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and and form free trade agreements with any country that wishes to trade with us including the us but we cannot be shackled to the e.u. this was the whole point of breck's it so i would say free trade agreement with the us ideally covering goods and services and one with the e.u. also covering goods and services but perhaps it will be at a somewhat shallower level than what the the white paper had indicated it would almost seem as though a trade war between the us and the e.u. might be in the u.k.'s interests and i think i don't want to put words in the president's mouth but i think that that's probably what he was entering at a couple of days ago when he seemed to say well who are you with are you with the e.u. are you with us the u.s. is imposing terrorists on the number of e.u. products if we leave the e.u. those vote apply to us so we'll be free of those punishing terrorists now that's not to say that maybe there won't be terrorist put on the u.k. later if some other trade war escalates but this might almost be the golden opportunity to get out from under the aegis umbrella and also at the same time from
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these punishing terrorists that the trumpet ministration is imposing. huge won't we can come up in russia of course anticipation building had a massive frons creation final on sunday before that though belgium is going to clash with england has to pay for the third place saturday both teams are with a chance to take in the main title but were beaten in a nailbiting semi final set of matches. we was right in the it was was. was was. the was. was was.
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the. was trick of competing when one nail in the group stages pota fans ahead of the game on saturday now. would you rather the morrow would lose the final or how about on one tomorrow places not about results is a very good results i'm proud of england playing a final is more important than play for the to replace that is the i mean that is unique right but it will be our best result if you get the play so i think absolutely will go for it the first and fourth is nothing is it remembers for the four people you remember the first or the second got to the final news yeah definitely. yeah you should be there on the final because we were up but again. are you confident but the more you think you can with. zero i guess for sure yeah
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well we'll see after england's loss to croatia british prime minister treason may express support for the table but for some i didn't say my very sincere gesture. i had of those third place play offs in some papers but we got another founds eye view over russia's northern capital.
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there are many ways to explore the city of st peters but you can get a rooftop view all you can take one of the many holes around the city alternatively you could take it one of these the cup a cup which is a classic soviet vehicle and. this is. my grandma. so it's going to drive us around the city he's going to give us a tour with pheasants in this lovely car i'm joined by brando for brazil so i'm going to enjoy these sights together that's going to go to the salt that's good.
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now that brazil how to use a boy in the next in the final in the final probably creature with the dog. elect and then it's all doing something for you but i'm. looking that's nice. and the dance this week is going to dance please. please. let's. go into the sense of the up close and. i mean one of the speech and someone said. obviously you've been to the stadium you went to watch the semifinal that's one thing i would do you think it's they do but i'm not into the stadiums buzz is one. of them is. i'm loving all of that really don't think i'm home kind of back to the exactly yeah why not now for many the fans of it in russia when
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a loser it's been a trip they're never going to forget. you know. them for you guys and for that's what it's about but the food will. run. the white house. in the middle and out it will ensue filaments of the free but from the food on the end you know another day somebody who will find out is the boss and i do that as it. was when we pulled down to the charity last week he thought i'm only a club in the hole in the little fellow six on haters and that's when idea one doesn't and will. always do it because to me on this because you are the most
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obvious out of it about it as you might because the film is kind of coming out from the guy he came from and some of the younger missing for almost missed. most of them almost from the start that mr stillman was the got so much what's going to stop the most. in the quality of him into. some variant of them for nachos it's not for the particularly bad in this industry i have no problem with the candidate out of south and east but if you move in as you are you and as i me go to the next week i don't yeah but they it was by that i mean that's just like odd to me but if you're me i'm audience bought a big even the food. to use a little but occasionally. they look is a luxury i look at as you say you are in the. good will but it would have to. contain the easy mucho macho guys as i do with a little bit about your history and some but the beautiful set up i'm pretty
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because i'm just the same being because on the in most kids. clearly folding the debris then do what it must be in for your limit and. your freedom we know be out of it you feel that it will be. so with football's biggest match just a day away now france plays caray show for the ultimate title at the luzhniki stadium here in moscow on sunday i won four legged pundits in no doubt which team will lift the trophy.
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as a change agent writes about is a nice way to say he's crazy and he's going to go into any situation and just over turn the table and say let's start from scratch was exactly what is needed for the united states because the united states was very poorly position to head into the twenty first century so we need a guy like trump to come in there and just you know knock over all the pieces on the chess board and star playing checkers i mean and start all over again. we are against any kind of presidents of the united states you know region if. you continue there jim when will the you know any policy we against of they do anything
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or region in the region if you're in your region does quote. understand there were legal because. the united. to be no region against any kind of expansionism any point of view and where you know this is a. it's a tricky one this s. saturday the fourteenth of july here moscow no thanks watching out international football aside let me take you through some world news british police say they've found the source of the nerve agent that killed a woman in the town of amesbury and left her partner in a critical condition they say a bottle was a tree from the house of the survivor and is being analyzed by the nearby military lab important down. on wednesday july eleventh a small bottle was recovered during searches of charlie rose's house in amesbury it
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was taken to porton down for tests following those tests scientists have now confirmed to us that the substance contained within the bottle is novacek base reverse to getting whether there's any link between the amesbury incident and the script l. poisoning in seoul's pre back in march house in amesbury where the no child was found is still cordoned off fishel say there is no wider threat to the public we heard from dave collins professor of organic chemistry at cornell university he told us the fact that a highly toxic agent was kept in a bottle is surprising. it's impossible to make a connection and there been no data presented so we're at the mercy of the authorities assuring us what they found and what they know what it is and you know how bottle ended up and they're the victims houses and that matter whether or not they actually were poisoned by not which are if you're allowed to get down i find it suspicious that they're carving no but chuck around in in what's called a bottle i would think the container they use might be a little easier than
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a bottle so but we have no information on it so but it's yeah i find the whole thing suspicious. russia's ties with the u.s. can be repaired says kremlin spokesman dmitri peskov he was speaking to us easily put trying to head of monday's upcoming summit between donald trump of lemme putin . we knew that mr past golf wouldn't really spill the beans just before the big had to had adventures however we did hear a few things from him lately the media and the west as well as some politicians have really been distressed or even agitated about the summit coming up in the capital of finland feeling that one of the two the leaders may use some sort of leverage in a bargaining game while the spokesperson of mr putin's says that kremlin isn't looking into any kind of bargaining options i also asked them about some specific
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potential bargaining chips that up and leave me go right up to the western journalists are going on about some possible big bargaining game that could on ravel in helsinki what should we be watching out for anything like that at all does moscow have any bargaining chips for the americans when you move towards the wood in his absolutely inappropriate head instead positions will be compassionate and there will be clarification as to confirm or dispel any fears you know that our relations are in a quite poor. if you state and you know that russia was in the one who initiated the ruining of the complex of our relations we hope there is a political will to normalize relations with quite a metal neck a pretty high for him at a previous so rumors again in the american media that russia might hand edward snowden to u.s. authorities have nothing to do with reality you. know they have nothing to do with it it's out of the question about if the hoarder or before then the karimov
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which more than a why are you so stubborn when it comes to even the slightest possibility of discussing crimea or some believe it's donald trump who might be ready to start discussing the matter from a different perspective like other western politicians maybe it's worth having a go with him. look there's only one way to discuss this and continually saying until russia gives crimea back there will be no this or that repeating this is like some kind of mantra which is absolutely a logical it's a road to nowhere it has no perspective and nothing will come of it with more on. what if mr trump is the one to stop this is there any hope of that. no you know we are not and never have been wearing rose tinted glasses but we can count on that dmitri pascal hasn't ruled out that the issue of the north stream to buy blind for direct natural gas deliveries from russia to the you will be brought up in
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a healthy weight lee mr trump has seemed to be just a step away from even pulling berlin for working together with russia here is the reaction we heard from mr putin's press secretary to that it would you mr bush but let's not forget that north stream too is an international project it's not even russian german or german russian it's a multinational enterprise which has many shareholders among them very big companies from farias countries and let's put it like this threatening the shareholders as well as threatening russia and germany with sanctions if this project goes further these threats are a big concern speaking of the enormous amounts of work in terms of craps by both administrations the press secretary admitted that the agenda is far from being for here's mr peskov with more on that very process. there's no clear agenda existing
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it will be created by heads of states as they go. we will be showing the full version of that exclusive interview with the press secretary of the russian president on monday just several hours before donald trump and a lot of my proving me and helsinki. a fifteen year old palestinian boy has been killed during the latest clashes on the israel gaza border according to palestinian health officials one israeli soldier was also injured in the unrest . i. was. in response the israeli military struck several targets in gaza early saturday there were no reports of casualties on either side then according to the israeli
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military they took action after palestinian protesters started to throw explosive devices and bombs at troops on the border friday's riots marked a hundred days now since the start of the so-called march of return palestinians been rattling at the border fence every week accusing israel of occupying their ancestral lands throughout the day demonstrators burned tires and filled rocks at israeli forces who responded with tear gas and live bullets in code reports from the city. so i'm only one hundred meters away from the fence that separates gaza strip with israel and as you see palestinian protesters are trying to approach a friends and break it well every time there was an attempt by the israeli forces or every act back with live ammunition and here it got palestinians as you see it still come to to the protest are very close to the fence and are burning tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers that palestinians are still mark defeated and still passionate of that about the great march of return demanding the right of
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return and demanding breaking the located on the gaza strip that has been imposed for more than eleven years palestinians today are also protesting expel expressing their brains in anger against the demolishing of the israelis might add but when village the israelis are also closing more restrictions and procedures on the gaza strip while they're going to close down crossing which they're not allowing any imports of oil exports to gaza strip then they're only allowing the humanitarian needs. ok you can see the palestinians. are angry and expressing their anger at the palestinians say that this is the only way they can achieve their demands expressing their anger and expressing the phrase to the whole world palestinians continue to raise the palestinian flag up high during the protests and as you see the palestinians are very very close to the fence while they know that there are
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had really weapons states soldiers stationed along the fence this is one of danger reasons that gave them the fence just right now i'm going with you but it's not i'm going to. i'm not. going to the beginning of the march eighteenth children worked directly shot dad and if they are and get to including the one hundred thirty eight palestinians killed since the beginning of the markets. could be there on the israel gaza border but so far one is kevin i would more news for me and i'll find out more programs in your part of the world off this right now because a huge weekend of football coming up to enjoy we go to cover this is out of a great weekend. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion
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dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine champion each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you look to the old for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent i just want to secure some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one just shows you know ford. the one and only. one on one with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov on this special edition of politic. welcome to politicking i'm larry king and his star excelled that looms which when
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the united states president donald trump and russians leader vladimir putin at a time of increased tensions between their two nations mr trump has signaled that serious sanctions military exercises election meddling may be on the agenda but what is moscow wants from this high stakes face to face to find out we now talk with russia's long time foreign minister sergei lavrov who joins us from moscow thank you for the invitation larry ok let's get right into it a wrap up of the nato summit the fifteen thousand trump and other members agreed to a joint statement which among other things condemned your country's they call it legal and illegitimate an exemption of crimea also reaffirms support for ukraine's aspirations to become
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a member of nato what mr foreign minister is your reaction to this. you know there is nothing new in these statements we have been hearing been for quite a number of years so we take it as inertia by the caldwell thinking no nothing more than that i thought the cold war was over. well that's why you're sure of the cold war unfortunately still with with nato. and it's high time for nato to leave it behind. at his news conference thursday president trump said that the nato allies have stepped up like never before on defense spending he also the called the alliance of fine tuned machine how to what is the foreign minister and what are your thoughts about nato.
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well nato is the reality. it's at the visa of called what times but that is the reality and we take it as the reality we don't believe that what nato is doing by trying to expand further and further close at the russian borders. smalling countries pool frankly do not add to the security of their alliance we don't believe that this is the way to resolve the problems of today the day we have common threats come and then in this terrorism climate change organized crime drug trafficking and none of this is being effectively addressed by nato expansion nato should certainly be taken as a reality as i said but nato should understand that it is something which cannot
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dictate to each and every other country how to handle the international security matters dialogue is required we have been proposing many things to natal which we can do together counter-terrorism then the discussions of military doctrines discussion of transparency majesty in the military buildup all this was frozen after the events in crimea after the referendum in crimea and made the the approach that. exactly the same approach as it took when in two thousand and eight in august and then president saakashvili of georgia launched a war against his own people in south ossetia and then we demand that the convening of nato russia council but gundel is the right of the secretary of state that said no way we cannot discuss anything we as an aggressor quote unquote but then she
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corrected herself and all nato members agreed that nato must be all the way of that name. the russia council must be all weather. forum and that especially at the time of crisis it should function on the basis of equality and taken into account the mutual interests of each other so after the ukrainian growth around them which was free and free as i said and as many international observers assert the mistake was repeated once again and as of the defense expenditure even without any further rise the current statistics is that nato together with the united states spends about twenty times more than the russia spends on its defense and without the united states the european spent about four times more than russia spends on his defense budget i assume that it might be possible related to the
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productivity of labor to the difference in productivity of labor but this cannot be the only explanation. how did you react when when president trump said that germany is totally controlled by russia. well. my spokesman there is a kind of addressed this issue i think yesterday when she gave facts that we. sell gas to germany which is business and the united states has dozens of thousands of military men and women on the german soil and a few dozen military bases and then any international observer having this that he sticks in front of him or her or should make their own
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conclusions i can only quote what the president said when he was asked by the president put in this he is an enemy or his friend he said he's a competitor that's wrong competitor and i believe we can get along with him and they hoping one day might become friends but speaking of competition i've always believed in free competition because free market is about fair competition and when speaking of gas and germany and united states secretary of energy mr perry yesterday i think said that the north stream pipeline mizen be stopped and those european countries whose companies would be participating in this project would be sanctioned by the united states because because the united states use for competition and for the sake of competition there must be new terminals to receive american liquefied national natural gas some of
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some competition i would say and of course the for. russia what they read there we would guess is supposed to be warse then the democratic american guest then i am all for this story but this is not the economy this is not competition this is a pure ideal the g.e. and unfair competition. mr prime minister are you going to accompany mr putin to helsinki. yes i would be there as well as secretary pon pal we had a couple of conversations with mike can tell we discussed what kind of arrangements we should for see for the for the meeting of helsinki and parallel to the meeting between the two presidents which they want to start one on one that would be
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meeting was mike is invested as to russia and to the united states respectively and we will discuss any issue which each of us would like to raise there would be no fixed agenda but there are obvious items which would certainly pop up. the two presidents will meet alone by the way i the end of you had mr putin i know in. part a few times and when i when i've been with him he doesn't speak english are they going to be interpreters at that private meeting between the two presidents. yes that would be interpreted as president putin actually understands english but for the sake of better expressing his views he prefers to use the interpreters good offices.


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