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french president emanuel micron's is on an official trip to west and. is accompanied by forty french businessmen each with an interest in the greek privatization program. today they'll have the opportunity to directly question prime minister alexis to press. among them as sean louise shows the sewage c.e.o. is company has its eye on greece's water company's. many pot of hell of. a lot of us you guys you've got a book on the back of my because. i've been this is. the quote them now look you know it's a bit more you know i'm but the lepto brought up. the
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fabulous focused on you know. he did it look easy. so it was a must. be is that. if a movie isn't what you. said. you know me i don't know don't. you know me. it's. tough to get into. the country is now obliged to transfer all state owned assets to the super fund. the new anonymous company with a life expectancy of ninety nine years his management board will also consist of representatives of lend us. the water companies are among those assets but.
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government still promises they will not be privatized. they need to get these things up to keep it out so you may know it was cheeky very same as they say it could be he he adds that i don't like outpost i potentially get upset at the park yet if i see both the state i may see that i did the piece of above the seas fifteen at least a piece that. crosses from a loss who took part in the thessaloniki water movement became the alternative minister for the environment and was put in charge of water management following the state's council's decision he's trying to salvage at least fifty one percent. of the if it was in the midst of the most oil it. was just want to get used to gives good luck with the going to get this bill at this point to get the government with. it is just over what i mean this is it's that we're going to produce what i was it's with what ickes the put that it's.
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in twenty fifteen and as became minister of the environment portugal's newly formed left wing government after the twenty fifteen elections was a policy change soon enough to. deal with a system of the vs a pulse the believe it. but they meant that yeah it does in this movie see bruce good day. at the vows. that was no sin to feed. me but this is the view to see the event. unfortunately the government has washed its hands of the. cases according to
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portugal's constitution municipalities are autonomous and the state is forbidden to intervene. dimple well those who vote on d.s. bossiest c.d.o. but if it is out it will lead by force most into. over veto mundo us malva us all to the real cull if he so she had already out to the it through a divorce that is for you minerals but also to the key is to kick you boil it is for us as well etc. marcello some passes to fit into have to get by on their own. best to go missed knows he has no choice he's bound to pay a huge amount of compensation one hundred seventy two million euros will go to the
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private water company because the bottom has been a supply fail to reach the envisaged population and water consumption targets. the municipality also realized it had lost all technical know how regarding water management. going to their shelves in new d.s.d. b.h. she would buy put it aboard. so mr gomez decided to negotiate with the company will she be so maybe. starship was awful doubtful to possible actual work was artifacts known by spark your theory of the thread. themselves to two versions. home with vs one school without is no. physical. zied and. england leave it to you if they just.
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look out. past us different era but the most expensive water in portugal did not appeal to the courts. brito seeing troubles realized that the game was lost and try to negotiate with the company. you know seems news will begin to. mislead lucas and cooper to use this. new word of the past for. bison. oh and. activists against water charges often patrol this cork neighborhood.
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if they find an irish water crew installing meters they try to force them to leave . oh we say you know what we need. everybody knows that nothing is set in stone yet. the commission keeps pushing islands to comply with the community directive and impose meters and water charges on its citizens. the jury is this principle which is. framed in the water directive that the polluters should be sought there should be a direct responsibility of this cannot be done with a general exception obviously next friday we meet same time. and we'll do that right. on that don't we don't act on when. faced with an precedented public disobedience the government is trying hard to maneuver between public discontent and the demands of brussels. what we're trying to do you know in
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a small way they would say has to happen because the european union told us it has to happen because detroit at all of us that's what it has become tom logic on its head very very quickly because when the european commission after the different opinion something acts for example that apple corp older citizens of this country talk to been taught in billion euro suddenly the ideology works and there's and certainly don't you liberal saying that the european commission is only an opinion we're part of europe but it doesn't it doesn't take away our ability to meet our own decisions in relation to how we tax how can do european commission take away our ability to meet our own decisions in relation to water for an opinion of the very same body and the very same people alone has to be her own decisions in relation to give an apple a thirteen billion year old gift. well all you have to do is look at the puppets to
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explain those contradictions. i. see. all of these situations and all of the peoples of europe need to start having an honest conversation with each of. us missing plays the whole movement to defend how. you get people basically new to the name nice to see more of a. system than one that is from our western union to get them out of government go into them kind of i wouldn't have
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a dogmatic approach to. was. going to come into shores can you are so many players on a company that you sell. beer shite wouldn't decent people qatif. cross europe people are saying you know. enough is enough. and we have our social europe back. yes. he. was. this song all these. are you.
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know why. who lived. through the time. different suite of firstfruits. does look. pretty. much. all the security back an assumption agencies in the e.u. saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore he got caught up in stopping out aviation companies we mentioned banks stopping out everyone wants to get out because if you don't have the supernatural all the institutions that cover the e.u. and you have to be part of that and you saw to be a separate go it alone island under a large grain cloud swimming and marmite washer paying some old hag a crown those people in france germany and italy in the us are saying no we don't want to be a part of that. lease
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move. move. move move. move move move
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. the american president arrives in the u.k. on his first official visit triggering protests in the capital. speaking as. a competitor not an enemy. and facebook labels thousands of russians as being interested in treason sparking concerns about the way the company is profiling it's used. on the stories you can. see with us now for the financial news.
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feeling a bit hoarse hey i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report stacey x. we couldn't leave london without giving you some headlines oh great i have headlines oh that is nice tell them tell me now yes or if they would give you some great joy right corporate breck suggests he guinn's as no deal breaks it lou we do have an exit day exit day is scheduled to begin on march twenty ninth twenty nineteen at eleven pm g.m.t. that's two hundred seventy four days away and well the corporate breaks this is beginning getting ready for that day and seventy four days i see you've remained calm you haven't laughed you haven't we need like
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a horse and then it is well you know people know that i have strong views on drugs and then when i express them they say dude calm down why are you being so over the top and crazy with their views on bragg's it but look the corporations now realize that this was a huge mistake so you've got air bus is saying we don't want to be a part of this anymore if you got all the security mechanisms in agencies and the e.u. saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore if you are car companies dropping out aviation companies we mentioned banks dropping out everyone wants to get out because if you don't have the super bowl institutions i cover the e.u. and you will be part of that it is going to be a separate go it alone ireland under a large rain cloud swimming in marmite worshiping some old hag in a crown those people in france germany and italy and the rest are saying no we don't want to be a part of that nevertheless break sitters may win the nobel peace prize one day for the fact that they may reunify ireland finals are finally over. exactly but so
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let's look at some of the corporate breaks of this that's happening we've already covered the fact in it's been all cover the j.p. morgan and goldman sachs are heading out to milan and paris and expanding their offices there cutting back office here construction and infrastructure giant for rovio has announced it is moving its international headquarters from the u.k. to low tax haven amsterdam because of banks that the spanish firm which owns a quarter of the airport heathrow and runs its u.s. canadian polish and u.k. operations from oxford says it needs to keep within the legislation after the u.k. leaves the e.u. and airbus of course you already mentioned is well. possibly right now to be clear up to the referendum i said this was an economic disaster and then right after the referendum a moment ago you know this is going to be continue to be an economic disaster on the week of the referendum i said this is fantastic that david cameron is getting
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his teeth kicked in and making you know that that pig loving david cameron with is . david cameron that's the phrase now. loves pigs so much he's going in france being a pig farmer is a french bank farmer now but you know i'm not did i said oh this is great the david cameron got kicked in the teeth like this but don't misconstrue that as me saying all of this is i'm pro brags that no i'm anti david cameron and briggs clearly laid out a lot of the voters were max a lot of the voters where because you were talking about us you were talking before breaks it as a person who is able to benefit from the economy that caught the economy today does not benefit most people so they were able to give a kick in the teeth to people that they saw as the elites who were on the b.b.c. were on i.t.v. who were on channel four who are on all the major media here and they were telling you please whatever you do do not vote for breaks that because this will upset us
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dearly. and well either way the economy did not work for a huge percentage of a commie the economy did not work for a huge percentage of american voters before the twenty sixteen election so they said well either way i lose so i might as well kick somebody in the teeth so that's what they were you are able to travel around the world go to international capitals visit cities and and participate in the economy a lot of people can't understand that need to find a scapegoat for our bad the u.k. economy is and why not brags that it can't get any worse but my point is not that i think the e.u. is great i think the is atrocious the way that they treat greece is atrocious the way the e.u. is true in the u.k. now is like they're treating the u.k. like greece did become an easy country to attack financially and profit from its demise but my point is not that the is good my point is that the e.u. had a influence on the u.k. that made the u.k. less horrible if you take the e.u.
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out all you're left with are now parliament the u.k. all the institutions of the u.k. unchecked by any civilised and smaller metal whatever northern ireland is going to be gone so now you've got all these predatory creepy men piers in the prime minister and all these institutions like the b.b.c. preying on children it's nothing to stop them no rules and you just attacking the population unmercifully so here are some more corporations leaving we're just going to go over some of the data just to show you state of play a lot of companies have been kind of waiting they've been doing a waiting game because you know for the past two years they've been trying to drown the fish as they as we learned as a good phrase in france they were drowning the fish hoping that nobody notices that they're supposed to have an exit date and you know it's everybody's hoping that the voter forgot about it and you know that there is
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a theory that. three days most people move on from a news article they don't notice it anymore well apparently now corporations are starting to say well where i started to have to make plans because it's not cheap to move political or appease. for british people as it is like getting crabs and herpes at the same day ok well at the same time investment in britain's car industry has shrunk by half to the lowest figure since the financial crisis according to figures from the society of motor manufacturers and traders in the first six months of twenty teen investment in new models and factory has declined while goldman sachs is also planning to double their headquarters in frankfurt by the way the whole printing sort of documents here that's kind of a they skip every other page. so it is already a bricks it is my documents oh my god the bricks of the documents any country that's forced to watch piers morgan every morning is in deep trouble over their
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idea of big britain how did it come to this so the other the people that are happy for breaks that are also involved corporations that in the united kingdom you can't talk about because they're very powerful again you know here in the u.k. they have all sorts a libel laws and basically you can't say a single thing against corporations you can talk about american corporations because they are ingrained with the notion of first amendment and people can say what they want. here in the united kingdom we certainly can't talk about u.s. corporations or u.k. corporations i won't mention any of the corporations and here but you can do your own research and look at this but the fracking firms are very excited for banks that's because. regulations we involving environmental protections so exactly don't talk about their i'll just read the headline because they don't like too much mention of any corporation involved both mad that i don't think i mentioned but i don't know if google's blocked if you can even do
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a search here but if you. you know you could use a v.p.n. and go around pretend you're in america and look for these sort of corporations but of bragg's that the fracking lobby and the revolving door fracking firms are keen to benefit from bragg's and are hiring firms staffed by well placed insiders to lobby on their behalf right that's the backside of fracking isn't economic disaster you can't make any money with fracking it's all dead based and then they fracking regs expire before the debts paid off and then all the debt goes on to national balance sheets of britain's national debt which is glassed i check something in just under two trillion pounds is going to go to three trillion because all these busted fracking rigs number one number two it's a health issue it's a mental health issue they've got known carcinogenic and all the fracking fluids it's a good it's a not environmental disaster any place to frack years ago the countryside to look like friggin mars on crack and then you can say anything over the b.b.c. of course because of imagine a sort of the b.b.c. saying you're not being impartial no you're not being impartial if you're not being impartial enough oh you have to say exactly what the state wants to say oh that's
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better now you're being impartial ok well the fact is that these factors. are happy for the banks right there's no you jack it's actually about assignments of regulation right on that so in that case they were definitely they were protecting the population of the u.k. which we've already covered fracking over and over but i also want to look over at the us where we also have a very big story in the news and that is the means friend donald trump has had this immigration policy where he separate you try to separate these families to little three year old kids and two year old kids in diapers and with them in prison and their own little immigration center all run by private companies by the way and i mean i even saw reports that their little two or three year old kids were brought up by their their own with their lawyer public defender in front of a judge in front of a judge like explain that. day care to go. visit daddy
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a work day well they went to court and they had to answer for themselves out why they crossed the border in.


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