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and someone with. more. really don't t.v. . it's the. month long festival of football here in russia. for the world cup final in moscow just hours away. for. good voice. away from the pitch the biggest of the week's news stories freshers nature. then heads to britain on his first official visit there as u.s. president controversy and being met with protests. also ahead.
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the israeli military launches its largest air campaign against twenty four hitting a hamas facility. weekly review show on r t international including our special coverage of one very big event unfolding today . yes in a mater of hours we will know who is going to be crawling twenty eighteen world cup champions either favorites france or first time finalists croatia well thousands of fans are gathering in central moscow ahead of the decider supporters of croatia here with another huge banner it's become a theme really of their journey right throughout the tournament week of a glimpse of how they warm up for the upcoming tour. bus was.
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off. line if we take turns now yet with a gray shirt then front let's make the teams face chants gray shot this side on says three rounds actual ok that's one about three rounds. let's go let's go was. was. because he was. close to you well over. that was an impressive performance by the grace inside who let me see what special so many of the french side has prepared for us they're already sitting down so it must be something special he's out there saying to shut up. were shut.
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the. we had a team add this world cook that has not just made a sensation at the previous year olds i'm talking about iceland but they're both to give us the great gift over who who does that who own crew a shallow front god the father. who. that. was the thought that the. this may not be the luzhniki stadium and this may not be the final between france and croatia on the field we don't have them by playing the conte all moderates we
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only have dummy a mud and and i would err on the french side but these teams are just this passionate just as excited to be here and just as the time in to when. kobe satisfied with. one zero one it will be ok for friendship like a one zero zero for friendship with rachel this is the friendly game spreading the sport of culture and initiating defines friendship so today who wins is not important but what's the score going to be a score. i think five three the four somebody yeah five on people for we don't know how he would fall for our friendship ok very good last we have a name you know is not a problem you know it's only for friendship just like.
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when we should jump one shotgun yes. alvear gun shot is another. man's. final whistle gone it's four three to the car lots of similar to what's on the player's predicted earlier. the second spot. brings as many goals and as much excitement. yeah i'm getting excited just looking at all that and with. skyrocketing ahead of the big match the creation president has sent a special message to russia. you see it as you. leave out. the the last. one you bought. my house was. never. was.
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i. mean a christian president in the right colors there well let's cross live now to our t.v. studio in the heart of moscow where i believe i can see that kate partridge has got one very famous face from the footballing world for company. by their union yes the way i am joined i'm delighted to be joined by ac milan in brazil thank you very much indeed for joining me today so it's been an incredible tournament so far that's just my opinion what's your opinion of the tournament here in russia is the same thank you very much for having me here today is my opinion is the same as yours i think it's very good tournament very competitive and. to see a great final between france and. indeed and also from
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a share price or maybe a bit of a surprise there what are you expecting from this match. a big match for sure friends it's a big team solid with big means for a show with these organizing team with a lot of heart a lot of. very strong and so. we're going to watch a very very good game so you know predictions there's no predictions i mean as you said two very strong teams critic. the fronts do you think that france have gained momentum they've got better as they've gone along yes this is good for this team for france because they are getting better in every game so i'll solve the players getting more involved and a few more this is doing the work so we can talk about them but there we were doing the work he now everybody's talking about in and it's fair because what
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is increases during the world cup was unbelievable absolutely and also we can look at some of the other players france has great what they say strength in depth lots of strong players they could have picked maybe two teams actually fronts lots of good strong players they have not conceded any goals in their last few matches so their defense is a key point here it's very solid defense i played with byron wien real madrid so i can. nominate him as the leader of the. defensive part of france of course it's a system it's not just one player so the way that they're trying to defend it's very good and i also have to say about well he's doing very good work. he makes everything easier for the defender as well absolutely and talking of part of midfield that you could obviously relate to that croatia obviously i'm very much for it's midfield luka moderates and also even paris it as an england fan but he
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didn't he did a lot of damage during that and i think this midfield from gracious one of the key points for them and so they're very strong very much your players look at margaret is leading this team in a very specific a way so back to the very sid they're doing good together so the midfield it's sticky the ski absolutely but croatia they've played a lot of extra time three lots of a. extra time being english we know that's an entire match more than france also france had one day more arrests do you think the english media said it craig he would be tired do you think they will be time this is something that we can this is some details there we can't be sure so. far the game right but i don't think it's going to be a problem for the creation because the they've been playing
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a game three overtimes their last want to go to england was. different from from for them and they scored in the overtime differing they are there to the finish with the p.k. . so i think this is one day and over time it's not be a problem for them to keep their heart on the few of the. fights to today and for this incredible journey absolutely which teams do it throughout the world cup have surprised you which players have surprised the team i think it croatia i think before the world cup a lot of. people said that pressure will be the surprise and they just beat the expectations and they are here for the final and the players i think nominated him up here because what he's doing so far nineteen years old sometimes during the game seems that he's got
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a thirty five thirty six very much or and sometimes shows that he's just nineteen so it's very good to see and we're very glad to see a player like this in the work of like these just nineteen years old yes super and would you then think that he is a contender for the golden ball do you think he's one of the best planes. i think his. season with p.s.g. it was normal but what if he's doing it for the world it's incredible and it's. it's it's it's counter a lot when you think about golden ball when injury to award the war comps a lot so we'll see the end of the fire now. but if france wins i think it will be one of the finalists for the injury drawls award doing so as we said it's france against croatia not brazil as so many many people are going
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to play many pretty exactly people were predicting how do you think brazil has played this time i think brazil played very very good of course for us brazilian when you know achieved in the final four we. you feel. for me i think brazil did everything that they could so as a coach. increases the chance to visit to win the players was committed so i think brazil did a good tournaments and. i guess belgian we watch it very very good game with their high level technique tactics was unbelievable i think both did a very good strategy in the end it's it's the game but jealousy of i had a chance to minutes before that company had their chance if the ball goes balls goals week in probably the result will be different and today probably will talk
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about brazil but this is part of the game this is why we love football because nobody knows what's going to happen in the fall i also want one person i must talk about because he's a colorful character let's say is neymar people have lots of opinions about neymar how he is world's most expensive footballer what city what's he like what's he really not what do brazilians think of nine well i love him because i think he's one of the best players in the world one right now of course he's just twenty six a lot of pressure a lot of things on. he's back but i think as a twenty six year old guy think he's he's ok he's good for what. responsibility that he's got to play now and of course he's going to maturity and he has a lot of things to to grow and to increase. but for us as a brazilian we love him and he's one of the best players that we have so as a brazilian are you optimistic i mean twenty fourteen we don't really talk about
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that but going forward are you optimistic for brazil yes i'm very optimistic i don't know what's going to happen with t.t. our coach i think and it's good for brazil that he is doing the national team because now he's got two years working for the national team if they keep paying as a coach probably for the next one they will have six years coaching this team and with. different players he can put the pieces together to be better on the next world will be completely different things can be an interesting world cup next time as well also being income just good i just ask you your here in moscow is it your first time in moscow and what are your impressions now it's my fourth time here i came here for i wanted to play and i came here to launch this ball few months ago and i came also for the commentary for china and this was the nicest one because i
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went to a place to visit and know this cd and to understand more about this curator that it's in for. brilliant so let's say which you've been to bosco where else in russia have you been. meaning some pictures work as well nicety mazie beautiful and this is the took place that i've been here since so in the meantime they could just ask you do you mind just signing the ball and sources. this is the ball that we ask all our guests to sign here so. excellent thank you very much indeed so you would be just just a signature number to know what i say lately so if i could really push for some predictions here how do you how do you think today's game to go well i would say french. is the way that they played the board. so my predictions that france is the favorite team to win tonight. and have you met many fans while
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you've been out there has a lot of fans a lot of fans from everywhere so it's nice to to have this feeling as well and i brought my my son ten years old boy. so i think it's good for us to have this time together and show him what his work is a team was for you to see different countries different futures everybody together so this is why i love sports and football more stuff so it's it's good and how is the russian world cup different to the brazilian world cup. i need to. congratulations to to russia and to the russians because it's like brazil. there were a lot of dogs about the world they're going to zation they're going to make it. and the end i think it was really good. everybody's happy because everybody worked in
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the way that everybody was expecting so in brazil was the same had a lot of doubts about brazil and india and to thousand and fourteen unfortunate for as a position it was not so good but for the people from brazil was very good to host a world i think is the same for the russians absolutely the one thing i know we were anticipating but it was coming up to the russian well it was so we had a little messy christiane over an hour ago so that didn't really happen did it quite so bad. yeah i think we saw. i think this world cup. gave us a lot of flattens so how competitive is the game right now how the talent to is just talent is not enough anymore so a lot of this this things showed us how important to have this group to a strong team but i still think that christiana did unbelievable with portugal and
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scored a lot of balls messi tried seoul so bad still to put argentina on the top fortunately he couldn't but we saw the players shining in think this is their world cup absolutely do you think that we will see either messi or another in the next world cup i mean because of their age maybe you think or another because he's like wine. so. he'll be thirty six maybe. i wish we can we can see him in the next world cup as well depends on his motivation but he's very strong and he's had he keeps his mind on targets on the records and so probably and i wish this is more my desire to see him playing for far to go another world cup and i think messi probably will see he'll be thirty four so i think match he can can arrive in very good shape and motivated for the another world cup
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we fragility so maybe just one more than just from last year i think i'm finally going forward we've seen the european teams do particularly well it is in europe that is often how it works do you think that we are new era or do you think south american teams will come strong again african teams and asian teams i think we have to take a lot of. lessons also from the european teams. maybe some tactics are going to zation some something that we can bring for the. america because it goes to this this country is so i think for us will be nice to have this this kind of lessons we had a very good lesson with germany to tell the fourteen now we saw a different team a different organization so this is something that we can put on the balance and take the good things from from this experience to see self summer.
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countries and national teams doing better and arriving to lift it up to work up again and finally just before we let you go when you leave when you leave moscow when you leave russia what will be your main memory what will you take with you when you go. i think oh will be great three days four days that he's been here with my my family. enjoying the great world cup so these are two months for you here for the world cup it's it's unbelievable so this is something that it's memorable has been is the memorable to lovely to meet you thank you packer and i could hand back to you and in the studio a month yeah i want to clear he was kate speaking to former world player of the year. what kickoff in the final was giving his prediction to is not just what three and a half hours away or so at the luzhniki stevie i'm in moscow so what better time to
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take a look back at the festival of football we've experienced over the past month our correspondents hit every host city in the world's biggest country. i mean how to cracow their. god i'm. i decided to familiarize fans of other national teams with russia's traditional headwear course. i know that's not yes no different than the no. that's the tricky stuff really right. on the floor. like
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a natural you look like a natural. st peter's but it's all you really one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in all of russia. it's called a hundred yards beyond us because it's a long. time and it means the place. just as a people getting to go with you through the book of stalin. you all. so this is what leo messi will be seeing out of his hotel room it's the hotels that you're right here so there's a mural on the wall but if you think that ends here follow me. so we go around the corner literally around the corner and there's another mural. that is messy archrival the shot and i'll go and not only that but look i scored four goals can
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you beat that leo that's some way to inspire motivation with argentina as big a star isn't it. never want to listen opportunity for a stereotype to go to waste so while we're here initially for these last sixteen rounds i'm here to me if i can. play i know you're thinking guy sandy value with the guy. still on a tough thing on the train for sixteen hours to get much sleep. this place feels more like a book about a real perhaps let me show you watch. this a good one oh. good
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shot first shot to show we saw it coming we came in and we just found people to be super friendly brand new stadium fantastic atmosphere fantastic people focus great . yes sunshine all over the world biggest crew there and this is how the success of the russian football team inspired the whole nation take a look. please .
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check this out for a venn bit of time travel r.t. world cup co-host peter schmeichel shared an old photo of him with the current russian coach down the church itself back in nineteen. eighty five they both played for their national youth teams and met once again in our moscow studio they haven't aged a bit have they. all right well let's head back to kate partridge in our skylines studio overlooking red square on another desk to talk about world cup twenty eight days on the final right ahead. how they you know yes thank you very much indeed i'm delighted to be joined by electricity king who's the twenty eighteen russia c.e.o. he's basically the judge what he's put all of the sound side of alexei people are
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saying it's the best well cup ever i didn't finish batting well that's the first that i. have been part of as organizers so it's hard to compare but if we're happy to have a lot of positive feedback a lot of positive reaction in the social media. facebook instagram all kinds of accounts that worried that we're happy that russia became home for many fans and players. so how it's all panned out right now just one much away in that it is all over how does it live up to your expectations but everything that we planned has been implemented successfully implemented all the little and big things that we had in mind worked very well and id free transport. free shuttles you name it so we did not we're quite astounded at the popularity of our fan fests our site to the red square has been enormously popular. so
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have we known that we may may have some from some bigger bigger sites but but in general it's all relative success so. looking ahead then russia twenty eighteen do you think after what you've just said it's possible that russia could host another big tournament what would be happened so we think we're just prove that we not only we can play football but we can organize football. so maybe one day you know we can we can bid for something else so we will be happy to but. twenty twenty two we're hosting the euro in st petersburg it's also very important. to winter olympics we hosted so so one day maybe yes you can get a russian i think that was helped by how well the national team played us and yeah national team with him surprised everybody surprised not only with the quality of their performance but. by the motivation the level of. determination that they showed on the pitch it was very surprising yeah i don't say let's look back to what
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it was like five years ago remembering to being you just it had been announced russia had won the rights we're looking forward we're looking all the infrastructure absolutely everything and at that particular point you were saying that russia wasn't so open it's time to sort of open up g.'s of the world has a completely different view of russia now and i think this world cup has changed perception about russia in every respect i mean first of all we fulfilled every promise that we made to the world football community. second we can boast or proud of absolutely wonderful atmosphere everybody who wanted to come to russia had an opportunity to come here and. they saw absolutely new russia respectable smiling open. and it's a it's a game changer and how do you think you look at talking amongst russian people as well how do they feel the world cups come and i think everybody is happy with the figures that we see in the polls the new polls are just extraordinary and everybody
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supports the world cup there is no nobody angry with it nobody you know nobody does granted so it's been a wonderful thing for us that people enjoy it as much as our guests absolutely and and so going forward as well is it a case of this will could have an impact on how despite international relations the high level but on the lower level do you think it's helped people understand each other across the world better baby absolutely yes there is a lot of a lot of counter. mean to to understand the country need to personally be there not to read about it. but close it will certainly cause an influx of tourism we expect to our tourism industry to to grow indefinitely over the coming months because most of the people who have been here said that they would like to come back and that's the probably the best result of our work absolutely when we talked before you said about tangible benefits and the material benefits i mean sybase of those going forward it looks positive for russia that it's not only the words of the tangible legace.


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