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tv   News  RT  July 16, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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between the. colonels in the kremlin could be doing some important intelligence gathering on this american people are terrified the best case scenario. i.
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place. international it's a big day for news welcome to this program president vladimir putin is set to meet donald trump and what will be the first summit between the two leaders the american president has already landed in helsinki which is playing host to the high profile meeting and although. some sectors of the media are already in panic mode just. last year.
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indeed. there is an unlikely that the president will confront putin is going to convey to putin that he's weak. on what is now our american perspective to see it turn into a face to face both scale bilateral meetings with the u.s. president. the president's trip abroad will also include
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a meeting with russian president vladimir putin who are to the leaders of these two countries i'm going to hear someone say this is a bad idea when he goes most nato conference who will he represent we represent the united states we represent moscow the former t.g.v. colonels in the kremlin could be doing some important intelligence gathering on his american counterpart people are are are terrified the best case scenario is a scenario where basically nothing terrible for her no matter what happens in helsinki or how hot the to try to improve diplomatic relations some will never be satisfied as much as the explains. two years they've obsessed over it one dead end worried about this meeting joked about their relationship than old i want to state officials that we in russia are so the goods you are us prisons
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take you now dowdle drop glad to be uprooted one old one i'm taking a year me a joint statement saying we're best friends blah blah blah and here we are and they finally meet in the pundit call fanie roaring up into a crescendo a tense moment but trump thinks it's no biggie. putin may be the easiest of the more. i hope we get along well i think we get along well hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i know i just don't know him very well in the sense we're competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy so what's on the menu well for starters no one really knows yet so we've had hints syria ukraine meddling but nothing concrete which is no surprise anything these two say especially about each other invariably gets strong out and turned upside down and inside
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out you're usually he's a very bright person talented without any doubt reaffirming their bromance mutual admiration society if he is really very much of a leader has been a leader far more than our president has been a little too mentally unstable aggressive men with nuclear buttons it's a disgrace it's gotten so bad that even common courtesy is frowned upon or reviled at this point of putin's needs trump would be crucified for merely saying bless you thing is trumps trump he's easy with words russia is not strong economically and we could do a lot of different things to really do numbers on them if we wanted to know what. trumps trump words for him more sound than meaning good will know much more
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careful politician but trump was able to succeed in business and that means he's a clever man come on the. team was more effective during the election campaign sometimes i thought he was exaggerating is true but it turned out he was right. although i did once side with trump remember the rumors spread about trump the one about prostitutes and a certain hotel room in moscow. trump is a man who for many years has organized beauty pageants he socialized with the most beautiful women in the world i can hardly imagine he rushed to the hotel to meet some young russian women low social responsibility. sweet talk aside russia and the us in syria have almost come to open war relations a dismal getting worse but not all is lost crimea is back in the headlines
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trump has called for russia to come back to the g. seven regardless trump's a businessman he likes the deal likes the trade they could say we could do me a favor we could get out of syria i think probably have a good relationship with them yeah it isn't going to be easy but at least they're talking two nuclear superpowers which could destroy the world thrice over not behaving like children everyone's better off when they talk unless you're a pundit or a hater they're in meltdown mode calling this a loss for the us calling trump a russian agent but hey they've been outed for years all that's left really is the wait and see what happens only time will tell well given all that's been said about the president oceans we decided to talk to people in new york in order to find out whether they buy the collusion story and trump's role in it as
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a criminal an agent. take a guess. oh man trump love company hope something arrogant for him. balloon but i don't know if i could say that i'm keeping what's what's orange in russia. if they don't ski or something perhaps i mean that's his name is kind of a give away i love that you are so russians are so i don't believe that. you keep on doing what you're doing you're doing a great chapter russia make sure the two people fly you don't change your wife's too often or something. if you build more hotels you know no more make moscow great again. no idea why do you think that i just think is too much is too shady to not be i think that
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this whole thing to say isis guide to the idea of innocent till proven guilty just sounds crazy so ridiculous. it's. not my it's not my kind of friend but only if there is something in it for him not friendship for the sake of friendship like think everyone's capable of making friends i think they'd be pretty sad especially if mean he has a wife i think that she says friends i hope so they created a child sometimes i think everyone can have friends. even the craziest people are friends it's true there's crazy for crazy. i had all the time at donald trump tweeted that relations between russia are on the u.s. were at rock bottom blaming his predecessors for the aussies up a trying to now taking a look at some of the topics expected to dominate today's talks. this is really a special time for helsinki the city is living at the moment obviously the finnish capital is no stranger to hosting these kind of summits between russian or soviet
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leaders and american presidents so i've seen posters all around the city most in oscar dolls on sale t. shirts about the historic meeting and one local brewery even came up with two new beer times one is for mr trump in one is for mr putin the host finland have even set up two sourness in the media center and our t. heard people making jokes that this is either a sign that heated discussions really heated up is what we're up for or that things may get so cold that journalists will have to rush to the saunas to keep themselves warm it is a true challenge to guess what will be the leaders main focus but there will definitely be loads of things to talk about so you can hold on to your problems summit bingo cards syria and iran the saga with the iranian nuclear deal as
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well is definitely the cold area this is where you should watch out for mis understanding nobody wants islamic states to be on the map of syria technically that's what the two countries are looking for but the role of syrian president bashar assad who donald trump is referring to as an animal because what is done in the u.s. as killing children and his own country with chemical weapons here's something where the president don't see eye to eye at all the role of iran and syria as well and by the way as the president of russia and the u.s. haven't yet met after donald trump said good bye to the iranian nuclear deal that something lot of our putin wasn't happy. be about at all and with us we must do everything possible to save the iran nuclear deal the official says i recently met with the director general of the international atomic energy agency and he
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confirmed that iran is fulfilling all of its commitments which raises the question on the grounds for destroying the scream and. now the stuff that donald has been doing to deal with the north korean crisis this is the area where things are getting a bit warmer kremlin has praised american efforts and north korean efforts but a lot of our putin has kept saying that it's still a long way to go and concrete steps have to be made which is a shoo in but i very much hope that the situation will move forward in a positive way we for our plant are ready to make every effort towards this end so as i've said hold on to your bank cards and let's watch the two presidents interact talk it's going to happen very very soon. let's get some more details on this now live to political commentator john vause now joining us here on the program good to
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see you today john why why is this this meeting so hotly anticipated i mean for example on one side of the fence in america you have nervousness and panic among politicians on the media and then in many other parts of the world on the other side of the fence you've got to miss them and encouragement why is there such a disparity between the meeting now with trump and pollutant. well first things first this is a meeting that has been long anticipated. this has followed a build up of demonization of both putin and trump especially in what trump calls the lying mainstream media in the west so that trip predation and fear that you're hearing from the united states is not national not coming from the people of the united states but from the media of the united states and as we know unfortunately the mainstream media is a heavy point of investment of the military industrial complex if there is no war
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the military and industrial complex goes bankrupt and so that's the real fear and nervousness about this meeting every normal person who loves peace is in favor of this meeting now. just just days before this summit happens today suddenly in washington d.c. twelve russians have been charged with meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election some people say timing is everything. indeed timing is everything and i get a guess you could even read the old saying of location location location. the announcement of the arrests is in washington effectively behind trump's back by an appointee placed in there through the democratic party machine so miller is not acting as a special investigator his just acting as a special witch hunter and the witch he's hunting is not just bloodier putin but
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donald trump at the same time because those two men together pose the single biggest threat to the military industrial complex of the united states now you mentioned you mentioned the issue of the military industrial complex there are also many analysts out there who say the end of the day the whole russian saugus thing is basically down to the fact that hillary clinton lost a rigged election and now at the end of the day when it comes to the two biggest boys on the block the two world super nuclear powers surely trump and putin sitting down together surely that's a good thing. absolutely it is it's i would say that this meeting between president trump and president putin is the most important meeting between a russian and an american since a russian and an american soldier shook hands when their two forces cut germany nazi germany in half in world war two it's that important and i think that what
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we're going to see here is a totally new era of international relations that could best be described as the creation of a new trial lateral ism not the trilateral ism that the united states senators big version ski was pursuing which was america europe japan but a new trilateral is in which will be america russia china and that will constitute a major shift of the axis of power on this planet and that's what we're going to see here even though china is not attending this meeting and those comments are they might perhaps explain some of the jitters right now inside the beltway in washington d.c. what john what about the topic for discussion today i don't know what ukraine syria iran what do you think the two the two leaders will get down to. of course ukraine syria and iran are hot spots and i think that the two leaders
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will agree right away to put them on freeze in any way that they can they will also identify as they must way that they can work together i think we've lost you we've lost our connection. we've just lost our connection there i do apologize we'll try and patch it together here on the program but ality john bosnich political commentator joining us here on this program now the talks are going to happen in a few hours time do stick around if you can for the latest updates and we will be covering all of it just for you. in a world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. resist and in the middle of a street and someone reaches back in their back what a waste they cop is not going to sit did in the home give them the benefit of the doubt because people shouldn't be reachin in their waistband with cops having guns trained going to sample the still move.
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so obviously the twenty eighteen world cup has reached its and france is celebrating its second trophy in twenty years after powering to a four to victory over croatia at moscow's luzhniki stadium. and who. they were who were the who
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were who were where the was a bit who about her would the over the but who are the. with the the the and. the and
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who was of the were of the twenty three croatian players players the coaching staff will be very very disappointed because. at the off time the best team was losing and was losing because of. in my opinion and mistake of the concept of the v.a. yeah i'm not saying he's not the penalty because that can be the. and opinions are wrong i'm saying that the concept of the view is a bald important mistakes of the referee and this was not one of these
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of these cases so really really disappointed you that in the second off. we were expecting and then fronts a score of the sort of all in the fourth and just. a mistake of that i don't even call the mistake i call extra confidence because of the four one in the game more of a. crew is used to playing until the end than great pride they were fantastic they deserve all all the credit for what they did but in football the reality is on the and france's little champion. so this was the virus after the final whistle an estimated one million people taking to the streets waving flags and watching fireworks and across one a shot to do been caught up right in the midst of it.
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as it's been going and runs and now the world cup champions i. think this is an amazing opportunity to experience something of the country last experience twenty years ago when fronts for such a diverse nation than when they won the world cup many people believe that they could win this championship going in very very strong here by the way that they did they cheat and of course they've done it every stage the way the fans have been out in the streets and now they've been rewarded with inflatable moment this moment where they know that they are the world cup champions in this weekend's the icing on the cake the but still day the national celebration influence the night of the sunday the fifteenth and even the celebration game fronts. i have been. the way i was and
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as the evening wore on the party got a bit out of hand in some parts of the city so the end of the day riot police had to be deployed was. was was. was. a hobby and while here in moscow right off of the medal ceremony the french team got some top officials involved and that's an operations. if you. look up more. out of. that one year i was.
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learning something new it was. five five years ok. ok ok thanks in english please oh. sorry. you're off you know of a city. hall. yes you. do that is all you can. do. to stop a final a deluge then slammed into moscow about certainly didn't seem to bother the fans who had attended the world cup celebrations lasted all night long so you can stop. this is where it all started absolutely sporadically it wasn't one of the two official be found zones and most people just showed up liked it and stayed and this is what they're doing this is where they've come to bid full well not just to the
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world cup but to city each other really because people have pool in them love with each other different parts of the world who grew it together they were packed into this one tiny street in central moscow and this is where all the world cup k. is in a good sense of this word of course unraveled and so only a lot of of course the the street is somewhat dominated of course by the croatian and by the french founds who have come here and down the french are obviously they're happy they got something they were dreamed of they desired two decades and now they finally have it if you cheer for france today yes did you say you were at the game no i was at a function and that was is completely gone because finally after twenty years we moved to start to swallow. who started in those just sixty years old into the ninety years and a member you know to do is they. just know not. to
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start but yes oh. oh. hello very proud to be crossing most old people love us and we didn't have a lock to date we've had luck read before matches and recall for four or eight years to be going to maybe winning the finals it was very nice to meet you and he would come back as soon as possible by the programmer tons and twenty five. became his natural camera. roughly once the show so moved thank you for the.
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uncool videos doing the woke up and someone with the broccoli staring at. me down more on string i don't really don't t.v. . but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted over checked. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be pressured. into going to be pros it's like the full freedom or can't be but. i'm interested always in the lives of my how. things should be moral. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active. in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company developed thalidomide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to
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have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. yeah she said he's just. so they don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that. i want the revenge. following welcome to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle if you're a political news junkie then you're probably experiencing a serious overdose consider the recent nato meeting trump's visit to the u.k. so called russia gate and the trump putin summit we discuss it all here on
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crossfire. cross talking some a trade i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have erich krauss he is an independent political risk analyst and we have examined him or oh he's the founder of the center of political strategic analysis strout poll ok gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it eric there is to much to talk about this week as i said in my introduction then we are kind of overdosing on all of this here i think what's really most important we can get some up a few days of. trump's visit to nato and then to the u.k. his reception and then he is cheve very much mr trump is a bit of a loose cannon and he likes keeping people off balance he will one day give a warm warm praise and the next day absolutely terrible.


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