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but he has is to maximize its profits but what happens when the way to maximize profits results in eight hundred thousand child deaths per year well when a resolution to protect promote and support breastfeeding was introduced at the world health assembly this may it it wasn't expected to cause much of a stir and they didn't until last week when the new york times reported that the u.s. delegation allegedly communicated that if ecuador refused to drop the resolution washington when unleashed punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid why would the u.s. be against the encouragement of breastfeeding it turns out that it wasn't the breast feeding the u.s. delegates had a problem with it was the resolutions language restricting the marketing and sale of baby formula that was the thorn in the u.s. just couldn't get out of its paul according to the world health organization and the lancet breastfeeding series group sales of breast milk substitutes alone totaled forty four point eight billion in two thousand and fourteen and this number is expected to rise to seven point six billion by two thousand and nineteen the first thing you should know is that just for companies control approximately ninety
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percent of that market swiss food behemoths nestle which is produces guru gerber french company done known which makes optimal american company mead johnson nutrition which makes them from mill and finally american company abbott laboratories the maker of similac names that are known and trusted all round the world and according to the international baby food action network two thirds of the global market in breast milk substitutes comes from china hong kong indonesia and vietnam where birth rates are rising however the prices in some areas mean that some poor mothers are spending upwards of seventy percent of their salary on baby formula all because they were told it was better than breast milk now by their doctors but by representative dressed like nurses who give free samples at clinics and sell the idea to new moms that breast reading could be dangerous and that if they want what is best for their child. well they will use this formula and that my
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friends is where all the bells and whistles and alarms should be going off corporations are making billions by targeting customers who either can't read the label of the product they're using don't have access to clean water to mix it with or are going broke buying formula that isn't as nutritious as it claims to be but this isn't the first time we've seen it in fact the u.s. government has addressed this issue before along with the world health organization in the year two thousand nestle had a major recall of their baby food due to concerns that it wasn't sanitary in one thousand nine hundred seven the new york times revealed that baby food companies were using the fear of aids in africa to get more women to buy formula there but it was in the late one nine hundred seventy s. when senator edward kennedy became a vocal advocate for corporate responsibility in the baby food sector he was disgusted by the marketing they use twitch honestly hasn't changed much in forty years thirty nine hundred seventy eight hearing senator kennedy asked the then president of nestle brazil as waldo bettina what responsibility the company had to
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the babies who use their product is i understand what you say is where there's impure of water it should not be used yes where the people are so poor that they're not going to realistically be able to continue to purchase that and which is going to mean that they're going to dilute it to a point which is going to endanger their health that it should not be used yes i now than my final question is what do you do or what do you feel is your corporate responsibility to find out the extent of the use of your product in those circumstances in the philippine part of the world do you feel that you have any responsibility we can't have that response of you may i make a reference to you can't have that responsibility you know how kind of being responsible for the water that we all want to assist in not talking i'm talking about the use of your product in those areas. can and ninety's seventy four
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reports on the methods of marketing of tactics of the baby formula industry called the baby killer it was found that the baby food industry stands accused of promoting their products in communities which cannot use them properly of using advertising sales girls dressed up in news nurses uniforms give away samples and free gifts get mix that person persuade mothers to give up breastfeeding look alternatives to breast milk should of course be on the market not everyone can breastfeed some babies are adopted and the hunger and mental health of the mother can be asked virtually affected by the pressure put on women to breastfeed however it is totally on equivocally unexceptable for a corporation any corporation to put the law the their profits over the lives of people so of corporations want to be people maybe they should act like they have a shred of humanity and sort of laying hundreds of thousands of children die for a bump in their stock prices and joining us today to discuss this issue and
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breastfeeding is the executive director of the academy of breastfeeding medicine carla sheppard rubinar thank you so much for joining me carla. exciting to be here yes so this is a pretty big issue and as i said this isn't the first time that we've encountered this here in the united states but what's sad is to see the same tactics being used so this world health assembly resolution of breastfeeding and curtail the false advertising by breast milk alternative producers was blocked by the u.s. delegates on the basis that it put undue pressure on moms who can't breastfeed. what's the truth about moms that the mom should know about breast feeding versus formula. well the most important point of information for moms is their physicians and their healthcare providers and one of our goals is to make sure that those people are well educated up to date on all of the
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facts and the evidence based information that we have our organization is made up of physicians all over the world who are trained and educated to care for babies and moms and we also have a peer review journal that comes out every single month with new evidence and new support about why breastfeeding is so important and so beneficial to mothers and babies and that's one of the most important points of contact to make sure this information gets out and shared we're not trying to pull the wool over anybody's eyes were trying to do the reverse we can't argue or compete with the budgets of those four big formula companies but we can educate health professionals and those
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are the ones who deal on a day to day basis with moms and moms have a right to expect that they're professionals to be educated and that's what we do is there a lack of education between you know in in that sector it with doctors about the benefits of breast feeding or what people should look for in a good formula something to give options are you finding that doctors are generally well educated on the subject. no that's scary there not that it is scary it is not on the curriculum of most maybe any medical schools now in defense of medical schools think of the burst of information just in the past five years what physicians need to know it's phenomenal and this is one of many many pieces but we need to make sure that physicians are educated about this also after
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physicians and other health providers leave school where do they get educated that is one of the reasons that we put so much emphasis on our peer reviewed journal that comes out monthly our protocol guidelines which are peer reviewed by our physicians and others around the world and translated into many other languages and so the education must continue and it must be peer reviewed it must be credible and visible and that's our goal and so important and not just you know in first world countries like the united states but in developing areas as well i spoke with a number of moms about breastfeeding and one thing that came up a lot was the shaming of moms who who even considered formula one pregnant mom from the midwest alison o'brien actually told me about she said quote i've been pushed out of breastfeeding facebook groups for simply asking questions or offering that there are other options to be pro breastfeeding moms opinions here then shame to
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because you don't agree to what they believe one hundred percent and are ostracized and she's a nurse so she's going to group this is somebody who do that how do we repair the conversation around breastfeeding and formula to make it more productive and more inclusive for everybody and for all moms. it's very important and certainly it does all come down to individual choices but we know that moms and dads to rely very heavily on their physicians and their health care providers and therefore those people are the most important contact to be educated and i think mothers will feel a lot better when they know they're getting the right information and that in the end it's their choice and that's what is very very important to us and if you look at third world countries you mentioned the point that we must consider about contaminated water it's such a basic issue that we must have all of these pieces of information out all of these
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factors in the decision with mothers the other area that needs to be thought about in advance and again professionals need to understand this and we've come across this so often in the past couple of years is breast feeding in disasters and emergencies we must not just fly in formula one we have probably blooms with contaminated water too if a mother is breast feeding she has her milk supply it's at the right temperature it is the right formula for her baby and baby others these are all part of the education of what we need to promulgating and can't fight the formula companies alone if they're just flying in formula it's hard for us to fight that well hopefully we if we can educate enough people and like you said on the ground it's having
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a healthy situation for years that in disasters all these we have to start thinking about those pieces and i think you so much and i look forward to talking to you again about this the many issues executive director of the academy of breastfeeding medicine carla shepherd rubinar thank you so much thank you. over one hundred trillion neutrinos known as ghost particles because they seemingly have no mass pass through our bodies every second tracking a neutrino which is a subatomic particle that's like an electron except it has no charge has kind of been impossible until now it took seven years to build an ice cube in antarctica this ice cube is a detector and it's which is designed to detect particles from cataclysmic events that have energies a million times greater the nuclear reactions using eighty six cables each holding sixty digital optical modules three hundred scientists from forty nine institutions
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in twelve countries worked with the ice cube and the ice cube made some pretty big history this week when it was announced that it would have been able to detect a neutrino then honest astronomers to point their telescopes in the direction it came from and it came from a blaze are or a galaxy with a super massive black hole at its center this particular galaxy is situated just of the left of the shoulder of the orion constellation a mere four billion light years from earth and it could literately this discovery launch an entirely new area of astronomy into high energy neutrinos every day it seems like we are finding new questions to ask about the universe we live in here's hoping that we never run out of those questions. and that's our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're in our midst we're not told we're loved enough i tell you all i love you and be good to each other out there i'm top of the wallace keep on watching those hogs and have
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a great day and night everyone. right we also have started five guys to the studio house a signal. he's not going to talk about no fly just need right after the mars explorers one new bit of their new. record. to say well below. zero zero zero zero zero welcome to sophia and joe i'm so sorry shevardnadze and today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck
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little. i think more to get in is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be to stay if you look at it from the before analogy. marc was the day that when he was fighting that alliance. do going to be in the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleeced work pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell or thing like that it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more shootings in this county then some states have had collectively took and went to his website began featuring comments about go just family the sheriff's
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wife and sonja squash you like a book you know i wish you'd stop then you should say and i'm left with stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral living f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critics do going to house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political slime. men they know bad wolf.


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