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tv   News  RT  July 15, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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up to thirty two days sixty four games and six thousand one hundred eighty minutes of football twenty eight hundred top and with france lifting the trophy and its players entering the pantheon of greats. a thrilling final should just come up short losing four two for france in the end russia now says goodbye to football showpiece tournament victory ascent from while . on the other headline story donald trump lands in helsinki ahead of his first formal summit for the.
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new sense of this sunday july the fifteenth i'm calling braves eleven pm here in moscow and ten pm in france where they're likely to be partying right into the night after winning football's biggest prize here's how paris reacted after the final whistle. i i have every reason to cheer france the new world champions off their fourteenth victory over croatia and what proved to be a riveting finally we're here on out see we've had a great time sharing the tournament with you were i can. i
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do who i. was cool he was the east i. i. i i i mean i. i. i. do
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. the coaching staff will be very very disappointed because. the best team was losing and was losing because of. in my opinion and mistake of the concept of the i'm not saying he's not the penalty because there can be different opinions or wrong i'm saying that the concept of the v.a. is a bald important mistakes of the referee and this was not one of these cases so really really does a point to do that in the second off happen what we would expect from such
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a score. in the fourth and just. a mistake of even call a mistake i call extra confidence because of the four one in the game over but croatia still playing until the end of the great pride they were fantastic and they deserve all the credit for what they did. in football the realities. and france's little chimp in twenty years of it's been a fantastic will and you would think that the final he would be a fitting climax to when it was frozen it recessed into the last month of football that we've watched. many many would see as happen icing the fact that. the biggest players in the world they didn't make that teams i think that's also the beauty and the power of the. gave
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a very good contribution when was applied in the right. fronts in the final seems to be gaining was a good final was a really good final and i would like to see. starting with the one one. not to be the special. that threw me for the final of. the highest scoring finals on but it was really what i think it was a fitting to what has been an absolutely fantastic welcome i'm a little bit sad that we didn't get three more goals because they would have been superseded or we would have superseded brazil when you said that we don't see one goals were scored in brazil four years ago hundred sixty three before today we got six it's one hundred sixty nine which is still very very high when you said we
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needed nine goals i thought. actually it's getting interesting with fernando and that's hard to the chase here right so it was one one it was pretty even croatia started really really well and for me the whole for the first forty five minutes was they were the best team no doubt about that france didn't really play well they looked very nervous and then this referee and i have to say nesta patina also refereed the opening match between russia and saudi arabia in that state and he also referee craig versus then i came out and i told you i was very unhappy with his performance i thought he was very one sided then today he then brings involve on a decision where i don't think it's a pouncer i think if it's a penalty then i think the game is completely ruined and it takes so long you've watched so many times and you know it just shows you that he's in doubt he doesn't really think it's a penalty but he hasn't got
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a clue what am i to do here but this decision but for me it's crazy it was not a penalty if that is a pound you would have twenty penalties in every game and you can. play like that is mind an opportunity like that he will convert and you can try to see if he has to be home to bowl yeah there's got to be intention he's got to be a deliberate movement of the hands of the ball happens is a guy who doesn't hit the ball and he's this distance you know and it's you know it just hits him to scrape it deserve it but what it did it took a. so was it be flayed them then this was a mormon where you know all that bravo or all of the x. or and everything they showed in the previous three games it's just disappeared and they'd come back is it we've said before three times in a row in the knockout stages they don't add a fourth time. and then this is controversial decision knocks the thing out and you feel that this was just one time too many for them to go to the well in and pull it back from supporters in paris going crazy they feel that this was a win for them this is
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a report from our correspondent in paris show the davis king right after the final whistle. as it's being unfair and it runs and now the world cup champions i'm seeing a team meeting right in freedom on still people just saying we join here on the scene waving a flag to them this is an amazing opportunity is jumping ship going very very strongly about that they think they cheat and of course they done it every stage of the way the fans have been out in the streets and now they've been rewarded with this incredible moment this moment where they know that they are now the world's top jenkins' and this weekend is just the icing on the cake the first seals and the national center e.c.m. fronts and now this sunday the fifteenth an even bigger set of regime fronts as. the of. the of the of. let's talk about
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russia because you know we haven't spoken about them for a few days let's not forget the that's what a big part they played in this competition we said it before host nations is important might do well to keep that in the sphere strong and vibrant and i think we saw that in this world cup maybe more than ever before because the the the kind of energy that it generated across the country it really lifted everybody and also it made more russian. fans i think go on to the subsequent matches generated an interest in the competition i don't think this this well cup would have been so brilliant had russia not by that and what what russia also created they created a can personality stasis in russia there are now stanislaw successful is a mass of stuff you can pick and choose you can pick i want that square to be named after me and it will be cherry sestinas choses zuba. people who went on the football pitch and worked for that i think for well for the country inspired
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people to show people that there's a different way of doing things and i think the experiences to six months travelling here all the doubts that was about first of all be put off to the host of the family through a venue is good enough with people like come in here you know how would it be can our football team play all these things but washed away when russia and saudi arabia fight and from that moment on this world cup just took off. ok i was the most experienced guy in the world cup i've watched them since one thousand nine hundred eighty four and a lot of them i've been through a played one myself i've been broadcasting. but i cannot remember anything as enjoyable as being there not in most of the time being this place has been since after everybody i know who works in the same kind of job that i was probably into to russia with with all but we were told before hand that it was dangerous to pee
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here that it wasn't going to be good stadiums were invading the same thing we had four years ago before we went to brazil all that turned out not to be true in fact everyone thinks it's been for you know a lot of the guys at us for a lot of guys yesterday since decision to any form of players working for the very reason everyone said it's sad most of so we have to be through we have enjoyed it there yeah but i think you have to just remember that the high points and one of them. may was when russia went on terms of the tournament very following day they flew from sochi point to moscow and then met up with thousands of russian fans in the fans on here and then filled the flag that said we play for you and i think that was the key thing that the fans felt that the players were doing this with them that they were on this journey together and i'm sure that's the feeling that they'll be enjoying right now in france and you know we we have to say but france really really did. but with any munden i think you know when you look at all the
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squads when the all the twenty three names of the put are you look at france and while a lot of what you look at brazil thing was what they have spain was the same and also germany and you have to remember germany didn't finish first this time they nearly finished last i mean they really embarrassed themselves finished last in their group didn't even make it through world champions treaty sure that crazy when they had a moment of reflection they're going to be partying tonight i'm sort of a she carol get all the players out and all of the board will be celebrating and expected to get this far you know the fans they will have been dreaming the dream when they got so close that with some disappointment they won three consecutive games in extra time to the five penalties go on can say they didn't have the nerves tested we spoke to the croatian present ahead of this match she's a passionate football fan by the way and very proud of her national team regardless of defeat well i didn't see their team i saw the selector they're feeling fine they're feeling great what i can say is like i just played. be relaxed it doesn't
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it doesn't really matter if we're going to the gold or just silver will on the top of the world and i'm so proud of my nation it's been a bit an interesting time appear on the rooftop we've seen kind of everything haven't we we've been busy with celebrities out of honor for that i will get into one of these wives and then blew up where there's a drop further made of not a nice job and i'm worried not only. the fall because it's a great view but it comes to the cost of this. plenty worried about being struck by lightning as well but that's the energy that we've heard throughout this tournament we've had our correspondents all over russia in the host cities bringing you know i hope a chance to soak up some of the atmosphere to enjoy what it's like to be part of this tremendous footballing roadshow given some great experiences along the way i would like to take a moment now to share a few of them with you. i should
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have been taken over by my friend to belgium egypt should be sitting with the french connection that she really just said. that he shot and. killed people to the sixty six seven how. how. how. how how. how how how how how how. cherie so many. i don't. think. you. need.
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to get. this right exactly yes. i have to for you. i'm. sure how he. it's. dancing again when most of the way it's going to win but it's going to be right here. yeah i think you. go to the celebrations a bit like in some of the shots of the host city has been a great atmosphere lots of russians enjoying this world cup and just picking a new team to support to the end after russia departed let's go to sochi to hawkins is. in st petersburg let's come to you first looks nice try that what's it been like for you being part of the outing team covering this world cup the football on
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the pitch has been fantastic and i think that final really really encapsulates the kind of tournament that we've had great individual performances fantastic goals our studio here in st peter's it's been really a wonderful backdrop for what's been a great talk about a great personal experience for me i've managed to take in st petersburg the wonderful people here the culture the architecture everything about this city has really been welcoming certainly i even brought my family out here as well spend the last week of the tournament with such amazing atmosphere here and as well of course the fans who've come over the wall to try to watch this world cup with probably one of the greats this if not the greatest in history what an incredible month it's been just before going on saying so our producer how to feel how i miss going back home small school actually fun through honest i'm really going to miss
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this experience what an amazing experience it has been the weather here in tsotsi the rain really hasn't dampened the whole experience overall the stadium the fish stadium here behind we have seen some of the brightest matches. knocking portugal out and finally that game which had over one hundred forty million russians on the edge of their seats the country to dream for one week one day for that hundred. and three minutes at the host nation reached the quarter final before having the halls broken by the croats who of course the day came second often champions france without the files though as you were saying neal this really wouldn't be the experience it was and for me interacting with those people that came from a far field this asia south america or australia or north america i visited multiple cities in russia from kaliningrad from sochi to st petersburg and they really embraced the country in the country embrace that and they came despite all
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preconceived ideas all reservations preconceptions about was shattered this month and it's no ration to say we heard it from the people president but you know had the best world cup ever it's hard to understate really what an experience this has been for russia we've been bringing you highlights and analysis with some of the greatest minds in the beautiful game. lots of colorful visitors let's take a look back. welcome to our teams coverage of the twenty eight teams cup i know you're watching at home because they still will go what else would you be doing right now the best to do when in every television present. it's not easy your son was. very unlucky the last few days you go to moscow who are embracing the very english weather studio to been specially lined up. the
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weather personally. i am i really wasn't as a political fan knows. it's been passed in england if you are an english person when talking about the world cup you have to say it's coming home yeah let's hoping to get stuff by the way. by the way casper was absolutely amazing it is tournament . i'm sorry peter but he was even better than you. are. fantastic title as well as the general of the supreme committee for delivery and legacy for the twenty twenty world cup. maybe for you and monday we've been very dramatic story in your messages again. so proper spot for. my kid is my kid in spite of he looks older than me.
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i think i think these boys from iceland since they were babies they were eating a lot of meat on breakfast immediately just to give you an idea how big these guys are i'm not a. big big goalkeepers recycler i do have a quick question for peter goalkeeper sorry now i know it's a midfield dynamo if you fancy yourself a quick question for peace my good it's not your good i know that is unfortunately a situation that will cover you can have many teams that you support the caribbean feel only one and there's only one guy with a home that is really making the most of it. but there are times when you want to look a little bit. what do you want an answer to. this.
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year without that you have bragging rights will go to france for four years at least we're already gearing up. to catch twenty twenty i call white it's been so great here why would you want to miss that thanks for staying with r.t. it's been a real pleasure it's been quite a journey been a real i say a fantastic experience working inside you peter i've learned a lot about football and it's it has been fun and. thanks for being with us thanks for watching see you next time. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach.
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guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to go i mean eighty percent of the poll with you and you told the all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on both appreciate me to just say the radio the aussie team's latest addition to the bigger. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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again our other headline story donald trump's arrived in helsinki for his first formal summit with the russian president vladimir putin it comes on the back of a trip to brussels which saw fractious talks with nato allies and then a visit to the u.k. during which he also cool to control the seat after undermining the prime minister's position on bret's it despite the poor state of relations right now with russia u.s. leaders said that monday's talks may go more smoothly than the others he's had this past week. some was for putin maybe the easiest of the more this would say i hope we get along well i think we get along well hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i just don't know him very well in the sense we're competitors not a question of friends or enemies not my enemy. but looking ahead next then out of
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slater who's the director of the nuclear age peace foundation welcome swati good to talk to you what do you think both donald trump are going to be hoping for on the talks on monday. when we've been hearing a lot of negative opinion and minimal but i'll tell you what i'm hoping what i mean i think. while. that he might want to really he campaigned saying he wants to make a deal with russia he may deal with what korea. started to ratchet down. and i hope that. president bush can reestablish that russia was constantly making their gorbachev. who said what. and i'm not that u.s. rejects oh it's off the back on the table and they can come out of the meeting
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saying look we're going to finally govern. nuclear weapons you know one hundred twenty two countries voted to make the weapons illegal that the united nations it's a treaty if it. nuclear weapons so they are banning the bomb like they banned nuclear and chemical biological chemical weapons. just want to throw out that that so much is even happening at all with western sanctions diplomats being expelled and a lot of war woods going on some framing this summit as a victory for russia irrespective of the outcome of and he talks how do you say. well the ones that are remaining at that way up part of what president i think now or and again he was the general that led the u.s. forces against nazi germany and teamed up with russia when he left office he wind america about the military industrial complex and it's very
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corrupt in our country right now we're spending more on our military than all the other countries of the world combined and we are buying votes in congress you know they're buying they own the media you don't get a straight story in the media and this whole rush gate about rush stealing our election is like we did i mean gore won the election against florists ensued. and the democrats blame graf nato was like one of these super americans who got the clean air act and the clean water act instead of fixing our electoral college which is there any damage and once again even now clinton won over trump. but our electoral college is and we shouldn't think that not blaming russia ok looking ahead to tomorrow them trump said he expects these talks may have been joking that they're going to be the easiest given he's been talking to in the
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past week you just saw it on paper but he also said the. low expectations for monday's talks with president putin what would you read into that. but i don't know if you've read the report. or it is late yesterday or the day before that he said maybe we'll do nuclear disarmament so we don't know what he's a while he's really a very our person nobody has any brains really likes him but i love the expression that even a broken clock can be right why. he was right to try to make a deal with north korea wants no country. we stopped on military maneuvers and putin had so many does not say. a can russia or china have proposed. its gas so we would need to keep weapons out of space they know how with that truck oh. ok.
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ok i will wait to see why i'm still more than i know that nuclear disarmament summit is very close to donald trump but if you can prove that moment and thanks fear your friend thoughts on the summit had to more about this later from the nuclear age peace foundation good to talk to you thank you. and that's it for now thanks for watching i'm back in half an hour as we wrap up what's been a stunning world cup tournament a russia with from scrum champions for the second time off to beat a defiant croatia in what turned out to be a stunning finale to russia twenty eight i'm calling bright this is all to international.
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that's geysers financial survival bill they say the delegates are. going to take it easy this is the central plank support diagram is going to call them right now so stop the. good in the sort of a mad crazy genius sort of a guy he believes in the first amendment. marcus very brilliant very brilliant individual we've all heard of florida law how he will be difficult to get or certainly with the second grade. he has an opinion he doesn't hide his feelings.
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i think more to be in he's not standing for because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you're going. to. look at some of the book one analogy to mark was the day that when he was fighting the life. it's a war it's a family kind of thing we're still in iraq you know i mean it's. you know if something is shown to us we're going to. go it's just story of.


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