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you're supposed to be going against russia and germany because he's billions and billions of dollars a year to russia so we're protecting germany with rejecting friends with the stakes of all of these countries and numerous of their cousins go out and make a pipeline deal with russia where this thing is in dollars is in the coffers of russia. mr trump's words seem like a temper temper tantrum to some as he said that germany was quote totally controlled by russia german chancellor angela merkel beg to differ as one might expect denying the accusation and said that she did not need any lessons in dealing with foreign policy from president trump and here for more on the nato summit we go to germany and our teams peter oliver peter thank you so much for joining us many of us had hoped that this nato summit would be better than last year's when mr trump was on his first foreign for a and neglected to mention that article five that mutual defense component the key component of nato it doesn't seem like
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anything's going better this year what's your take peter. but this is being diplomatic carnage what we're hearing from the those that i know on the inside of the brussels bubble from the journalistic side and also those people that work deep within that rabbit warren that is the world that is the headquarters of the european union and nato is they're telling me that they were they were expecting this to be bad they weren't expecting this to be this bad everybody knows the reputation of precedes president trump and his supporters would call him bombastic and on orthodox his detractors would call him rude in uncouth what the what they weren't expecting in nato under the european nations were was that it would it would be the whole u.s. delegation that would come with this similar type of attitude it's really quite obsessed a few people whether that's being thinly veiled behind some diplomacy from the
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european side or whether we should expect a fair few articles to come out depicting exactly what went on we'll just have to wait and see on that one but when it comes to some of the things that have really shocked people as trump coming out and saying that he wanted to see four percent of the nato member four percent of g.d.p. being spent by nato members on defense this is when you bear in mind that. the two percent target that was agreed way back in twenty sixteen only seven member states are expected to hop's make it only five i'm making it so far so as to come in and demand these type of things and then just get up and walk out yeah they say this is the image that trump gave up before he was coming he certainly lived up to it kept it going you know added on peter i'm curious with regard to nato there are various requirements i'm told with what sort of weaponry exciter that nato members much must purchase and for example you know there are not that all that many
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manufacturers are weapons of manufacture is a nato nation to me there's a lot but not as many as the us i wonder if part of this might be mr trump's push on actually creating greater funding from nato members doing business with u.s. defense contractors is that sort of nutty talk or is that make some sense. i could tell you it's something that does make sense but it's also something that he's going to be getting big pushback on i can tell you very much from here in germany and in france they want to develop the next generation of eurofighter or whatever it will be called a new fighter bomber that has no components whatsoever that have made in the united states they want to have something that self-contained and european made that's a big sign to us to those type of well if you want to say. rumors that may be pushing for that that military complex that industrial military complex of
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saying you must spend money you must spend money with us because in france and in germany to a certain extent there are people saying well if we are going to increase our budgets and we're certainly no intention to increase the budgets by water mr trump is putting forward we may spend that money at home instead of spending it abroad r.t. correspondent peter oliver peter thank you so much for your time today up late be at work there we sure appreciate it our. jumping the gun there is big personnel news that over as the right hailing companies head of human resources and horns and he has quit ms hornsey arrived at over in january of two thousand and seventeen and was by job title at least responsible for addressing harassment complaints and changing the culture culture at the company after the departure of the disgraced founder travis colony in june
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of last year but miss harden he was reportedly accused by a whistleblower in the company of brushing off employee complaints about racial discrimination now ms hornsey told her colleagues in an e-mail announcing her exit that she quote has been thinking about this for a little while and hiring news and other hiring news over is new and first chief compliance officer is a former u.s. department of justice official scott schools mr schools was a top career official at the u.s. department of justice then report to general counsel tony west and incidentally mr wellness west is also a former justice department official who her policies and practices are currently the subject of five federal investigations and lighter news they are participating in the scooter rental company lime formerly lime bike who will participate with other companies including google's venture capital arm g.v. and a joint effort to inject three hundred thirty five million dollars of capital into lyme. and given all of the tamal just going on around the world in
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major markets starting to see things like trade tensions reflected in stock prices here to tell us what's our mo the c.e.o. and founder of the stock which was always a delight to have you a lot of folks may have thought that these trade were wars were sort of a passing thing maybe a little bit of a reality t.v. for mr trump's part but with two hundred million in tariffs then the chinese responding this gets to be what everett dirksen the senator used to say to be real money our market participants really starting to feel this now as being reflected in stock prices. well i actually don't think there was any ever a time to not be concerned about terrorist because all along for the last few months the market has reacted very negatively whenever anything came out about more terrorists being put on it's this this tit for tat back and forth between china and and the u.s. and so i even though we rallied last week it was
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a holiday week and i really didn't expect it to continue so i wasn't surprised we were down really big last night in the post market after hours and then we got down this morning in the market and it took pretty much all day to fall but we did fall and i think tomorrow you could see more volatility i truly believe that july is going to be a very very volatile month in the market i said it for the last week we have the nato summit we have meeting with putin next week at the tower for going are the trade war i'm telling you there's just one thing after another and the market has not been able to get out of this range it hasn't really fallen hard but it hasn't broken higher i'm talking about the dow and s. and p. i know that the nasdaq has rallied but that's really because apple and tax has that way and i and the tech stocks actually rallied today but banks were down again today and overall a lot of stocks were down today in the u.s. market and it was because of the fact that they're worried about what's going to happen going forward tariffs you know i'm going to ask you a question and it may be sort of an ill informed question so just tell me if i'm
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wrong that's ok i'm wrong all the time so you don't need a holiday week i always thought that there was a lot more volatility because not a lot of people are trading people are taking off etc and then usually like on the monday like the monday or the wednesday after the tuesday labor day and maybe the monday after a holiday like fourth of july you're in the states that maybe there is lighter trading and therefore more volatility on monday we saw these bank shares really rise and i'm wondering if that does liquidity have anything to do with it or maybe even the financial sector the banks starting to feel some of these trade tariff turn in terms. well honestly the banks haven't looked good for a while after that all year they've been holding their up trends but all in all the banks have not been performing last earning season the banks that gap up and sell on the earnings even though the earnings were good a lot of the reporting good but then they fell they sold off that's not what you want to see what you want to see on friday morning a lot of the banks report the big ones j.p. morgan chase wells fargo citi bank the big ones report on friday morning what you want to see is good a good report with
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a strong move up in the premarket and then you know you need these charts these banks to rally rally on the day but the problem is because of anything that's happening in the overall market right now we're tyrus i'm not sure if we see a negative reaction carry through from today today's wednesday to march thursday friday morning the banks report if this selloff continues from today into the end of the week i don't even know if the banks are going to do it in other words if we're going to lift the market really up and if we didn't have this type of thing going on and the banks didn't report that it might lift the overall market but to be honest with you it's just the timing of this july i would line is not a month where i'd be wanting to have a legal long in anything necessarily even the strong stuff even even the tech stocks i wouldn't be taking new positions in anything like that right now in this month more so we show you being with us we'll be watching the markets will be thinking about you and what you've told us most normal the c.e.o. and founder of the stock shrewish melissa thanks very much thanks good luck next. time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return we talked kryptos with
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christiane from the tech trader front plus the krypto champion a report card with the c.e.o. of the new himalaya capital exchange joins us from london as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell this point the only green arrow on the big board today will be right back. i think more to do good is an outstanding person because he took on. the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be to stay if you look at some of the before now and. mark was the day that when he was fighting the goliath mog do going to be in the sheriff's most contentious critic for a year is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleece work pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something
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that you can smell a thing like that it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more on all the shootings in this county then some states have had a collective thing to do and went to his website began featuring the comments about gold his family the sheriff's wife then i'm going to squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop clinicians there to let mr know i believe what i'm doing oh so it's ok you know it's your funeral f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critic dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they know bad will. call the security back and asms and agencies and the ease saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore they got caught helping stopping out aviation companies we
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match and banks dropping out everyone wants to get out because if you don't have the supernatural institutions that cover the he is going to be part of that and he's going to be a separate go it alone island under a lot of rain clouds swimming in marmite washing some old hag of a crown. in france germany and italy and the rest are saying no we don't want to be a part of it. it's hard to imagine after the war a nazi don't it was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its poet a man convicted of mass murder and slavery ash was a german company develops in the demise of a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy you. turned down to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. yeah she said yes' just. minutes of it
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a mind victims i have to this day received no compensation and never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. welcome back to of japan of largest oil refining companies in debt mitsuko son and shall i shall think here you have finally announced that they will bird on april first of next year the consolidation of japan's second and fourth largest refiners respectively will yield the company will about thirty percent of japanese market share the deal culminates a corporate matchmaking effort by japan's ministry of economy trade and industry that was delayed for roughly two years after the family that controls internet sue book now the two companies will merge by means that she shares swap and the family will have the parag have to nominate two of the company's eight new directors stock
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of both firms rose on the news and shareholder rock the vote on the deal to be approved in december. and vodafone the u.k. based telecommunications corporation is developing a system to detect unwanted drones near sensitive locations i don't know my house the technology would reportedly use input from closed circuit cameras as well as information from the internet of things vodafone's u.k. head of enterprise told the financial times quote drones can pose security risks in the u.k. we're developing the internet of things drone tracking and safety technology in a number of locations where we have important infrastructure but a phone hopes their system will be purchased for use in securing critical locations and infrastructure from prisons to power plants as well as large public a vent and on a grander scale of ambition vodafone has also met with european flight safety regulators and hopes of being designated as a private sector partner in drone control. there's always so much going
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on in the exciting world of crypto currencies and block change so today we spend the rest of our programme the entire b. block on it first we are pleased to be joined again by christy our who is the cofounder of managing partner at the tech trader fund christy thank you for being here it's always a delight to have you in studio ok so let's start off with bitcoin we know it was near twenty grand last year it took a big dip but it's taken an even bigger dip in value just in the last couple of weeks what's going on so we're monitoring the price action of that claim very carefully right now as it has reached some very key technical levels all summer long has kind of between sixty to one hundred and sixty eight hundred and that's been our level of support and resistance and so right now what we've seen as a market consolidation has a couple bottom off at the sixty two hundred i love all and has made higher lows every single time however it's been unable to penetrate the sixty eight hundred dollar level which we see as a key market resistance despite the despite the dying selling pressure so with this
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we think that they can continue trading within this range for the duration of the summer unless we get some additional catalyst. in order to drive up interest and additional upward momentum do you think some of this might be that. you know folks that have me a lot of the folks that did i see zero six have all this money and they me may need actual cash capital currency capital and so are they getting out of it and maybe gaining cash is that having some downward pressure on prices you think well i think a lot of it was actually speculation and hype because if you think about it last year there were so many i.c.'s and over there were over a thousand failed i.c.'s now that producing came out here they're all abandoned points like no one's trading them anymore users have banned in the platform and that's the definition of an abandoned i.c.l. it's crazy it was a it was a is a frenzy and it turned out bad for a lot of folks it's a shame we talk a lot about china in general the tariffs and everything else but china has so many
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consumers and potential crypto folks what's china doing with regard to crypto currencies are they still interested it is it going to boost prices ultimately so china has a very interesting stance on crypto currency right now we see china bankrupt a currency trading on domestic and foreign exchanges and we've also seen kind of a band i see as as a whole citing fraud so with that we think that china on the surface level looks very anti cryptocurrency but that's actually not true china's policy on cut the currency is very similar to its policy that it has on western social media and search engines and that with china banning google and facebook it actually gave rise to the to do and we and yoker within the local markets so we see the chinese government been very supportive of the local crypto community projects such as the chain and quantum based on the founded in china and we see that people with bank of china actually run tests on a prototype cryptocurrency bring it one step closer to being the first major central bank to issue additional currency that's interesting you know i wondered
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that when they did a couple years ago and vladimir putin at the time said. something not real positive about what he called it a ponzi but he said a pyramid scheme or something with crypto and i wondered how much that and the chinese reaction was about the current circumstance but maybe they really did want to get into it in the future and i think what you're saying is china wants to get in they just want to be in with it they don't want they want to control it exactly so it's less so about anti being anti pepto currency it's more so about manning control over the capital and preventing the outflows of the chinese friend from leaving the country and real quick how about the e.u. in general we have a reef a condo and later i think she's doing some work in switzerland setzer they're very helpful with regard to cryptocurrency regs but how about other countries in the e.u. europe is very positive in support of the cryptic currencies the fifth anti money laundering directive actually came out earlier this week which basically set up a new framework that allows the e.u. financial watchdogs to monitor the transactions of qatar currency to prevent money
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laundering and terrorist financing so what this new directive actually allows them to do is to be able to link a crypto currency wall address to the actual identity of the use it's an owner's and this came as a response to the crypto currency exchanges asking for more fair and more suitable regulations to grant legitimacy to the industry very interesting we've just got about thirty seconds left but i want to talk i hate talking about it but we need to talk about hacks they're happening all the time and if we don't fix this if the crypto industry is a fix it investors are going to get out for good so what's happening and what are we going to do again sorry we've got limited time to go to this israeli based bank where i was actually hacked for twenty three point five million dollars on monday due to a compromised wallet on their system so they said they were a decent allies to exchange when actually this wallet hack show that they were a centralized exchange because they had control of our client funds and they were able to freeze client funds so that now they're developing new technology and new tools and protocols and policies to combat this kristie i thank you so much kristie with the tech trader fund thank you for your timing.
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and we now move to our friend who we met in davos switzerland the krypto champion a riff a con a reforming welcome and thanks for being with us you have a new endeavor that i'm very interested in i've read a lot about it himalaya capital to tell us what's going on with that. thank you so much bart for having me here in london it's been a few months since we last met him a lot of progress on him a like a change first of all it's one of the revolution of the innovations to come about in the space of smart contracts and locked in technology and the interesting thing about it is it's going after one of the biggest industries that is the capital markets in the securities industry ridges eighty six trillion dollars in size and
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second it is aiming to take at least some of the revenues are a from the investment banking freeze then investment banks get mandates to do initial public offerings so the process of going after is the security issue and process which is done by companies around the world every entrepreneur if he has to be successful he raises public capital of some point of the company's life and when he goes to the public markets he has demanded an investment bank and. about seven to ten percent of fees from the capital that he gave us from the market so we're taking this process and we're saying now with the new tech stack re don't need investment banks to do the matching of investors and companies which are issuers of securities. a lot of times are perfectly valid position to do this and we can also do value
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a groundswell of riches what the brockton is eminently position to do so combining these two together automation of investment banking and the smart contract technology which can seamlessly grounds for digital value and digital kevin zeese between issuers and rest of us the i.p.o. process can be replicated on a smart contract run stock exchange now lo and behold you have a global and borderless stock exchange rich. does not distinguish between geographic boundaries fish does not distinguish between entrepreneurs from one country and the other of course you have regulation to take it off and starting some mega starting in switzerland but we aim to go across the globe to most important security students dictions and we aim to democratize the process of copper grazing for the common man so this is as mainstream as block gen can get and
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this will be the project that will have them we toss touch because this project aims to touch the people outside of the clip the economy the investor in a london stock exchange for example are the street didn't rest up and the companies ridge are small to medium enterprises in remote corners of the globe and aretha so you've already already started this in switzerland and then you're going to expand are you not yet actually doing it are you doing are you doing a raise first were you in the development of himalaya. yes so we're preparing for an initial raise and we do it through and i see all of us selves and once the i see was done platform will be ready to launch by late this year or so that when we meet and i was next you know i'll have something to show you and. the delay is only in the matter of having the securities compliant framework because
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the technology side it's asked simple as any of the thousand i suppose that were done last year no you're just replicate that smart contract for the issuance of initial security token and companies will be able to issue security tokens ready is illegal so what this spending time on is building that compliant framework where the companies can custom built the securities they're offering and they can define what securities they shrink so that has some some intense legal work behind it and one is the spectrum is ready our vision is of course might be pronged we also aim to do a decentralized exchange for pro providing liquidity of these security tokens so that the whole doesn't the bias of these security tokens can go and be able to send it to the investors just like it happens in in the traditional stock exchanges with
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apple shares google shares or facebook shares for example and then in the ultimate phase we also have a market place. where every plan to have investors on one side and the shores on on the other side and hopefully if it all goes well then we were able to have an amazing are not an e bay kind of market place where people are transacting insecurities and it's a mighty prong marketplace where they also develop us developing apps third party apps ritual for the compound which are further enrich this ecosystem and they will also be that the. additional. value provide does for example the due diligence provide for the investment banks who work at entry doing the due diligence and get into the doing some advisory they'll be space for even individuals are less rank people without the reputational got and these of investment banks to also come
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because it's a it's a free and open marketplace and this would be ranked by the economy took an economy this would be ranked and regulate and curated by the community itself so this is something very exciting and promising decent realized marketplace governance is something we had to see so i believe this is the next inflection point very moving from the platform economies that have revolutionized the last decade or so to market networks market networks have a lot of traditional reseize the famous silicon reeses very excited so i think we are on the cusp of this market network's impact and by the end of this decade i think the next set of us are all going to be on our stock market decline yeah. i would have to have to cut it there but we love having you and we hope you'll come back soon we wish you the best of luck you want to keep up on himalaya that's
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a riff and come on the crypto champion thank you as always for your time a refund. thank you so much but. and we love having both of our crypto guest again bitcoin closed at sixty three forty nine but that's it for this timing catch boom bust on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network general two eighty or streaming twenty four seven on pluto t.v. that's the free t.v. ad channel one thirty two or as always get us up at youtube dot com boom bust our to catch you next time. a trumpy in kind of view it is an understatement to say donald trump is an unconventional and an orthodox political figure in his critics do have a point when they say trump appears to be harsher with allies than with real or imagined enemies then there's the middle east and iran claims trump so obsessed
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with terrain. that.
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f.o.c. clearly goal will fly. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to meet people this is the simple song alone even some company gets full elsewhere so they can find private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us. you guys who got the going to go. this is. for you bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more the water it's about to hurt and to redistribute. all as this. date
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downwards we want our. cities across current show erupt in celebration as the national team reaches their first ever world cup final after defeating england. urges nato members to ramp up their military spending at a tense summit in brussels. and ahead of her meeting with a trump on friday britain's prime minister theresa may pledges to boost support for nato and send hundreds more troops to afghanistan. broadcasting live by reference to this is our team international i'm sean thomas really glad to have you with us right now croatia has reached the fifth world cup.


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