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started off. to prison also if we all know so you thought all summer. i'll be stunting. be with you because i'm. going to. eat. so you believe us. does he. she she she. what i mean.
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is. that our. being on set. right here. for that if i mean that. was a. that's why i don't know. the
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unknown is like a. president in the middle but out he when the thing though must compress. most mother went up as a mother it up i get going and i was out on a lot of. yeah a lot of that it was quick this. could. be out but this. is a plane that i play at that. time as an asean they'll put up a heels outcome as well she was put in that i thought oh. really you know. just a little system no participants and it was going to be a picnic. so who's to say. to me mike you know the been the most.
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awful tenuous little support for. the search as you know for some. people speak i mean. jagan not that i could actually play well but obviously it was. a complete must come over to pull the shit to use a little i meant was he said then a little bit he knows there belittles a body just because jake and i missed amigos i mean just i mean the ideas. on which will last all comatose except those on side your own cool souls and i mean wow from someone who got. the little one or some of the joe
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the safe thought also. in this year when the closest to see i just get on the space shuttle plane full of which we feel we showed them the poor soul of the second movie midwest. i think. the first place i think. is stuff i would call local my mother had a good love us a god he saw and book or there. is book but i don't mean you bob bad for you would you call on the little you're told materialistic lopping told us i created you up so i meant it was so to the south lawn look it up you look then you up by the sea view up of artist you know planes up front of us. he had sold but i thought it was missing medals and this is on the you are lucky it's seen corsi it looked less so that i could blow off with less because you're in this if you're.
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not simple almost seven book a loss at. least i can sure miss a lot of cool until you go to the most installed plane crash into one of things i will see but i will was just a moment also when the compartment on novels goes on last compartment comes to me he calls a day a little cynical stylist you see pretty girl called the beat up didn't come as a link i was going to saw it yup i saw what i was plus when i saw a man up muscle mass and how much i guess i saw this it is to see your god but
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before he was a whatever it was it was done it. is the second most of all they got. up only one out of the little boy. when he just gets so as he ducked. then because a lot why did you ask almost bottle. perhaps. total feel for the folks from oakland i. love that r.c.s. fourfold like your claiming we love. the look and must simply
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put up another team to say look you know the post you got to make in the study and to be a plus in few to compete. so .
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because you are. about the need for a long course on. me i want to use the whole thing. if i mean. for most of us into science. when the real gaveled the total cost. of all must go it is flowing as part of course like a new who. can save. the state but i would have like you say i want to pull slower monolithically muscle mass and. the sound better than me come on bring to. the south
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of those who for the most glee in this i mean the most for the arts as well oh. yes and before i do a full us if we are heard ok you all know for example see how long the political song much of what the market mature garlic will look. like some and the way that we love is first lot of things in the bucket along with those who went to lowell i didn't see but i saw on the principle what i said with a little bit and then more than a link or you just look at the earth yes please by. every west look and my little. we are all a poke at the local human being thought on the school talking that there was a key moment in. look i'm all grown up like mad and they look bad on.
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my little material models and all what i'm put up they need. to accept a lot of the little things. in the bank i'm going to it's nothing to hold the wheels almost as a political outlook you know must belong to some flesh just. give me the. both the young up on the second line the feel of the union to the most well as squarely with the question was how do you like it but i want him. and i want to lurch i mean just from the skin of the can also. and those thoughts i would say when going to him enough. they were less but i said both of us were listed like and a lot of the last couple of us say cause number one the most thing but ok.
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but in the midst of it is that of a whole ok. thank you thank. you for the first time for a moment and most of the meal for pm as a mum was already there when you can come with a fellow hall. thanks. you seen the kids i work with them and feel really really left. out they seem to send the king over to skim over the real everest book you see you'll never work with class because some of you.
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thank. you thanks to. the sex trade. there's a survival guide books they think is going to start at. least they're going to get it back. repatriations look at the rest of seventy years. phillip a separate kaiser for. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet the sales with simple song alone even some company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody.
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been pieces. for you to lift. locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more and more it's about to hurt the redistribution of. birds. downwards. he gave me any handy when you're looking at a legal name of the enemy you can be given a legal team even like the behavior of the movie of the year we get word to into the equation again and the. heirloom d'antin
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the enmity hopefully can make it he added if i eat it he actually gave you that happen foci thought that a secret equally played by al norse not by listen. e.g. you hear that on this quest unless there's a lot of a. joystick us on this. list when do you buy uganda oh and this was broadcast yahoo. in there someone in thong sit down even that the two men did the white board those analysts say to look at. me just i. mean mother the horse you are the spit i may give you i'm a good route into that where go by was god me bit or pose no make up and dad.
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yes bless him or took damn paul going to him he called. him a home a man. know what he doesn't like the mother will start to. daven and last dozen or so many cuss in me piling on uncountable me by the name that are most of the n.t. what. not to be. any. but uppal there's no. there for gay ghetto complete them and us.
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missy and all. the race they. will put it on. their love for my age. if i get sian on. board an ambulance we are. also it was him play money how i must go though without. knowing without. because i we almost kissed almost on the knob i let the.
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dumbest money cando. is i must get the most status was tossed. to the bed is a locus of the. beast and get with the big one of the now. why those back this duality up or go another that's this. thank you. now and then i'll never let love quite the world as i thought the back area of the man oh yes there. are fewer than one year of. and i thought that they could see it. so.
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it's only one of the i know yeah well are all i know the way when did the book did that mean it that i mean this image that i lack or that i loved being then the bit of this was that bad oh. oh oh yeah it was but the point is and don't be honest and don't say it's a yes or no it's good to see him and of social media what does he owe him and then when you would call out is that really on the money you have done most to give me. the most i mean i would and then you will start off the chain has to be mostly working with the members and let them show me the stuff is a must but i've got a little break. and if he moves on no even if we can sometime after what i'm.
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thinking. but with me as him because real as much as once i. mean that i like in my poses and so you're. always you moment to moment come over cheese pizza with us tell you. what i'm going to move in this to look for something when we don't there's no to my stomach i describe you. should i just call for a bus i will not put into. can a person not. to support them this i go to the. i mean.
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when the set up like it's like well. it's a sunday there's no not you. look. at this guy this house it's not like i was you know how this how they bought a. book easily. i don't see. it.
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looks. at least.
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thank you thank you thank you would could be we thank you. thank
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you thank. all you mean to bode miller of which i just got oprah's welcome to will pull both but i'm also on the committee so he took me and someone. to me and i jumped on the welcome to talk about how can. you.
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in a caveat that i didn't realize the full holiness that. is that he passed by dead on the lawn you called ok let me quote that it to myself. till all those in all a game of a little bit and then there's a mass a.t.v. says didn't you cause a ladder i'll say is that the end. of
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the. little i was. coming to build. up my mind off the mark i want to pull it off i thought it was sure i know my book well i thought i'd like book so i thought i'd like a book but i wanted more so that's a later book follow. me. luke. thank you. just in buddies from employment i will pick you this is
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a good read you could also like you know see if you are from your money if you love pieces fit but i mean enough. to see more in the big one was in the last and the most money people self-interest on my team can both close up to. thank. you.
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i think our doogan is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in any or you leave the state if you look at it from the analogy. marc was the day that when he was fighting the. most contentious critically he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right. pretty much one of the first part of the corruption in palm beach county it's not something that you can smell it. it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to give. we've had more shootings in this county then some states have collectively. too good with this website began featuring comments about gold just to show it's like going to
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squash you like a book and you know we should stop then you should say and i'm like mr i believe what i'm doing oh so it's ok you know it's your funeral belief f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critics in the house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia where i'd seen a little sign. men they know is bad wolf.
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the u.k. foreign secretary resigns i mean is there minister to appoint in twenty four hours over the government's plans for a soft drug that's. a politician's blame russia for a navi child poisoning and for them to name three even though police have made no link to moscow. journalist whistleblower ad words known to expose the n.s.a. secrets is branded a kremlin puppet all because he has attended a cyber gritty conference in russia. the latest on these stories head to our g dot com stay with us for cross stock looking ahead to the trump put summit and if you're watching us in the u.k. political talk show renegade anchor.


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