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tv   News  RT  July 16, 2018 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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so how first do. what. we do with. donald trump and lot of here put meat in helsinki it's their first proper summit but it had some panicking before it even started. him or k.g.b. colonel in the kremlin could be doing some important intelligence gathering on his american counterpart people are are are terrified the best case scenario is a scenario where basically nothing terrible its. friends when the two thousand eight hundred or world cup lifting the trophy after a sixty four game tournaments played in the eleven russian cities. after a four two victory over croatia in the final celebrations are rough across france
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though in places spiralled out of control. this is arch international bringing you your global news update with me welcome to the program a lot of your putin and donald trump have had their first exchange of words at their summit in helsinki the russian president said he was glad to see his american counterpart in person well trump stressed it's time to improve relations with russia we cannot go live to our correspondent in the upper triangle clues in helsinki where the summit between donald trump and not a mere putin is already underway in the now what did the president have to say to the media before the meeting began.
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jacqueline hello again as you are seeing mr trump and mr putin are already in the same room there should be a couple of translators there but other than that nobody else for this first round of the historic summit now i'd like to tell you what donald said first he began with saying that it's actually good to get along with russia he said it's not a bad thing this is a typical message coming from donald trump when he speaks to the media but this time he passed on the message directly to vladimir putin. he had not been getting along very well for the land if you like in here not too long for the getting close to you but i think we. should get thank you i've been saying and i'm sure you've heard you and there's a campaign that is getting along with russia is
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a good thing you know the big three. before this both presidents quite frequently had phone conversations on various issues and something the russian president said was that he's finally happy to meet donald trump face to face after these numerous of phone conversations something else important that we heard from donald trump was congratulations on a great world cup that russia has just hosted we. will personally thank you really really really cool one of the best ever from what everybody knows to be one of the best ever oh he's just doing so well. right now i'm very close to the presidential palace but obviously the few cameras that were able to. with these first few phrases that came from the two presidents
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they were asked to leave the room we will go back there for a few minutes again for the next phase of the summit this is when mr trump and mr putin will be joined by other american and russian officials for more extensive talks and everyone here is guessing how long these talks will take because previous meetings between putin and showed that usually the conversations last much longer than originally planned that's what we saw in germany that's what we saw in vietnam but most important the event that everyone here is looking forward to is the press conference this is going to be the first joint press conference by vladimir putin and donald trump in history at the international summit that i mentioned they were able to talk to the media together we heard them
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speak separately and then we have to compare the things that came from the white house and the kremlin on their website and some other statements that they published but here they are going to talk shoulder to shoulder and hopefully get a chance to ask both leaders question is. trying to say across the story for us thank you. have today's summit some sectors of the media were an all but panic mode just as they were when trump and putin first met last year.
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here's unlikely that the president will confront putin is going to convey to putin that he's weak. from what is now our american perspective how busy it earned a face to face full scale bilateral meeting with the u.s. president. the president's trip abroad will also include a meeting with russian president vladimir putin york city leaders of these two countries i'd like to hear someone say this is a bad idea when he goes with this nato conference who will he will present we represent the united states or we represent moscow to feel more k.g.b.
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colonel in the kremlin could be doing some important intelligence gathering on his american counterpart people are terrified the best case scenario is a scenario where basically nothing terrible fact that it's. hillary clinton recently tweeted insinuating that present trump is in cahoots with the russians it seems no matter what happens in helsinki or how hard trump and putin try to improve diplomatic relations some will never be satisfied as my god if explains. two years they've obsessed over it one dead end worried about this meeting joked about their relationship than old i want to state officials that we in russia. the goods you are us prisons take you now doubt all drug ladder be uprooted one hundred one i'm taking a year me joint statement saying we're best friends blah blah blah and here we are and they finally meet in a pundit call fanie roaring up into a crescendo
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a tense moment but trump thinks it's no biggie. putin may be the easiest of the more. i hope we get along well i think we get along well hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i know i just don't know him very well in the sense we're competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy so what's on the menu well for starters no one really knows yet we've had hints syria ukraine meddling but nothing concrete which is no surprise anything these two say especially about each other invariably gets strong out and turned upside down and inside out. he's a very bright person talented without any doubt reaffirming their bromance mutual admiration society if he is really very much of a leader he's been
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a leader far more than our president has been a little too mentally unstable aggressive men with nuclear buttons it's a disgrace it's gotten so bad that even common courtesy is frowned upon or reviled at this point if putin sneezed trump would be crucified for merely saying bless you thing is trumps trump he's easy with words russia is not strong economically and we could do a lot of different things to really do numbers or number if we wanted to know what . trumps trump words for him more sound than meaning good will know much more careful politician but trump was able to succeed in business and that means he's a clever man come on the team was more effective during the election campaign
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sometimes i thought he was exaggerating is true but it turned out he was right. although i did once side with trump remember the rumors spread about trump the one about prostitutes and a certain hotel room in moscow. trump is a man who for many years has organized beauty pageants he socialized with the most beautiful women in the world i can hardly imagine he rushed to the hotel to meet some young russian women low social responsibility. sweet talk aside russia and the u.s. in syria have almost come open war relations a dismal getting worse but not all is lost crimea is back in the headlines trump has called for russia to come back to the g. seven regardless trump's a businessman he likes the deal he likes the trade we can do to me if. we can probably have
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a good relationship with them. it isn't going to be easy but at least the talking do nuclear super bows which could destroy the world thrice over lot behaving like children everyone's better off when they talk unless you're a pundit or a hater this is in meltdown mode calling this a loss for the u.s. calling trump a russian agent but they've been outed for years all that's left really is the wait and see what happens only time will tell. joining me now in the studio as the host of r.t. is worlds apart. first of all welcome and thank you for joining us now the kremlin has come out saying that the most important outcome of the summit is to start a dialogue with the u.s. what its expectations do you think the white house has if any well i think first of all we have to decide what we really mean by the white house because there is
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president trump then there are his critics and the general political class down there is his administration which is kind of in between because we know from past experience that the last time when president trump. told piers subordinates to prepare for the meeting with putin i think it was a couple of months ago they essentially sabotaged and did nothing about it so. i'm not quite sure what we mean by the white house but hopefully president trump himself means what he says. and he said that he recognizes that the relationship between the two countries is in the most perilous state perhaps in history he wants to restart some sort of proper bureaucratic dialogue yes just for the summit we had term tweeting saying that the state of relations is due to the foolishness of what's happening in the united states do you think you'll get any backlash for just before the summit going ahead and criticizing his own country well i don't think he
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interpreted that as criticizing his own country rather than him criticizing the obama administration and i think you would find some sympathy. with the kremlin because many people in the kremlin president putin himself while they do have certain respect for the obama administration. they believe that the crisis that we have right now and to some extent the syrian crisis the arming of the rebels and the armed groups and the terrorist groups in that country was all due to the well put it simply incompetence of the obama administration so in that respect putting at least some of the of the blame on the united states may be helpful i think many people in russia would say that they also recognize that russia made mistakes in policy choices but. i would rather look forward rather than trying to you. perhaps unsurprisingly the mainstream media also raised the alarm over the summit
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calling trump weak and warning that the american president will see too much ground possibly to president putin. is of course not the calmest of people how do you think ill react to this criticism do you think he's going to take that sort of weight with him into the meeting well i think in the thing that this is what the media trying to do the morning watching us in b.c. after a very long time and i have to tell you i'm just amazed that you know this wiping of hysteria which i don't even understand why would it would be serving the united states' interest i mean we leave in an age of supposedly you know. every bit of political correctness and when everybody is against sexism and rhetoric and you have this whole an analysis of the relationship between the two leaders is framed in these alpha male rhetoric as you said who is weaker who is stronger who is playing whom for a sucker and i mean it's i think it's so undignified given the world that they
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believe in the scope of challenges that the the kind of bloodshed that is still going on around the world the very perilous situation of military treaties between the two countries the nuclear treaty the strategic and conventional forces the station is much more serious you know these people trying to portray that in the language of i don't know high school i mean we are a little bit i would think more mature than that don't you think so well and as you're saying there are so many important topics that these two leaders should and hopefully will be discussing and yet from the americans perspective especially in the media a lot of questions are whether or not trump will bring up russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election do you think that will be discussed and how much time should really be spent on that topic at this point i don't really understand the goal of discussion the. in the american media even if you fully believe that the united the russia rather deliberately in the american elections
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that those g.r.u. officers hacked hillary clinton's e-mails and release the truth will be factual information that bugged the d.n.c. reading of a primary so what i mean even if that happened the united states bugged. phones it has one of the widest intelligence networks around the world it intervenes in the affairs of countries including russia on the continual basis so what is the actual of all these discussions and i think president bush and president trump will find some common ground in the fact that the only reason why this issue is being so white that is to diligent restaurant i mean that's the only objective as far as the kremlin is concerned syria is of course one of the main points on the agenda and russia and the us have had a fair amount of stumbling blocks when it comes to the issue do you suspect expect anything to be solved during this meeting nothing will be solved but i think
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paradoxically syria while being the. most serious international crisis for for the past seventy years is now one of the easiest topics for discussion because. when it comes to syria both tribes and put this to some extent overlap both of them want to see the decrease of foreign presence in that country and i don't know if you've seen but on the eve of this meeting there been a lot of reports in the western media about the so-called grand bargain the. the two may seek in helsinki i don't think the kremlin will be aiding aiming for any grand bargain but i think we can say the kremlin tried to facilitate a certain decrease in the iranian presence in that country both in response to the israeli concerns in response to the american concerns and the americans have actually paid and kind there is an ongoing offensive now in in the south of the country and the american forces did not intervene on this side of the rebels and i
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think that can be appreciated both in moscow and in damascus so there is actually some common ground tactical accommodation on both sides before the two went behind closed doors there was a few comments made before the media and trump was speaking about how the two were going to touch on nuclear power and called it a negative for saying that they want to talk about it saying it's not a positive force it's actually a negative force in the world. do you think what do you think putin is going to make of that sort of comment and what kind of discussion will they have on the topic from a conceptual point of view i think putin would actually disagree because many in russia view nuclear deterrence as a positive force in the world as something that. kept all the protagonists. you know within certain constraints of within certain limits and that's why russians are very much alarmed by the fact that the united states doesn't seem to want to the new start treaty or wants to walk out that's the fear at least here in moscow that it wants to well call it from the i.m.f. treaty. if these guys want to. hold the power to that. can be absolutely sure that
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nothing will be agreed i mean neither put in the or are competent enough to discuss that in terms of the need to grieve but if they allow their bureaucracies to. boy that would be i think to the benefit of both countries and the summit of course comes on the heels of trump attending the nato summit in europe how much do you think that will be discussed between the two them and how nervous do you think other nato members are about this meeting i think it's obvious from the press that they're quite nervous but i think i mean from my observations of president putin he will certainly be very restrained not to allie in the any of his potential partners or even rivals because russia's relationship with a number of nato countries is also very important its relationship with the germany its relationship with france so certainly the russian leader wants to establish
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a certain type of dialogue with the united states but not. know that expense rather always dialogue with everybody else of course host of r.t.s. worlds apart on the board thank you so much for joining us today and going to be here thank you. i had of the summit donald trump tweeted that relations between russia and the u.s. were at rock bottom blaming his predecessor for that he also said that the media would crucify him at home no matter what the outcome. unfortunately no matter how will i do with the summit if i was given the great city of most go. for all of the pseudonyms. committed by russia over the years i would return to criticism that it wasn't good enough that i should have gotten some peaches in addition much of the news media is indeed the enemy of the people political
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commentator don bosnich things trumps got a point when he says he is being criticized by the media no matter what this is a meeting that has been long anticipated. this has followed a build up of demonization of both putin and trump especially in what trump calls the lying mainstream media in the west so that trip a nation in fear that you're hearing from the united states is not not coming from the people of the united states but from the media of the united states and as we know unfortunately the mainstream media is a heavy point of investment of the military industrial complex if there is no war the military and industrial complex goes bankrupt and so that's the real fear and nervousness about this meeting every normal person who loves peace is in favor of this meeting. stay with us for more on the trump summit in finland today.
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just standing in the middle of the street and someone reaches back in the back with a waistband they cop is not going to sit there and give them the benefit of the doubt because people should be reaching in their waistband like cops have guns trained on the same police told. this is our to international welcome back to the program now to the climax of the two thousand and eighteen world cup where france became champions on sunday evening and moscow celebrations carried on well into the night and will continue on monday when the winning side meet with their fans and paris from our special studio in the center of the russian capital here all the highlights from the final day of the tournament.
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i am. and it's a bittersweet hello and welcome once again from our sky line is studio in the hearts of the moscow you're looking at the kremlin red square behind us people wandering around the day after the world cup final here in moscow i'm you don't know me this is neil harvey good to have you with us. pleasure to be broadcasting with you once again you need to try and wrap up just a few the key points from yesterday's final of course it was the thrill of france to celebrate saying they won the trophy for the second time in twenty years good to see of a full two victory over moscow's luzhniki stadium lots of emotions on display.
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it's been a quite epic month of football so many terrific games just one nil nil on the last game game sixty four the world cup final between france on creation lived up to expectations i think it's safe to say need hardly a little bit of everything in their head a dramatic vala decision we had an own goal we had
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a penalty six strikes in total bolting the net quite a face the full enjoy. yes . the the earth who the. with the of the. us of the third
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the us. her that her . were. twenty three croatian players players the coaching staff little be very very disappointed because. at the time the best team was losing and was losing because of. in my opinion and mistake of the concept of the v a yeah i'm not saying he's not the penalty because that can be
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different opinions are wrong i'm saying that the concept of the view is a bald important mistakes of the referee and. this was not one of these of these cases so really really does a point to do that in the second off upon what we would expect and then fronts a score of the sort of the rule in the fourth and just. a mistake of that i don't even call a mistake i call extra confidence because of the four one in the game over. croatia still playing until the end of the great pride they were fantastic and they deserve all the all the credit for what they did but. in football the realities won it and france is a little champion twenty years of the greatest bus driver on the planet telling us he didn't like the decision he was controversial he just michael longside me yesterday he was raging at what he saw as a huge mistake that had
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a big say in the outcome of the game but he created drama didn't it and make a very exciting final yeah it was like v e r going to work out for creature france it went to air france they got the penalty to want to time france just went to tie and after that their fans were delighted let's take a look at just some of the images of what we saw over the last number of things. it was.
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as. i heard. her out. in the celebrations i mean we can't imagine what it's like to be in a country where everyone. never know the feeling but imagine what it was like for the french for some people that's twice in a long. exhilarating sensation and it really is a shot of adrenaline just have a look at the scenes with life on the streets of the french capital after the final installment was amongst the. runs i now have no chance.


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