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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 14, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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german or german russian it's a multinational enterprise which has many shareholders among them very big companies from various countries and let's put it like this threatening the shareholders as well as threatening russia and germany with sanctions if this project goes further these threats are a big concern. speaking of the enormous amounts of work in terms of craps by both administrations the press secretary admitted that the agenda is far from being war here's mr patched up with more on that very process. there's no clear agenda existing as it will be created by heads of states as they go. we will be showing the version of that exclusive interview with the press secretary of the russian president on monday just several hours before donald trump and a lot america. in helsinki. israeli defense forces say that hamas militants have fired more than
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a dozen rockets into israel it comes in retaliation to israeli airstrikes to hit several targets in gaza there are no reports of casualties at the moment the i.d.f. say the strikes targeted a hamas tunnel and other military sites in the southern gaza strip israel claims that it took action after palestinian protesters started to throw explosive devices and fire bombs at troops on the border there now earlier a fifteen year old palestinian boy seems was killed in the clashes there also one israeli soldier was injured in the unrest. friday's riots marked one hundred days since the start of the so-called march of return palestinians have been rolling out that border fence every week accusing israel. of occupying the restroom throughout the day demonstrate has been taught no
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rocks at israeli forces who responded with tear gas and life which include reports from a troubled border. so i'm only one hundred meters away from the fence of separates gaza strip with israel and as you see palestinian protesters are trying to approach a friends and break it well every time there was an attempt the israeli forces every act back with live ammunition and tear got palestinians as you see it still come to to the protests are very close to the fence and are burning tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers that palestinians are still motivated and still passionate of the about the great march of return demanding the right of return and demanding breaking the bloke aid on the gaza strip that has been imposed for more than eleven years palestinians today are also protesting expel expressing the range of anger against the demolishing of the israelis. but when village the israelis are
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also closing more restrictions and procedures on the gaza strip or else they're going to close them shalom crossing which they're not allowing any imports oil exports to gaza strip and they're only allowing the humanitarian needs there you can see the palestinians. angry and expressing their anger at the palestinians say that this is the only way they can achieve their demands expressing their anger and expressing the race to the whole world palestinians continue to raise the palestinian flag up high during the protests and as you see the palestinians are very very close to the fence while they know that there are have really weapons states soldiers stationed along the fence this is one of the injuries that came from the fence just right now.
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the beginning of the march eighteenth children worked directly to start dad and they are including the one hundred thirty eight palestinians killed since the beginning of the markets. yeah the troubles continue the time right let's try and lighten the mood no certainly can this weekend a huge weekend of football coming up billions of people from around the globe are going to be watching moscow this weekend for the grand finale should we call it world cup twenty eighty live no to our stars of the show that. peter smalley go after to go. yes get a feel good afternoon to everybody he's changed into us here on r.t. hopefully being with us right throughout the competition route sixty eight she says the county correctly just left and i think it's fair to say the one today is the one that nobody really wanted to be in because it meant to get lost in the
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semifinals we're going to have. five game kickoff in st petersburg it's absolutely glorious weather pretty much just what a city state school is you know it's the draw and you can see everybody wants to be not much at the top takes place tomorrow fifteen july it's going to be france and croatia and the two disappointed sides well they have to turn out today how much did they really want to go through that. i don't think many players and in the. super squats of twenty three really really wants to play this i think it's been it's been a long long long world cup for them a lot of those players they played long seasons then you lose a semifinal and you get it just deflate you and you have to wait three days and four days for the other team to play a game of very little significance but there will be players of course in those two teams that will you know desperately want to play first of all i think is what danny welbeck you know something you know i think players like how he came for
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instance even though he plays every game when he's fit for spurs and and obviously he's played every game for england as well he wants to make sure that he wins a golden boot romelu lukaku as well will be saying about too much and i want to play because i will i can score two goals against england and that will make me a contender for the golden boot and this is a hugely important price to win because it puts you in a category. of very very few players and people remember who will win the golden boot of legalese in our. then see if one of the reserve strikers gets a run out maybe it's their first appearance and it's great to tell your family i played in the world cup even better to say i scored in a well kept but if you've got a goal scoring chance you've got caulking square of you with with an easy tap and i think you do i don't think last day things like that. i think players on this level. always make sure that it's a goal so if a player is in
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a better position i would say in one thousand nine out of one hundred times that player will then get the ball and we see a movie scene and again the players makes rest decisions and you know have a shot where they don't or they probably should have possible but that's just nature if i don't think the thought of that comes and you know i want to score in the world cup but he's on the gold boots all pasta to him somebody nice or yeah he does not think that he's going to let me. do young greedy i would want to be you know claiming the glory on the big stage i think of the countries where you go wrong this way go wrong if you have that kind of attitude in and go into this level of football then you won't last for long because it's not really is not about an individual performance it can never be about an individual performance it can only be about the team even in a game like this so even in a game like this what you still have to remember is that these guys away each three
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and four days for these games and they are professional footballers and they're so much pride at stake we have over you see in this game it's one of the worst games we've seen in this world cup we saw it with the last group in group g. . and belgium made nine changes there were you through of course nine changes to that scene and been made a changes to that and they were of course all that you threw at the time as well so they were basically playing for for for winning the group now it wasn't a great game you made that many changes. it never will be a great day and i don't think that the managers will make that many changes today they will make changes of course i don't think they will i think the pride having had to wait and then leave the well cop on high you know having won the last game that counts for something at least within the twenty three players and i can guarantee you that the fans once a game goes on going on goes on everybody wants the team to win and it will be a great atmosphere and sing petersburg people who are wearing nothing. to see or
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the guys to choose and the chance is an exciting place full last chance for the fans to you know enjoyed it and it is a special misfit welcome enjoy that and you know it's in line with what is happening in russia for this world cup it's been absolutely fantastic we have the endgames from our which is you know one of the preach one of my favorites france who has you know played a tough take well cup if you can if you can say that they had you know they did exactly only what they have to do in the group faith or in group c. with then the peru and australia they take only what they had to do right through very easy for them and then they turned on the shot that the fall three win against i can see now probably one of the best games of the tournament and they have just increased their level of performance and they are in the final because they have one hell of a team a fantastic team and then you have course on the other side which is
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a full for many people a very big surprise a small country four point two million people in croatia and in qualification and we'll talk about this latest which we'll get to cover was the of course a croatian football legend played for real madrid and and also for crazy sixty nine games he played scored forty five goals and that's just that's something that he will be here. in the program a little bit later today and he will tell the story about how they had to change the coach and they did this before the very last game. in qualification they had to go to ukraine and get a result and the night before they sacked the coach and they employed i mean it's like a hollywood script i mean if you wrote this people would throw it away and not believe about. what happened. who is here you know that. the head my dad has a man in the press he's the one who took that decision and made that decision to to
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employ the coach he will be here in telling that story so you have those two teams france and and croatia. a lot of quality in the creation team people people say that they're not as good as france but they out of really you know they've turned on high level of performance but what i really like about them is that great that insurance. the tiredness that i saw against england a five six seven eight minutes the players were gone and then for some reason they found something to carry on and it was you know that's the main character here is a quote look at marjorie's who has played every minute for crazy apart from the very last one and one hundred nineteen minutes of that game against england he had to be substituted because there's nothing left in the tank but he has driven the team he's showed the team and when you look at statistics he's a guy who has probably the most fifteenth in the world cups so you know this is
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going to be a fantastic game to look forward to tomorrow you say that it's driven the tane. famous driving correspondent has been on a journey. there are many ways to explore the city of st peters but you can get a view all you can take one of the many tolls around the city alternatively you can take one of these the cup a cup which is a classic soviet vehicle. this is. my grandma. so it's going to drive us around the city he's going to give us a tour with pleasure it's just not in this lovely i'm joined by brother from brazil
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so i'm going to enjoy these sites to get that school going to the school that's good. now that brazil know how to use a boy in the next in the final in the final probably correct because. i like to. something in print but i'm. looking that's nice. and the dance music and the dance beat the league. you. go into the central. one of the stadium and the sun set. obviously you've been to the stadium you went to watch the semifinal that's one thing i would do you think of the state of the stadiums but this one is.
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i'm loving it. really won't take it home try to back to brazil exactly. so happy that it was a cow the story was. that we have to see the cat again you know the cat that protected the all the results. we want to make it very clear you know the press with the cat that's why. it's a french bulldog predict you know like.
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you. for the search for a water surprise the french bulldog pigs french imagine if. my goodness to be no going home if i had to put it down that. it's paid boarding bull dog. hidden talents gathering the credit as well if. we see some weird and wonderful sights around the world cup one and just another of the many reasons that i enjoy talking about people even presto that the dog is as impressed i think with his skateboarding skills who's impressed you in this world cup individually getting . i think i already mentioned i think look a much worse has none of it sort of i think he's he's yeah and it would be very surprised if he plays a decent game tomorrow be very surprised if he's not voted best player of the tournament but you have to say that in the french team. a few contender said i'm hungry smart of course but papa who really seriously showed us. how good and how
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potentially brilliant he can be we talked about the two kings up the catering mess he left the tournament the same day as for an alto and then it was the same day when the papa stepped it up and showed us his incredible potential and. the thirty seconds he was the biggest disappointment. friends. i've. i think i think i mean i know it's a bit high because there's so much pressure on him but i think name. he has he's had the most shots and most attempts and he's only scored two goals and they're both from the goal line status but i i think. i think that the whole diving situation i think it really has because the world cup has been so brilliant we've had. one hatful for red county which is down quite a considerable from from from four years ago and so it's been fast played it's been everything that we wanted the world cup to be and then this player who is he's he's
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top five in terms of grabbing the spotlight this is what we remember and that's kind of disappointing and i you know i hope that he now sort of realizes that he's got a tone that down a little bit because we also saw why he has this incredible player while he has the stature because he is when he turns it on he is a really really good player. a fantastic player ever expect seeing hayden next. you. became this national camera. roughly once the show it's
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a move for the. uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string at. one string i don't roughly don't t.v. is just standing in the middle of the street and someone reaches back in the back with a waistband the cop is not going to sit did give them the benefit of the doubt because people should be reaching their waste bandwidth costs having guns trained on the same police don't move. one on one with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov on this special edition of politics. welcome to politicking i'm larry king and his star excelled that looms which we in the united states president donald trump and russian's leader vladimir putin at
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a time of increased tensions between the two nations mr trump a signal that syria's sanctions military exercises election meddling may be on the agenda but what is moscow want from this high stakes face to face to find out we now talk with russia's long time friend. sergei lavrov who joins us from moscow thank you for the invitation larry. ok let's get right into it i will wrap up of the nato summit the fifth. trump and other members agreed to a joint statement which among other things condemned your country's elite they called it illegal and illegitimate an exaggeration of crimea also reaffirmed support for ukraine's aspirations to become a member of nato what mr foreign minister is your reaction to this.
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you know there is nothing new in these statements we have been hearing them for quite a number of years so we take it as inertia and by the caldwell thinking not nothing more than that i thought the cold war was over. well that's why you nurser of the cold war unfortunately still good with nato and it's high time for nato leave it behind. at his news conference thursday president trump said that the nato allies have stepped up like never before on defense spending he also be called the alliance of fine tuned machine how to what mr foreign minister said what are your thoughts about nato.
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well nato is the reality. it's at the visa of called what times but that is the reality and we take it as the reality we don't believe that what nato is doing by trying to expand further and further close at the russian borders. smalling countries pool frankly do not add to the security of their alliance we don't believe that this is the way to resolve the problems of today at the day we have common threats common enemies there isn't climate change organized crime drug trafficking and none of this is being effectively addressed by nato expansion nato should certainly be taken as a reality as i said but nato should understand that it is something which cannot dictate to each and every other country how to handle the international security
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matters dialogue is required we have been proposing many things to nato which we can do together counter-terrorism then the discussions of military doctrines discussion of transparency majesty in the military buildup all this was frozen after the events in crimea after the referendum in crimea and made the the approach that. exactly the same approach as it took when in two thousand and eight in august and then president saakashvili of georgia launched a war against his own people in south ossetia and then we demand that the convening of nato russia council but gondoliers the rights of the secretary of state that said no way we cannot discuss anything we as an aggressor quote unquote but then she corrected herself and all nato members agreed that nato must be all the way of
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that name. the russia council must be all weather. forum and that especially at the time of crisis it should function on the basis of equality and taken into account the mutual interests of each other so after the ukrainian growth around them which was free and free as i said and as many international observers assert the mistake was repeated once again and as of the defense expenditure even without any further rice the current statistics is that nato together with the united states spends about twenty times more than russia spends on its defense and without the united states the european spent about four times more than russia spends on his defense budget i assume that it might be partially related to the productivity of labor to the difference in productivity of labor but this cannot be the only
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explanation how did you react when when president trump said that germany is totally controlled by russia. well. my spokesman there is a kind of addressed this issue i think yesterday when she gave facts that we. sell gas to germany which is business and the united states has dozens of thousands of military men and women on the german soil and a few dozen military bases and then any international observer having this that he sticks in front of him or her or should make their own conclusions i can only quote what the president from said when he was asked by the
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president put in this he is an enemy or his friend he said he's a competitor that's drawn competitive and i believe we can get along with him and they hoping one day might become friends but speaking of competition i've always believed in free competition because free market is about fair competition and when speaking of gas and germany and united states secretary of energy mr perry yesterday i think said that the north stream pipeline mizen be stopped and those european countries whose companies would be participating in this project would be sanctioned by the united states because because the united states use for competition and for the sake of competition there must be new terminals to receive american liquefied national natural gas some of some competition i would say and of course the for the russian what they read there
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we would guess is supposed to be wars then the democratic american guest then i am all for this story but this is not economy this is not competition this is a pure ideology and unfair competition. mr prime minister are you going to accompany mr putin to helsinki. yes i would be there as well as secretary pun pal we had a couple of conversations with mike can tell we discussed what kind of arrangements we should for see for the for the meeting and helsinki and parallel to the meeting between the two presidents which they want to start the one on one that would be meeting with mike is invested as to russia and to the united states respectively
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and we will discuss any issue which each of us would like to raise there would be no fixed agenda but there are obvious items which would certainly pop up. the two presidents will meet alone by the way i the end of you had mr putin i know in. part a few times and when i when i've been with him he doesn't speak english are they going to be interpreters at that private meeting between the two presidents. yes that would be interpreted as president putin actually understands english but for the sake of better expressing his views he prefers to use the interpreters good offices. will there be there be no other aides in the room you will not be in the room
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well as things stand now that's what the american side proposed and be polite people so we had read. what are you looking forward to from the summit what from the russian standpoint will be a successful summit. while a beginning of normal communications. all channels of commit more struggles of communications established during the last seven eight ten years have been frozen. on very important issues count that there are reasons and there g. drug trafficking cyber security many others afghanistan other regional conflicts and what we have now is a spy reddick meetings between diplomats and the military mostly on syria
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we also have a channel on ukraine where the aid of president putin and a special envoy of the united states met several times about to be is no visible progress because our american colleagues try every every time they meet with their russian counterparts to deviate radically from the minsk agreements which underlie the consensus on your trainee and crisis but we keep trying again they hope that we would certainly discuss this issue in helsinki but back to your question regarding the ideal outcome ideal outcome would be to agree to in gauge all the channels on all the issues which are devised if on the one hand trying to see whether we can get closer on those exact topics and.


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