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not forget that north stream too is an international project it's not even russian german or german russian it's a multinational enterprise which has many shareholders among them very big companies from various countries and let's put it like this threatening the shareholders as well as threatening russia and germany with sanctions if this project goes further these threats are a big concern. speaking of the enormous amounts of work in terms of craps by both administrations the press secretary admitted that the agenda is far from being for here's mr pascal with more on that very process. there's no clear agenda existing it will be created by heads of states as they go. we will be showing the ball version of that exclusive interview with the press secretary of the russian president on monday just several hours before donald trump and. me in helsinki. israeli defense forces have stated that hamas
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militants have fired more than a dozen rockets into israel it comes in retaliation to israeli airstrikes that hit several targets in gaza there are no reports of casualties so far anyway the i.d.f. say the strikes targeted the hamas tunnel and other military sites in the southern gaza strip israel claims though that it took action after palestinian protesters started to throw explosive devices and fire bombs at troops on the border now earlier a fifteen year old palestinian boy was killed in clashes on the border one israeli soldier was also injured in the unrest. i. was. friday's right smart hundred days since the start of the so-called march of return
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palestinians have been running at the border fence every week accusing israel of ok upon their ancestral lands throughout the tell you demonstrate just been toys and hold rocks at israeli forces who responded with tear gas and live bullets including reports from the border. so i'm only one hundred meters away from the fence that separates gaza strip with israel and as you see palestinian protesters are trying to approach a friends and break it well every time there was an attempt by israeli forces every act back with live ammunition and tear got palestinians as you see it still come to to the protest are very close to the fence and are burning tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers that palestinians are still mark defeated and still passionate of the about the great march of return demanding the right of return and demanding breaking the bloke a day on the gaza strip that has been imposed for more than eleven years palestinians today are also protesting express expressing their brains and anger
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against the demolishing of the israelis. but when village the israelis are also closing more restrictions on procedures on the gaza strip while they're going to close them shalom crossing which they're not allowing any imports of oil exports to gaza strip and they're only allowing the humanitarian needs you can see the palestinians. angry in expressing their anger at the palestinians say that this is the only way they can achieve their demands expressing their anger and expressing their. praise to the whole world palestinians continue to raise the palestinian flag up high during the protests and as you see the palestinians are very very close to the fence while they know that there are have really weapons state soldiers stationed along the fence this is one of the injuries that came from the fans just right now. with the. rule of
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news i'm looking forward to a huge weekend will come for book coming up after this quick break. as a change agent writes about is a nice way to say he's crazy and he's going to go into any situation and just over turn the table and say let's start from scratch with exactly what is needed for the united states because the united states was very poorly position to head into the twenty first century so we need a guy like trump to come in there and just you know knock over all the pieces on the chess board and start playing checkers i mean and start all over again. to against any kind of presence of the united states you know region if. you continue the jim win over you and. we against of the to do anything no
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region in the region if you're in a region that's quote. understandable goal because. the united states to be no region against any kind of expansionism any kind of with you anywhere you know if this is a any other country. in the morning now here in moscow good morning as president trump wraps up the official part of his controversial u.k. to the question still hanging over a new trade deal then between london and washington potentially caleb maupin has got the latest in the lead up to the meeting between the two leaders we saw the publishing of an interview with donald trump that suggested he was harshly critical of the prime minister of the united kingdom if they do a deal like that it will most likely because we'll be dealing with the. european
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union instead of dealing with the u.k. so it will probably kill the deal with if they do that. well probably not but i think they do. with the people. it was not the deal that was in the referendum no they have a lot of resignations a lot of people. know but it'll definitely trade with the united states unfortunate negative way however when donald trump was speaking alongside to resume he argued that this interview was essentially he called it fake news he said that his words were taken out of context and that he actually has a very positive view of the british leader and that the relationship is doing just fine and like trump theresa may was also optimistic our relationship terms of grade the highest level of special yesterday had breakfast lunch and dinner with there is really something very special discussion here there was
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something something very special this incredible woman right here. very smart very tough very capable person the broadest. security cooperation special relationship i think prime minister made for her partnership have a lot of respect for the prime minister special relationship long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing a terrific job. this isn't so much a question of donald trump's goodwill or teresa mayes goodwill the special relationship this is a question of international law if you've committed to maintaining the rule book as you put it i believe that that's what the white paper suggests then you're not going to be able to form trade agreements dynamic trade agreements with other countries because you're going to be stuck with regulations although theresa may says otherwise so i think that's very confusing it's a little bit misleading to the public. reaction from large sections of the british
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public to trump's visits to the stark contrast to the reception series of may officially gave him tens of thousands of people took the streets of london. decrying trump stansell migration and also bricks it ah. ah. ah. so you. think kind of think. well we're here today because we're rejecting the politics that trump represents with cheese as far as we can see mr jinnah stick at sheetz with women in the sixty's in the if he has been the end the racist comments continuously the way that he treats immigrants and refugees he's had to scrape.
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saying that the kind of free for all for corporations and and big business deregulation of the markets and he's going to think that she has working people all across the globe and both a saying to our own government that they shouldn't be throwing their own type and welcoming and rolling the great cop out for somebody like this they need to be standing up and taking principled decisions and making a principled stand against what trump represents and they're just not doing that tom bush promised to trees amaze being criticized after she expressed her support for england's football team for some that just she didn't seem sincere then after her government boycotted the games here in russia.
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i. i. get politics very much on the back burner because this weekend is the biggest weekend of football that russia has ever seen and anticipation through the roof of that huge france croatia final sunday before that to belgium a clash with england supporters but for the third place saturday later today both teams who are in with a chance of taking the main title but were of course beaten in those nail biting semifinal matches. was he was. was was. was
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i. i i was was. the was. was was. so the question can belgium repeat their victory over england they beat the three lions one nil in the group stage we spoke to fans ahead of the game on saturday would you rather the win tomorrow or lose the final or how about on one tomorrow probably says not a bad results is a very good results i'm proud of england playing a final is more important than play for the third place that is the i mean that is unique right but it will be or best result if you get the play so i think
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absolutely we will go for it the first and fourth is nothing is it no one remembers for the for people to remember the first of the second did a final yeah. yes. are you confident. for sure yeah if you did manage to make it a very specific vibe in russia for this well cup ahead of the third place playoffs in some places but we got another found a view of russia's northern capital and well they got to see. there are many ways to explore the city of st peters but you can get a rooftop view all you can take one of the many schools around the city oh. you can take it one of these the cup a couple which is a classic soviet vehicle and. this
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is. my grandma. so it's going to drive us around the city he's going to give us a tour with pheasants in this lovely car i'm joined by brother from brazil so we're going to enjoy these sights together that's going to go to school. now that brazil how to use a boy in the next in the final in the final probably correct because the dog. elected. something for you but i'm. looking that's nice. and a dance music and a dance. to
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go into the center of the global scene. i mean one of the speech and the son said. obviously you've been to the stadium you went to watch the semifinal that's one thing i would do you think of the state i'm not into the stadiums but is one. of them is. i'm loving all of that really don't think i'm home kind of back to brazil exactly yeah wherever the venue wherever the city full of many of the fans have visited russia win or lose is going to be a chip they'll never forget. just so you know. you know. since you guys are going to put this out to the food will. run.
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right out. in the middle and out it will from soup to damage to the food but from the food on the end you know another day somebody's a little bit of fun i honestly love that i. wasn't able to punch the chairman in last because he thought imo you have to be in the influence most young politics on haters and that's an idea that will doesn't and will. always those who get to be on this person are you on those base out of it out about it as you might because the thing was kind of coming out from like i need to get him into the video comes from soon as. he said the most from the start that mr steele mr got so much what's going to stop the most. is we put a few of them into. something for natural and it's not for a supplement or a benefit concert for you at a time when the candidate found us out on this but it was in that you had you in as
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i'm you go to the next week i don't you know about a day it was by then and i just i got to me but if you're me i'm audience bought a big baby food. and i want you to use a lot of what occasion she will be located in lieu of luggage i look at it and say you are in the. good will but it's political in the way our political legal. contained the easy. they will bit by history and some but the beautiful sort of i'm pretty cuz i'm just the same thing because on the a c. in the seats. the debris when they were must be in field and much like you have freedom we know that you feel that what. you know here in russia recently well will not sit so far on kevin though in more
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news for me an hour from now of course a huge weekend of world cup football coming up we go to thanks for watching out international for me and the rest were to have a super weekend at enjoyed up for. what
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is just standing in the middle of history as someone reaches and. back in the back with a waistband they cop is not going to sit did give them the benefit of the doubt because people shouldn't be reachin in their ways being with cops having guns trained on them same police don't move.
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on. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. thank you so much for joining us we sure appreciate it coming up today in the wake of the mexican presidential election we talk with mark weiss brotha co-director of the center for economic policy and research but the ramifications of the country business and international trade plus when you say taiwan should you say chinese taiwan there's a rough road going along between business on the minute and they're in the middle of a fight alex the highly bitch gives us the details and our team stands tall and takes a look at those hot tesla batteries sorry they catch fire and sometimes backfire goes on for a long time we're also going to be joined by andre barlow to make some sense of and i trust issues as they relate to technology firm plus our two year america sports
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concourse spawn of steve christakis looks at sports data and so forth betting but i had all that we're going to get to a few headlines right now a bombshell interview with u.s. president donald trump by rupert murdoch's tabloid the sun gave a bang bang with the silver ammar to u.k. prime minister teresa mayes wobbling government on the eve of their formal talks which occurred today in the interview mr trump criticized ms may's angling a brecht that telling the tabloid quote i actually told theresa may how to do it but she didn't agree she didn't listen to me but wait there's more take a listen to this from the exclusive interview with the sun. the well if they do a deal like that it will most likely because we'll be dealing with the. european union instead of dealing with the u.k. so it will probably kill the deal with if they do that their trade deal with the us is will probably not be made. no content no nothing really
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undercut ms mae more than that then that than the softer exit plan and mr trump saying that stuff there at the trade deal is going to actually happen without the without the u.k. that's a big blow to her and having the supporters have leaned hard on the argument that a harbor exit would open the door to a trade deal with the u.s. that could offset any economic disruption mr trump twist of the knife a little further complaining that ms may's past and perhaps future rival are complimenting boris johnson rat rather the pastor at rival who resigned over the bricks that plan saying quote mr johnson quote would be a great prime minister now ms maes job of managing bracks it will be harder enter political future is even more in doubt with friends like these as they say who needs enemies and meanwhile back at the ranch in washington d.c. mr trump's treasury secretary steve i'm a neutral heard a loud and bipartisan chorus of criticism of the administration's trade and tariff
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policies with republicans notably raising their voices in the senate foreign relations committee hearing on terrorist chairman bob corker republican of tennessee and a former campaign supporter an early supporter of mr trump in a state with bokes wagon nissan and general motors plants said he was concerned mr trump was on a dangerous course and listen to this abusing his authority that's capitol hill code here folks for breaking the law by mr trump imposing tariffs on national security is justification for those tariffs that authority by the way is sometimes specifically cited as section two thirty two you may hear that around another republican house financial services chair jeb hensarling said he was worried about a quote full fledged trade war with no end in sight and in a speech to the economic club of washington house speaker paul ryan republican house speaker for gosh sakes said about trade policy quote new tariffs are not the solution all of these back and forth the trade wars and the end still reaction surrounding them remind me that t.
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shirt on. read the other day the beatings will continue until morale improves it sounds like we're getting closer to a time when there might be sort of some intervention between republicans and mr trump we'll keep an eye on it and let you know what's taking place. and mexico has a new president elect leftist andres manuel lopez obrador the former mayor of mexico city was elected on july first with fifty three percent of the boat at thirty thirty points ahead of his closest rival on his third try to become president lopez obrador his party merino which he founded won a majority of seats in both chambers of the mexican congress with thirty seven percent of the parliamentary vote and here to explain it all as mark weisbrot the co-founder of the center for economic and policy research mark thank you so much for being with us again we really loved it last time we're pleased you would come come back and do it again this is going to create a challenge i mean the relationship between president trump and the current
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administration in mexico has not been a great thing we're going to you're going to pay for the wall trump said now that's going to be off when. take takes off in that in on december first as president how is that going to work well it's hard to say right now because you know trump is unpredictable right now he seems to like. as he's called for his initials on the race when you get when you get an acronym like where you know you don't you know you're it you're in with the big leagues and he well he seems to like him now it's kind of and he tweeted right away before the election results were even official he tweeted his congratulations very friendly and every one of these indications that he likes him and i think it's because you know the media here was so much against. it and they kept comparing him to trump and a lot of all the pundits and all the op eds and so and the t.v. shows that trump watches were always comparing to him so he. you know he probably
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thought that he must be ok but i don't think that that's really necessarily going to last because as you mentioned there's a lot of convert this conflict over nafta over immigration obviously he's not going to build the wall yet we're starting off they do have this good relationship i think we have a clip from the president talking talking about it just spoke with the president elect of mexico in a great conversation about a half an hour long and we talked about border security we talked about trade we talked about nafta we talked about a separate deal just mexico and the united states we had a lot of good conversation i think the relationship would be a very good one. so like you say he started off well we'll see how that goes but there are really tough issues ahead of me these nafta good negotiations a big going on in the president's threaten to scrap nafta and do bilateral deals and the mexican economy you wrote a long paper it's right there guys it's impressive about the mexican economy what's
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been in the doldrums for eighteen years how is the new president to deal with this well he's going to have to mean there's a lot to take on and it's really a long term failure that most people here don't know about it's it's really forty years i mean if you just look at the twenty first century mexico is ranks eighteenth out of twenty latin american countries in terms of just the growth of income per person and poverty is worse than it's been than it was twenty five years ago the real real wages wages adjusted for inflation are less than they were in one nine hundred eighty and so this is a real long term failure and mexico is kind of stuck in it because they've been following these policies where when the economy starts to pick up then they just they want to pay down the debt pay off the national debt and they don't have a big national debt the interest payments on the debt are about two point eight percent of g.d.p. and more importantly for
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a developing country they don't have that much in terms of dollar debt that is that the that is owed in dollars that's actually quite small it's about you know three percent of their export earnings which is very small so they're not really they should be doing that but and then of course that's when times are good so they start to pay down the debt so that's why they have such slow growth and then and then the central bank raises interest rates you know they raised interest rates from december of two thousand and fifteen to february two thousand and eighteen from three to seven and a half percent and you just read that they that was overkill as well so it's these policy he's going to have to chain. change macroeconomic these really important macro economic policies going to have to have investment in research and development you know they're competing with china in the u.s. market and they've been losing since two thousand and that's another big blow china has spent you know many multiples of it what they spend on research and development
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they have policies to control their exchange rate everything that mexico doesn't have so those are the kind of challenges he's facing economically but i think he'll have other problems with the u.s. specifically around foreign policy because he's going to change the foreign policy of mexico actually back to what it was for most of the modern mexican history he said very clearly he wants to respect national sovereignty and self-determination in the hemisphere and that that seems very normal to most people in the world but here in washington that's kind of a hate speech yeah right because you know mexico helped. the u.s. government for example the current government helped the u.s. government in november when the honda or an election was stolen mexico actually met with the u.s. and then recognized that election and then the u.s. said it was the trouble ministrations said they were following mexico's lead in recognizing the stolen the less hard to figure out where this
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a bit astray ssion is times and we appreciate you spending time with us on this one mark weisbrot co-director of super thank you so much for being here mark really appreciate it. and as the u.s. china trade battle grows the world's two biggest economies are flexing their muscles beyond just tariffs taiwan is once again become a hot button issue and companies that do business in china are being told to comply with china's policy toward taiwan and others well see alex mail which will give us the details of what's going on in east asia. from tariffs to taiwan. the tensions between china and the u.s. are heating up just this week the u.s. sent two warships through the taiwan strait a move china has denounced in the part of the ocean. we are highly concerned about relevant reports of large selam complaints with the u.s. side it must be pointed out that visits by the us officials to taiwan under any
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excuse do seriously violate the one china principle and regulations of the three joint communiqué xp between china and the us it interferes in china's internal affairs and inflict adverse impacts on china u.s. relations we urge the u.s. to honor its commitment on the taiwan issue and correct wrongdoings so as to avoid harming china u.s. ties and peace and stability in the taiwan strait obviously taiwan is a key issue for china china sees the island as a part of its territory while the taiwan government views itself as independent of mainland china it's even though its actions don't necessarily reflect its stance the u.s. officially does not support taiwan's independence in many international circles taiwan is known as chinese taipei the name is widely used in sporting events like the olympics and that major global organizations such as the world bank the international monetary fund and apac in fact most of the country.


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