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tv   Sophie Co  RT  July 16, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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years six years to get to a world cup i want to see as much of this country by train plane went by overnight train on the journey from moscow and he was saying he really just wanted to be among how he called it the real russia see the people that maybe don't get on television a lot don't have the events that moscow st petersburg gets for instance and he said i've got memories now to tell my kids on the grandkids as well those stories that's what he's leaving with i'm sure it happens a lot of world cup but it just it was a genuinely touching moment that you've got people not only about thirteen but by the memories that they're bringing jamie's team didn't do better but i think he was absolutely right think about it a lot of football fans never see the team get to the local finals for many it's a once in a lifetime opportunity if you're going to come and it's always going to be quite a journey quite an expense why not make the most of it go to as many cities as you can soak up as much of the atmosphere and the culture as you can and go to town on
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it and just make the most of it it might be the wants and only time but boy the memories if you if you really go for one and it's something you want telling everybody about for the rest of your life to show people making memories i can tell you don here in red square so many photos being taken. on their way to the airport trying to get to just to say goodbye for that final time they would have seen yes to me just after the final deluge so much rain hitting moscow but it did not bother these guys or those who attended the world cup you know i think they were very lucky because when the game was on i saw this big rain cloud coming i said if that hits the the much itself could change things luckily it held off until the very end and then it doused all of the people giving out the awards and celebrating at the end and the celebrations didn't dampen them lasted all night long as you stay on it was among the revelers for us. where stocks absolutely sporadically it was one of the. to officially be found zones and most people just showed up liked it in and
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stayed and this is what they're doing this is where they've come to bid full well not just to the world cup but also to each other really because people have pulled in the love with each of the different parts of the world who grew it together they were packed into this one tiny street in central moscow and this is where all the world cup k. is in a good sense of this word of course unravel and so a lot of of course the the street is somewhat dominated of course by the croatian and by the french founds who have come here and of french are obviously they're happy they got something they would dream golf they desired two decades and now they finally have it if you cheer for france today was yes the desire you were at the game no i was not a fun fit anywhere else is going to be gone because finally after twenty years removed to start to swell and. to start in those jobs sixty's and into even in
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a mood you know to do is to jump yards you know. to start. all over proud to be crossing most of people i was we didn't have a lock to date we've had luck read before matches and recall for four or eight years speaking of maybe winning the finals it was very nice to meet you and we would come back as soon as possible. yeah those creation can be so proud of their team a country of just over four million people you imagine the celebrations are going to go on there for some time as well french france coming out in force as well good to see them you know some people say hey croatia lost that often you know so convincingly in the final but it's getting to the finals if you're not going to win it's thing and to say that he made the final if he remembers who came third and fourth a few years from now not many people almost you know. nobody but everyone remembers
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. that's an achievement. and i'm sure that. very very fond memories of the twenty world cup in russia as. with another. i'll ask about all top stories for you this hour as president putin's plane is expected to land any minute now. head of the meeting with donald trump which is approximately less than away from now with major international issues such as the
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situation in syria the iran nuclear deal and of course the denuclearization of north korea all of these are expected to be the leaders agenda. correspondent is in helsinki right now always taking in the atmosphere and this is the head of the putin summit. this is really a special time for helsinki the city is living the moment obviously the finnish capital is no stranger to hosting these kind of summits between russian or soviet leaders and american presidents so i've seen posters all around the city goodall's on sale t. shirts about the historic meeting and one local brewery even came up with two new beer times one is for mr trump and one is for mr putin the hosts finland have even set up two saunas in the media center and our t.
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heard people making jokes that this is either a sign that heated discussions really heated up is what we're up for or that things may get so cold that journalists will have to rush to the saunas to keep themselves warm syria and iran the saga with the arabian nuclear deal as well is definitely the cold area this is where you should watch out for misunderstanding now the stuff that donald trump has been doing to deal with the north korean crisis this is the area where things are getting a bit warmer kremlin has praised american efforts and north korean efforts but a lot of my putin is kept saying that it's still a long way to go and concrete steps have to be made so i just made it to the area and just leave immediately very close to where donald and lot of them will be easy to use and i see this so the hosts are sending to the streets
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perhaps a bit of security precautions here so a lot of the rives of the presidential palace in less than an hour and some are asking whether he'll be traveling there in his russian made cortege limousine here's what kremlin spokesman dmitri peskov told us about the most. but you did really you'll see these new cars new vehicles they're not mass produced not yet at least in the autumn have the company will start taking orders from mass produced cars and sometime next year they will be available for purchase as we start to have more and more limits capable of transporting heads of states will be able to use them for a wide range of purposes as for the car the president will be riding in you'll see for yourself if you get the limousine in question was designed specifically for the russian president and state officials its main feature is how well protected it is said to be able to withstand various types of i.e.d. explosive device attacks it was used for the first time during flight in
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a person's inauguration in may and since then the russian president has been using it to travel all around moscow. now in the days ahead of the summit some media outlets work themselves up into a state of ship panic claiming that donald trump could be a russian agent. takes a closer look at the helsinki summit is no ordinary meeting it's a vast conspiracy against america and the entire free world at least that's what you think by watching some of the channels we're getting played by our president and certainly we getting played by putin you're saying that russia is healing rather than also as an asset that's that seems to be the that's the appearance to me the worst case scenario for compression occlusion but donald trump has been a russian intelligence asset since one thousand nine hundred so the president of the united states is actually an agent of the russian government that's quite a dramatic claim to make and it's all over us airwaves here's the lady who made it
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popular putin rather have a puppet as president and they know it looks like the american people didn't exactly buy this claim at the voting booth however long after trump took the oath the allegations are still with us the thoughts are connecting russia assault the criminal clan polluted with a foreign government this could really leave a stain on his legacy we are already on the precipice of losing book breed him and independence but they should so if trump is actually a russian agent then anyone could be working for the kremlin apparently a number of americans are part of this sinister russian plot including those who support the second amendment now it's emerging that the n.r.a. may have been under the influence of russia those who don't want nato to expand if there's rejection. you are cheating you just let him have a rapper a journalist writing about the clinton foundation and don't forget hillary clinton herself everyone is colu doing with russia you've got the him to read campaign
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you've got the d.n.c. you've got the f.b.i. during the. cold war us authorities gave instructions about how do identify those who might have a soft spot for the kremlin overlords these instructions wouldn't look too out of place today. russian asset visible appearance counts for nothing if he openly declares himself to be an colu doing with russia we take his word for it. here but person to bend the activity to prussia while consistently attacking the domestic and foreign policy of the united states she may be over the influence of russia my goodness such plotting and intrigue beneath the surface quite an atmosphere for two world leaders to be meeting. r.t. new york. head of the summit but on trump tweeted that relations between russia and the u.s. were at rock bottom blaming his predecessors for that he also said that the media
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would crucify him at home no matter what the outcome. unfortunately no matter how well i do with the summit if i was given the great city of moscow as a retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by russia over the years i would return them to criticism that it wasn't good enough that i should have gotten some petersburg in addition much of the news media is indeed the enemy of the people and the political commentator john bosnich things trumps got a point when he says he's being criticized by the media no matter what. this is a meeting that has been long anticipated. this has followed a build up of demonization of both putin and trump especially in what trump calls the lying mainstream media in the west so that trip a nation in fear that you're hearing from the united states is not national not
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coming from the people of the united states but from the media of the united states and as we know unfortunately the mainstream media is a heavy point of investment of the military industrial complex if there is no war the military and industrial complex goes bankrupt and so that's the real fear and nervousness about this meeting every normal person who loves peace is in favor of this meeting well given all that's been said about the present relations we decided to hit the streets of new york and find out what the people by the whole collusion story and trump's so-called role in it as a kremlin ancient. i guess. oh man trump the whole something arrogant for him. but i don't know if i could say that on t.v. what's what's orange and russian. or something absolute that's his
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name it's got to give away i love the work so russians are so i don't believe that . you keep on doing what you're doing you're doing a great chapter russia make sure the two people fly you don't change your wife's too often or something. you could build more hotels you know no more make moscow great again. no idea why do you think that i just think is too much is too shady to not be i think the top thing to say isis guide to the idea of innocent till proven guilty just sounds crazy so ridiculous. but not much it's not my kind of friend but only if there is something in it for him not friendship for the sake of friendship think everyone's capable of making friends i think would be pretty sad especially i mean he has a wife they think that she's his friends i hope so they created
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a child sometimes i think everyone can have friends. even the craziest people are friends it's true there's crazy for crazy. nearly two weeks ahead of today's summit a delegation of u.s. republican senator has visited moscow meeting their russian colleagues in a bid to improve relations and judging by what they said in a moscow everything went pretty well though the senate has suddenly changed dramatically when they came back. this is the beginning of a dialogue. not a strain really a relationship. senator shelby told the head of the russian parliament today i'm not here today to accuse
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russia of this or that or so for if we're serious striving for a better relationship. what's going on for. the foreign minister he's a book smart ass it's all about putin mafia it's all about money and power dealing with putin is like hand-feeding ashore. this is number one stop screwing with america not much. our friends in russia not to interfere in our election stop screwing around in syria i asked for their help. in bringing peace to syria. our friends in russia and in washington did you really say stop destroying our election you really said that the foreign minister yes this is the beginning of a dialogue so we'll see. you
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said i will understand you're sitting down with an enemy of the united states and in me a democracy the problem is that we have a president and states unwilling to confront our enemies on our adversaries and this is exactly why he should not go to this meeting with putin and the need to cancel the helsinki summit and thanks for joining us here on our international we are on standby now as president putin's plane is going to touch down any moment knowledge the helsinki international airport ahead of this historic summit with the u.s. president all trump please stay with us we're going to. when gold make its manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling
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is good to have you with us today this weekend saw a major escalation in gaza with israel striking back against an alleged hamas rocket attack our middle east correspondent paula has details this past weekend the israeli army carried out of the largest air strike over gaza since the two thousand and fourteen war it hit several dozen her must targets after more than two hundred waters and rockets were fired by palestinian militants at israeli communities living along the gaza border to palestinian teenagers were killed three israelis were injured in the early hours of sunday morning egypt managed to broker a truce but the situation remains extremely tense with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu going to continue to hit hard. during the sabbath we hit hard our policy is clear when anyone seeks to harm us we will strike back with
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great force that is what we did yesterday the i.d.f. delta matched the most devastating blow since the gaza war twenty fourteen they got the message if not they will get it later israeli officials insist that the cease fire includes association of all arson attacks over the past few months they have been thousands of balloons and kites attached to bombs and other explosives that have been flown into israel these have resulted in hundreds of fires on farmland and also in nature reserves resulting in the destruction of tens of thousands of doom's of land there is going pressure by the israeli public on the military and the government to do something. about this let's be clear a cease fire where terrorists continue to strike us is no deterrence at all it's a surrender the justice minister will oppose and any ceasefire that allows hamas to rearm itself this tit for tat of is strikes and rocket launches is
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a significant flare up in an already volatile situation. since march the thirtieth more than one hundred thirty palestinians have been killed in almost weekly clashes along the israel gaza border and just this past friday thousands more descended their results in the death of a fifteen year old palestinian boy and in this raid the soldier being injured in a way admission to mass has said that it launched rockets at israel as a warning and as a deterrence to stop as well standing with members of the mugabe systems exercise this right to do that now was to face up the israeli aggressors who made martyrs of children by conducting strikes against guards or international mediators hold a cease fire position is the occupation started this aggression and has to stop the calmness from the. by calmness from our side but only time the zionists commit acts of aggression against. direct response from the resistance for some time israel has
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been focused on its northern border and preventing the establishment of any rainy and military presence in syria the government is where we are to escalate tensions in gaza but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under increasing pressure particularly from these gaza border communities to deal with the situation there r.t. tel aviv we spoke to our political commentator amir oren the things that both sides are to blame for the latest escalation. well how much does not recognize israel he does not even recognize the oslo agreements which created the palestinian authority come out has more. share of blame but israel too is not blameless because rather then. please. take a corny a serious consideration of the so-called saudi peace and we should be driving to
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school and while it is stalling more and more settlements are being a good deal in the west bank and the chances for a deal between israel and the palestinians get slimmer by the day so yes there's enough blame to go around and even though hamas should take the largest share israel too has to answer for it. either so bring in some live pictures for you right now not that much to see but the expectations are very very high and live pictures here from helsinki international airport where president putin's plane is about to land at any moment now of course vladimir putin is set to meet his american counterpart donald trump it will be in about an hour or so what is going to be right he said to be the first proposed summit between the two leaders they've met twice before those meetings were fairly brief a lot of hopes and expectations for this summit as we stand by here on our international for the russian presidential airplane to arrive we are back in just
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a moment. after the war a nazi don't it was still active rich in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the chair of it and then convicted of mass murder and slavery and a german company developed from there to mind a drug that was. it is completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said she's just good choice for many so they don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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i didn't think the numbers mean something they matter. u.s. is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime champions each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent of the market saw a thirty percent rise was pure some with four hundred to five hundred three per cent of the first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need
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to remember is one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only boom but. i think hiding this catastrophe of falling in britain for the past fifteen years or so was its connection to the e.u. and the ability to have the teller car say and yet passport rights into the e.u. they take those away and you have a subtly greece on steroids and all those banks and the e.u. and america are going to attack the u.k. on marsa play and drive into bankruptcy. play. right we're all set to start in five yes to nothing to sit in
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a house no signal. he's not going to talk about the no fly zone just maybe right after the r.'s explorers were moved would have their new. record. is hearsay what people tell. me. ok let's. welcome to. the sheriff today we've got lots to talk about in our program and. good luck at. the new economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to. education. higher education is becoming
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just another. tool. that is not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you know models of. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm an extremely high education with a new global economic war. and what you're seeing right now on your screen live pictures from health international airport where president putin's plane has just landed at the russian leader is set to meet his american counterpart donald trump in about one hour for what is going to be the first proper summit between the two leaders now foolishness and stupidity
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those are the words donald trump hours before today's summit taking place took to twitter to say that moscow washington relations have never been worse thanks to years all foolishness and stupidity by the u.s. of course during his election campaign and after his own operation trump repeatedly said that he would like to have better relations with russia which had already would on the last leg of barack obama's second. presidential term over issues such as syria and ukraine however under trump's administration sign sions have been slapped on moscow diplomats have been expelled and russian diplomatic compounds have been so much the u.s. establishment as well as at least some of washington's western allies have meanwhile spared no effort to prevent or at least to spoil today's forthcoming summit the u.s. media almost competing to provide their audiences.


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