get them but we didn't do that we didn't succeed in achieving the economy goes.
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he believes he handed the looting a little move though you can believe it even of legal team even like the good behavior of the movie of the year we get word of the relief when you get in the. heirloom d'antin the enmity quickly cannot make any out if i eat it he had to go he got that book he thought that a secret equally prepare our norse not by this as subtle says. he do you hear that our dispersed unless there's a lot of us can. enjoy sick us all the. palace when they give way you then go and this was broadcast yahoo.
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in there someone in thong sit down even that the two men did what bored those in office say to look at. me whole just i. mean mother the force your this bit i'll make it emma get her out into the where go by i will scam me a bit or pose no make up and daft. yes. damn paul you're going to me call. him a homo math. as the number lands now will it just like
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a mother. died and it was done in are so many cuss in me piling on uncountable me by the name that are most of the n.t. what. not to be. any. but up or there's no. set for ghetto complement to cut. missy in two or. three east they. will but it will. be love for my age. if i get sian on. board an ambulance we are. also go see him play money how i must go though without. knowing without. because i
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we are most kids are most honorable but if the. stem of money cando i would be the last one is i must get the most status was tossed. to the bed is a locus of it is. the same get with the big one the going out. why those back this duality up or going or that it's this.
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and then only that their last quite the world as i thought them back their value of the man oh yes there. are family there when your eyes on. and so it's a vacancy. so. it's only one of the i know yeah well are all. the way when did the vote get that i mean this image that i lack or that i loved being then the better this business that bad oh. oh oh yes but the point is in total it is don't say it's a yes or no ask you this you've been employed social media what does he owe him and
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then when i call out is that really nobody who has done most to give me. those great i would and then you will. be gina is to me mostly working with the members and let them to me is to me it's almost that i'm feeling better. if he moves on will be they're looking at how much i know what i mean but. it was a really dark gentleman thing. with me as him because real has moved out of. me in that i like in my poses and so you're. always you moment to moment come over most people in our study.
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go forth into my list and look for something when we don't there's more to my comic i was copying. she was a school. bus i will not fit into yoko can help us i'm not. to support them this is a cut of the. i mean i mean. when the set up like it's like well. it's a sunday there's no not you. can also. visit this guy this us it's like i said what you are not obvious how they bought a. book
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easily. people if i found the book to see. it. looks. at least.
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fifty. thank you thank you thank you would could
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thousand was. thank you thank. all you meant to blood meal of them which i just did opens welcome to will pull both when i was shown the combatants only to call me and someone.
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to me and i jumped on the welcome to talk about how can. you.
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and i think yeah that i didn't realize the full holiness that. is that he passed by dead on the lawn do you call kelly an equal. just. kill all those in all a game of a little bit and then there's a mass eighty six didn't you cause a lateral say is that the end. of your. little event i was going to have a comic and. all bets are off the mark i want to put on the bottom of
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the i don't know what book called i don't like that book oh i think i like a book that i wanted for stuff that's out later books all of. the you. justin been instrumental in booking this and to be needed also like you know your family on what do you. persist because i mean. we see more and the big one was in the last and you money puzzles and that's all my seem to mostly will suck to get.
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breck's that means exit from boris johnson the u.k.'s foreign secretary quits teresa mayes embattled government he's the third minister to resign in twenty four hours over the latest plans for itself. police say they are still unable to link the nerve agent used in the incident to the one used to poison a former russian double agent back in march but that's not stop some politicians still blaming russia. a journalist who helped whistleblower edward snowden expose the n.s.a. secrets is branded a kremlin puppet all because he has attended a cyber security conference in russia. and the world cup enters its last week our correspondent goes to test the quality of women's football in russia so i call.


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