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tv   Politicking  RT  July 13, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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so that tells you that too is manipulating the playing with it and changing dates in time plus the timestamping we've got show either the east coast central time or west coast of the united states this is all a fabrication concocted inside the united states. there is another aspect to this the timing your thoughts on the significance or otherwise because i'm pointing towards there's a big summit on monday trump and putin meeting for their first official summit is is this a coincidence no no obviously it's a it's a friday night you know. and timed assertion just to try to detract from the from the summit i mean it's trying to cause close it shews i mean the president shouldn't pay any attention this role but there is quite a lot of attention on it i'm just looking at democrats william quite a leading democrats calling for the meeting to be canceled altogether is there
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a chance that could happen no i don't think the president would go and he should i mean they're playing a political game here that's all. what comes out of this this goes to trial how do you see this going. well i get the test by they won't be able to deny the evidence we can produce good in the court i mean this is. they're going to do it you can easily see the buried in the blog so taking the lead in the court would simply make a sham of the third no you'll indict. ok william binney former national security agency technical director and in this a whistleblower william thank you for your time this hour thank you. british police believe they have find the source of the nerve agent that killed a woman in the town of ames bre and left her partner in
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a critical condition they say a bottle was retrieved from the house of the survivor and not it was on lies the at the nearby military laboratory a porton died on wednesday july eleventh a small box was recovered during searches of charlie rose house in amesbury it was taken to porton down for tests following those tests scientists have now confirmed to us that the substance contained within the box who is not a truck police are investigating whether there is any link between the two incidents authorities previously said though they do not believe the latest pera to be struck by the substance were deliberately targeted the area in amesbury around the high sware the novacek was find is still cordoned off officials say there is not believed to be any wider threat to the public we spoke to radio talk show host john gaunt about the investigation into the poisonings he says he can't understand
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why so little progress appears to have been made. i think it's fascinating that it's a human for months to find out nothing and not arrest anyone after boris johnson was so clear in his condemnation of president putin and his accusation it was the russians was doing it we've also been spun a story that people who saw the british safe well how can they be safe if l.a. just died because they found this file of the liquid they say they've launched a murder investigation i would have said it should have been manslaughter and the people they should be looking at are spies and the police think the whole thing has been a complete fiasco i hope this just proves paul it gets better soon but it it kind of poses more questions than it gives answers now that they found the source. of our discovery of the nerve agent in the russian indictment case came donald
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trump is on his working visit to the u.k. earlier the u.s. president was having tea with the queen at windsor castle before that trump met with british prime minister trees in may for talks the leaders put on a united front when they met the media the spelling rumors that the country's special relationship was under threat. give. terms of grades the highest level of special yesterday had breakfast lunch and dinner with her through something very special discussion here there was something something very special this incredible woman right here she is a very smart very tough very capable person the broadest de peyster most advanced security cooperation special relationship i think prime minister made for her partnership i have a lot of respect for the prime minister special relationship long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing
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a terrific job and we had a bit of fun with the editing there where at pains to point out though how much they actually agree on security nato brags and among them despite earlier newspaper reports donald trump wasn't happy with the premier's plans saying they risk leaving britain behind in any trade deal troubling call the interview. trying to rally round and under pressure trees and praising her leadership saying he'd rather have her as a friend than an enemy he also revealed that the what he called horrible all the fur trade deals. brussels and the fall of fielding a raft of questions trees may reaffirm the extent to which she plans to disentangle britain from the european union hopes that it could bode well for a future u.s. trade deal. agreed but would not commit saying whatever mrs made is falling by him could affect any trade deal with walsh national with other countries meanwhile
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protests against transfers that were swelling in london organizers estimate a quarter of a million people turned out among them on the sea a church in the capital. that's the really good question joe of the protesters out of the protests that have been. to the u.k. here we are you interested out there squarely we can see behind me the square is absolutely packed with the tens of thousands of people that have been marching to get to this point for the last couple of hours and it has to be said that the numbers of people who turned out while we saw o'connell trumpets recent may try to show a unified front they've talked about their special relationship we've seen people here talk about how the only special relationship truck seems to have is with him. he's probably going to france and that coming out onto the streets in such numbers is fake news so all of these people are trying to make it be understood that the
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u.s. president is not welcome here and again this is just one of many activities that have been taking thank you. thank you yes yes. yes. i get a bill you hear myself think but it's been like this for the last couple of hours really the mood here is very persistent in terms of showing the president he's not welcome to the u.k. and this is something that's been thanks for reading of. course out as soon as he arrived yesterday we saw a protest outside the u.s. ambassador's residence in london where donald trump was spending one night. earlier today. don to have this massive giant balloon depicting donald trump wearing a nappy was flown over just outside parliament also here in central london so obviously the mood here seems to speak for itself in many ways with so many people
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finding the time and the urgency to come out to say that they just don't want donald trump. well as the two leaders were getting down to business their spouses were having a much more measured only time america's first lady malani a trump enjoying the prime minister's husband philip for a game of bowls on the wild members of the press for advice to work. mrs trump was seen walking around the bowling green. good form though even though trump may have been keen to vote on a show of unity there are a number of issues putting a strain on that guy looking into them morocco's the.
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america and the u.k. have a special thing going special relationship they called it language culture values defense then came trump but surely he can't ruin it right the special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. has been strong for many years and will have opportunity to talk about a possible future trading relationship really remember barack obama when he came around they couldn't get enough of him everyone wanted to shake his hand and get a picture what a swell guy. trump just doesn't have the charm it seems where barber was greeted with cheers and
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applause trump gets protests and outrage even a giant trump baby balloon and americans being told to avoid drawing attention to themselves be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution and expect to live in the vicinity of large gatherings keep a low profile. one would imagine a special relationship would be a little friendlier but what do we know who to say hip in this explosive and politically divided age of ours but why they hate ok trump did slap britain and europe with painful tariffs and steal an island minium and mrs me certainly wasn't happy about it expressed deep disappointment at the unjustified decision of the united states to apply terrorists to steal and i'm moving in if. it cannot be done by taking unilateral action against our partners then there was the
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whole iran mess so much effort years of work to get iran to verifiably stop pursuing nuclear weapons and then trump torpedoes it but come on you couldn't have been alone britain's always been there for the states donald trump undermined progress towards normalization of relationships with iran i have been very clear in a number of conversations with the president of the united states about the belief that the united kingdom the j.c. p. away the nuclear deal with iran should stay then there's the brics itchin and maze of government and strategy are in shambles she needs friends the back here and who better than the us the people voted. to break it up so i would imagine that's what they'll do but maybe they're taking a little bit of a different route so i don't know that's what they voted for well that wasn't very
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helpful though trump did offer the u.k. a tariff free trade deal if it really did as the e.u. but goodness me there's very little that special in this relationship aside from how fast it's losing its specialness and on top of that trump being trump just had to rub salt in the wound i'm going to a few hot spots we have nato that we have the u.k. and then we have putin. and i said putin may be the easiest of the more you never know but i'm going to a pretty hot spot right now with a lot of reza lot of resignations on law and that's just nasty saying it's easier to talk to putin then to your allies but there you go how's that for friends it's like the phrase goes with friends like these who needs enemies.
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the russian president's spokesperson said there is hope that washington and moscow can repair damaged relations of course donald trump love them or putin per per for their first official summit this coming monday parties spoke to dmitri peskov about the likely talking points when the two leaders go face to face. we knew that mr pascal wouldn't really spill the beans just before the big head to head however we did hear a few things from him lately the media and the west as well as some politicians have really been distressed or even agitated about the summit coming up in the capital of finland feeling that one of the two the leaders may use some sort of leverage in a bargaining game while the spokesperson of mr putin says that kremlin isn't looking into any kind of bargaining options i also asked them about some specific
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potential bargaining chips. western journalists are going on about some possible big bargaining game that could unravel in helsinki should we be watching out for anything like that or does moscow have any bargaining chips for the americans or the guards so they've got. the word bargain is absolutely inappropriate instead positions will be compared and there will be clarification as to confirm or dispel any fears you know that our relations are in a quite pitiful state and you know that russia was in the one who initiated the ruining of the complex of our relationship we hope there is a political will to normalize relations. but. again in the american media the russian might hand it to us or thirty's have nothing to do with reality or. will he stick within your thought that. no they have nothing to do with it it's out of the question that it was
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a hoarder. but you know when asked why are you so stubborn when it comes to even the slightest possibility of discussing crimea some believe it's donald trump who might be ready to start discussing the matter from a different perspective like other western politicians maybe it's worth having a go with him in this names go at it. look there's only one way to discuss this and continually saying until russia gives crimea back there will be no this sort of repeating this is like some kind of mantra which is absolutely logical but it's a road to nowhere it has no perspective and nothing will come of it come with more . mr trump they want to stop this is there any hope of that it will be in there that. you know we are not and never have been wearing rose tinted glasses but we can count on that i mean very pascal hasn't ruled out that the issue of the north. line for direct natural gas deliveries from russia to the you will be paid
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a healthy way mr drew. has seemed to be just a step away from even. working together with russia here is the reaction we heard from mr putin's press secretary to that. let's not forget that north stream too is an international project it's not even russian german or german russian it's a multinational in surprise which is many. among them very big companies from various countries and let's put it like this threatening the shareholders as well as threatening russia and germany would sanctions if this project goes for these threats are a big concern you get a minute speaking of the enormous amounts of work in terms of perhaps by both. the press secretary admitted that there is far from being or here's mr perhaps with more on that very process. there's no clear agenda existing because it will be
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created by heads of states as they go. we will be showing the full version of that exclusive interview with the press secretary of the russian president on monday just several hours before donald trump and. me and helsinki. the syrian army has regain control of the city of daraa a strategically important position in the south of syria it's considered to be the area that swelled the revolution against president bashar al assad seven years ago an op rising there a sparked a nationwide revolt that turned into civil war but the syrian flag has not been raised in the region for the first time since rebels took control in twenty eleven russian media that it was reached with militants to give up the majority of areas on the border with jordan local rebels must surrender their weapons or face it that's the latest in a number of agreements brokered by moscow which help the syrian government regain
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swathes of territory across the. well political sciences professor dr bordello from damascus university believes the syrian flag being hoisted in daraa again is a signal that the war is one step closer to being over we know that who who is or the laws in syria is foreign powers. who wanted to divide syria or want to do. everything is it clear now if you will see or notice what as we could see in there we could see open. with bones american would. support the israeli supports all its shores are. what have been in the thousands or other parts of syria it's not it's not some kind of protest it's very aborted to free the city we can see that the syria flood is
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raging it's a big symbol for the end of these war against sea or started off in the end of this war against two years. finally this hour they helped propel humankind's dream of space exploration to new heights but the iconic launch towers at cape canaveral in the u.s. have come down to earth with a bump. over a spawn off a century the towers launch some of not says most important missions to the moon on mars but the historic complex in florida has not been demolished for the last seven years the towers had been out of service on the coasts to remove them is full to be around two million dollars will make way for
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a new space exploration project that ngs to establish a lunar colony by twenty twenty two. focusing on that monday summit in helsinki the first between five the mirror. donald trump gets the crosstalk treatment in just a moment. welcome to max kaiser it is a survival guide. looking forward to your mention of them. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm. like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump putin summit is front and center would be a mere photo op or something more.
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talking the trump putin summit i'm joined by my guest i reeled in london he is a foreign affairs consultant and analyst in new york we have charles or tell he is a private investor and writer as well as host of the podcast show sunday which are also and unlike jackson we have new mcadams he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate daniel let me go to you first in lake jackson let's think about the afterglow of well it was a interesting even entertaining to some degree. of nato this year i'm not sure of anything really is going to stick because we have. coming out saying well we talked about the budget increases but we didn't agree on anything so i don't know what that we know it was a public display and trump style ok and he left a lasting impression as we go into the putin trump summit where do you think
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things stand go ahead daniel well trump said all the right things for the wrong reasons yet you missed a lot of the big points but he exposed one thing that's probably the most important thing to come out of the nato summit which is that nato is a racket it's an absolute racket and he exposed that with this comments about germany germany if you are so afraid of russia if russia is about to invade you why are you enriching them with billions and billions of dollars in trade and not building up your own military he's exposed it for the whole world nato is a racket i think that should be the one thing that comes out of the summit. from what's the perspective from london because that's where the president the united states is right now go ahead. another one this concerned with smearing donald trump we don't have a serious debate over the. two days ago. form a. third of the economists. had this exposé in the b.b.c.
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saying we need to stick together because i'm not you know crumbling so the general outlook within the political. elite i mean among the politicians in the u.k. is that they don't know i mean they are scared they are scared of you know losing the incentives and everything which has been granted to them so far so we as i said before we don't have a serious debate we have kids ations blame game but we don't have any serious debate which is lucky and it's exposing what i agree with you in europe i mean. i don't blame donald trump they allow him to you know to play on their nose ok i don't blame donald trump well yeah i mean i agree with daniel let me go to charles right now i think a lot of questions that need to be at answered were never asked but one thing is for sure charles donald trump was true to his avocation he said businessman
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by american weapons by american energy that's his real message it really wasn't a security it was about we want you to buy our stuff here and that was his bottom line charles go ahead well i also think that there's a lesson in history when nato was formed western europe lay in ruins and the soviet union was a gathering threat very severe gathering threat that was seventy years ago almost and the nations the big nations in europe are very wealthy there's speaking it just as an american they stand it here in new york new york a hundred fifty two was the manufacturing capital of america was a major export are today new york lays york state is a. bloated bureaucracy our manufacturing is in ruin and you know we need to spend money we need to encourage investors to spend money here and it absolutely makes no sense across the political spectrum i think in the u.s. to be sending billions and billions of dollars to defend germany against you
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know russia when germany seems very interested in promoting russia's economic interest so it's time to have the grownup talk and it's ridiculous to wait till twenty twenty five for these rich european nations to foot their share of the bill ok daniel the the interesting thing for me is that you know and i've said this on this program a number of times nato exists because it exists they don't have a reason why except for there's a huge bloated and very comfortably paid bureaucracy there everybody gets a cut of the pie and that's why i mean you know teressa may not even be in power this time next week and she told trump i want you to be tough with putin ok i mean in that's the only card that she gets to play is that and that's the only way she gets to stay closer to europe through this brags that quagmire is to nato is the alliance that gels everything together but it's really an emperor with no clothes argument go ahead daniel well she basically got caught in
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a lie and she's trying to get other people to help lie the way out of it you know she's desperate for trying to bring up the scruple affair because you know everything that they said about it has completely been undermined by facts you know the idea that putin went over there and and poisoned a former a former russian spy but the fact of the matter is. you know the germans there's a new poll that's out saying that more germans want americans to leave then to stay and that is such a significant thing europe does not feel threatened by russia at all otherwise they would spend if you had a threatening neighbor next door you may buy a gun you may move you may do something else but if you just sit there and take it then you don't really feel threatened and i think that's the case with with with with jerk with with europe and you're right nato is this big monster that exists to exist it's a bureaucracy that built a big scary claw. is that a new headquarters i think cost
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a billion dollars at least i'm sure other experts anding it to very level and areas funding things like the atlantic council which does nothing but but you try to destroy journalists who are not on board with the neo con anti russia view so it's become a very mild level an anti freedom organization rather than pro west pro freedom organization you know and you know it is it we're going to talk about the some in the second half of the program but i mean where did nato come off very well after this summit here because i think we all agree trump questioned a lot of important things but having question what i think is fundamentally you know the reason why the alliance exists in the first place and it was really quite telling because he he's the one that said well russia isn't an enemy it's a competitor again this is his mindset this is not the mindset of a bureaucracy a military alliance ok they don't have that mindset because you know that trump
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wanted you know in the west they build weapons to make money it's a business a country like russia builds primarily weapons for defense it doesn't mean they go don't go out on the road and sell them but primarily it's for defense go ahead in london. first of all we have two of the the nato. is a huge business for many people so the new. to industry and to russia industry. it is the glue which which is sticking together the western nations so that's why we're seeing this fear. and the sense of insecurity among among the elite athletes and as you rightly said and what won't cup two thousand eight hundred mosco prove is that people are not afraid i mean ordinary people are not afraid of russians many citizens from all over the world came to russia and they were pleased with. what they saw in moscow in russia all together so
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it is as. he said is this forty seven percent of all of the german populace which is unwilling to have. us troops on their soil it is only thirty five or thirty four which is still willing to have u.s. troops on all on german soil so if you talk to the you know regular people with even in poland in. a republic in france they're not scared of front of russia's kids maybe it is only the elites who those who are you know participating. you know profiting from from from stigmatizing russia are afraid because what they are going to do and you know whole russia business will collapse yeah you know where they are going to find find work and i know that because they will russia you are you supposed to be an anti russia it's a it's also a racket.


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