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he was free to say what he wanted he wasn't edited he didn't have any corporate show sponsors to worry about he also said that this was an important time and important took time to have a voice in the united states and that meant a heck of a lot to me ed schultz is without a doubt a major factor in why i'm here at r t america he was passionate on t.v. and off and he really cared about issues that impacted people he was a champion for average folks and he was always helpful and giving me advice and he became a good friend i miss him deeply. and that's it for this time we'll see again. in the world cup france play belgium in the first some a final showdown of the tournaments we'll bring you all the highlights in the run up to the big game. another headline news britain's brags that strategy is printed
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chaos as a new foreign secretary is appointed following the resignation of force johnson. do you recall. the life. of the old you don't have. a lot of. good. and bad some disagreements are predicted at wednesday's nato summit as brussels hope publicly swings back in terms criticism of a perceived lack of alliance funding by the e.u. . this is our to international coming to you live with me jacqueline guga i'll be bringing you your headline news a bit later in the program but first we go to our team in the heart of moscow for a special world cup coverage.
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welcome back to you all of you go in central moscow right. peter schmeichel myself looking ahead to the first world cup semifinal belgians like you know just under three. months at this point both of those countries will have ground just too awful . this is an incredible game. you have to played really really well. you can imagine how the atmosphere has been build up from game to game to game knowledge and did go into this world. with some plate expectations from back home and i think also from the more knowledgeable part of the footballing community when looking at the number of play is. that belgium they
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have available with high quality performances are not bad a lot of premier league players i notice certainly that well known in england it is they call it they called the they call them the golden generation they did that two years ago in the european championships as well they couldn't quite get the performances. on the football pitch to see what that sort of talent perform it was promised but this time they have been fantastic and the you know they won all their games and you know time brazil they knocked out resent as well and they knocked out brazil some style i have to say they did take gold soon as often you expect a team like brazil to really really push full a goal they did get the goal a fantastic goal that was. and then brazil pushed even harder and belgium had the they they act they had the pedigree and the stamina and the quality to withstand that pressure and just looking back at that game the manager on the coach
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about so much he missed only made two substitutions and that is kind of impressive piece of a sign of confidence in the team he had on that one but it works there's no there's no need to change it if in if the players were in tired so why would you why would you upset that rhythm it was working really well for them but it just shows you just shows you that the quality and you know he started with players like fellaini which was a little bit of a surprise to many people that he would start this game but they this is the kind of quality that he has and when we come we have to to go. i simply just want a minute just to the see what's happening the way that we come back in a minute we'll talk about the options that the there were back so much in this he has got for this piece and also the problems that he's got but let's just go to the sink pete as per what he's i think oh i have a reporter that i like sajjan szczesny he's been recognized by belgium supporters
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and next i was happening. while i'm i'm sure you can see what's happening it's a belgian invasion of st petersburg look at that they are unfolding what looks to be a nine meta flag which they are now carrying to the stadium lots of positivity remember after the brazil belgium game i maybe issued a rallying call to the belgians to show up in st petersburg and they have good spirits good voices a lot of confidence i spoke to some of them they've all been saying that they will beat france i mean that's something you expect from a teen from supporters of a team but these guys are really confident and you know up the belgians are probably the only team which can actually stop francois look at them. and that's a crock pot fan festival in the heart of st petersburg there now actually on their way to the subway and we'll carry that flag the cute nine meets
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a belgian flag into the subway and then unfold it at the stadium as well. so you see the atmosphere is very positive i'll try to actually to speak to some of these fans right out. that are you confident tonight are you confident. what i know everyone that you. see you know see i think this lady told the overall mood of this of this massive fantastic very joyful crowd here in st petersburg but obviously if you i will find out whether belgium will be in my. in luzhniki this sunday. let's see i ski following the fall just air on route to the stadium to get in a nice an early very smartly i think. alexy was saying that the fans are very confident of course both sets of fans will become the teams are going to win he studied enough because we spoke to study such as self just last hour he was pretty much tailoring his team to the opponents he never stood still to the money just
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have to think yes we played well to get him but that's not enough i need to look at the weaknesses of the opponents now well i think the managers of the two teams today are in a different position than chess of has been and no disrespect to a fantastically well performing russian team but they did they don't have what didn't have the strength in depth as france and belgium they have they are probably the best two best performing teams and especially france they've shown us how to play world cup by not playing too well in the group phase just doing exactly what they need to do to get through and with a game to spare that's a game against denmark we didn't have to do anything because they were already qualified with two wins over purview over australia and then they turned on up the the john maginnis is not make so you would not make them famous because you said at the start of that sort of you look out for the teams that build slow don't excel in
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the group but then him for a study that's francis and you can help you build the model the three games and then they moved in one the next and still no belgium are upping their performances as well they're playing better and better but they they. not by france did win all the dragons den but. that's really what we see i would say today it's probably the hardest game of all the games that we had so far to call you cannot see it's impossible to see the gaps now when i spoke about the the tactical challenges that botanists and i put in that. challenge is that much in this he has today he's got a plan suspended thomas mooney who was i mean this you talk about being unlucky as a player fourteen minutes since you will cop you get booked by a very eager referee should really have got book and i'd like to say forty minutes from time in the game against brazil he got to get it was it was actually seventeen
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minutes from the end of that game he got booked again and misses out on a well cup semi final because of that in between he's been absolutely fantastic behaved himself well but he is suspended today he's a loss he's a loss because what what that does is he he now martin is now has to go with with either a different system all he's going to play because he thinks about a sense of banks in his squad and every thief going to say center backs as full backs always going to gamble and go very aggressive and so his challenge is obviously to go and play a four four two he played a four four two against was that surprised a lot of people but you can understand why you did that too to squeeze a space so you have to bang to fall and players like they. continue to mean you when you came on. has got where all these players they need they need to have the gaps and you're trying to close those gaps understand that fully nobody is not
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playing they expect three at the back he's played with the three said in the back meaning that he could be very aggressive in his approach to the games now today whereas i want to get a question do you think we're going to pose a problem for them replay the formation that i like or do you do what he did against brazil which is we're going to tailor ourselves to kind of you know to suit the opposition but he was telling himself to play brazil so brazil they have lethal players players that will hurt you in a split second so you have to you have to sort of stop i think about stop that but not compromising on your own way of playing and he did that by. this is why i think he's one of the that the brightest footballing minds on the coaching side and this moment in time he will not be belgium manager after this he will be in one of the bigger clubs maybe not from the beginning but once they start sackings the manager he will be top of the list because he's shown himself to be very very good he never
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compromised on belgium's way of playing still very aggressive but if you saw the game against brazil they played against brazil playing like with kaka who is a number nine you know he plays up front as an open bass playing on the right hand side kevin the growing was playing more in that position that cock was supposed to be and then look at it and it all worked but it was still within the framework of how budge in place and i thought that was pretty clever but not today his challenge because how is it going to is he going to play through the back so he's going to play with with the. company in fact on going which is the strongest back for a back three and then. play a five across beach field or four cross midfield and then he's got to play chess and caressed. the side. they were they didn't play craps couldn't play the game again was there but he played in the previous game so how great those are. and
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let's just give a couple of facts out unbeaten in twenty four matches nine different goals goals in the world cup ten as you pointed out to me also the goals coming from everyone what about let's get france at a price because they don't counter very quickly it's not the fastest defense the belgian defense and running at that it's a back three what do you think of that dick d c vulnerabilities that i do and i think he would do that as well and my my expectations is that he's going to play for the back i think he's going to play phenomenon the veal company and for tongan and then he's going to play. he's going to. like if chad leave it will come in to bring the caress cool as a mitt mitt feel full with in between. and dukakis that's my guess but the thing is this is the semifinal of the world he might just today might just compromise a little bit on and on the belgian way of playing and just trying to get there when we don't know that we will know that in in them into two hours i think what about
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friends is it much more predictable did a day show he's going to roll out that kind of job you know what i mean plus one of forty three one kind of from a song going to stick my neck out and i'm going to actually maine because i live in now please i think i think his is the starting eleven is so strong and it's it's the cannot be any secret so it's lorries and gold but. city and had done this as a back full content talk by set as a two in front of them and then the public is man. who is back after having served one game suspension in the last game and then all of a jew up front and what's really interesting about this is no one's to be is disputing that only about your rules should be up front he is like in a very young squad he's like that big brother for everyone and they all like him being there but it's a it's a cruel fact this and there's a cruel statistics all of a jew as a striker plate five games no he's not had
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a single shot you know. he must be a good think oh that's all i can say he's letting you play mostly you know exactly he is someone you can link up and when you've got talent like the papa please man matuidi around a player like that and don't forget can say and. you know you don't need to necessarily need that position to have many shots you know i make this statistic of this fact out for you now and then you know two minutes into the game he scored well you've got to worry about your peril that. usually how it works they strike when you least expect it ok belgium and france neighbors common language the found seem to have quite a lot to dispute by one particular rivalries rooted in history in food not football . now as st petersburg gears up to host france and belgium for that crucial semi final clash there's an important question to be. fraud chips as
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we call them back in england are a crucial staple of any not so healthy diet but as we call them french fries all they actually french all belgian some content we also sponsor here inside pizzas but for the troops. i don't know where the name comes from but they're belgian hundred one hundred percent so i could if he'd been generally you know some good you could process i. don't know good to you for good fossick and new food is my. french writer a hundred percent sure yeah yeah i'm not sure i don't know before you start you need to know what i am here because you know not what. you say it's french belgian says belgian who did it was the outside it's mcdonald's it was things like.
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isabelle's and fries but they didn't have the name you know the truth is it. was a phone signal to address and they would learn from the t.v. only the dog was heavy defeat the phone says it will need a visit to the fancher and then transfer again when president is also going to win but belgians are going to have the fries. french fries he's from bajor so it should be renamed to belgium for us yes that's right so maybe whoever wins can decide the name yes yes we can do that. let's have a little look forward to. the match is going to be here tomorrow the list he stayed in seconds i mean final is going to. finally be england fans have made it out from russia which looking like at least ten thousand hours of fun i days and the take it's been in a flurry when we spent the day after russia you didn't think that the fatigue of two sets of experts on the penalty would still feel the same we think we're going
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to be strong good squad in that it is a good squad. it's a semifinal of the world cup you know you can find any other time in your life to be tired you know you can absolutely no doubt about that you can find the energy that you need to to to play this game but it worries me a little bit about the self-confidence of the end inseam the media have definitely caught on to this coming home thing. which. is coming home was the theme tune for the one thousand nine hundred six european championship that was held in england and football was coming home it wasn't really that football was being played in england it was more like all the trophies in auckland back and it's been a theme ever since it wasn't it wasn't anywhere near the preparations no one believed in this team and they've had a really good run into this now it's gone completely crazy and while we have to see that the players the players that we call them the three lions. they have been to
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been put through their faces ahead of this game against great by the young manager who is a hero now southgate well it seems like they are now trying to get to the hopes of office and found us. i'm going to ask what did you do anything like that when you were a flight instructor you would do it for the exercise because first of all as you can see from that it really puts a smile on the players' faces this is the most important thing for the coach have to remember they've been twelve months of football for these guys. all of that
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teammates and i mean all of them was not taking part in the world cup already back pre-season training for the playoffs they play for the second thing about this exercise which is you know it's well technically it is five by by playing that kind of game and they use a robot dog which is for the for the smile but it's not a bowl so just move like a bull so that forces the players to do so i have to drop it and i need to pass it all without the zone keeping for a second then my friends around me needs to move and that can be direct you times foot on to the plate when the plates are not a lot of bad exercise and an exercise to put a smile not only on the players' faces but also and. we're going to be doing this if it's broadcast we will be back excellent stuff join us next hour.
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from football we now move on to other world news the u.k. has a new foreign secretary jeremy hunt following the resignation of boris johnson johnson was the third key brigadier to resign in twenty four hours over the government's adoption of a softer approach to quitting the e.u. hunt had served as health secretary for six years he opposed brags that in the two thousand and sixteen referendum the now claims to have become a brigadier as boris johnson left his central london residence after resigning he was bombarded with questions from reporters. you are the one this is all for. mr jones and that is. do you think you could do a better job than the prime minister. definitely quite chaotic times here in britain first of all we do of course have bracks it looming with really just months to go before it becomes a reality and here we are in a situation where teresa mayes cabinet certainly seems to be in
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a state of disarray not only do we have two of the top ministers connected to bracks it coming and going three ministers in total really gone almost in a blink of an eye and a total of seven cabinet ministers that have departed in a span of a year and of course it's seems quite clear that if it's one more hiccup it looks very likely that a vote of no confidence will be showing theresa may the door and while all of this is unraveling at home the situation with talks with the rest of the european union about what's going to happen also seems to be leaving much to be desired politicians come and go for the problems they have created for the people who remain and the ghost but briggs it is the biggest problem in the history of. your relations. and that the fear of from being solved with or without mr davies. and unfortunately
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wrecked it hasn't left together those stupid things well and obviously other political disasters here in the u.k. have not been making life easy for theresa may first of course we did see a snap election that was expected to be a success but turned out to be an embarrassment we saw massive problems were for theresa may with a grand felt our disaster of course last but very far from least as a whole not a chalk saga that has been unraveling over the last several months where now especially with the second incident of a poisoning of that officials here are connecting to nava chalk and with one woman dead some people are continuing to push the whole russian narrative but it's becoming increasingly clear that evidence will need to be provided sooner or later the simple reality is that russia has committed an attack on british soil which is seen by a day of appreciation to say that this is something that i think the world will unite with there's actually kind of
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a nerve agent that's been used in this incident is the same as the march the fourth incident but we have not the scientists have not been able to identify or determine if it is the same passion it may well be but at this point that is not known well exactly because all of this is indeed unraveling on british soil it seems quite clear that the british government here in london has quite a lot to sort out and quickly. psycho domenici headlines because they are part of an overarching campaign to demonize russia or to create russians as some terrible evil of our country and a government that is intent to reach stanchest these are completely pieces baseless allegations sister execrations has consumed delish political class it's a greatest political crisis it doesn't hands found itself in ghost and since the second world war unless it's arrested soon it's going to morph into an economic
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crisis a challenge to teresa neves leadership in the coming days and weeks ahead. tensions between europe and the u.s. are casting a massive shadow over wednesday's nato summit well donald trump continues to criticize allies for not spending more on defense russell sent this public warning to the american president. the president trump america does not turkish. and europe america appreciate your allies tough told you don't have the money you have a lot of allies we should not take you to just take you to go buy your seat so i have a go. here as you say which is somewhat third world. food frankly food maybe you still the whole thing would say. trump continues to insist that other members are not paying nearly anough as america bankrolls more than half
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of nato's budget in two thousand and fourteen nato members agree to spend two percent of their annual gross domestic product on defense by two thousand and twenty four trump is angry that only five states have so far reached that goal greece is stoney of the u.k. poland and romania the secretary general of the brussels based military alliance says that members are upping their spending but not to please washington. let's bring in the brussels based independent journalist who could be way now what do you make of the current relationship that we're seeing between the e.u. and the us. well it's as usual that bit of trump bashing that mr tusk did this morning when they had this signature of a declaration between nato and the e.u. which was absolutely necessary because this is being organized for a long time for decades so they didn't need to declaration today this is just
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a hype this is just to justify the existence of nato that is the un and of course mr tusk couldn't resist by saying you know mr trump should know who are his strategic allies and who are his problem he means probably vladimir putin but this is trump bashing it is cheap advice and they should do that everybody's very nervous here in brussels looking at what could happen tomorrow or the day after with the the temperament with the way usually does things you know ease a bit on a reliable these bullying so they're all a bit afraid of what he's going to do starting of course with the two percent budget that he wants every country to to deliver it which is absolutely normal now of course you're right it is very likely that tusk was referring to when he was talking about strategy problems but do you think for his part new president putin as a problem. i don't think so and i think that some origin of approaches
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might be done by trump and putin when they meet. for example trump could to propose to to putin to reduce the number of american soldiers on german soil they still have some thirty five thousand soldiers in germany. bases for the air bases for example and in all major hospital they could reduce that number and in exchange he could ask putin for example to to help him with tehran to make sure that it on soft inserts approach so that could be something completely new diplomatic typically trumpton but it could both men to to look at this as a possibility and of course europe would be signed law and be in that case now before the summit has even gotten started we had this back and forth do you think this could force a replay of last month tension filled g. seven summit where trump even refused to back joint declaration and insulted the
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host. of. the friend of the united states wants to avoid it absolutely at all costs so they will do everything they can the american delegations and the european to make sure that it took spur effect at least in the front but look ok in the house of nato but everybody is nervous because of this issue of finances because of the troops still present in europe that the americans could send back home because of course also of the fact that several countries are renewing their fleet of fire bombers the f. sixteen is aging and they should buy planes whether the european the french or the american f. thirty five and italy is just declared that they don't want the f. thirty five belgium that is a scandal to all that issue with the f. thirty five. the military having clearly pushed for the american plane.
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why is the old sixteen could still be alive with a little bit of for a freshman for six seven years so you know all this it's all together it's a dangerous cocktail for the unity of nato but of course it's so good to have a common enemy russia. independent journalist look at evade thank you so much for your time and your comments today thank you that's our wrap up of the day's top headlines and your world cup updates for this hour but we'll be back with more in about thirty minutes. greetings and salutation. when making important decisions in life sometimes you know it's best to wait as they say for all the evidence to come in this is true not
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only for doctors and scientists but for journalists plumbers and politicians as well. or should be especially for politicians because unlike plumber swerve you jump to the wrong conclusion the worst that can happen is your toilet explodes in your basement blood's when a politician jumps to the wrong conclusion or makes a knee jerk decision they end up causing world war three and people by take for example the recent revelations coming out of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w. tasked with determining just what happened in the syrian city of duma after allegations casualties and dramatic video service back in april april seventh of a purported chemical weapons strike the agency has now released preliminary of plimer a report stating that contrary to popular war harking opinion no or gandalf os person nerve agents or degradation products were detected in the environmental samples.


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