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thousands of belgium and france fans flood the streets of russia's northern capital just two hours before the team's clash in the semifinal of the football world cup. britain's brags that strategy is bringing chaos as a new foreign secretary is appointed following the resignation of boris johnson plus. i recall. your life tough told you don't have. a lot of. spots and disagreements are predicted at wednesday's nato summit as brussels publicly swings back at trump's criticism of a perceived lack of alliance funding by the e.u.
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. this is arch international coming to you live with me jacqueline i'll be bringing you your headline news a bit later in the program but first we go to our team in the heart of moscow for our special world cup coverage. in less than two hours the world cup semifinal underway. it's beautifully balanced fronts against belgium both. huge support for you for russia for this might be just michael is alongside me helping to break down this looks like a. really really good close encounter here would you try to give the edge to at
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this point was that mission impossible i think the last part that i think it's so evenly balanced. it's two teams that has slowly progressed in terms of quality they evolve they've played it's on and fantastically well. and the talent on spec tonight is incredible and i think a lot of people had belgium as a doc who was coming into this tournament they were two years ago as well they called the belgium. squawked all the pelting players circled in generation and it didn't quite turn a full that fulfill that two years ago the expectations. and and this year it's just been fantastic the way they've played with so we've been so accident in one thousand and three in the game against england and they still looked a capable team so
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a lot of expectations for this start in sight and they are now. on on you know on. most people's opinion the favorite team to win the world cup but it's marginal it's it is up against a french team which is less recently was talking about you know killian in by three not long ago is the new rich now domestic combination he could be the next number one started to look and i mean this is a game where you have to go out and prove that you can be that there's no question about the talent on spec for for france to france plays in a different way it's a different kind of a team it's only three years ago by the way that france and belgium they played in stock to france in france during the seventh belgium wanted for three but you've got players like one of them it's been a pop it wasn't even kept by them down for three plaster voc. t.t. and that we expect to be in the west. adding line of today we're not even camp that
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that's three years ago and since then obviously there's been there's been a european championship in france france with all the way to the final couldn't much muster when that came everyone which is very very disappointed and the sham just made sort of a shift in generation brought in a lot of young players and they they have been absolutely fantastic and i'm looking forward to watching my papa tonight because this is this is a game which is it's tailor made for something someone with his talent and and with the reputation that he's he said it became into built for himself it's tailor made for someone like that to go in and grab every headline and his pace won't he be really looking forward to running. battles in defense which most people say isn't the quickest it's not the quickest but it depends on how this game pans out and how the the manager is deciding to to to to set the teams out tactically today
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i don't necessarily see that belgium are going to you know being in charge and have the ball the time which then in turn live leaves opportunities from a proper ticket those runs in i see france as much as belgium where the ball i see them wanting to have the ball as well. i mean you just think about the players that they're in the kinds of. barclays' mind that papa. you got for and you got matuidi and these are all players that wants to have the ball and can play with it so that's really seen the best of probably yet kenny provide more than he has in this world cup i think with papa it's probably the one player that hasn't completely lived up to what the expectation has been to two his performance he was brilliant two years ago in the years it has for me he hasn't really lived up to that reputation yet he's had really good games he's also had some terrible games.
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and he's also been in a spell with manchester united where he's not been played because of his poor performances now he still office so much even on his not great days you still office a lot to the team and nice so fortunate to have someone like go in a kind to next to him who cleans everything up so it's a pop as someone who can take chances he can gamble on his position he can still you know he can run about for a bit and stay up high the page he got kind to clean up my friend not many players has got that luxury now you can imagine if pocket also steps it up and also fulfills the potential that we know we had plays up to the maximum level of his capability you can imagine what a team friends and what happened you choose that's what i'm going to be happy for isn't it afforded absolute it's incredible this game is it you know when it happened could see the path and you know i was wishing for this game to happen because we have it so even the balance at the very very highest level of what
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football has got to offer and when you think about what this world cup has done we've seen the russian team who has absolute taken everybody by storm the parties that we've had here in moscow you know let's get the highest quality a football let's get that in there as well then this will be a fantastic book it's just one did a bit of you know regretful shame about this game that it's a semifinal and not the sort of made a great final and. both sets of fans have turned up on us our correspondents a bit and in amongst them having a wood to see how they're feeling ahead of this this big encounter in russ's the world in capital. oh yeah. well i'm. i'm sure you can see what's happening it's
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a belgian invasion of st petersburg look at that they are unfolding what looks to be a nine meets a flag which they are now carrying to the stadium lots of positivity remember after the brazil belgium game i maybe issued a rallying call to the belgians to show up in st petersburg and they have the good spirits good voices a lot of confidence i spoke to some of them they've all been saying that they will beat france i mean that's something you expect from a scene from supporters of a team but these guys are really confident and you know the belgians are probably the only team which can actually stop from there now actually on their way to the subway and will carry the flag the cute nine meter belgian flag into the subway so this is the world cup if you are hoping to bring home right it's already written belgium on all its belgium on the right so one thousand eight hundred is that like the gym keep the chicken for her girlfriend she granger it. critical for the french
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she can and will happen with a friend she can do night normally we didn't and we're going to need to me we're. going to do we have twenty three good players the best players seriously probably in the worst form of the moment we have a great team great team spirit and that's the most important because if you want to go for in a world cup it's not about one name or one messi it's about the team and that's that's the key and was going to score tonight to have ac as art playing is to win one teaching people village and i think look at who's going to school one and giving the brain. good luck three to thank you so much come on those m d c this is or is this is or trophy we want to get it in the french chicken. it's over you. go by france. say. that's been the mood in the
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red devils camp all along chanting singing in the streets of st petersburg for a good part of tuesday now en route to the stadium very very loud walking down the river sides of st petersburg and hoping that they will be on sunday in moscow at luzhniki in the world cup final election shasta r.t. reporting from st petersburg. the. confidence is very high of course there's a bit of a french community in st petersburg about a thousand or so people today that's greatly expanded a lot of fans of traveling to see this historic semifinal between belgium and france a base from his younger generation that has come to win the day here today many here think they can handle the pressure they can go all the way nicolas based on cedric from toulouse here behind me they've come to watch the game guys how
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confident are you that france can make it today we're very confident i think we will win the vote two zero something like i would go to france is alone here as well as a musician a french support he's been traveling with the team for many years with his good saw how have you found that miss ference have petersburg are you enjoying it so far yes because russian people is very very good people and they love friends so much so this is very pleasing to be here with so many joy for it and in life because football is made to enjoy life first of all so full of music unites people across borders you have worse yes of course and i would be able to let these guys go of course without a bit of a preview musically of how they're going to support their teams and us i'm going to let these guys do the outro and take it away. adding. this you come out ahead of the oh yeah you. have. he had it
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dude he should. yeah great singing in thing peter hopefully will get a lot of that night and thanks to dan and a leg side and something that i said it was a phrase that he used to vet devils that is the nickname for the belgium team but it's also the nickname for manchester united and belgium has got to play is in this squat from manchester united obviously for laney we don't know if he's playing and romelu lukaku who scored four goals so far and look awkward is an interesting character because we've seen him score goals but he's also been involved in literally everything that that belgium has done you've got the statistics which was
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he's he's been involved in twenty goals in dozens last thirteen games seventeen of them he scored himself three of them he set up presumably most of this is supposed to come from house not into britain who get a lot of the attention but he's involved in one way shape or form and usually he's on the end of those names and you take him out of the team that is it looks very definitive out of the cock when people look at this this big player he looks a bit moody at times. and they get the wrong idea about him like he's someone who doesn't really care about football use just there for whatever reason and he looks a bit pain in pain playing this game of playing that game or whatever but the fact of the matter is he's so we specked it by every coach and he's ever had that every teammate that is ever had and he is with now everyone speaks so well about him and say the same thing that there is no better student of the game. you know fadec i
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have physical games like thing he looks at every little detail about every little player that he's playing against and he's trying to do the very very best that he can and obviously you know it pays off he's scoring a lot of goals and we also look at players well he has got more to his game than we've made the scene at manchester united where he's just kind of like the spearhead he's been running from day carrying the ball very well that we have seen at night just tonight but what we saw in the game against brazil was he was actually playing a little bit to the right so he wasn't playing in his usual number nine role that we've seen him play for plaintiff adverts and we've seen him in the three spells he had a a chelsea obviously when he was very young and elect and specific specifically at manchester united he was playing more like a right wing or yeah right midfield player and walked out in titles it's a lot of defensive work and he did that and i was very very impressed with his
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performance in that game against was a guest people criticized him because he had too easy chances right didn't have you know the step to the side and could have finished it but again the guy gets tired but everything he did in that game was so good and so valuable for the team and i think that this is what people sometimes forget about when they look at players but this guy look aco he is an absolute superstar and making him a name for himself he's a little bit behind hurricane in the race for the golden boot is two goals behind score fall below fall behind if you school today and they get through to the next round opening lingo and that would look very different and he is someone who gets chances and i've you know i expect him to be at the end the chances today as well but you know stopping friends team he's up against a really good defense a very good goalkeeper so i can really looking forward to see what's going to happen in yeah that's an hour and it just means. pictures now of the scenes in st
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petersburg we saw some of the belgian fans in. in big numbers earlier here in the french coming. shouting he's got a new color or maybe he's been over exercising in the celebrations like these guys will obviously think they're going to win the second world cup that's why they turned up the short journey. for some for some fans but it will last a lifetime it's money well spent isn't it when your team gets to a semifinal the world cup you can't really put a price on this because it's a lifetime of memories and excitement and i was lucky enough to be part of the world cup the french france they won twenty years ago and that is something that has lived on and been with the french football fans and the country ever since and only two years ago obviously the host of the european championships and that win eighteen years prior to that was still such a big part of it if you get this incredible result winning one of the big it's one
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of the interesting stays with you forever to think about england fifty two years and you can you can do can still talking still talking about it. he didn't win it but i think this is good if you can do without actually winning it the russian team's performance in you know the home competition something sensational the chance of the man who's now become a national national hero we spoke to him last hour you realize how significant if you have a good performance in a world cup whether it's whether it's a better martinez they can make a reputation will last forever. nothing to chance of is a really good example on how important the manager is and if we talk about the players the players are off you obviously you see through the t.v. screen on the page you see the managers you know action but you don't really see what the real work is and chance of what he's done with this team. i spent. so he
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was talking about you know how he was challenging his place how he was keeping the mood up with these players how we was picking his players and i think that's an interesting chat but this is what we we don't see from the champs and will back to martinez today obviously with the t.v. as a chance his team is a lot easier to pick today because he's got all his best players to pick from and i kind of thing half the world knows what is best eleven is so maybe not big surprises and his team selection but for martinez there are choices because when you see who's played every game is suspended two yellow cards he got one in the first game and one in the last game he played so very unlucky for him but also for the team because he was an intake will part of the sort of the the framework of the belgian team it was something that the manager never had to think about this is what i have i trust that i'm really happy with it so when i'm tactic to be thinking about my team i'm thinking further forward on the page now he has to think about his defense so he's got
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a really big decision to make and that was really interesting to hear that from from the chance of how he's thinking goes so i think one day when we get that scenes we can start talking in detail about what roberto martinez what he's thinking was for picking those players and we've been through we've been through the various options that he has and there are a few i mean we're talking about three players that are either in or out and that's all come off one player being suspended and two different ways of playing two different systems does it go back and play four at the back that he did against brazil but that was a tactical move he made for playing personal so does he keep that or does it go back and play through the back but we have to see when we come back i think when we are back next time we will have the team and we will have to answer yes a very big decisions it's a big night that's why every nice think pressure situations get the big bucks because. the whole nation's hopes resting on their shoulders will find out exactly
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how they line up the going to look at the top of the out of the of. the saying hold on with us move those jobs back so merica by imposing saros to equalize the trade picture and move toward a post china extraction model you know where as private equity extracts well using elaborate files china's but extracting wealth using leverage trade shenanigans so
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this is just the reverse of that song as i hear it in some people's voices starts to make a little bit more sense that people don't understand that this guy actually understands more than people are giving him credit for. welcome back from football we now move on to other world news the u.k. has a new foreign secretary jeremy hunt following the resignation of boris johnson johnson was the third key bricks appear to resign in twenty four hours over the government's adoption of a softer approach to quitting the you hunt had served as health secretary for six years he opposed it in the two thousand and sixteen referendum the now claims to
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have become a bricks to tear as boris johnson left his central london residence after resigning he was bombarded with questions from reporters. covering the war this is a call for. mr jones thank you for that is that it didn't. do you think you could do a better job than the prime minister. definitely quite chaotic times here in britain first of all we do of course have bracks it looming with really just months to go before it becomes a reality and here we are in a situation where teresa mayes cabinet certainly seems to be in a state of disarray not only do we have two of the top ministers connected to bracks it coming and going three ministers in total really gone almost in a blink of an eye and a total of seven cabinet ministers that have departed in a span of a year and of course it's seems quite clear that if it's one more head up it looks very likely that a vote of no confidence will be showing theresa may the door and while all of this
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is unraveling at home the situation with talks with the rest of the european union about what's going to happen also seems to be leaving much to be desired politicians come and go but the problems they have created for the people who remain. and the ghost bridget's is the biggest problem in the history of. u.k. relations. and that the fear of from being solved with or without mr davies. unfortunately rigs it hasn't left to get those sticky things well and obviously other political disasters here in the u.k. have not been making life easy for theresa may first of course we did see a snap election that was expected to be a success but turned out to be an embarrassment we saw massive problems were for theresa may with a grand felt our disaster of course last but very far from least as a whole not
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a chalk saga that has been unraveling over the last several months where now especially with the second incident of a poisoning of that officials here are connecting to nava chalk and with one woman dead some people are continuing to push the whole russian narrative but it's becoming increasingly clear that evidence will need to be provided sooner or later the simple reality is that russia has committed an attack on british soil which is seen by a desk of a pretty safe to say there is something does i think the world will unite with there's any kind of a nerve agent that's been used in this incident is the same as the march the fourth incident but we have not the scientists have not been able to identify or determine if it is the same batch so it may well be but at this point that is not known well exactly because all of this is indeed unraveling on british soil it seems quite clear that the british government here in london has quite
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a lot to sort out and quickly. psycho domenici headlines because they are part of the. campaign to demonize russia to create russia as is so terrible evil of our country and government that is intent to reach stanchest these are completely pieces baseless allegations mr execrations has consumed delish political class it's a greatest political crisis it doesn't hands found itself in ghost and since the second world war unless it's arrested soon it's going to morph into an economic crisis a challenge to teresa neves leadership in the coming days and weeks. news just in the man poisoned in the amesbury incident has regained consciousness in a hospital fishel has called this development a small but significant improvement for him he is stable but still in critical condition. tensions between europe and the u.s.
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are casting a massive shadow over wednesday's nato summit while donald trump continues to criticize allies for not spending more in defense russell sent this public warning to the american president. the president. america does not turkish. than europe and the america up to shit your allies have told you don't have the money you have a lot of allies that we cannot. just take advantage of by the years. so i have. no. i have the u.k. which is somewhat third world. frankly maybe double would think it would see. some continues to insist that other members are not paying nearly enough as america bankrolls more than half of nato is budget in two thousand and fourteen nato members agree to spend two percent of their annual gross domestic product on defense by twenty twenty four trump is angry that only five
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states are anywhere near that greece's donia the u.k. poland and romania the secretary general of the brussels based military alliance says that members are up in their spending but not to please washington but independent journalist luke rebate told us that ahead of the summit trump unpredictability is on people's minds everybody's very nervous here in brussels looking at what could happen tomorrow or the day off with the the temperament with the way usually does things you know use a bit reliable these bullying so that all but afraid of what he's going to do miss the toss couldn't resist by saying you know mr trump should know who are his strategic allies and who are his problem he means probably flooding me put in but this is trump bashing it's cheap advice and they should do that everybody's not just because of this issue of finances because of the troops still present in europe that you can scoot could send back home because of course also on the fact
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that several countries are using their fleet of fireball mons altogether it's a dangerous cocktail for the unity of nato but of course it's so good to have a common enemy russia. that's a wrap up of the day's top headlines and that's all for me as well but my colleague nicky aaron will be with you in about thirty minutes as always thanks for tuning in . superman some. mystery but he's.
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also an equal said. you mustn't. be able to keep us lost and when i was at the marxist yes it was all about. mr. starr is your business but i. know you're lucky.
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the paper look listen can look up the locket opinion. this is what she commented lots of the questions of the phone you know but they could also be very careful now would you have come into it with the perpendicular to. notice when i'm asked and while i may just call what i. just missed just listen to. mental suppose someone. going to be the one who had to appeal to. the in school so say look good luck of the new york was tall slender body has got three months he told us.
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